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on October 7, 2014
This is a tough review to write.

On the one hand, I like Nancy Levant as a person, at least from what I saw in these pages. I like it that it is her that is offering an indictment of American women; I have seen more than enough men's commentary for the time being. I also like her personal style, to the extent that her writing reflects it.

It is a real shame, however, that the book is not more well written. It appears to have been published without the benefit of an editor; in fact, there is even a publisher's disclaimer at the beginning that the author refused editing. The book is riddled with grammatical and spelling mistakes (homonyms) that her spell checker didn't catch. Furthermore, her style is painfully unfocused and inflammatory. She does her target audience - critics of feminism - a real disservice by presenting her case in such a fashion.

I would like to see a more competent author collaborate with Nancy Levant on a second edition. It's a message that needs to be delivered, written so that more will actually read it.
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on August 2, 2008
I enjoyed reading the book, but had mixed feelings. It was more of a validation then anything else. The very people who need to be explosed to these concepts (i.e. to open their eyes) are the very people who will NOT read this book, and if it was given to them by somebody to enlighten them, they would likely scoff at it (as the author indicates)

Firstly, it was a very good summary of the problem with American women. (Actually women all over the modern world exhibit similar problems). I especially related to the chapter "The mental Illness of Beauty". Most people think I'm nuts when I give my opinion that when women focus on beauty over all else, they corrupt their souls - subconcounsly defining themselves by external factors defined by the corporate media/glamour driven world (a certain look, clothese, attitude, etc.). They then subconcoiusly expect their mates to have the same values, and to have the equivalent external look on the male side. This then has the effect of subordinating important things like values, intelligent, passion, curiosity, etc -- all the things that really make up human. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

One thing about the book that at first really annoyed me, is that the author's view of men seems to be that we are mostly all the same - shallow, childish, etc. I'm sick of getting categorized in with all the other idiot men out there. I can't stand most men for those very reasons, and I'm not like most of them. And I unfairly suffer as a result that most women think I'm like most men -- because I'm a man. Especially if I exhibit Alpha Male characteristics, which I do, but they have no concept of my level of complexity and capability for compassion, because we have been programmed to put people into buckets. But, then I realized well, this is actually a good reminder that most women DO treat me like I'm like all the other guys. And then author acknolwedges that not all guys are like this, but she does have a tendency to not recognize the reason WHY guys are like this. We have been trampled on by our mothers and our society. To women out there, knowing what you know about the way women treat men, would YOU want to be a man, dating a women??!

Another thing that annoyed me a bit, was the author is explaining people's behavior from a clearly biased experience. She runs a day care center, and she sees people from a select group who will have a tendency to act a certain way.

But the biggest annoyance has nothing to do with the author. It's that if you read this book, all it will do is validate what you already know. The question is what can be done about it. Our culture is infected with media and corporate influenced behavior to make us buy STUFF, and help ensure we don't start asking our politicians important questions. The best thing this book can do is remind men that they don't have to put up with the crap that women dish out at us. We have the power of choice in who we mate with. Of course that's a tall order, sex is a powerful instict. (Listen to the song "Tommorrow's Girls" by Donald Fagan).

The vast majority of women who are infected with the culture virus of the modern female will not pay any attention. Only when men stop putting up with this crap will anything change. But men's power and intelligence has been taken away from them. Women are offended by a true male. A man of power yet compassion. A man who has an intuitive, compassionate, passionate, feminine side. Women are totally confused, and when they run across a real man they have no clue.

And by the way, don't criticize men for hanging around with other men putting down women. They deserve it. This is not some ignorant callous remark -- it has complexity that most people could not begin to understand. Not because they're not intellectually capable of understanding it, because they don't want to.

Kudos to the author for having the courage and determination to make a statement.
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