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on August 31, 2017
I just love Dan Brown's style of writing, the immaculate way that he describes a scene. He is one of my favorite authors and I don't miss reading any of his books. In fact I have already pre ordered his new one coming in early October. This book ( Deception point ), is touches a different topic...a bit away from his normal but interesting reading. His in depth study of the actual scenario is incredible and knowledgeable to the reader. This book has a strong political angle combined with extensive knowledge of what goes on the white house, the protocol, the significance of each room, staff duties etc. etc, you end up knowing a lot of stuff which you possibly could not imagine. For Dan Brown fans, this book is a must.
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on September 4, 2014
Dan Brown did not disappoint with Deception Point! His knowledge is vast and impressive. This book is not as "symbolic" as Angels and Demons or The Da Vinchi Code, rather Brown intrigues us with his knowledge of scientific innovation. Deception Point is based on the (fictional) political scandal of the century! The Presidential hopeful uses NASA's failures to launch his campaign while the current President firmly stands behind NASA regardless of their past failures. Then NASA reveals the biggest news in the history of science, but did they make a mistake? The presidential hopeful's daughter, who already works for the President of the USA gets caught up in the scandal of all scandals and finds herself fighting for her life with no clue who she can trust with a cover-up of this magnitude in process. I loved it and couldn't stop reading late into the night...sometimes early into the morning! Let me know what you thought!
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on February 14, 2014
I read other reviews before buying this and had some doubts as to whether I would enjoy it. I agree there are quite few technical weaknesses in the story line despite the introduction justifying that much of what it is based on is fact. Just one of many examples. A key incident that does not make any sense until near the end is that a transmission is made on a frequency that no one can pick up. Not actually true both in the story line and in real life, but it is not a frequency the scientist that is made to make the call would actually be able to use. Why would anyone make a transmitter including a frequency that cannot be received by any normal receiver, and then take it to the Arctic as it would be much more heavy and bulky. There are also many coincidences that stretch the limits of reason.

Provided you are prepared to accept that this is a work of fiction and can put these technical deficiencies behind you then it is one of those stories that you start to read and then get engrossed. I really enjoyed wanting to know where the story line would go as there are many different options all the way through that would be possible, even though I was totally floored by the identity of the controller. I read it far too late into the night. Reading this makes me wonder if I would enjoy some of the other Dan Brown books that have not received really good reviews.
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on October 23, 2016
Dan Brown is obviously a great author. In Deception Point, Brown creates a very interesting premise and sets in motion a thrilling mystery story. However, in this case, I found that some of the more suspenseful segments seemed to go on and on. I actually caught myself putting the book down for awhile to go do something else. Building the suspense is a great talent but, when that suspense is held for page after page after page, you tend to get somewhat fatigued by it. In the end, it was a great read well worth my time. If you like adventure thrillers, this is definitely a book worth reading.
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on September 8, 2014
This is a really enjoyable book. It is a page-turner, with an imaginative plot and an addictive quality that makes you just want to keep reading and not stop until you have finished it. But please remember, as you read it, that it is NOT factual. It is not history, it is not journalism, it is not a work of religious truth. It is just fiction and any claims of there being a factual basis to the story need to be taken with more than a few grains of salt. That said, give it a try! It is worth the read.
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on July 20, 2007
I bought this book because I had read the prequal Angels & Demons. I will admit that at first I was trying to stay away from The DaVinci Code due to all the media hype, but after reading "Angels & Demons" I was hooked. When I read the prequal, I was a little disappointed that I couldn't imagine many of the places and artifacts mentioned in the book because I had not been to Rome or the Vatican. When I discovered this Illustrated version of the DiVinci Code, I decided to buy it. I was amazed at the illustrations and actual photographs. I got a better understanding of where Langdon was and what he was describing. I especially loved that the places Langdon visited and many of the artifacts he saw were something that I can see and visit if I were in Paris as well.

The story itself was written in such a way, that for me, it was difficult to decide what was fiction and what was historical fact. I know that the idea of the relationship of Jesus and Mary of Magdalane has been a debate throughout history, but in the story, it sounded as if it was an actual fact. I was able to enjoy it because I am not a religious fanatic or a die-hard catholic. I was able to enjoy the possible history of Jesus and Mary and the possibility that the two may have been married and had a child together. The story does lend itself for discussion on the matter. It was also fun trying to solve the puzzles presented to Robert and Sophie in trying to find the "San Greal" or Holy Grail.

I think that those who will enjoy the book are those who enjoy riddles, history, mystery and religious debate. I purposely read this book before seeing the movie and was not dissappointed when I saw the movie.
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on September 14, 2017
I read this book a second time after 10 years and it was still thrilling to me until the end. It was even fun traveling in Paris while reading it and knowing the locations and actually seeing that all the historical information given here are facts. I like Dan Browns way to provide interesting facts wrapped under a fictional story. I recently read Dan Brown's Inferno and my rating here is probably in comparison to that. It is a great read but not without it's 'oh this again' moments.
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on May 31, 2015
Dan Brown has become one of my favorite authors. "Da Vinci Code" was my first, then "Angels and Demons," and I was hooked. He is a very “visual” writer and definitely has a gift for developing characters, mufti-faceted plots, and “painting” vivid scenes. "Deception Point" was my fourth Dan Brown book, and I’ve just started my fifth, "Inferno". Although several Amazon readers did not give "Digital Fortress" very good reviews, it is next on my list because I like this writer’s style.

"Deception Point" was the first of Brown's books I've read without Robert Langdon as the main character, and I was a bit concerned I wouldn't like it as well - I was wrong! "Deception Point" is a great read with Brown's usual bit of a surprising twist at the end - I really didn't see that one coming!
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on June 15, 2015
I got this one on sale, and was excited about reading the story I had heard so much about. I wasn't into reading very much when this book was first released, and I never got around to watching the movie; but I certainly heard about all the hype and references in popular culture.

The book started off really strong, and I very much enjoyed the art history divergences throughout. However, about 75% of the way through the book I really wanted it to pick up the pace. There was very little reason to switch to the Bishop's or Silas' perspectives (since there was very little told about them at the end anyway... just a few paragraphs about their intentions to wrap them up), and the book seemed to almost waste time before getting to the big reveal. And when the big reveal did come, it was like "that's it". I was expecting some grand, world altering machinations leading up to the murders, but that was not so much the case. Then, to be left hanging on the final piece (even after the epilogue) felt like a letdown.

Overall this was a pretty good read, but I felt that it could have easily trimmed off a hundred pages and not left anything important out. Also, I really wish authors (and movie directors for that matter) would stop treating open-ended conclusions as high art. To me, they are just being lazy and not willing to commit to an ending.
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on December 11, 2013
This is the first of Dan Brown's books that I read and then I read all of his others. I especially liked this one because I was at nearly all of the places that it covered and it made it especially nice for me to close my eyes and relive them. I like the fact that he doesn't go into exquisite detail about blood and guts and torture in his books, but he does touch on them. It is a page turner and you feel like you are holding your breath to see what comes next. I get his books as they come out and they are great on my kindle.
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