Customer Reviews: The Dangers of Mistletoe
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on January 6, 2014
Cute Christmas themed story with alternating points of view between two sisters and their struggles during the Christmas season to find perfection.

I enjoyed each perspective that really focuses overall on the message about appreciating what you have in life and it's up to all of us to find happiness because perfection is just an illusion.

Though Amber and Emily are sisters, they couldn't be more different than night day. Amber is struggling in New York City to make her massage therapy business successful while worrying how she is going to make her rent payment. Coming up with money to go back home for Christmas just adds to her financial stress.

Emily is a new bride and step-mother to two young children. In a rash decision, Emily volunteers to host Christmas in her new home, never realizing how much work the house needs to make it holiday and company ready. On top of that, she's still trying to adjust to the addition of three new people full-time in her life and her step-daughter isn't making any of the transition easy for anyone.

Each chapter alternates with a different perception so I really enjoyed seeing first hand how each sister deals with their stress and frustrations. The author does a very good job of illustrating it so well, I felt like I was there with them.

Overall, this book was very enjoyable and hits the mark on holiday spirit.
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on September 30, 2006
The Taylor sisters know their lives have taken diverse turns recently with the marriage of Emily while Amber remains single. However, both loathe the upcoming Christmas season. Emily has married the man she loves, but with him comes a load of stepchildren who resent the intruder. Amber is lonely as she has no one to date; the marriage of her sibling just made her loneliness that much more apparent though she is euphoric for Emily to have found love.

As the countdown continues with less and less shopping days left, debacles and overall messes become the norm for the Taylor siblings. Still the two know they can depend on one another and with a cleverly placed mistletoe Emily and Amber believes they can turn constant calamity into good cheer for all as they remain optimistic that though life seems dark, everything will work out.

THE DANGER OS MISTLETOE is a salute to a positive relationship between two likable sisters as they are there for one another though Emily and Amber are very different in personality and in their current respective lifestyles. The support cast, mostly the extended families, brings out the best and more often the worst in the siblings. Readers will appreciate this fine sensitive yet amusing look at two sisters helping one another make it.

Harriet Klausner
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on December 1, 2007
With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, Emily has rashly volunteered to host the family's festivities. Married to the widowed Luke, she has inherited a resentful stepdaughter and the mother-in-law from hell.

Emily's slightly flaky sister, Amber lives in a run-down New York apartment. Her fledgling career as a massage therapist seems to be stalling and she is reduced to earning extra cash by handing out cheese samples for a local eatery.

Theresa Alan's novel is set out so that the chapters alternate between each sister's storyline and each chapter is related in the first person. The major romantic element follows Amber's story as she has the good fortune to be able to drive with her latest crush to Colorado. There's plenty of humor along the way with motel room dilemmas and minor car accidents.

Many will sympathise with Emily's story as she battles to get her house in order, gifts (including the latest must-have toy) for everyone and food prepared for an ever expanding guest list. Again, there are some nice touches of humor in particular from Emily's acid-tongued mother-in-law.

This is not an exceptional novel by any means, but it is a very entertaining read with well-drawn and likeable characters. I always like to get to the end of a chapter before I put a book down and this is one of those books that tempts you to read 'just one more chapter'. Just right for curling up with on a cold dark night.
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VINE VOICEon October 14, 2006
The Dangers of Mistletoe is about two sisters, Amber and Emily, and it's told from each sister's point of view. Amber is artsy and flaky with an endearing, optimistic outlook; she believes the universe is always helping you out. Emily feels she could use some extra help; she just got married to a man with 2 ready-made children, they bought a fixer-upper, and she has a hateful mother-in-law to contend with.

Amber has no money to fly to Emily's house in Colorado for Christmas, and Emily doesn't know if she'll be able to get everything done in time. A solution to Amber's problem appears in the shape of Scott, a friend of a friend with alarming good looks and a fun personality as well.

The author does a good job portraying the stress and exhaustion building up to the holidays, and showing how things turn out better than you expect. The romance in the novel is also great. I was sorry to see this one end.
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on December 4, 2011
Repeat: Do not waste your time on this book. To begin with, the plot is unimaginative and cliche. We could tell you what was going to happen by the end of the 4th chapter. One one person in our book club finished this and that was because she was the host and could not get away with making others read this and not herself. This was 305 pages of infantile dialogue. We have read lighthearted Christmas books before; this was simply trash with a Christmas theme. The metaphors were raunchy and inappropriate and our group is not prudish. Example on page 23: "...if I got genital herpes and a bladder infection for Christmas, that would be an improvement over the presents [my mother] gave me last year." Really?!? The writing is weak, the plot is weak, the imagery is weak, there was poor character development, and we've seen better creative writing assignments turned in by 7th graders. As busy female professionals in our book club, no one thought it worth the valuable spare time it would take to suffer through this vapid "literature."
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on December 8, 2007
I just could NOT get into this book. I liked Emily but Amber was another story. I couldn't connect with her at all. I would love for there to have been actual character development and interaction between her and Scott. It could have been infinitely better. Emily's story was much better but even then I would have liked more interaction between her and Luke. And the big reason to get home...Mom's big secret...sucked. Amber is a very shallow character. Emily showed more substance but I think I would have rather the author chuck Amber entirely and concentrate on Emily. 50 percent of the book was a waste of time and the other half was underdeveloped. Two stars for Emily's side of the story but that is all.
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on December 19, 2007
I just finished reading book. I really enjoyed it. I liked the format of going back and forth between the sisters. I thought it was an easy read and I felt like the sisters were friends of mine. If you are looking for a nice Holiday read, this would be it. I'm looking forward to reading other books by Theresa Alan. Have a nice Holiday Season :)
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on October 16, 2006
The Dangers of Mistletoe is about two sisters, Amber and Emily. It's written so it goes back and forth between each of the sister's lives. Amber is the younger single sister trying to make it home (to her sisters) for the holidays. Emily is the recetly married sister who has to balance life. She must try and raise two children, who aren't her own, manage a healthy marriage with her husband and get ready to host Christmas dinner at her new house.

If you're a fan of chick lit and want to read a little something to get you into the Christmas spirit, then pick this up.
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