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on January 16, 2014
The science on alternate day fasting goes way back.... and is solidly documented in the labs where white mice considered elderly... suddenly slimmed down, gained energy, and started running around as if they were youngsters.

HOW to make an ongoing lifelong palatable life style shift to utilize the benefits of all this science remained an enigma until recently.

The solution: Eat reasonably for 5 days of the week and at 500 calories the other two days.

Sounds horrific right. NOT SO!

The authors of The 2 Day a Week Diet Cookbook.... two highly experienced authors of cookbooks.... have put together a cookbook guaranteed to get you through your two days at 500 calories with minimum pain.

No longer are you outside the candy store with your nose pressed against the glass ... longing for the treats inside.

It took two authors of this experience level to pull this off... others have tried... I checked out their work and did not find it that helpful. The authors of this book are ... quite simply MASTERS of what they do! These are great recipes created by Masters of FOOD in support of a life style shift you need to make.

I won't even talk about: the Obesity Epidemic. the Obesity link to Alzheimer's and Cognitive Decline. or if you're a mom and/or wife ... your unavoidable position as role model for your family. Empowered Moms have the power to empower their families! And I am very worried about America's kids and obesity.Study the recipes. When you see what these authors have made possible on fewer calories you will get a Teaching in creating better food choices for your children. Your THINKING about food choices will change.You will see what is possible.


Get this book to cling to as you make the shift into a better world.
This is a world where you will slim down and amaze yourself AND no small thing... INSPIRE OTHERS.
This is a world where there may be differences based on sex, age, exercise level, ethnicities...
but you will lose weight and you will keep it off...

and more importantly, you will gain the upper hand over food addiction, food cravings and that old bugaboo...
yoyo dieting.

I know one of the authors so I've seen this book during development. I did the plan. I am a swimmer not a serious exerciser. I do slow stuff. I tai chi and yoga. But there's much I don't do that I should be doing.

This lifestyle shift changed my life. I tried to do it long ago when I first read the research on the lab mice and alternate day fasting. I REALLY TRIED. But I could not find my way to food that motivated or inspired me. I could not make the lifestyle shift work.

So this book works for me in many ways. It's a motivator. It's a picture book...the recipes don't just taste good(I do them all organic) but they allow one to feel fed. To luxuriate. The authors have had various people they know working with this lifestyle change during the course of writing this book.

Everyone succeeded in losing weight. Feeling better. Healthier. Making it through the holidays. REGARDLESS of
sex, age, exercise level, ethnicity. Some lost more. Some lost faster. That's the nature of the beast...

What works beyond all else... is the sense of empowerment one achieves.
You may be a little shaky at first. It's a scary idea. Two days a week you won't eat that much... how will that feel? Initially I dreaded those days. HOW CAN I NOT? I wondered. A fast for spiritual reasons is one thing, but THIS... THIS was going to be ongoing for the rest of my life.

For me... I was not a happy camper in the first 2 weeks... but as I learned to work with the recipes and calorie allowances... in conjunction with what was changing in my personal life... losing pounds, higher energy level,sense of optimism ...

I became a believer. This book represents the best $4.00 you will spend in 2014.

Join us.... food is psychological as Deepak Chopra has talked a great deal about lately.

This plan will empower you to deal with your own personal psychology of food as well as the physiological need for enjoyable sustenance.

1-click ORDER NOW. You won't be sorry.
As recipes go... these ladies bring almost 100 years of food expertise to the task!
and they invite you to make your own favorites over again in new ways as well.

ABSOLUTELY THRILLED about this book!
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on March 31, 2014
So far I'm made the berry smoothie, the egg sandwich, the open-faced ham sandwich, and the chili. Every one of them was fast, easy, tasty, and filling. There's no exotic ingredients - I can use what's in my local grocery, and I love that it's mainly 'real' food. Most recipes make one or two portions which is perfect for me, And they also pack well. (For example, for the sandwich, I'll toast the English muffin the morning, then at work I'll assemble the sandwich & pop it in the microwave. The chili I distributed in a muffin tin and froze to make 1/2 cup portions I could keep in a zipper bag in the freezer.) Tonight I'm trying the Asian Chicken Slaw. I love 5:2, I find it very manageable for my lifestyle, and I've lost 7 pounds so far on it, but those "2" days can be consistently be very challenging. This book has been a huge help and for anyone who's trying a 5:2 diet, this book is an absolute must-have. And for the price, what a bargain!
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on January 16, 2014
The chiopino alone I could enjoy whether dieting or not. wonderful! I was amazed by how satisfying so many of these dishes are. My major problem is snacking between meals. I worry that the calorie intake of almost anything is to high. But this book gives me some good choices. This isn't a fancy-schmancy cookbook that requires a lot of cooking knowledge or prep time. Quite down to earth, which I appreciate. I just don't have time during the day to concoct elaborate meals. So, for me, this fits my lifestyle.
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on February 13, 2014
This book will be warmly welcomed by followers of Dr Michael Mosley's 5:2 Diet, especially in the US as recipes are adapted to American tastes and ingredients, but others will enjoy it, too. I'm a Canadian living in Australia and I've used it extensively. The Faux Fried Rice and the Tex-Mex Ground Beef and Vegetable Soup in particular have become favorites in our house. My husband and I eat the soup even on non-fast days, it's so yummy. The dishes are low in calories but not in flavor. Instructions are clear and the recipes are simple enough to use on a regular basis. Highly recommended!
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on February 14, 2014
Think about this you can do 500 for women and 600 calories for men- 2 days a week not two days together. So you won't feel deprived or starved.
This book tells you how many servings it makes and how many calories and how long it will store in refrigerator and freezer.
Many have photos.
I recommend this book.
Ruth Glick also writes other types of books beside several books about food.
Nancy Baggett has several other books related to food.
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on June 20, 2017
This is a terrific book, with nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare recipes for anyone following the 5:2 Diet or for anyone interested in great low calorie meals. My personal favorite is the Tex Mex Soup. I prepare batches of the vegetables in little sandwich bags and freeze so I can easily put together a pot at a time.
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on January 16, 2014
I've already tried some of the goods in this book, and they're great. I can't believe how much flavor and eating satisfaction these authors have managed to cram into dishes with such low calories. Simple, easy, tasty foods to ease you through your two diet days. The French toast is particularly impressive.
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on January 23, 2014
I read about the 5-2 diet method and was intrigued, but honestly couldn't figure out how I'd get by without feeling hungry- the suggested meals weren't appealing. But this cookbook offers recipes that you want to try- even if you aren't on a diet! From hearty soups, to salads, to main meals- yes, with meat- and even snacks, the recipes are appealing. As the authors say, it's important that cooks adhere to the amounts in the recipes and the serving size if you want to lose weight. I've already bookmarked a dozen recipes to try immediately. Whether you are dieting or just eating healthy, these recipes will fit the bill!
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on August 11, 2014
Just started the 5-2 diet and am so glad i git this cookbook. It will help to make my diet days much more enjoyable foodwise. I sent my best friend a copy as shes my buddy for this lifestyle change. Grest recioes. Easy to maje, everyday ingredients most will have on hand, with great optional ideas, including change in calorie count. Nice photos.
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on February 1, 2014
Just bought this today and I'm excited to try some of the recipes this week. Needing to cut back on "winter gain" and also dealing with having to be gluten-free, I needed some simple but yummy choices to help in my busy days. I loved the photos and simple planning used but also, Ruth and Nancy pointed out areas for those of us with a need for eating gluten free where they could. Even though this is not specifically geared for gluten-free diets, I could follow along and substitute where I need to. Great job! This stays on my Kindle for cooking and planning meals for my husband and I.
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