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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
The Art of Dead Space
Format: Hardcover|Change
Price:$28.09+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on February 21, 2013
This is an impressive book. Its hard cover with a dust jacket and weighs in at 192 pages and almost all of the art is color. Many of the pieces are full blown paintings. Most of the material in this book (about 45%) is concept art from Dead Space 3. While around 35% being from Dead Space 2, 15% from the first game and the rest from the graphical novel and spin off games.
There are sections on Isaac Clarke, other characters, weapons, suits, the USG Ishimura, vehicles, Unitologists, Necromorphs, the Blood Moon, The Sprawl, Culture , Tau Volantis and the Wrecked Flotilla and the graphic novel.
All of these sections are filled with commentary which is great. Having something to read in addition to the pictures always makes for a better, deeper and longer experience in an art book.
I do have complaints. They all stem from one general complaint: I wish there was more! What's here is so amazing but there are some things missing. The other characters section only contains art from Dead Space 3. So no Nicole Brennan, Alex Stross, Hammond, Tiedemann or *spits* Kendra Daniels. There are a few suits missing from the second and third games. Some weapons are missing. I am sure this is because there is already an artbook for the previous two games and they didn't want to reproduce too much content but both of those are quite hard to come by. I hope they do another book with more art from the other games.
The Necromorphs section is pretty thorough and cool beans. Slashers, wasters, stalkers, leapers, lurkers, The Snowbeast, The Tormentor, tripods, The Pack, alien necromorphs, The Nexus, crawlers, twitchers, exploders, Hunters (from 1 and 3), The Ubermorph, brutes and pukers are all present. Weirdly missing are Feeders from the new game. No bosses Proper from the first game are present. And no *sniff* Dividers. A great section though.
Something else of merit to note is how large the environment sections are. Some paintings span two pages. This is great as in a lot of video game art books the environment sections are small and the art is reduced to puny thumbnail size. This book really lets these beautiful pieces shine.
I love Dead Space. I love this book. I have already been through the new game three times in two weeks and I have been through this book twice as many times. This book is essential for fans of the series. Horror/sci fi enthusiasts would find joy in these pages also.
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on September 12, 2017
Fantastic book, if you Love Dead Space, it's simply a must-have. The art is good but would have liked a little more definition and not so "blurry" some of the time. The info along with it is a great read though. The cover feels textured almost, very high quality. The only thing I'd wish for is the same as some other reviewers stated, I would have wished for more art from Dead Space 1 & 2 (particularly 2) and less from Dead Space 3, but it does have a good amount from all of them. All in all I Love it.
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on January 20, 2015
If you're a fan of the games (and like artbooks). this artbook is a must buy. It's an oversized hardcover, with a slipcover. Other reviewers have broken down the contents, but while the emphasis is on the later content of the franchise (i.e., particularly Dead Space 3), there's plenty of everyone here.

I especially appreciate the detailed commentary on nearly every piece of work. Very interesting. And while I might have preferred more focus on the earlier games, anecdotes such as buying a butchered goat to pull apart for artistic reference--apparently, fish guts are useful, as well--easily make the book worthwhile. I mean, pending the upcoming Art of Hannibal book, how can you beat the (mental) image of game developers elbow-deep in goat entrails?!
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on August 28, 2017
This book is blessed with absolutely phenomenal artwork. Its easily one of the best video game art books i've seen. If you're a Dead Space fan, simply love the game's art style, or are a fan of the horror genre this is a must. Get it, especially for the $20 price (which is honestly a steal.)

Warning: If body horror (displaying horror through mutilation or disfigurement of human bodies) disturbs you then this book may not be for you. There is a section in the book that deals with the game series's principle antagonists, the necromorphs, that will probably upset you. This is aimed towards those who stumbled upon the book, as anyone who knows even the slightest bit about Dead Space will know what's in store in such sections.
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on January 11, 2014
I enjoyed the presentation of the book right off. The oversized hardcover with a dust jacket featuring contrasting texture on the details of Isaac's helmet and a lush yet distressed palette of red, black and gray is very appealing. I like looking beneath the dust jacket to find a different cover, with raised lettering front and back. The endpapers are of a Rorschach watercolour style suggesting necromorph elements.

I would have given this book five stars were the sections longer; some were two pages and I found myself turning the page and wanting more. On the other hand, despite the short sections in some places, the text was interesting, particularly in three areas: *comparing and contrasting aspects of all three games *citing influences ranging from subways to movies to Japanese malls *discussion of the work by various artists involved not just the directors.

While showing development of concepts isn't the main focus, the chance to really look at environments I was often too terrified to examine in-game makes up for that in spades. Elements are discussed that I admired or reacted to in the games but hadn't considered, such as the psychological effects of architecture and lighting, the mechanics of armour suiting machines, and necromorph anatomy.

I recommend this to Dead Space fans (obviously) as well as anyone interested in a visual exploration of world-building.
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on November 2, 2013
An excellent look into the art of Dead Space, spanning the three core games and Extraction. Everything included looked great and the layout was spot on. Even the cover art is a spectacular hero shot done over in black and red with the eerie blue glow from Isaac's suit. The art is gritty and wonderful, a true must have for any Dead Space fan. My only disappointment was in the content for the first game. When i pre-ordered the first Dead Space game back in 2008, I was given a free art book that offered really cool content and got me even more excited for the game. Sadly, the art work in this book for the first game is almost exclusively from that pre-order book, with little other new content. That was just a personal gripe because it is still some of my favorite artwork in the book. Otherwise, this is great buy for any Dead Space fan.
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on June 7, 2014
My first book ordered from Amazon and i was leaking fluid all over my place, when it arrives. It was efing perfect. Boo is separated into few chapters, every described one aspect of game design. Isaac Clarke, Necromorphs, Tau Volantis... Beautiful state of art illustration from Dead Space design team. It can show you their thought process and give games one more dimension.

I am huge fan of this game and this was one of the best purchases i ever made in this field.

For non-game interested people there is thick design information about the environment, in game tools and organics that can be used as visual database for references.

There was only one problem... it was too short (but if it was by my expectation, it will be huge as King James Bible written in 12pt letters and with illustrations).

Love it, will die on Ishimura more.
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on April 29, 2016
The Art of Dead Space abounds with intense, visceral art sure to please fans and gamers. My favorites are the suit and Necromorph designs. As someone studying medical-related sciences, I appreciate that the artists took time to study anatomy so they can bend, twist, and break them in their imaginations to give us the Necromorphs we see in the game. Commentary from the artists are plentiful and insightful, giving you a glimpse of the creative process that fueled this franchise. Well worth the money, highly recommended.
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on December 30, 2015
As a huge fan of Dead Space this book is filled with very detailed information about the world from the weapons to info about the Church of Unitology. It's great content for long time lovers of the game and can greatly inform others about it who haven't played all three games and read the books. The art is absolutely wonderful and makes me rethink back when I played each game for the first time. If your fan of DS or just want to know a little/a lot extra about its dark but wonderful world then this book is a must pickup for you. You won't regret it:)
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on January 30, 2016
Really an amazing art book, the presentation and visual concepts are great, my only gripe is about the lack of concept work that didn't made it for the game, what you see in the book it's almost the same in the gameplay, with the exception of the marker which has a lot conceptual work (really badass), I'd wish to see more concepts or sketches of suits, weapons and especially from necromorphs, but I understand, this is not full art design development document, this is an art book which has an outstanding work. Loved it!
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