Customer Reviews: The Demented (Blu-ray + DVD)
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on July 25, 2013
Anchor Bay's most recent zombie flick, THE DEMENTED, is sure to continue a bit of discussion that has plagued the zombie community over the past several years: can a creature be classified as a `zombie' if it runs? To me, I don't suppose I really care whether or not they move quickly, as long as they haven't been dead for a while (I think a body that has been rotting for 10 years would have a hard time getting around at any speed). But regardless of which side of the fence you are on, this is one film you should check out anyway. Be forewarned, does not introduce anything new and barely has any gore.

THE DEMENTED caught me by surprise. I wasn't expecting what I got, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. I wanted to like it up front because the beautiful and talented Sarah Butler is in it, but I was surprised to find out she was not the main character. And although I enjoyed it on the whole, the film does have some glaring flaws. Even so, the movie is pretty good overall and a decent addition to the modern-day zombie canon.

The acting in this film is good, with the aforementioned Sarah Butler doing a fantastic job in her role. But Kayla Ewell, the woman portraying the main character of Taylor, is who really steals the show. Ewell tackles her role with enthusiasm, and is a true talent to watch for in the future.

THE DEMENTED is also shot well and the production value looks fairly high. However there are two major issues that I have with this film. First, the ending is beyond horrible. I initially thought the filmmakers had messed up and sent the wrong thing to print...but from what I understand, this was the way they intended to end the film. I will not disclose any spoilers, but I seriously hope the production team never does anything like this in future films.

Secondly, there is practically no gore in the film at all. For me, you can't make a good zombie flick without gore. It simply has to be there. Period. I don't know if budget constraints kept them from adding any, but I would have been happy to see chocolate syrup and corn syrup all over the place as opposed to nothing.

These two issues with THE DEMENTED should not be enough to dissuade you from seeing the film, though; on the contrary, I would love for more people to watch the ending, just to make sure I'm not being critical for the wrong reason. And, aside from the two problems I noted, there's nothing else wrong with the film. It has tension where needed and moves at a nice pace. The `zombies' will eat you if they catch you, and there's really not much else you need.

I recommend giving the film a look next week when it is released. And after you watch it, hop back here or on Facebook and let us know what you think. After all, regardless of whether they are shambling or sprinting, zombies always make great conversation pieces.
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on August 12, 2013
This movie is just another zombie movie with sub par zombie effects... I could come up with better special effects with paper mache... but in this movies defense i havent seen a decent zombie movie since the 80's/ early 90's... hoping World War Z comes out on Amazon soon... id really like to see just one more decent zombie movie in my lifetime.
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The Demented is another entry into the zombie film genre, this one drawing its inspiration from films like 28 Days Later where the “zombies” are actually people who are infected with a rabies like disease making them crazed and attacking anyone they see with abandon AND full speed but also meaning they can be killed as normal humans are as opposed to just shooting them in the head. The Demented has a couple of things going for it that other low-budget films of similar ilk do not. Often times in zombie films we hear about the infected being the result of some viral or biological outbreak but rarely do we see it actually happen. This is not the case with The Demented.

Six college friends have gathered at the friend Howard’s home in Louisiana (while their parents are away) for a weekend of sun, fun, and beer. Howard receives a call from his father about a possible terrorist attack along the Gulf Coast but the phone goes dead before he can gather any details. Soon after, a missile strikes in the distance, causing a plume of green smoke to mushroom up on the horizon. As the group of friends debate their next move the first indication of trouble comes in the form of a dog with a chewed off ear and flies buzzing about its head that attacks them, causing them to take refuge in the house. Soon after, several salivating maniacs come crashing through the windows of the house, scattering the group. As the small group of friends takes refuge in an upstairs bedroom, they realize that they have to somehow get to their car and get away to find safety.

I mentioned a couple of things that the film has going for it…the second is that the infected stand absolutely motionless when they don’t have a target on which to focus. In this regard they are similar to the Nurses in the Silent Hill videogame and film franchise. This adds an element of creepiness to the infected as there are several scenes where the group attempts to sneak by them while they are motionless. Director/Writer Christopher Roosevelt keeps the action moving for the most part, giving us just enough character development even though it might be stereotypical such as the white kid who is going to be a lawyer while the black kid is the football star. There’s an unnecessary bit of drama involving one of the girls sleeping with another’s boyfriend that ultimately goes nowhere.

The male actors are frankly boring and wooden in their delivery but the female leads including Kayla Elwell (The Vampire Diaries) and Sarah Butler (I Spit on Your Grave) are vastly superior and fun to watch. The makeup effects are strictly bargain basement but the infected run so fast that you rarely get a decent look at them anyway.
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on May 25, 2015
“The Demented” story is a typical one with arrogant yet reflective youths looking to bond fighting unimaginable horrors. I didn’t find any real holes in the plotline or characters stories which happens a lot in films. The terrorist attack is a familiar one but it is fresher than the standard schlock for “how zombies are made”. It plays closer to the viral outbreak in other more powerful zombie tales like “28 Days Later” and “The Devil’s Playground”. However this is a new geographical location of the outbreak-bayou country and small town America. The actual outbreak happens over the New Orleans area but the college kids are at a family home far outside the city in a smaller community. It allows for the action and story arch to maintain an affective level of entertainment without seeming redundant or boring. I found the characters likable and believable. I actually connected with them and the story managed to keep my attention through the whole film.

The special effects and action sequences in “The Demented” are intense and very commanding as the cast fight (and as some die) to get to the safe location of extraction. The thrills and even chilling moments are evenly spaced and timed well enough to create tension enough for excitement. The zombies are not the tradition creature we expect but more bleeding rage virulent humans with homicidal tendencies similar to “The Crazies”-fast movers that created even more thrilling action packed moments on screen. I enjoyed the added little element of the zombies “suspended state” when the smell or sound of the living wasn’t stimulating them. “The Demented” isn’t really anything knew for the zombie genre but the film gives a solid story and plenty of intense action. The acting is as good as some big budget flicks and for the most part “The Demented” delivers a good level of entertainment. I enjoyed this one as much as the other zombie films I mentioned in this review.
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on August 18, 2013
Waste of time and money. A turd in a diarrhea avalanche. If the Zombie Apocalypse ever happens and I am trapped with a group like this I will willingly douse myself with Heinz 57 sauce and crowd surf the first Zombie horde I encounter.
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on March 24, 2014
Great storyline, great zombie flick. Most zombie movies have poor quality zombies, etc, but this movie keeps you going. Definitely not a George Romero movie, but if you love zombie movies, I highly recommend it. Enjoy!
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on July 20, 2013
This is a low budget wannabe zombie flick. Three bikini teases and their boyfriends spend some time away from their college studies to have some fun in rural Louisiana. While a slow motion camera films them playing on a kids water slide (the hill wasn't that steep and the slide wasn't that long) and tossing a Nerf football (can't you feel the adrenaline rush?), NuBuck (Michael Welch) gets a call from his father claiming that terrorist missiles are on the way.

Our couples are spared a direct hit, but a biological agent is spread about causing a rabies like infection in people and animals. The zombie craze has turned from slow foot dragging, return from the dead, zombies to fast moving unthinking pack animals that attack uninfected people. Our couples' goal is to escape the quarantined area without being bit by anything.

The film boasts a metal sound track, bad dialog, with stiff characters played by actors that haven't reached their potential. I did like the infected dog.

This is the first attempt by writer/director Christopher Roosevelt, whose resume includes being the producer of "Ninja Cheerleaders." It shows promise. It would have been nice if he had created clever dialog characters. The boyfriend cheating drama went nowhere and I am not sure why that was even tossed in. We could have had another two minutes of bikini girls on the slip and slide.

Parental Guidance: F-bomb. No sex or nudity.
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on December 4, 2013
This one was a good one to watch. The acting was decent and the zombies had decent makeup. I am not so sure about the ending but I won't comment as I don't want to spoil anything. It was worth watching on a weekend night.
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on August 13, 2013
Caught this one on PPV; want my money back!! As someone in an earlier review pointed out, this really isn't a zombie flick so much as it is a tale about a bioterrorist attack somewhere in the middle of Louisiana. The people do not turn into zombies; they are just really manical and savage. Six 30-year olds (playing teens) decide to get together at somebody's mansion for boozing, losing, and lord, I don't know. One of the things I thought was so hilarious was they played on a water slide!! I know we're trying to save money, guys, but couldn't you have found a swimming pool somewhere? Anyway, a terrorist attack happens and the little animals and people suddenly become savages.

I cannot agree with some of the others about this film. I found the production values near nil, and the acting--for the most part--just did not cut it. In these types of films, there is ALWAYS the brainy one, the nymphette, the horn-dog, and Sister Mary Virgin. Trouble is, not ONE of these characters did I care about. There is ABSOLUTELY next to no violence and certainly no GORE. Why this was rated R is again a question for you guys to figure out.
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on August 6, 2013
Avoid this movie like the plague. The stuntmen and stuntwomen are amazing but the movie is a big green bad CG stink bomb. Nothing new here. Go watch 28 Days Later, World War Z, Silent Hill or Dawn of the Dead instead.
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