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on May 23, 2013
This book is of interest because it brings together the lives and careers of the DiMaggio brothers. It confirmed my earlier impression that while Joe was the better ballplayer Dom was by far the better human being (and was a pretty good ballplayer who might have made the Hall of Fame if not for Joe's shadow). It also was interesting to read Vince's story--a decent player stuck in the wrong family.

While Clavin writes and organizes his material well, it is clear he is relying on secondary sources rather than interviews or in-depth research. This does not match the depth and comprehensiveness of what has been written about Joe (especially Richard Ben Cramer's biography), but is as good as we are likely to get on Dom and Vince.
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This is well written but there is very little new here that can't be found in Halberstam's Summer of 49 or The Teammates, or Kostya Kennedy's "56", or Leigh Montville's biography of Ted Williams. Still I did enjoy the last few chapters. It does appear that Dominic DiMaggio should have been an American icon rather than his aloof, self-centered, and reclusive older brother Joe. Kudos to Dom and Vince for living a loving and caring life.
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on August 16, 2013
I give this work 3 stars, one for each DiMaggio. Unless you are a fan of baseball in general and the Red Sox or Yankes in particular you can avoid this book. More precisely you should be a fan of the Red Sox because Dominick is seen as the family hero always walking several steps behind Joe.
Me? I will always remain a Joe fan. As an 18 year-old I met my hero and was speechless. My cousin who was 8 years my senior was also in awe when he merely walked past his table. So I bristle at a suggestion that Joe, during his prime baseball years, was not the ultimate center fielder in baseball. That he was also much maligned about his self-interest during his life overlooks the efforts made by the Yankee front office to manipulate his salary and the envious rooters of rival teams to force him into military service ((although his exemption appears to have been permissible at the time. We're it not we would have heard so throughout history).
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on September 19, 2015
I need two-and-a-half stars for this review. It's an irresistible topic -- for an extended magazine article, maybe. It's the story of the on-the-field rivalry and tempestuous relationships of three sibling major-league centerfielders: Joe, the world-famous, diffident, difficult brother with a god-like talent; Dom, the shy, smart, hustling brother with plenty of talent himself; and Vince, the extroverted, lovable brother who was outshone by the other two. The book faithfully captures the personalities, strengths and weaknesses of all three. But the season-by-season recitation of their shared years in the limelight drags at times, and as for the years after they retired, the story of their successes and failures as individuals and as brothers engages the reader only fitfully.
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on June 22, 2013
So, how many books now have been written about Dimmagio? Yea I don't know either. What I do know and can tell you with all certainty is that this book is a good read. But I would put in a disclaimer for all those know it alls out there looking to knit pick much as society has taught us to do now a days. I'm a huge fan of Joe. Heard every story. Many of which were written from a different angle in this book. What makes this book so great to read is that even though I've heard these stories before, the author does a good job of making me forget I've heard them. Delivering each story, weaving you through their lives seamlessly. What I love most is how he intertwines the stories of all 3 brothers. This book is easy to dive into and will leave you forgetting where you are while reading it. It will leave you with more than just knowledge of the Dimaggio family but a deeper appreciation of how amazing the 30's, 40's and 50's were in baseball. Athletes performing at ungodly paces. As I finished reading this book, what I thought to myself was, they may not be that perfect brady bunch type of family but they darn sure made an impact on the game, the likes never seen before or after. Enjoy!
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on June 12, 2013
I truly enjoyed this book. I'm not a big baseball fan. We have all heard about JOE DiMaggio but this told about the whole DiMaggio family. In particular, Dom and Vince, also baseball players and outstanding in their own rights but could never achieve the stardom as Joe did. I liked learning about their childhood, their baseball years, and their lives after baseball. For me, it was a page turner, and I read it in two days. My husband did the same thing. I read it on my Kindle and he read the hardcover. Then we bought two more copies to give to friends who we knew would enjoy the book.
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on July 14, 2013
Tom Clavin did a superb job in depicting the DiMaggio Family with his factual account of their history, but even more so with reading between the lines of his numerous interviews and capturing the true nature and personalities of the of the "Brothers" and their families.
Mr. Clavin shows Joe as the tragic figure I have known him to be, an American icon who was lonely and introverted and never recovered from the loss of his only love, Marilyn. He captures the incredibly affable nature of Vince, the brother anyone would pick as a friend who could have been as, or more, successful in opera than he was in Baseball, but who struggled to earn a living after Baseball, as it was too late for him to pursue his operatic talents. His depiction of Dom (my view here is biased as his son) as the youngest but most successful of the children in all aspects of life, baseball aside perhaps, comes up just shy of just how loyal and classy and astute a man he was.
Mr. Clavin intersperse the family portrait with well written baseball stories that are just enough not to lose the interest of those of us that are not rabid baseball fans. A reading of this book will yield a factual understanding of one of baseball's pre-eminent families.
Thank you Tom Clavin for a wonderful read and tribute to our Family.
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on June 7, 2013
This book brought me back to my childhood days at Yankee Stadium. I could hear the crack of the bat. Great insight into one of the greatest players that ever played the game. Many thanks to Mr. Clavin for putting together an unbiased and well written book on the subject. Good work. Well worth reading even just for some of the background stories of Joe and his brothers.
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on October 12, 2013
Since I was a five year-old Yankee fan -- with grainy TV memories of the Clipper's last season -- I have been a Joe DiMaggio junkie, reading every book about him that I could get my hands on. This one is the best because it gives equal attention to his two brothers. I never realized Vince was a two-time NL all star, and I am now convinced that Dom should definitely be in the Hall of Fame. I loved this book because I learned so much I did not know about the other brothers. Since I am now a Red Sox fan, I loved the information about TedWilliams and Dom's not so famous teammates.
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on September 8, 2013
I recently finished the book. It was very nostolgic for me to relive that period of my life where to me, heroes were really heroes. It was a time when players would have paid the team owners just to have the honor of beiing allowed to play on a major league team. My, how times have changed! ( Pass the anabolic steriods, please.) However, I can always retreat, via a book such as this, into the far off recesses of my mind and conger up the 1940's and 50's Sox which this book allowed me to do. I hope that you have such a pleasurable experience. Enjoy!
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