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on September 6, 2016
This will be different for each person, but I am sharing here what the book has done for me. I have been a diligent course (A Course in Miracles) student for over 2 years now. I have been studying both the text and the workbook and have read the Manual for Teachers and Glossary of Terms. Having completed both once already, I am studying these course books again, under the careful and helpful guidance of the Holy Spirit. I have gained many insights and my life has changed immensely… but I needed help. So following this saying, “when a student is ready, a teacher will appear,” along came The Disappearance of the Universe book.

For me, this book is Holy Spirit’s help to take me to the next level. This book has served the ONE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT PURPOSE. I am speaking of FORGIVENESS. Through the course, I gained the knowledge and understanding of the components of forgiveness, but somehow wasn’t able to put them all together. Then, along came this book and now I get it.

Forgiveness process is: learning to believe and see that this world is just a dream, that I am not this body, that what this body sees and feels and experiences is not happening. That no one is doing anything to me, because what I see and experience out in the world is really my own projected hatred and guilt which are inside me. But this is not real either, because I never sinned against God. I never separated from God. The real me is and has always been one with God all along. So, I do not have to run and hide from God and I have nothing to feel guilty about. I did not do anything wrong.

Forgiveness is being aware of all of this and then letting go of what this body sees and experiences and feels. It is learning to detach and separate myself from this world, by not getting emotionally involved in its activities, by remembering that this is just a dream, that it is not real and it is not happening.

Finally, since this body is not me, then, it does not matter what happens to this body. I can completely detach and separate from this body and have no personal investment nor attachment to this body. But since this body is here in this illusory world at the moment, then, by all means, Holy Spirit please utilize it for the good of all oneness.

The above is my personal paraphrase, elaboration and extension of the process of forgiveness as described in the book. As it is said in Gary’s book, the words do not matter, it is the attitude that is important.

So, the truth is here. Now, comes the diligent part of applying it which is the next phase of my life.

By the way, it really doesn’t matter to me where or from whom Gary received these insights, whether they came from ascended masters, Pursah and Arten, or from other sources. All this truth comes down from Holy Spirit anyway, regardless of the mouth through which it is spoken.

There are many other spiritual gold nuggets that I have gleaned from the reading of this book. And, I was also able to fill in some spiritual gaps, things I was curious about, with the information from this book as well. But, there are also some pages and chapters, especially towards the end, that just do not add up for me. Throughout, I heavily relied on Holy Spirit’s guidance and discernment to sort through everything to determine what to keep and use and what to discard.

Lastly, I was able to understand this book precisely because I have spent considerable amount of time studying the course first. The course was also the place where I learned to discern Holy Spirit’s thoughts and messages.

But, then, your path may be different. So, may the Holy Spirit guide you.

Thank you, Holy Spirit. Thank you, Pursah and Arten. Thank you, Gary. Thank you, Patrick Miller. Thank you, Hay House Publishers. Thank you, Amazon. And thank you Pip, my beloved spiritual co-traveler, who told me about this book to begin with.

PS. Since finishing this book, I have returned back to my studies in the course... And, after having read Gary's book, I am noticing a huge difference. The truths in the course touch me on a much deeper level. There is great clarity. This book has and is helping me tremendously in my spiritual path... the goal of which is full awakening. So, again, thank you everyone.

Sincerely, Malgozata
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on September 20, 2015
if you read the course and it seems to "speak" to you, you will probably want to dig a little deeper. study groups may help or may just help to confuse you. often it can be the blind leading the blind. that is not a criticism.

before i go further i will say that yes, i have drunk the acim kool-aid.

acim is not an easy read especially for someone militantly stuck in an ego based way of thinking. experts are everywhere. it seems that cleverness and "intelligent" banter yield little.

the course appeals to us using a different sensibility. everyone i know comes to the course with a mountain of ego baggage and long-held misperceptions. it is our choice to hang on to that mess or let it go thru the course's unconventional forgiveness process.

so hopefully the comments and arguments and ego objections surrounding gary's book will not dissuade anyone from giving it a read.

personally i got about halfway thru the book kicking and screaming before i realized that there was something in it that was of value. i (ego) was so annoyed with his personality and upset that i was going to have to read it again. but this time with a mind that was more open.

yes it is easy to criticize gary and the disappearance except for the fact that
the book is extremely helpful in making the course more accessible. you may not like the wisecracking gary but what his arten and pursah say about the course is dead on.

yes there are what seem to be digressions into some of gary's personal areas of interest. and he does introduce some ideas that may run parallel to the course while not actually ever being in the course material verbatim.
that however does not take away from the book's overall helpful nature.

i'll give one example. gary goes on at length about past lives and reincarnation. he frequently revisits the issue in a variety of ways. the course merely asks if the concept is helpful? it goes on to say To some, there may be comfort in the concept, and if it heartens them its value is self-evident. i suggest reading the section about it in the manual for teachers.

enough. i have been reading the course for over 3 decades. gary's book has been invaluable.

i heard someone say that if acim is a can containing the truth. gary's book is the can opener. corny but fairly accurate.

to those who struggle against the course or the disappearance i say 'go in peace.'

steve w
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on March 6, 2017
The profound material in this book is just what I needed to read during a difficult time in my life. Filled with practical steps for improving your inner well being, Jesus' teachings are reexamined and put into modern context. Read it with an open mind and heart, be willing to use the knowledge gained for Love and Forgiveness in a world that has seemingly list its grip.
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on August 9, 2016
This is easy reading, enjoyable, and has much humor too. If you believe in reincarnation and want to make this your last life time, this book will guide you. The book supports The Course In Miracles' teaching from Jesus. I have highlighted much of the book and am rereading again.
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on May 2, 2014
I love this book. I had bought it in book form many years ago, read it a couple of times, put it in a box somewhere. Then I was reading some quotes from it on FB by a guy named Mike Lemieux who is a big follower of the Course in Miracles (like me) and decided to buy the book again for my Kindle. It was like I had never read it before! After finishing this one I immediately bought Gary's next book, Your Immortal Reality for my Kindle and am re-reading that one too. And just like DU, I am getting SO much more out of it. So as soon as I finish YIR, I will jump right into Love Has Forgotten No One, Gary's 3rd book, which I already have on my Kindle. And every day I thank Gary, Mike, Ken (Wapnick), Gloria (Ken's wife), Helen Schucman, Bill Thetford, Arten and Pursah and finally Jesus (Yshua). So thankful that I came across these books. If you are ready to change your life and make huge leaps toward remembering who you really are, I can't recommend Gary's books enough. And the Course in Miracles, of course. <3
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on January 4, 2017
Although put off at first by a flippant and somewhat sophomoric style, it's just what my mind needed to become disarmed. Was given a copy of ACIM (A Course in Miracles) in 1994 and flirted with it and also a few live sessions, but it took this book to reveal to my mind what the course is all about. Am now dedicated to daily practice of ACIM.
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on November 3, 2014
An ABSOLUTE must read! After having read many many books on non-dualism such as Eckhart Tolle, Gangaji, Jeff Foster, and many many many more non-dual teachers the breakdown of ACIM's message which originally taught by Jesus Christ just STRUCK a chord with me!!! The message always comes down to semantics in terms of what resonates for you. This book is a beautiful breakdown and explanation of what Jesus Christ REALLY taught 2000 years ago. The masters that appear to Gary are legit. Not in that they are real, but there sole purpose is to show that no-thing we experience is real, what we are at the core is real. Every explanation that is used to point to what Jesus Christ truly taught leaves you wanting to understand more, but most importantly, the practice of radical forgiveness which is really our original thought in separation in thinking that we could be separate from GOD, or source. I highly recommend it! This book will put you on the right path if it deeply resonates with you.
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on April 28, 2017
Comparing the storyline, events of the authors life and public events gave the 365 day quotes from the Course a new perspective. The characters brought a deeper meaning to the message of the Course and allowed greater meaning to my understanding of both books, both in abstract and concrete terms. Gary's sense of humor was refreshing.
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on July 12, 2012
This is a phenomenally valuable book for two groups of people: those who are familiar with "A Course in Miracles" and those who are not familiar with "A Course in Miracles." For the latter, it could humorously be called "ACIM in English" - the original being extremely hard to read for all comers, despite its grandeur.

For the latter group, those familiar with ACIM, including me, this book opened me up to tremendously higher and deeper understandings about ACIM than ever before. I had been a diligent student of ACIM from 1992 until 2005 when I first read "The Disappearance of the Universe" (DU). But I knew more about ACIM after one reading of DU than I knew from studying the previous thirteen years!! I was so blown away I read it eight times "before I could exhale." And I have continued to read it over and over and over in the years since then.

No words can possibly capture the magnitude of the importance of this incredible book, DU, in my life. The words on the pages of ACIM sparkle with crystal clarity because of it. I can hardly believe how blessed I am because of ACIM, made clear by DU. Thank you, Gary Renard - !!! How much more important could anything possibly be in the life of one human being? RRR
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on March 21, 2017
I've enjoyed this book tremendously.
As a spiritual seeker and a student of the Course in Miracles, I have been having my own set of miracles, revelations and joys, and it felt wonderful to see the struggle in understanding of a fellow student and the Miracles it brought into his life.
Thank you!
Highly recommend reading this book
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