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on June 13, 2015
A well filmed movie, but it does leave you depressed and anxious to dig your own underground shelter. Personally, I would want to be gone in the initial 'flash'. Anyway, this film involves a group of individuals who end up in a basement shelter beneath an apartment building after the world melts down in a nuclear war. Of course there are two women amongst a varied group of men ranging from the typical street grunge to an educated foreigner. The shelter belongs to the controlling apartment supervisor (Michael Biehn) who does a knock-out job metering out rationed food and water daily to the survivors. Then it gets ugly as the days endlessly grind on, people bicker, sex becomes a focus, fights break out, and the U.S. pulls a good one by trying to annihilate the remaining survivors and not succeeding. After so many die, the end is, well, the only likely possible result and it really didn't take me by surprise. I think it was supposed to be a twist? Not too sure if they pulled that off. But it is intriguing. If you are into apocalyptic films this is a good watch. I would recommend it as the acting was excellent!
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on June 26, 2017
This one was tough to watch but in a good sort of way? And had several twists and turns that was unexpected. If you want to see a apocalypse movie that is full of the morbid, desolate, and hopeless nature of such an event, then this a movie for you. No happy ending or savior devices here. It's a twisted, dark, and frightening look into what some people become when the world turns upside down.

It opens with a massive nuclear strike on a major city and the residents of this giant apartment building doing all they can to get somewhere safe. The land lord has a private bunker and the basement, but some of his tenants manage to force their way in before the building crumbles around them. There are some plot pieces that are left unanswered which was kind of annoying.. but they aren't what the movie is all about.

If you are one of those people who can't stand a movie without closure - or if you are an emotionally sensitive sort, then you better skip this. Think SAW but without the gore or serial killer.
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on April 5, 2014
As the music swells we open on a close-up of a tear being birthed by an eye in which we see a reflection of missiles falling on Manhattan. As the point of view shifts we see nuclear explosions erupting all over the city. I love me a good end of the world movie and Xavier Gens had me on the edge of my seat from the opening scene to the very end so I didn't wonder out loud why our heroine didn't go blind as she was looking directly at the blast. This movie is a really fun ride in spite of its flaws.

The action starts with the panicked residents fleeing their apartments and further explosions as they're trying to escape which sends 8 to the basement where the super, Mickey, lives and where the nightmare unfolds. Luckily for everyone Mickey is a bit psycho and has been planning for such an event in the years since 9-11 so he just happens to have a lot of food and weapons stockpiled. Smoke `em if you got `em because it's going to be a long few weeks. A lot of smoking takes place.

This could now go in a variety of directions. "The Road" comes to mind; who will be the first to be dinner when the food ultimately does run out? It's definitely not the special effects laden "The Day After" nor is it the solemn humanity and quiet death of "On the Beach." Nope, it's a psycho-sexual horror movie as satisfying as any even if by the climatic end you realize you've been had.

As tempers begin to fray they can hear the building collapse on top of them and after a brief silence and a knock on their door, followed by banging , we see a torch welder cutting through the steel door.

What comes through the door is a small group wearing hazmat suits. A child is dragged from its mother's arms, something is squirted into her mouth and an injection with a hypodermic the size of a baseball bat goes into her neck. She is loaded, screaming and crying into a body bag and removed. Then the troopers go after the survivors who fight back. Our survivors take out the two remaining storm troopers and tend to their wounded.

Wearing one of the hazmat suits one of the survivors opens the door and goes into the unknown. He walks out not onto streets of destruction but into a biohazard like tunnel system made of hazmat plastic. Our survivor continues until he finds a lab and sees the children, shaved heads and eyebrows, taped eyes and tubes in their mouths. Each are in their own stasis module. A fight ensues with some of the troopers who discover he's an imposter and he takes them out and retreats back to the basement shelter. We see the arc welders again at the door and someone screams "They're coming back!" Mickey says , "No. They're welding us in." This is high concept apocalypse after all.

Sharp, tight dialogue and a clever script keep us on edge as their options, patience, sanity and humanity run out faster than their food supplies as it is discovered Mickey has been keeping hidden his stash of food. This plot point keeps them alive as they descend further into the depths of depravity. After an hour and a half of madness our heroine is all that's left and she dons a hazmat suit, and descends into the septic tank where she finds another way out and climbs up covered in poo into a dead world.

And that's the problem. Where are the hazmat guys and where and why and what was all that about. Apparently it was a story arc that went nowhere and was just a gimmick to get a hazmat suit in the shelter so she could escape without ruining her pumps in poo water. But really? Compared to the disappointment of not having that story arc resolved it would seem that a better script would have had her make her way through the waist deep poo water without protection. Her climbing up into a dead city would have created a stronger scene, put a period on that sentence and would have not left those of us with enough brain cells working to figure out that the whole hazmat deal was a gimmick to get that hazmat suit down there for her to use. Considering how psycho Mickey was it wouldn't have been surprising were he to have one stashed there as well so that whole story arc seemed unnecessary.

None of this means the ride isn't a whole lot of fun and you can see the actors digging deep to perform their psychotic dance but you feel a little cheated because you really want to know who the hazmat guys were and what they were doing and that doesn't happen
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on July 26, 2017
Not a Good Movie for Children to watch or any One who will not face up to this Reality.Not what I expected but Who Bombed us was Expected this is a political Film.Think N Korea just made more threats this past week. Prepping is not what you think it will be.
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on September 12, 2017
Wow, a very good movie. Very intense, what would you do in a situation like that? The only flaw was that is was way too long. Who were the men in white? Was it the whole planet or just the US? Lots of answers needed for a 5 star.
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on June 29, 2014
The movie is too brief despite its running time to do the story justice. Too many questions are left unanswered as a group of strangers are thrown together in a tight space to avoid the end of the world.
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on January 30, 2016
I think everyone should see this movie. I mean everybody. I think that this movie not only for it's amazing quality and amazing actors, it is a scathing amd frightening depiction of what would happen during a nuclear war, and the afteath of survival. And it ain't pretty honey. Scared me so bad I had to research nuclear bombs, and statistics says it would take a hundred thousand years, just for nuclear half life, and no life would be able to survive the radiation of aftermath of fallout and beyond. Scary thought huh?! Ya, well it scared the living daylights right out of me. I was freaking out crying at one point with anxiety, but that's shows the incredible quality of the film makers. This movie is a roller coaster. I think that this is probably the scariest movie I've seen in a forever because it's so real, and so much of a possibility. After watching this I said 100,000 Hail Marys and I'm not even Catholic I just did it for good measure. I donated to UNICEF, and I rocked back and forth in a corner for about a month. Okay that's how scared you're going to be. And then the next day you're going to call up all your friends and your family and you're going to tell them all that you love them, even the distant relatives. Some of you will start trying to build your own bomb shelter, and start stacking food corner and hoarding it. I'm just saying these could be possible side effects of watching this movie and it's completely normal just go with it, you also might have a nervous twitch in one eye that's temporary... don't be worried. So for anybody who really likes the reality horror genre, put on a diaper, and then watch this because it's going to scare the poopsies right out of you.
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on September 8, 2016
I was expecting something different from the other "trapped in a bunker" movies I've seen once we saw the soldiers near the beginning... but the movie never again explores who they are or what they are doing. After that the movie devolves into the same carbon copy of others of its kind, albeit with a better cast (a couple of them, anyway). The ending is the most underwhelming ending I've seen this year and pretty much ruined the rest of the movie for me. It kept me interested enough to finish but once I got to the end I felt like the whole experience was a waste of my time. The sad thing is there was a feeling itching at the back of my mind that I knew EXACTLY how the movie was going to end but I didn't want to believe that it was going to be that stupid and cliche. Well I guess I should stick with my gut from now on.
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on April 13, 2016
The divide is one of the most depressing heartbreaking horrifying violent movies I have ever seen and one of the greatest apocalyptic movies ever the movie starts as a group of survivor's take shelter in a bunker under there apartment building they are safe at first but things soon take a dark and twisted turn i won't spoil anything else but I will say that the divide makes the road look like a serene valley and the ending is horrifying

Overall a grim apocalyptic nightmare with amazing acting and definitely worth watching if you can handle it

Highly recommended
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on October 3, 2016
Scary. Horrible. Disgusting. Brutal. Awful. Nasty. Fantastic rendition of what COULD happen if some people in an apartment building all clammered into their landlord's bunker as bombs are falling an the end of the world is at hand. That being said, if what happens in this movie is what COULD happen, let me never live in an apartment building that HAS a bunker like this, people like this, and let me blow my head off the second I see bombs dropping, as shown in the first scene in the movie. You just have to see it. There is NO review that can do it justice. If you are a fan of post apocalyptic movies, it is a must see. I AM. And I was still shocked. That, and the ending was terrible. Still, an excellent movie, albeit very, very, very unsettling.
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