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I needed an escape from reality and I definitely got that with The Dragon Who Loved Me. I love escaping to another world where dragons come in different shapes and colours. Wars are fought for power and everlasting love spans centuries.

It's been a wee while since I've read a Dragon Kin instalment and I was completely lost in the first half. I had decided to treat myself to a copy of the kindle and the audio. Unfortunately, I struggled with the audio. I couldn't remember who was who, who was with who and where we were at. So, trying to follow a new storyline with new characters...while trying to remember what had happened previously was almost impossible.

Once I started reading instead of listening, it seemed easier. I also went back and read the blurbs for each story and that helped me connect the characters.

I liked the first half of the story but was a little frustrated with it too. The amount of jumping around from character to character takes a bit of getting used to. I'd forgotten this was common in this series. I found that once the connection between the main characters developed and Rhona stopped acting like she hated Vigholf, it was much more enjoyable.

There was plenty of action in the second half. The dragons and humans with battle plans, hoping to end the bloody war. God's interfering because they can and it gives them a sick pleasure. We also get to see egotistical overlord's sending in their battalions to fight while watching safely from afar. At least our dragons fight alongside their men and face death from the front.

I really liked Rhona and Vigholf and enjoyed seeing their connection grow. Rhona has family issues that leave her as Mum to her siblings. her Mum is a bit of nasty piece of work and I struggled with her for most of the book. Vigholf is pretty laid back. His main focus is to protect his woman...who hasn't realised he owns her tail. It will take a wee bit of convincing on his part to get her to see how he sees things for their future.

My favourite character by far is Annwyl. She is a lovable lunatic who makes me laugh like a loon, cringe at the violence that surrounds her and sympathise for the burden she carries. One of the final scenes where she "handles" her 7-year-old twins was a riot.

Now that I've visited this series again, I don't think I'll wait quite as long to read more of them especially considering it's Eibhear and Izzy's story up next.
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on June 1, 2017
First off, I’m VERY happy to have found this author. Ecstatic even. :) I’m currently on sabbatical from my usual favorites-for reasons I won’t go into here. (See other reviews.) Needless to say, I’m so glad I discovered GAA/Shelly Laurenston.

As for this written book, I give four stars for the story…
1. It is a gruesome, sexy, humorous story. I can’t count how many times I have LOL throughout this series. But be forewarned-you REALLY REALLY need to read the full-length novels in order for full enjoyment.
2. Once you meet this family the fab Gwyars AND the Cadwaladrs-(please excuse spellings), you can’t help but fall in love with the whole crazy lot led by two even crazier queens and hope for all of their tales to be told.

As for this audible narration, I give 2 stars since I was able to make it through the listen, even though I had to frequently switch back to reading. Why only 2 stars?

1. When did most of the characters (and some of the places) get new names? Someone should have consulted the author before these recordings began to clarify pronunciations and ensure continuity between readers. There were WAY too many differences with the change in narrator.
2. Honestly, when I began listening with the first book, I didn’t care for Holly Jackson’s narration. It took listening to the 2nd book (AaD) to begin to understand the characters’ personalities better. Still wasn’t all that impressed by HJ’s renditions, but by Gwenvail’s book, I was a fan. HJ still wasn’t my favorite narrator or the best I’ve listened to by far, but I thought she did a great job with many of the characters. Namely-Gwenvail, Keita, Annwyn, Talaith, and Rhiannon. Her arrogant nonchalance, whininess, and snobby disregard were spot on! However, her strong emotions (anger, passion, exuberance) were pretty flat but she was still a decent overall listen.
On the other hand, Morgan Hallet was just disappointing. She totally ruined Annwyn and Rhiannon for me. RUINED. She made them both sound weak and almost too wussy. All of her characters were flat to me. The only distinction I could really make was between male and female characters and perhaps between younger and older.
Neither narrator provided accents, which seemed wrong at first, but when I looked at it as “Xena-like” in its quirkiness (from editor’s review), I think I appreciated those stereotypical British expressions read in a very NON-British manner all the more. Holly Jackson made the series fun. Morgan Hallet-not so much.

Definitely plan on continuing the series on Kindle. Sadly, I’m done with the audiobooks unless a new-decent narrator is found or the original from the first 4 books returns. Which is the ultimate disappointment since I’m such a lazy sow *winks* who does more listening than reading these days.

To Ms. Aiken, and what the hell happened to the Claiming? We got it in the first book and with Dagmar and Gwenvail, but we are shorted in all the rest. WTF?? I want another Rhiannon/Bercelak Claiming-by far my favorite one. I hope we get to experience this meaningful, beautiful ritual again with Izzy and Eibhear in the next book. Don’t just mention it as an afterthought! Please and thank you. :) It felt like you said, “Oh, by the way she got claimed last night”. The End.
And while I have your ear and speaking of getting shorted, I wouldn’t be mad at at least a novella for Morfyd & Brastias. I was really looking forward to reading them getting together, but it seems like they’re story is done. :( I haven’t looked beyond the next story-to avoid possible spoilers, but I’m also itching for Ren’s!

Final Words: I HIGHLY recommend this series, but absolutely start at the beginning with Dragon Actually. Take or leave the audiobooks. If you do take, don’t get too invested in the narration because it changes drastically after the 4th full length book. 4.5 Stars for Kindle format of overall series.

Happy Reading!
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on March 25, 2013
The war has finally come to the dragons and men of the Southland and their allies in the North. The Iron Dragons care for none but their own. They worship a human god of death but care nothing for humans. They and their god are a threat to all of dragon and humankind.

Within this conflict of epic proportions is the smaller conflict between Rhona the fearless of the Cadwaladr Clan, warrior dragons of the Southlands, daughter of general Bradana the Mutilator and Vighor, brother of Lord Ragnor. Rhona raised from birth to be an elite dragon warrior of her majesty's army, she has no time for the chauvinistic attitudes of the Lightening Dragons.

Vighor the Abhorrent a Lightening Dragon of epic proportions can not understand why his efforts to protect Rhona are so soundly rebuffed.

Around this story of romance the conflicts of war and its ugliness is met with a fierce loyalty and love of family.

I am always delighted with the way G. A. Aiken honors the love of family in her books. She fills her stories with humor, pathos, love and lust.

Good read. Highly recommend this series and this book
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on March 29, 2016
A delightful mix of love, violence, and funny antics. Testosterone fills the air but love and fellowship evens out the score quite well!

Now, I don't truly remember Rhona from other books but her very being is regimented and by the book, or so we thought. Instead she felt trapped by her mothers yearnings for her to be a dragon warrior instead of following her dreams and passions to be like her father. Rhona is quite the manager, following the rules and keeping those she feels are 'hers' in line is one of her best talents! Vigholf feels that this particular she-dragon is his. Ever since she dented the castle he couldn't get her from his mind. For five years he watched her back and griped about her choice of favorite weapon as a child's toy. Trying his best not to scare her off he tried his hardest to prove that she was the one for him but in a childish way as poking fun at her and guarding her the best he could. So when the chance presented itself to protect Rhona the best way he knew how he accompanied her back to Dark Plains as an escort to the Princess Kieta and Ren. From there everything falls to hell in a hand basket! And for Rhona and Vigholf? Into place. Together they must find the queen and together they realize that their feelings are mutual and not fleeting. Hilarity ensues when they find horses. The stallion and Vigholfs relationship makes me laugh even now! To tears it does!
It was hard to believe that the war had been at a standstill for five years since the last book but when I thought about it, despite numbers, each side had equally matched strategists and while each tried to outdo the other neither made much headway. Although maybe if the twins and Rhianwen were old enough to lead nothing would have lasted so long. The children are truly terrifying. Yet they are also loyal to their family and friends, which is good because if they were not in sure things would be in flames and rubble and nothing would live. They are terribly strong, like little gods, and they're only about nine years old. Yet they fight like mythical beings and wield awesome power! And while their mother seems to be completely mad we realize that maybe she's just crazy enough to protect her terrifying brood. And that their extended family will do anything to protect their children with all the might in their power. Even if that means following a mad queen who goes around saying a wolf licked her head!
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on February 11, 2015
As with all the other Dragon Kin books, I loved it! I've read other dragon, shape shifter, vampire, etc., books and liked some of them a lot, others not so much. This never happens with this series by G. A. Aiken. They just get better and better. All these are in my home library so I can read them again. You will fall in love with the dragon families, and the humans too! Very, very highly recommended. Even purchased a Kindle Fire so I could get the one story that is only an ebook.
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I stumbled into the Dragon Kin world just this year and was overwhelmed by the stories in these books and the complxities of the characters. This latest edition while not having the emotional impact of Book 3 What A Dragon Should Know SUPER Edition it is a worthy addition to this series and to give it less than 5 stars would be unfair since it would only appear that way in comparison to some of her other works but not in comparison to the many less talented authors in this genre. I could write a long winded review but the fact is that so far anything that G.A. Aiken/Shelly Laurenston writes has about an 80% chance that it is going to be better than anything you read by somebody else.
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on September 10, 2011
Like the previous book, the romance in The Dragon Who Loved doesn't get to hog the spotlight. In this latest Dragon Kin story there's sort of a three pronged attack with the starring pair being the focus as they move between the other main threads with: the dragon brothers (Briec, Feargus, Gwenvael, and Eibhear), their Cadwaladr kin and the Northern Dragons in one battling group; Annwyl and Izzy sneaking off from Annwyl's army for a secret mission in another; and Dagmar, and Talaith minding the kids and holding down the home front in the third - all of which allows us to catch up with pretty much everyone from all of the past books. It was fun to see past characters, though some of them don't quite 'pop' like they did in their own stories.

The leading pair this time is a Cadwaladr cousin Rhona, and while she is every bit as deadly as her kin, Rhona is, gasp, a nurturer so much different than our past leading ladies and Vigholf who has seemed a bit cloddish in the past book is amazing patient in waiting for his chance with the dragoness he has decided is his and ends up a pretty decent leading man - um, dragon. There are weapons and wounds along the way for Rhona and Vigholf but for a dragon dragon pairing, their courtship is amazingly smooth but still steamy and satisfying and wrapped up in a happily ever after - unlike previous pair Keita and Ragna who are here briefly and who are still working on theirs.

There is plenty of action with a fair number of skirmishes on the way as this story eventually brings almost everyone together for an epic battle, but I didn't find The Dragon Who Loved Me to be as nonstop hilarious as my favorite in the series, What A Dragon Should Know - which is probably going to continue to be a hard act to follow, it was just that funny - but there still are enough laugh out loud moments to give it that Aiken flavor.

I have to mention Izzy and Eibhear. Eibhear who started out endearing in the earlier books, is not at his best in this story. It's time for him to grow up, but with events that occur that transition is going to be a painful one and I hope that once he comes out the other side, Eibhear is ends up being a character I can root for - I wasn't a fan of Eibhear in this book. And there is no steamy tension between the pair in the one scene that they have together here, so nothing to to move them any closer to a happily ever after or even the hope of one in the near future.

There were, however, some interesting additions to the cast, as the Annwyl picks up some new allies, and I am betting that we'll be seeing one or both with books of their soon and even though series has moved to being more ensemble pieces instead of one-couple-a-book romances, I will definitely be on the look out for more of Aiken's Dragonkin.
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on November 22, 2016
Oy. The book was very long. Too long. It did not at any one time focus on a character. I would argue even the character development of Rhona and Veigholf. Not the war, not the children, not most of the scenarios or characters ' were given enough time.
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on January 4, 2014
This was one of my favorite books of the series. Lots of things happen in this book. It's really an emotional roller coaster.

We met Vigholf the Abhorrent, in a few of the earlier books. He is the brother of the Northern Horde dragons. They are lightning dragons. And under his brothers rule, a kinder, gentler Horde. One that is caught up in the war between the human queen Annwyl the Bloody and the Iron dragons.

Rhona the Fearless, is a Cadwaladr, a family of Dragonwarriors. Rhona is a soldier used to following orders without question. So when she is asked to escort one of the Royals back to her Southland home, on a super secret mission, she obeys. Unfortunately, Vigholf decides to tag along with them, after all a northern dragon can't let two females take off on their own with no male to protect them.

War has finally come to the dragons and the human queen. The Iron dragons want the twins of the queen and her dragon mate, Fearghus, of the royal family destroyed. And they have enlisted the help of a God to do that. What the Irons don't realize is that the human has the help of her own God. And when the Gods are involved, nothing is predictable. And with all wars, there are causalities, and new alliances to be made.

I really liked this book, much more than the last one. Great story and a great series.
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on February 26, 2012
Southland Dragon, Rhona The Fearless has been fighting on the battle field under the Mad Queen, Annwyl The Bloody for five years. During those five years, she's also been training her youngest siblings to become soldiers worthy of becoming Dragonwarriors; an aspiration she does not share with her siblings, much to her mother's despair. Rhona, quite simply, is satisfied with merely being a soldier.

When Annwyl embarks on a suicidal mission to enlist the help of The Rebel King, Gaius, alone, it's not long before Rhona is sent to retrieve the Queen....Dead or Alive. But before she can step one claw in the last known direction of Annwyl, Northland Commander Vigholf The Abhorrent, informs her that he's going with her. Not that he doesn't think she's capable, but just because....she intrigues him.

Lighting Dragon, Vigholf The Abhorrent is part of the new generation of Northland dragons who no longer believe in capturing females against their will and claiming them as mates. But he still feels that females shouldn't be on the battle field. At least that was his thought until he met Rhona. Rhona's the perfect soldier. She takes orders...even the crazy ones, without flinching and gets the job done. But when she's sent to retrieve Annwyl, his innate desire to protect her has him following her whether she likes it or not.

He just hopes she likes it...a lot.

"The Dragon Who Loved Me" is the fifth book in G.A. Aiken's Dragon Kin series and like its predecessors, it delivers a laugh-filled tale of a loyal, vicious, yet clueless (when it comes to males) heroine who loves her family fiercely and the clearly besotted, male who's decided she belongs to him even if she doesn't know it.

What IMRR....

Likes: Well, there's three things that I "Like"

1. That Ms. Aiken didn't neglect to continue the saga of Iseabail and Éibhear. Eventually, they're going to get their own story and it's going to be off the charts!

2. She fully introduces us to the next generation (other than Izzy) of kids in Annwyl and Feargus' twins Talwyn and Talan as well as Talaith and Briec's "perfect, perfect daughter" (his words not mine), Rhian. I looked forward to their scenes as much as I did those of Vigholf and Rhona.

3. Virtually every character we've ever loved in the Dragon Kin universe makes an appearance in "The Dragon Who Loved Me" and I not only still love them, I'm pretty sure I want to be Annwyl when I grow up!

Dislikes: That it will probably take another three to five years before we get to read about Iseabail and Éibhear because she's still WAY too young to make her a heroine with a book of her own.

****EDIT: Since originally writing this review, Ms. Aiken has announced that her next book, "How To Drive A Dragon Crazy" will feature Izzy and Éibhear as the main characters and I can NOT wait!****

IMRR's Favorite Scene: **MINI-SPOILER ALERT**

The last battle a book chocked full of great scenes and characters, it's in the last battle scene, about two seconds before it all goes up in flames and the flash of steel that Vigholf utters my favorite line of the book to Rhona....

Vigholf released Rhona, pushed her away from him. "Kill them all. Leave none to remember this day." He grinned at her. "We'll remember it for them."

IT'S THE PERFECT LINE, because we know if he hadn't won Rhona's heart before that point in the book, those fourteen words would have won it for him.
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