Customer Reviews: The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds . . . Wasted: A Memoir
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on January 14, 2013
What a fun book! I picked this book randomly while browsing in my Kindle. This is a very funny, easy read yet it's packed with a lot of solid information and advice. I think the target audience for this book is guys, but I'm female and I really enjoyed it. Great example of how fitness and health can be worked into any lifestyle. I also really enjoyed all the information about running. This is one of the better weight loss/running memoirs I've read.
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on October 14, 2014
For all those a holes who had so many negative things to say about this book, I'd like to say: I don't trust any if you, 'cause you have no idea what life is all about'. I loved it, because it is informative, well put and very inspiring. I had a break through today in gym, because of this book. And I have lost 3 kg's in the first week, while sill enjoying some wine every evening. It can be done! Thanks, Lüc! I'm gonna do it your way. Getting better, sexier, and healthier every day!
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on January 30, 2014
It is nice to read a book about working out written by someone with some very bad habits. Luc is worse than most so to read his tale of losing weight through running and drinking less is very motivating. Its like, if he can do it, anyone can do it!
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on June 13, 2014
uc Carl, New York City bar manager, DJ, and, what is most important to me: someone that drinks, diets and exercises, pretty much drew me into reading his book after this wild ride of an intro:

“The Drunk Diet is not a diet plan that involves getting drunk and then going to the gym to do some cross training…The point is not to get drunk and get into shape…The Drunk Diet is me being a smart-ass and giving the finger to every other “(fill in the blank) Diet” book on the shelf. This is my story. If you don’t like it, write your own f—ing book.”

(Note from Eve: Okay, I took out the f word as I don’t want my spam filter to go nuts with a bunch of f—ing comments.)

Carl drinks and works at a bar. In that sense he’s just like the rest of us, whether I choose to sip and evaluate wine or Luc chooses to throw back a wild concoction he’s made at his bar. (See Recipe Sunday on 5/13 for his light cocktail recipes.) Some of what I thought I’d get: changes in his food choices and growing exercise regimens, yes, but I also gained from his perspective on enjoying life within some semblance moderation.

One of Carl’s motivators early on was a line that Bill Murray coughed out as he failed to do a single decent push-up in the movie Stripes, “I gotta get in shape. I gotta dry out or I’ll be dead before I’m thirty.”

Those of us that enjoy wine, or spirits, may enjoy food just as much, myself very much included. Carl says “When you’re drunk, your body encourages you to eat as much as possible to soak up all that booze.”

Carl mentions the Cookie Diet, and I used it in the title of this review because, as Carl puts it, diet “books were saying the same thing: you can’t drink if you want to lose weight. I can’t drink but there’s something on the shelf called The Cookie Diet? F— you.” I felt the same way…really, how healthy and effective can a cookie be?

Carl then takes readers on his journey, not the healthiest of diets since he was a kid, and then later, morphed into the bar scene full throttle. Once he hit 40 pounds of excess weight, he decided he wanted to be sexy and that became his mantra.

“My whole life, I thought fresh vegetables were gross and pretentious. (I didn’t even know what the word “pretentious” meant until I moved to the big city. Just saying the word is pretentious where I come from.)… I stopped thinking of vegetables as ‘asparagus’ or ‘string beans’; I was thinking of them as ‘confidence’ and ‘sex.’”

Carl says it’s easier just to start over with new restaurants, so that you don’t get caught in the rut of ordering what you’ve always ordered. I know at a certain wine bar I always order the cheese plate, doubled if it’s my dinner. Probably not the best of ideas to continue that.

He also talks about holiday eating and New Year’s resolutions. He may still drink what he wants to for this “f—ing s*** show to end – the day also known at January 2” but he heads right back to the gym on January 3.

He also tried giving up booze for a couple of weeks. Worked on week one, and failed miserably on week two – because his body was used to a certain amount of calories. ( I was successful at that once, when Ed was on platoon duty – 24 hours on, 24 hours off – I drank with him at home, and abstained while he abstained at work. That and the idea that he was doing P90X also motivated me. I lost 10 pounds. It’s creeped back and you know what, he’s headed back to platoon duty this very week. So, it may not be January 3, but I know I can do it…as long as there isn’t a wine event I’m covering while he’s working!)

About halfway through The Drunk Diet Carl tells readers that wine is kind to the waistline: “There’s a reason they don’t call it a ‘wine gut’” – I’d like to have on a T-shirt.

The remaining part of the book is dedicated to Carl’s favorite exercises and his running goals. I enjoyed watching him execute a push up in his New York bar and, have to admit, could feel his runner’s high. Especially when he had a cigarette – I’ve never smoked – just before his first 5K. He finally quit the habit. But, he did admit to being drunk the night before! Even ran in a Jack Daniel’s T-shirt = my hero!

In his conclusion he begins with a lament, “…why I couldn’t get drunk all day, eat like s***, get wasted, and repeat. Wasn’t the human body designed to have fun all the time?” And then he answered himself: “If we partied every day, all day, partying wouldn’t be that fun anymore.” Agreed.
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on May 13, 2012
If you are like me, and have had ENOUGH of the diet fads, books, infomercials, etc. where a fitness Goddess /God is the key tag line, then you should consider this book! If the "Cookie Diet" makes you laugh hysterically or the social media posts about losing 50 lbs. in a month because of a body wrap make you shake your head, then you definitely need to purchase `The Drunk Diet'. Lüc Carl is an everyday guy who took a good look at the fads, the scams, and the genetic wonders of the world, then made a decision to change his lifestyle. His opinions are amazingly insightful with just a little bit of deprecation for his former bad habits, topped off with loads of humor that will frequently have the tears rolling while you are nodding in agreement
I'm on my second pass of `The Drunk Diet' because I found Lüc's book to be loaded with gems that I need to further evaluate in order to take a frank look at my own bad habits and lifestyle choices. Case in point: Lüc has worked atypical schedules (like me), and has successfully maintained his lifestyle changes, so that excuse doesn't fly anymore.
If you are easily offended, then this may not be a very good choice for you. If you want to be truly inspired by a neat & unique individual that lays it all out on the bar, then order right now!!
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I'm driving down the road getting bored with whatever I was listening to, so I turn on Sirius Hair Nation and Luc Carl is on. He plays a couple songs and says something about some book that I didn't catch the gist of, and then he says something like, "I wrote a book once, go check it out if you want, it's called The Drunk Diet. Maybe you'll dig it."

I thought, "Oh I have GOT to check this out - this guy is pretty damn funny and I only get to hear him say about 2 sentences per hour. I can only imagine what this is gonna entail." So I did.

I am so glad I did. And you will be too, if you are on a similar wavelength. If you don't take stuff too seriously (like profanity and awesome stories about debauchery) and you want to quit being a jerk-off and become a bad ass... You will be glad you read this book.

It's extremely entertaining, and it's real. It's not a joke. It's bad ass. Take a look at the intro or whatever and if you like the tone, you will love the rest because it only gets better.

By the way, I could have wrote Chapter nine, almost word for word - except it was Nov. 2, 2010 for me. But I won't fret - after all, Luc put it on the page, and I didn't. :P

Buy this book. Read it. Laugh your ass off. Lose weight. Be awesome. Write Luc a review because he deserves it. Then, I don't know - do whatever it is you do after you read an awesome book and take some action.

Thanks Luc - keep on kickin' that ass my friend.
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on March 17, 2012
So you hear the title "The Drunk Diet" and you think what the *$^@!! That could not be possible!! I opened the cover and immediately began to laugh... Not only is this book a great memoir about someone who has struggled with weight and decided to make a life altering change within himself, it is laugh out loud funny... His stories range from a sandwich being named after him "The Boracho" for being a consistant customer at a local NYC deli, to conquering his first bridge, is hilarious yet awe inspiring... "The Drunk Diet" and its author Luc Carl have inspired me to begin to make a change in my life... I've began to drink "Rocket Fuel", which he explains in detail in the book with a recipe, and I have began to take yoga classes... I now know how he felt when his life was begining to change... So if you are looking for some inspiration to gain your life back drunk and you want to laugh along the way, I HIGHLY reccommend this book!!!
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on November 29, 2012
Luc says it like it is. For 62 years, I've read every "diet" book and have learned quite a bit. I am on a continuous journey to keep my weight down. Luc's book says it the way it needs to be said. Oh yes, he drops the F bomb every other sentence, but after the first few pages, it becomes like any other adjective. His message is an important one. He explains up front that he's not a nutritionist, but his knowledge is spot on. This book is an important read if someone is serious about getting healthy and fit.
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on March 19, 2012
This modern day lifestyle guide, packs a mean punch of humor, honesty, humility and tough love.
It's no surprise I devoured this thing in under 48hours! At a time when the state of American health and fitness has reached red alert, it takes more than flooding the public with images of impossibly toned beefcakes and and multi-colored fruit smoothies to insist we make a change.
Luc's idiot-proof start-up kit speaks to today's generation, and like an exotic, rock n roll snake charmer, he cleverly replaces the same old, tired terminology of the genre (translating "healthy" into "sexy") mind-f***ing any jaded reader's perception of mental and physical health basics to a rip-roaring party train (note the recommended listening lists!). Opening a vein or two in this tell-all, Luc succeeds in painting the picture of the land of optimum health and confidence as your favorite, local downtown bar instead of the elitist VIP-only's club that previous health crusaders have used and poisoned this much-needed movement. Ladies and gentlemen, he's done the dirt and handed in the homework just in time. Bravo!
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on March 17, 2012
Everyone should go out and get this book. I don't care if you are into fitness or not, this book is not written to tell you how to live your life but simply a journey on how Luc was able to change his life to become a better Luc. His way of writing makes me feel like I'm sitting at the bar having a regular conversation with him. He has actually motivated and helped me want to become a better me for me. This book has inspired me, if you will, in a way that makes myself want to push even harder to accomplish my goals. (And it couldn't have come out at a better time). If you're like me and love sarcasm, humor and not being told how to do things, this is the book for you! I guarantee by the end of this you're going to want to go outside and do some pushups. -Sonia
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