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on November 20, 2013
First, let me just say that I'm over 50 years of age. I say that because I know there's a lot of folks that grew up in my era with kids that sucked them into playing video games. My kids are now 24 and 28, and have been trying to get me to play Skyrim since it's release. I've been playing for about a month now.

What it's Like
Skyrim (for those who haven't played this type of game) is a free-roaming open world game where you play in virtually any style you like. There are "main" quest lines that help the game progress, but you can easily spend hours doing little side quests, exploring, mining, gathering, hunting and simply immersing yourself in the world of Skyrim. If you played any of the Fallout games, the mechanics are very similar. The realism of the graphics and the first (or 3rd) person game play is quite compelling.

I've been a PS3 gamer for almost 2 months now (hold your applause till the end please!). The controls were relatively simple for me to pick up. They made sense and only took a few beginner-mode quests to get the hang of it. There are multiple menus to navigate (like the Fallout series), but that's what comes with a very expansive and versatile experience like Skyrim. Your character moves with the left stick, while you adjust your view angle with the right. It's relatively simple once you get the hang of it. Pushing down on the right controller arm changes your perspective from first person (you see from your characters perspective) to 3rd person (you see from behind your character). Overall, controls are extremely similar to Fallout.

Game Play
This is a massive storyline that will keep you glued to the couch for longer than you should be. If you have things you need to get done, don't turn this game on. The game goes to great lengths to pull you into multiple story lines, rewarding you for each of the paths you follow. Your play style is completely up to you in Skyrim. You have an extremely versatile skill assignment tree that lets you buff your health, stamina, magic, crafting, potion, spell casting and many other areas of your character development. You can literally play this game in dozens of character configurations. I've been running through buffing my ranged and defensive skills, while letting my mercenary carry all my heavy stuff and tank for me. (oh yea. You get mercenaries to carry all your loot. . . also, did i mention loot?). You can easily craft a mage, a tank, a stealth back-stabbing rogue, an archer or any other character (or combination thereof). In short, the game play is extremely compelling and fun. It's both rewarding and well thought out.

As with other games (like World of Warcraft), the crafting requires materials. You can easily gather materials from mining, hunting and gathering. Unlike many titles, Skyrim doesn't make you pick a specific gathering skill. You can collect plants for potions, leather for clothes and armor, and minerals and ore for heavier armor and weapons. Skills are honed by creating items. The more you create in a school (potions, weapons, armor) the more you level up that school. Materials of all types are plentiful and crafting is a fun distraction that can easily be woven into your pursuit of questing initiatives.

The World
Skyrim is a vast world where you encounter many major cities, small towns, vast amounts of engaging NPCs (non-player characters) and a variety of critters, trolls, wildlife and of course Dragons. The free-roaming play style lets you engage the world as you'd like. Spending time on the specifics of the game that you find to your liking. Each town has multiple opportunities to quest, gain faction, establish your character reputation and to simply explore and enjoy. I can't honestly say how vast the world is because I've been playing it for weeks now, and still have a full quest log. There's much to do in the world of Skyrim.

Good Guy or Bad Guy?
Much like Fallout, you get to pick how your characters personality evolves. You can choose to steal, murder and pillage. Naturally these choices come with bounties and other consequences one would expect when they don't play nice. Or you can choose to be helpful, kind and honorable. Both fine choices and lead to varying alternatives throughout the game. This aspect alone lends itself to the replay value of Skyrim. Hone your persuasion skillls and experience different dialog and outcomes based on your ability to convince others.

Werewolves and Vampires?
Yep. You can turn into a werewolf and/or a vampire and play in that fashion if you'd like. You start as a live character, but can easily (and accidentally) get vampirism from the bite of a vampire. If you don't cure it, you develop an entirely new skill set, along with a peculiar taste for human blood. Yet another avenue that you can follow in Skyrim if it suits your play style. Don't want to be one, no sweat. There's a cure. It took me hours to figure it out and get cured, but the entire process was fun!

A House, a wife and a couple of kids?
Skyrim lets you buy houses in the major towns, provided you've got the cash and have met the prerequisites for these purchases. Buying a house is pretty much a necessity if you plan to continue to explore dungeons and reap the fat loot rewards. You'll need somewhere to store your stuff. Once you have a house, you can choose to marry (a wife or husband) and even adopt a few kids. Skyrim is an extremely engaging experience.

A bit of a negative, but tolerable
The load times on this game (as others have reported) are somewhat lengthy. It could easily take 60 seconds or longer to engage in a save or a load, so keep that in mind when you play. I also (highly) recommend saving your progress often. I bought my first horse after a struggle to acquire the 1000 gold required to do so. Shortly thereafter, he was killed by a bear. Realizing I hadn't saved since mid-way through a dungeon, I had to repeat 2 hours of play to once again buy my horse. Save early and save often. Oh, and if you "lose" your horse (misplace him or he runs off), don't worry. Just fast travel to the next town. He'll be waiting by the stable if you didn't kill him.

Replay Value
I see this title being on my replay list for quite some time. The storyline is engaging, the NPCs are fun and well thought out. The voice acting is great and the side quests will keep you busy for days. The ability to shape your character in any way you'd like, coupled with the depth of the story and the massive amounts of quests makes this title repayable. I will spin other characters to try other play styles and wander through the world of Skyrim many more times. Oh, and the music is great.

TL;DR (too long, didn't read)
Skyrim is fun, engaging and epic from an adventure standpoint. Character customization is virtually limiteless, and only bound by the selections you make. You pick your playstyle, you pick your talents, you pick your journeys and the storyline will help you find a destination. This title is a keeper. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. I should have bought it years ago when my kids told me "Dad. .you gotta play Skyrim!"

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on June 23, 2013
As a game by itself, Skyrim is an epic Action RPG with one of the most richly details words on videogame history. But the key point of the Legendary Edition for the Playstation 3 is that PS3 users finally have access to all of the Downloadable Content that was only released for the X-Box360 Consuls. This are the Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn editions. All three are loaded into the game by 1, so you can add as much as you want when you want. Also, the latest "Patches" are also installed automatically (programming upgrades that fixed many of the bugs found in the original game) so things run a lot smoother.
Specific Information: Dawnguard is a new storyline about the reformation of a famous clan of Vampire Hunters and their struggle against a growing Vampire invasion and attempted conquest of the world. You can join either side and change the shape of the game. This gets you a host of new weapons (featuring the Crossbow) armor and Followers, including Armored Trolls, war Huskys and Hell Hounds as well as the chance to become an even more powerful form of vampire. (Even having access to perks for being a Vampire or Werewolf) Hearthfire is literally very close to home. You have the ability to Build your own properties literally from the ground up. The original game included locations you could purchase to live in, either by progressing in the Civil War Storyline or becoming a Thane in the five major Holds of Skyrim. Hearthfire allows you to buy and develop different plots of land form 3 of the four holds you could formerly not but property from (Only Winterhold has nothing to offer you but you still have a bed at the Mage's College). These new properties can be build upon using new materials designed just for building, you can mine for Clay and Quarried Stone and buy logs from Saw Mills, to build humble dwellings for 1 or giant halls each with three wings, an entranceway and a dug out cellar. If you have the materials; you can customize you mansions with a large selection of decorations, containers, furniture, crafting stations (The cellar can be turned into a Full Blackmith station, with Forge, Grindstone, Workbench, Tanning Rack and a Smelter). You can also hire Stewards to buy animals, hire a bard for your property, a horse, carriage and do other various tasks. Hearthfire also adds the ability to adopt children. You can adopt the kids from Honorhall Orphanage after assassinating Grelod the "Kind" or you can adopt some of the various orphans found wandering the streets of certain cities. Finally Dragonborn adds another impressive quest surrounding a Cult that worships another as the Dragonborn and believe your some sort of fluke and do everything in their power to exterminate you in preparation for the true coming of the Nordic Legend. Even travel back to the cursed island outside of Morrowind. All in all, if you have Skyrim for the Ps3 and yearn for all the bonuses the X-Box had, this is your chance to get them.
If you never played Skyrim before, please start right here with all the above extras plus all the amazing content in the original: Seek your true destiny as the Dragonborn, a legendary figure who can take the souls of vanquished Dragons and use their powers. Delve into the darkness of the assassin group, the Dark Brotherhood and try to survive their life or death contract killings and the power struggle between the followers of the Brootherhood's ancient ways and those following the power hungry Astrid, bent on ruling it with an iron fist rather then bothering with tradition. Join up with the Thieve's Guild and make coin the less-then honest way while uncovering a conspiracy that proves there is no honor among thieves. Enroll in the Mage's College of Winterhold and perfect your magical abilities and rid the school of a corrupt interloper. Or become one of the Companions, the greatest brotherhood of warriors throughout Tamriel and fight for honor glory and your Shield Brothers and Sisters. Choose to obey or refute the dark gods of the realm of Oblivion, earning the respect or ire of the Daedric Princes. And of course, save the world from the ongrowing threat of the most awesome forces to ever threaten the world of Tamriel; The Eater of Worlds, Alduin the Dragon lord. If your not already a fan of the game or the series, this is the perfect place to start, while longtime veterans would probably regret not getting the full experience. However, it IS very pricey for the DLC but most die hard Elder Scrolls Lovers will probably feel it's worth it, especially because you can't just download the updates from the internet. And those who have no ability to connect their PS3 to the internet (there seems to be a lot of people like that, including me) this physical disc is the only way to access these extras.
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on May 11, 2014
My favorite things in a video game are: Looting, exploring, leveling up and moments of intense action thrown in. This is my second time purchasing Skyrim. I originally had it on the Xbox 360, but didn't play the DLC. I saw this PS3 version of the legendary edition on sale and scooped it up. I'll do all I can to keep spoilers out.

First. I loved Oblivion, but it had several flaws that bothered me. For one, Oblivion, to me, wasn't a mature game. It annoyed me when I hit someone in the neck with a sword or axe and their head stayed attached. I understand people don't like senseless violence, but bad logic bothers me more than senseless violence. That's all fixed in Skyrim. That's a note to the parents out there since I'm a parent too. This game is very graphic. I also thought my character moved awfully clunky on Oblivion. Skyrim fixes that to a point also.

Good start. I also should say I like nearly all of Bethesda's games.

One of the reasons I didn't try the DLC on the original version was I had read about Dawnguard causing vampire attacks on the towns. Sometimes killing merchants. I'm all for making games more realistic, but I have to have someone to sell my loot to!

The story in Skyrim is very enjoyable. I will say it's very easy to forget the main story even exists. I love non-linear games. Leave me alone about the Civil War, I'm hunting dragons! Off with thy head. Yes, it's one of those games. It really pulls you in. I spent many nights playing until my wife got up yelling at me to go to bed. I do think Skyrim is easier to get into than the previous Elder Scrolls games, I've only played Morrowind and Oblivion.

What you're going to notice first is you really don't have to be a certain skill specialist. The leveling up allows you to be strong in nearly all areas. Also, archery is much more effective in Skyrim. I didn't even fool with leveling it up in Oblivion. Skyrim has balanced the attack styles more evenly.

You know what the best part is? Just roaming around. I would give the story a B+, but the roaming gets an A+. I like the fighting strategy Bethesda puts in their games. Hopefully, this won't be a spoiler, but there are giants in this game. Once you're leveled up you can take these big galoots down pretty easily, but early in the game they are a real pain. Still, I'll all but guarantee you, you'll go irritate one of them until they start chasing you. I then read "The giants won't go in water". So I ran up to a giant, hit it with my sword and took off running. I jumped in the water, climbed up on a rock in the water, and shot the giant with my bow and arrows. It's things like this that makes these games so fun.

I would hope most people know about the shouts. I personally thought it was the dumbest sounding idea I had heard since Mario had a raccoon tail. Then I got the Unrelenting Force shout maxed and had not seen any video use of it. I think I laughed for 10 minutes when I used it to launch an archer off of tower. I also like the depth the shouts add by allowing you to do things, and get to places you previously couldn't. Kind of reminds of me of the powers on the original Metroid on Nintendo.

I've now played through the main game, 4 times, including twice on the Xbox 360. I also like this part of Bethesda games, talking about Fallout of course, I like being able to play through the game making say choice A, then playing through again, making choice B. The weapons are much better than in Oblivion.

If there is one big change I noticed on the DLC, I love looting. You can tell me all day, "You don't have to make the best weapons", but who doesn't make the best weapons? It does make the game much easier and kind of takes the fun out of looting since you're not going to find anything near as good as you can make.

That's a very minor complaint.

The SKyrim game and main story is easily a 5 star.

Brief reviews on the DLC.

Hearthfire - I wanted this to be much more than it was. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed making my own house, but they all look the same. I was hoping I could make a rock house, sort of be like my character's man cave, literally. I also thought the process of cutting wood was extremely tedious. I finally just started making leveled weapons, selling them and using the gold to have the lumberjacks deliver wood to my building site. At least you get some funny glitches including the giant who likes to stand in front of my house. You run out the door with no weapons, with intentions to fast travel to a cave to loot, Mr. giant hits you, you go flying over your house. I would rate it 3.5 out of 5.

Dawnguard - I honestly didn't care for this DLC. It has its moments, but most of it just seemed shallow. I also still had the random vampire attacks, killing two of my favorite merchants in the process. I would still give it a 3 out of 5.

Dragonborn - This is the fun one. There's something special about being able to summon your own dragon to attack others. I would give this DLC a 5 out of 5.

Overall, the game more than lived up to my expectations. I had roughly 250 hours across two characters on the Xbox 360 version and went over 300 hours on 3 characters on the PS3 version.
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on April 16, 2017
I orginially bought the the first SKyrim release for the Xbox 360 a few months after it came out. I wasn't extremely interested, but after cajoling from my friends I gave in and never looked back. I never got the Dragonborn DLC for the console though and found that getting the 3-in1 title was a far better price choice.

This is mainly a review about my experience going from the vanilla game on 360 with Dawnguard downloaded, to the PS3.

First of all, I want to say that the game is SLOW in some places. For the Playstation 3 it's all packed on a single disc. I'm not sure if this is different for the 360, but it usually has two discs instead of just the one, so perhaps this is the reason. It's nothing major... mostly. A couple of times though, the game has outright shut down for no reason during a loading screen and took my PS3 with it. Other times it will hang, and the music will keep p[playing, and you need to wait for it to work again.

Also, and I'm not sure if this is a discrepancy with the PS3 version only or if it's inherent in the legendary edition as a whole, but the SFX is lacking in comparison to the vanilla, 360 version. To wit, the sound of a sword slashing is extremely weak and far away - it sounds pitiful.

You get used to it, but at first it's extremely jarring, especially if you're coming from the 360 version or have the PC's stellar sound in mind. I don't notice it as strongly with any other weapon except the sword, however. One thing in the PS3's favor though is the vibrations. The dualshock 3 controller is far more sensitive and alive with vibrations than the 360 controller.

To get the dlc you need to install before you play, otherwise you'll only have the base game. This is expected, but again I wonder if having in on two separate discs, one for install and one for play, would make it run faster. I know that it made all the difference for ME3.

The issues aren't big enough to detract from the game, for me. As Skyrim, it has a couple of bugs, but so far nothing awful. More save games equals longer loading times though, so be mindful. The PS3 version also does not number the saves. Personally, I prefer this. In the end, I give it five stars because I love the games. The minor complaints I have don't change that,

Skyrim is a fantastic game in all and I am enthused to have the entirety of it in a single package, which is far more cost-effective than buying the game and then paying for the dlc at the time of this writing. The game had arrived on time and in perfect condition as well, so no troubles there.
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on February 8, 2015
Love this game !
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on May 9, 2016
If I could've given it a 4.5, I would've. I'm tardy to the Skyrim party, but it's every bit the game that it's touted to be. Playable area is larger than most other games and franchises by a long shot. There's so much to do, it can get a little overwhelming. Definitely more freedom in how to play, character customization, and what order of quest lines to complete, etc., etc., than the vast majority of games.
But it's also every bit as buggy and glitchy as the game and its developers are known for. Items and people go missing, become invisible, and somehow fly away into the blue with something like regularity. Once (so far) the audio cut out completely, for no discernible reason.
Overall, it's a very good game, honestly one of the best in terms of replayability, customization, and the story's pretty good too. However, I'd be more satisfied if it didn't feel like the developers covered up some of their mistakes with flashiness.
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on June 9, 2016
Skyrim is one of our favorite games. It is incredibly lengthy and you can spend hours avoiding the actual story and doing side missions. Purchased the Legendary version to get the extra content (also worth it). All in all, we have played this game on and off for 4 years. It is a single player game, but is also entertaining to watch. Games are getting more advanced with open world platforms and procedurally generated terrain etc. but this was ahead of its time in that respect. See a mountain, walk until you get to it, climb it. Virtually no walls.
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on February 28, 2014
I have never played RPG or any type of games like Skyrim. I only played Sims and shooting games, so I was reluctant to purchase this game. When my winter break was approaching, I saw this on sale as 30 dollars so I said "what the heck I will try it". At first, I did not like it. I found this game too complicated, and being a indecisive person, having to make decisions every minute of the game drove me nuts. During the first gameplay (10 hours), I was becoming frustrated, so I put it down and did not play it for a month. I started to regret buying it and even thought about reselling it. Since I only played it for 10 hours, I decided to try it again with a fresh start. I made up a new character and started from the beginning. It was then I started to understand how to play the game and the game was becoming extrememly ADDICTIVE! I could not put it down. There were some days I played this for over 6 hours in one day. Even when my winter break was over, I could not put it down. I had to play it everyday which costed me to not do so well in my classes. I was able to barely get out of the spell of skyrim now, but I will never get those grades back. :(
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on August 21, 2014
This game will have you playing for hours on end. I've played through several times (and by several I mean 20 or more probably). I always find something NEW and it's exciting. The gameplay, controls, and graphics are better on PS3 than XBOX 360 (I owned this on 360 but when the EX and I split he took the Xbox and I got a PS3).

I love the Dragons. I don't like that you can't do anything once you ride them. All you can do is climb on them, ride around, land. That is a bummer. I wish you could control their shouts, fire, ice... something. But oh well, still a great addition to the game (DLC included in Legendary edition).

If you've never played Elder Scrolls, don't worry you can get into this one without knowledge of the previous Elder Scrolls games.

I strongly recommend this game. It's fun, it's funny, it makes you think, it keeps you on your toes.

I love Skyrim. I always will.
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on March 27, 2017
Bought this for myself purely because I was tired of all the games I had. Got to say, only three hours into play time, that I'm enjoying it immensely. It works wonderfully on my PS3, and although the graphics aren't nearly on par with the PS4 or a PC, it looks beautiful.
As well, with the ability to duel wield with magic and weapons, I have now been able to sort of have a BioShock experience of the game, arming myself with electricity or fire in one hand, and a sword or ax in the other. It's honestly awesome.
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