Customer Reviews: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Legendary Edition, XBOX 360
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on June 5, 2013
I traded in my old Skyrim for the new Legendary Edition. I prefer to have the game with the latest patches along with all of the released DLCs on disc just in case my Xbox 360 crashes. It took me only about 10 minutes to install all 3 DLCs, much faster than downloading and installing them. The game does not come with a manual but a link to download it is provided. A large foldable paper map of Skyrim and a button layout pamphlet is included. I highly recommend the Legendary Edition especially if you have limited or no internet access and do not have the expansions already.

This version of Skyrim can be played on a 4GB Xbox 360 console but you will not be able to play the expansions because those require a hard drive to install to.

This game does have a higher than average glitch rate but it is also one of the most ambitious games ever made. I have not noticed any difference in the frequency or severity of the glitches compared to the regular version (with patches). I have played for about 300 hours so far since I purchased the Legendary Edition on June 4th and I have not had any quest breaking or game stopping glitches. I got an occasional freeze (only 3 in the 300 hours I played), some graphical glitches such as flying creatures and floating furniture, and some minor miscellaneous glitches such as voices not matching mouth movement or various weapons not making contact with enemies. None of these issues bothered me too much and in fact some were quite hilarious. I was still able to enjoy every minute of playtime except for the incredibly long load times, which can't be helped due to console limitations.

The expansions add many hours of entertainment. I completed Dawnguard (all quests) in about 20 hours or so and Dragonborn (most quests) took over 25 hours to finish. If you are an achievement hunter you will spend even more time with the expansions.
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on September 15, 2014
Before Skyrim: 192 lbs., training for my first triathlon, completed 100 mile bike ride, promoted 4 times in 3 years at company, dating three attractive, intelligent women and moving towards a serious relationship with one.

After Skyrim: 265 lbs., run out of breath walking up a flight of stairs, rejected from over 2 dozen interviews and trying desperately not to get fired, haven't touched a woman in months.

Totally worth it.
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on July 20, 2013
Got this about a month ago, and I've been playing it every free moment. I'm probably a little over halfway done with it.

The stories are interesting. The amount of backstory to the skyrim universe is astounding. You can spend forever just chasing down inconsequential details.

Combat and exploration is a blast, and only rarely do you feel that you need to look for hints on how to get past something. The online map and notebook helps immensely.

Only complaints are: This is a true sandbox game, thus it never really ends, just sort of peters out. I like both sandbox and real endings, so I'm OK with this, but don't look for a moment where the credits roll. Secondly, once you start playing your family may forget what you look like.
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on October 19, 2013
This is an AMAZING game, and definitely the best 'rpg' I've played to date. I fell in love with these games when Morrowind first came out, and Skyrim blows Oblivion out of the water (not that Oblivion was bad at all). I waited and bought this legendary edition for $30 here on Amazon and WOW am i glad i did. All of the DLC is great, and there's an endless amount of quests. The one main gripe is that it's hard to find particular locations on the map, but other than that this is an amazing game i would recommend to anyone, especially for whta you get now and at it's awesome price. BUY THIS GAME. Period.

FUNNY NOTE: I ordered this game and GTA5 at the same time. I got GTA5 on a friday, and played it and was happy. THEN the next day Skyrim came, and i thought, "Okay, i'll play Skyrim just for a few minutes just to take a break from GTA5 before diving back into it. Well, I put in Skyrim and started playing it, and i haven't touched GTA5 again or any other game since, and i'm still playing the s*** out of it. In fact, the only reason why i'm writing this review is that i was up all night playing Skyrim and just took a break to check my emails, lol, and in a few i'm going back in to kick some vamp ass with my werewolf khajiit ;-P

again: BUY THIS GAME> What REALLY is nice is the DLC's change the game SO much, as in now when you become a werewolf or a vamp you have NEW skill trees, so you don't just become a vamp of a werewolf, you can LEVEL them up and unlock new powers for each of them as well. It's almost like having two additional races put into the game with the rest. DAMN this game is great, and now this review is over because i want to get back to it, lol...
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on October 5, 2013
I already owned the original Xbox 360 version, but when I saw the price of the "Legendary Edition", it was an instant purchase! The main Skyrim game comes on disc number 1, while the expansions on installed from the second disc. Once you install the expansions, you don't have to have the second disc in your Xbox to play. So, I let my wife have my original disc, loaded the expansions on her machine, and now we have two Xbox 360s with expansions! HOOAH!!

Now, I won't go into too many details about the gameplay, because I don't want to put any spoilers in my review. But, I'm currently playing the "Dragonborn" expansion and it takes you to a totally different area in the game world. The "Dragonborn" expansion is worth the price of admission by itself! I've already played hours into this expansion and I haven't even scratched the surface! Well, I better go... there's dungeons to explore!
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on September 27, 2013
Okay, I admit that I am a little late to the Elder Scrolls and Skyrim party. I finally got my XBox360 last spring, and I started with Kingdoms of Amalur and Dragon Age Origins, because I have always liked medieval RPG style games. I suspected that Skyrim was probably going to be the best one for me, because of all the 5-star reviews, and also because in addition to RPG's, I also just like Vikings, dragons, Nordic lore, etc. in general.

Wow, Skyrim is everything I wanted and more. It actually exceeded my high expectations and re-set what I thought a videogame could do. I had read the 5-star reviews but was not sure it could live up to the hype. It did.

The graphics are great, and you can get lost for days in a beautiful Nordic mountain world. The first dragon I fought was the single coolest battle I've ever had on a video game. I got chills it was so cool. The character leveling is both complex and intuitive, you really do level up exactly those talents you use the most. I'm also enjoying the alchemy, smithing, and enchanting activities. I love walking new tracts of wilderness I've never seen before, looking for plants to harvest for alchemy potions, while hunting beasts and discovering new caves/dungeons/lore along the way. The archery is really enjoyable too. You can stalk prey such as cave bears or giants with stealth and arrows. I find that I'm gravitating toward an archery/stealth/mage build, with emphasis on destruction and conjuration spells. There are a thousand different ways you could take a character, though. I'm level 20 and in love with this game.

If you are wondering whether you should play Oblivion (or any other game for that matter) first, don't worry about it. Get this version and jump right into Skyrim. This is the best. You install Disc 2 on your Xbox360 first, then use Disc 1 when you play the game. It comes preloaded with Dawnguard and all of the other Skyrim expansions already set for your game, so your first playthrough will enclude the entire gamut of Skyrim locations, spells, monsters, lore, etc. Don't even bother with other versions, this one is the whole enchilada.

As much as I loved the combat and graphics of Amalur and the characters and plot of Dragon Age Origins, I am loving the entirety of Skyrim so much more. I love every hour spent on this game, and I find myself thinking about it when not playing. Get this one, it is the best.
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on January 9, 2014
People will disagree, but I honestly believe that up to the present day (2014), this is the best game I've ever played. Let me support this by saying I've played A LOT of video games. My first video game system was an Intellivision, and my dad bought it when it was new.
Anyway, this game has SO MUCH stuff to do. I played it almost every day for a year and there are still occasionally things I'll find that I've never seen before. It has almost infinite replayability.
I think the best thing about Skyrim is that the kind of character you play is really only limited by your imagination.
The combat, attributes, and skills system has been streamlined from previous Elder Scrolls games. Fans of the series weren't happy about this, especially as it was done to attract more mainstream players. Diehard fans of the series feel that this represents a "dumbing down" of the game, and there's some truth to that, but it definitely optimizes the experience to keep things moving, and that's always a good thing.
So the gameplay is fantastic. Visuals and sound are breathtaking. The world looks alive, from the way wind blows through the trees, to the way a brook babbles along. The character models are also very good. There's an enormous degree of character customization in looks and abilities.
This version has the DLC included, and you really want that because the DLC for this game is outstanding. Tons of extra features and lots more geography to explore. Fully-developed stories and hundreds of extra quests. The base game was already huge, but when you add the DLC, it becomes enormous.
Anyway, I could go on and on, but it all comes down to this: if you play video games, you owe it to yourself to play this game.
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on February 11, 2014
There are no words to describe the inherent entertainment found in this game. You can literally play for months on end, 10 hours a day, and never completely uncover everything, or accomplish every mission. Many "quests" are very similar, ranging from "go kill this dude" to "go get this thingie and bring it back to me", but some are quite nuanced and clever.

The overall story arc is similar to Bethesda Softworks' other big name RPG, Fallout 3, in that there are choices that you make that can affect the game's narrative and, eventually, the ending. That said, it's not as good as Fallout when it comes to delivering a deep, compelling story.


If you buy this, prepare to lose all track of time, be up until 3AM every night although you promise yourself 1AM is the limit, and you'll likely end up ignoring your wife and kids. This I can promise you. You have been warned.
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on January 19, 2014
Don't know why I waited so long to play this and maybe I should wait to give my review until I am further into the game but so far I am not disappointed. While I have to agree with the fact that they simplified the game especially if you compare it to Morrowind, there are times I become a little too comfortable in the midst of a battle and get my behind handed to me. Plus you have the choice to change the difficulty at any time. I like to think each game has it's own personality. Skyrim seems a bit of a mix of Morrowind and Oblivion with updated and improved graphics and game engine. I can't really compare it further back than Morrowind because I did not play Daggerfall or other previous games. Morrowind definitely has a steeper learning curve and it does not seem to have the hand holding which I think there is to some extend in Skyrim. I appreciate each game though for its differences and that's why I still love this game. I also love that they incorporated a lot of the music from Morrowind and I think it suits the atmosphere perfectly. Well, I am off to my own little world in Skyrim and will post an update when I get through more of the game but that could be a while as I usually play several other games around the same time...... :)

UPDATE-5/11/14: Just got en email that someone thought my review was helpful. After a quick read-through I noticed I made an error when talking about the simplification of the game which has nothing to do with the difficulty slider. Some people think the games ten or so years ago made you "think" more in terms of what you had to do to solve quests. Now it seems to be a bit more automatic with journal notes, map markers, or markers sometimes placed directly by a person, place, or thing. I have not played that many of the older games but in Morrowind you did have to dig around in your journal a bit more and finding your way around was not so easy. Maybe the people who compare the games are just looking for nostalgia but games have evolved and I still enjoyed Skyrim just as much as Morrowind. There are many hours of my life in that game and I have not even played the DLC's yet. But my game list is huge so I will return to play those shortly. So yes it is a bit more simplified but not game- breaking and none-the-less still very enjoyable! Go for it! Be a Dragonborn! I dare you! :)
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on June 9, 2014
Skyrim is a thrilling place. Not just a game,but, but an entire realm to explore and interact in. Battle trolls, drauger, Dragons, are other nasties in starkly beautiful place. Be hero, villain, build your home, have a family, or spread terror near and far. You choose. Hours of fun. I've racked up over 2200 already. Highly recommended.
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