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on January 9, 2014
People will disagree, but I honestly believe that up to the present day (2014), this is the best game I've ever played. Let me support this by saying I've played A LOT of video games. My first video game system was an Intellivision, and my dad bought it when it was new.
Anyway, this game has SO MUCH stuff to do. I played it almost every day for a year and there are still occasionally things I'll find that I've never seen before. It has almost infinite replayability.
I think the best thing about Skyrim is that the kind of character you play is really only limited by your imagination.
The combat, attributes, and skills system has been streamlined from previous Elder Scrolls games. Fans of the series weren't happy about this, especially as it was done to attract more mainstream players. Diehard fans of the series feel that this represents a "dumbing down" of the game, and there's some truth to that, but it definitely optimizes the experience to keep things moving, and that's always a good thing.
So the gameplay is fantastic. Visuals and sound are breathtaking. The world looks alive, from the way wind blows through the trees, to the way a brook babbles along. The character models are also very good. There's an enormous degree of character customization in looks and abilities.
This version has the DLC included, and you really want that because the DLC for this game is outstanding. Tons of extra features and lots more geography to explore. Fully-developed stories and hundreds of extra quests. The base game was already huge, but when you add the DLC, it becomes enormous.
Anyway, I could go on and on, but it all comes down to this: if you play video games, you owe it to yourself to play this game.
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on May 12, 2017
This was my first Elder Scrolls game and it was one of the most incredible games I have ever played.

You start off by making your character (Mine is a blue lizard man with purple feathers on top of his head), playing a short tutorial, and then doing whatever you want, really. There is a main storyline to play through, but the game doesn't force you to do it. You can actually ignore it entirely, because this game encourages you to play however you want.

Skyrim has more of an emphasis on role-playing than most RPGs that I've played. It's not really about improving your stats or finding better equipment - rather, Skyrim all about becoming a member of this massive open world. It's about the people you meet, the sights you see, and the choices you make. In a sense, Skyrim has more in common with Animal Crossing than it does with Final Fantasy.

This is a fantastic game and I definitely recommend it for anyone who likes RPGs or open world games. Don't miss out on this amazing game.
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on June 11, 2015
This game is great, no doubt about it. There is so much to do and sometimes it just made my head spin and I ended up blowing a lot of it off. Having said that I'm still glad all that little stuff is there and I may go back to it sometime. The graphics are beautiful and the world is huge. You can fast travel which basically lets you point to a place on the map you've visited before and are able to return to. In this expanded version there are many more quests and 100's of hours of playtime. I think this game can go to at least 300. I honestly hate playing any game over 40 and definitely 60. In this version you can also build a house and adopt 2 children. This may be in the regular version but you can even ride a dragon. Even better in this game you can become a werewolf. The loading times are slow but it's a big game. Now playing the PC version on my laptop is a lot slower.

I got this 360 Legendary Edition as a gift for my dad. He had the regular version but had no idea there was an expanded version until I myself got the PC one as a gift. I would of gotten the PS3 version if I could put cheats in it. There is a game genie cheat you can get but that only gives you a lot of money. As much as I hate the somewhat sluggish but still playable game play and having to hook this to steam and use a keyboard and mouse, I'm glad you can use way more cheats for the PC version.

Anyways this review is supposed to be about the XBOX 360 version. So yes it's great, I've watched my dad play it. If 63 year old men like this than I'm sure you will too. Just don't make it your life even though reality sucks. So go and get it. Have fun!
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on January 30, 2014
Since my wife started playing this game, we have official labelled it as Skycrack, via its addictive nature. This game is immense (honestly an understatement), ever-changing (characters, weather, etc), and filled with fantastic mystical events, creatures, and concepts. In addition, the fact that you make your own character and control the outcomes of the game specifically to your choices is really neat. I have not personally had the opportunity to play; however, I have watched her play every night without fail for the past 3 weeks and ironically, it is fun to watch her play and explore the land (something I would not normally say). To add to the addiction, we just bought our niece the same game and now my sister tells us she is also addicted to "skycrack." Overall, it is an amazing game and we highly recommend it.

We hope this review helps.
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on December 28, 2013
Oblivion was pretty much my first 'next-gen' game (360/PS3/Wii gen) and it really amazed me at the time. I went through and got all the achievements in the game and thoroughly enjoyed it. Though I didn't put nearly as many hours as many others, I only did one playthrough but got quite a bit out of it. Then went on to play both Fallouts and here I am now back at Skyrim.

I've put about 100 hours into the game so far and have played about half way through one of the DLC's, Dragonborne so far. It really is incredible game that gives you so much to do, whether you want to hang around a town and run errands or go high into the mountains and explore deep caverns, Skyrim has what you're looking for and is very refined it the way it does it for you. Almost every facet of this game is bursting with quality and you can just tell that much thought was given to it's design and implementation. There are numerous stories and books and journal entries that would probably take you days to read. And much more information about the realm of Tamriel and also some relations and explanations of Oblivion and Morrowind, which is quite neat if you're interested in that stuff.

Overall, a mesmerizing, totally immersive game that you can find yourself lost in it's spell quite easily. If you like fantasy and crave a very long adventure that has a lot of customization to fit your fancy, Skyrim almost assuredly has what you're looking for. 5 Stars.
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My husband and I purchased two of these games for our boys as Christmas presents. Five months later, they are still happy to play it and talk strategy with each other or other players. The DLC was a must-have and didn't disappoint.

It does have to load every time you change areas even just to open a door to enter or exit a building like Nic and Holly said but some doors won't do that. It may be annoying to someone who has already mastered the game; however, newbies may appreciate the helpful tips are displayed during that wait time.

The graphics are awesome. There are mini mysteries to solve, many caves to discover and explore, cool dragons to conquer or befriend, and you can choose to be a monster (werewolf or vampire). Spells, magic powers like telekinesis, and ability conjuring shouts, oh my!

There are some glitches - like a shield in the air for some inexplicable reason - but nothing off-putting enough to keep the boys away. Fus roh dah has become a motivational phrase in our home.
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on October 6, 2017
Skyrim is perfect for a gamer that loves long games. The map is huge and there are so many different things to do. It's impossible to be bored while playing this game.

If your looking for a game that will keep you busy for awhile skyrim is the perfect game. I have put in over 200 hours and I still have so many things left to do. You can choose to follow the story or you can just run around and do all the little missions.

It's better for older children, there is a little bit of violence. It's not a gory game but does show some blood and there is a lot of killing. There is also some swearing but it's not very often.
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on August 2, 2014
I absolutely love open world type games, and few do that better than Bethesda. Skyrim is an awesome game that can easily suck many hours of productivity from your life. Even after solving the main quest, there hour hours, and hours, and hours of side quests. So, why only four stars? Because this game CONSTANTLY crashes. I have not ever had another Xbox game crash, but this will crash, at least, once a session. It definitely seems to happen later in the game. Presumably it doesn't handle all of the history that gets accumulated of your progress... but, whatever it is, it is EXTREMELY fustrating. The internet has tons of other examples of people suffering from the same issues. Apparently, while Bethesda is great as designing games, they are not very good at testing them. I had the same issues with their previous game, Oblivion.
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on January 16, 2017
Great game and series, this holds true to the Elder Scrolls series and is a great game. Lots of fun and tons of replay value.

5 Stars!
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on September 13, 2014
This is quite possibly one of my favorite games for xbox 360. A completely open world rpg with unlimited quests, and a fantastic story line. I purchased this game for my second playthrough ( I used an old roommates xbox for the first, and then purchased my own when I moved out), and I have still not completed the storyline because I spend most of the time getting lost on side quests and adventuring.

Even though I have beaten it before, I am constantly finding new quests that I have not yet played, and I love having the additional downloadable content, which brings even more quests, storylines, and makes some general changes to the majority of the game.

I would recommend that anyone try this game, but please note that it is not for everyone. Some gamers are just not big on RPGs, and may not find this game exciting enough, so they may not give it an actual chance.

Overall, I would purchase this game again if needed, and will continue to play it, despite the fact that it came out in 2011.
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