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This is the 2nd Dr. Who series I bought on blu ray instead of DVD and in both series there is some real encoding problems. I thought the first one was a fluke but the same problems are in both blu ray discs. Static in the dark areas and the disc resets every time I turn off the player so I can't start in on the next episode I have to navigate each time. I don't have this problem with the Dr. Who series on dvds. They actually look better than the blu rays.
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on September 6, 2016
This season was much better than I expected it to be. I had seen a later Christmas Special and wasn't that impressed. But I loved this Season. Matt Smith is pretty cool as The Doctor. My personal favorite episode on here was the Silurian episodes. And the season finale is AMAZING. Left me hungry to see Season 6. Definately alot of feels. The special features are perfect for Whovians, and the Blu-Ray quality is definately better than my old season 1-4 DVDs. As for the tip for those who have not seen this season, keep an eye out for cracks as you watch the season. The same crack shows up in various episodes in various places and eras. That crack is important.
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on June 15, 2016
Matt Smith was the best as the Dr. in Dr. Who. Very tight second David Tennant, like the finish line in a race where Matts toe is on the line but David's nose might just be 100th of a second behind. Or is it Matts supporting Actress that propels him at 100th sec. And Karen Gillan's performance is over the top. She is going places in Hollywood. Karen is sexy, smart and brilliant, but I am a sucker for a Ginger haired lady.
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on May 15, 2016
Some good episodes, but it's clear the new creative team is still finding their groove in their first season. Matt Smith is not a compelling Doctor in his first season.
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on August 9, 2013
This might be the hardest adjustment for fans of the revamped Doctor Who series (2005 - present). Christopher Eccleston was only around for one season and David Tennant picked up right where Eccleston left off while benefiting from the recurring characters that audiences were already familiar with. This season is very different since the characters and plotlines present in the David Tennant era ended with his incarnation. This season is more of a reboot as opposed to a continuation since there is a new Doctor, new TARDIS, new sonic screwdriver, new companions, and even new opening credits with an updated theme. Fortunately, the writing remained excellent, which made the adjustment to all of the changes easier. As the season progressed, I found myself liking Matt Smith and his companions more and more and, as usual, most of the episodes hint at an underlying plot that climaxes in epic fashion in the last two episodes. The beginning of the season was a bit slow for me but that may have been because I was still trying to adapt to Smith and his new companion, Amy Pond (if I watched them again, I may feel differently). However, I thought the season started heating up with "The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone", which sees the return of the Wheeping Angels and River Song. "Amy's Choice" is another good one that puts the Doctor, Amy, and Rory in a dream sequence that really messes with your mind (this is one of my favorite episodes of the whole Doctor Who series). "Vincent and the Doctor" deserves a mention as well.

In summary: if David Tennant is your favorite Doctor (like me), you might have a difficult time adjusting at first but hang in there - Matt Smith is better than you may think and the show benefits from excellent writing. Besides, it's still Doctor Who so you're in for some great science fiction.
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on June 15, 2016
Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are an outstanding combination as the Doctor and his traveling companion. There's wild and crazy action, heartfelt emotion, and the message that life is amazing and to be lived to the fullest. The Doctor's facial expressions, madcap hijinks, and wonder of it all are a delight to watch. Amy's amazement at seeing her childhood "imaginary friend" come back to her as an adult is touching. No surprise that she would follow him anywhere! Her relationship with Rory is funny, moving, and totally believable. Steven Moffat's writing breathes new life into the series.
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on March 9, 2014
Matt Smith's first season is honestly quite an interesting one. He comes out quite strong in the beginning with his debut episode but a lot of the season feels quite jumbled with how the quality can range. There are definitely great episodes (Vincent and the Doctor, Victory of the Daleks, and the 2 part finale) but there are a lot that are just a bit meh by comparison. The four star rating is moreso due to the experience with a few of the episodes and is not reflective of the blu ray product technically speaking. The audio and video are clear and crisp, the extras are fun to run through, and everything is ordered quite nicely.

If this were STRICTLY technical grading it would be at a 5. I had to put it at a 4 because I honestly could not put everything at a 5 to feel as if I would mislead a reader. Even with that said this is a great addition for any collection of the, in my opinion, greatest show in television history.

So hop back in the TARDIS, make sure you can fix fish fingers and custard (seriously, fish have fingers?!), and enjoy the ride. It will help pass the time until Peter Capaldi truly shows his 12th Doctor.
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on November 2, 2013
I mean, come on, isn't it obvious why I would give this 5 stars? A blue-ray copy an entire season of Doctor Who. With each episode lasting almost an entire hour, and 13 episodes in the set (not to mention all the special extra features), this is great for a marathon on a sick day, or just watching 1 or 2 episodes everyday and having enough material to last you for a while. As for the actual episodes themselves, to each their own, my tastes might not necessarily be someone else's too, so I wont go too much into that. But this introduced Matt Smith, and I believe him to be an AMAZING Doctor. It also introduced Rory and Amy (the Doctor's parents-in-law, so that's special already) and they develop and blossom into amazing companions.
This also contains, what I believe to be, the most touching and wonderfully written episode of the Doctor Who universe, Vincent and the Doctor. I have watched and rewatched this episode NUMEROUS times, but still cannot finish that episode without crying, and I have no shame in admitting that as a 23 year old male. There's also plenty of Daleks and Weeping Angels along with other favorite antagonists of the series.
All in all, I'd highly recommend it for any Whovian, or anyone attempting to get into Doctor Who even.
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on November 6, 2016
This show is still Doctor Who. Some hardcore fans thought Smith would be too young to pull off the Doctor. Matt Smith is insanely funny. He IS the Doctor. In season 5, Amy, Rory and the Doctor are a bit like the three stooges. The science is still there (albeit oddly twisted sometimes by Moffat) and their relationship makes each episode more interesting. We had Tennant before and Capaldi after, so enjoy the levity while you can. If excellent acting and a touch of levity isn't your thing, don't watch.
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on November 6, 2013
I am not a Doctor Who fan, in general. I have been aware of the series for years, and have a great deal of respect for it as the longest running series ever. That is also why I tend not to like it, overall. When you develop a mechanic that allows you to replace the cast every few years or so, yes the series lives on, but you have new people. What if the new people don't click? What if the newest doctor doesn't grab your attention? New companions' dynamic are not believable?

That has been my trouble for the longest time. I knew of the series, had a grasp of the various races and plots, but... I never clicked with actors. So, I couldn't get into it. And then, they stumbled upon Matt Smith and I finally found a doctor I could grasp, one that actually grabbed my attention. More than that, his companions didn't bother me. The Ponds worked, River Song made sense, even the cameo companions (like Roy's Dad) played out well.

When they change up the cast, I catch a few episodes (recently through means like Netflix), to give it a chance. If they cannot grab me in 3 episodes, they never will. Matt Smith and his gang hit the mark and, after the 3rd episode, I instantly ordered all the series that portrayed him as the Doctor (as well as ordered the "day of the doctor" special out in Dec). They did THAT well. Never owned any Doctor Who before, but it landed so well, I went all out.

That is what I recommend to people that do not know, or are curious about, Doctor Who. Find a few episodes, on Youtube, Netflix, or whatever. Each new Doctor is a different taste. See if any of the land with you. There are 11 (soon to be 12) different doctors and all are a hit or miss, if you ask me.

You might find one you enjoy, or love them all. But, give it a shot. The show has been around since the 60's. It must be doing something right, maybe even something you can get into... if even just for as long as the span of one Doctor.
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