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The Elite (The Selection)
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on May 11, 2016
Owner of bookspixscoffeefix.wix.com/-blog
The Elite- Kiera Cass
The kingdom has gotten a lot smaller. 29 people smaller to be exact! Six girls remain in the selection. The Elite. Marlee, Kris, Natalie, Elise, Celeste, and America. Maxon and America spend more time together it seems like in each page of the book. Maxon invites all the girls family over for dinner one night. At the dinner America dances with both Aspen and Maxon. At the dinner America basically tells Aspen they will never be together again and the dances with Maxon. This is a SPOILER Maxon basically tells America they are going to get married! SPOILER OVER The next day there is an elimination. Or there was supposed to be anyway. When America wakes up she know there is bad news. There are only five girls. SPOILER Marlee was caught with Carter Woodworker which is against the rules. Marlee and Carter are whipped for there consequences, and castes as eights. America runs through the crowd trying to reach her best friend. Who Maxon was forced to place the punishment of whippings SPOILER OVER. The 6th girl was gone. Gone forever. America starts thinking about her and Aspen. And if they were even caught holding hands for the slightest second, they could both die. Maxon wouldn't do that though. Right?The elite is a book with a choice. The choice is made, but will it come true. Will the girl have to take his word for it. Will they get married. Is his words more powerful than a ring! America loves her maids, they are a blessing. And quite good friends. Anyone who read the first book knows America is a stubborn person. She won't rest until she gets what she wants. America and Kris are assigned to welcome to the Italians to Illea. America becomes good friends with Nicoletta. Nicoletta talks to America about the people of Illea are unhappy. Unhappy about jobs, caste, and the rebels. Nicoletta tells America if she does become Queen Italy and Illea could become good friends. And Italy would support Illea. Maxon leaves with the King to take care of business. America realizes how difficult it is to have Maxon not in the palace. Rebels start targeting the selection girls families. Threating to kill them. America gets ready to go home, at least for a while. She thinks back to he times with Maxon. She can't go, she won't go.
My Review-
Okay, so the selection is my favorite series of all time! But I have to say this was my least favorite book in the series. That doesn't mean it's a terrible book! No, no, no! It is amazing! And is still in my top 20 all time favorites! I get asked a lot what's my least favorite, and I answer honestly The Elite. And for some reason everyone think that means it's a terrible book! It NOT! Please do not think that! It's one of the best books I've ever read! Okay, now that we got that out of the way! I'm giving this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 Stars. I did take of one star because, I can't give every book give stars, and I wish we would have seen a little bit more of how Maxon interacted with the other girls! Okay, so first the cover! Who doesn't love it! No one! I loved the action in this book, even though it was really sad! It was fun to see America interact with some people outside of Illea like the Italians. And of course it's always fun to read about Maxon and America! Over all I loved this book! It was SOO good! I am very dearly attached to America! Sometimes I really to wish I lived in Illea 😋! Please please please go out and read this series! I promise I does not disappoint!
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on February 24, 2014
Spoiler Free Review: I always read the second book in a series with a more generous heart because I feel badly for the authors sweating out the 'sequel curse' that seems to happen inadvertently when the original book is a grand success (hard shoes to fill!). However, in the case of The Elite, despite wanting to give it the benefit of the doubt, I feel its fair to say it fell very short of the potential left by The Selection. The concept of this series is absolutely fantastic in its creativity and originality, and the series is well outlined for a trilogy. But where the characters in The Selection were well developed and the story lines held depth, The Elite is the opposite on both accounts. The exchanges felt forced and phony, the story lines felt flat and rushed and even more unsatisfying was that America is virtually unrecognizable as the heroine we originally met. In The Selection, we could see how her humility and honesty could garner her two suitors in Prince Maxon and Aspen and we were left empathizing with her divided heart. The empathy I felt in The Elite was which poor suitor would get stuck with this selfish and childish America who offered nothing in return for the endless sacrifices and gestures by either one of them. For a 'love triangle' I actually felt like it just lacked any 'love' at all. I do believe the third book has its own potential so I would not hold The Elite against finishing the series entirely, the interest America's dad showed in the knowledge of the library and then finding the rebels with backpacks of stolen books leads to me to wonder if her dad is in fact a rebel himself, and the odd sendoff conversation with Kota in The Selection and the equally odd letter from Kota in The Elite left me intrigued as to what exactly the deal is with her older brother. However with that said, I will not buy The One, I will just wait for it at the library. After The Selection was so good and more than worth its cost, I happily paid the price increase for The Elite because I felt the series has earned the price tag, but The Elite didn't deliver the same in value so it doesn't justify an additional price increase for The One.
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on May 2, 2013
Picking up where The Selection left off, America is among the contestants vying for the role of Princess and to marry Prince Maxon. The Elite was an easier story to delve right into, as Cass has already set up the world building and initial story in The Selection. Having been months since reading the first book, the author did a fabulous job of recapping characters and scenes without making the story seem bogged down or slow.

There were plenty of times I felt my heart race in anticipation, wondering if America would get caught with Aspen, her former childhood friend and boyfriend from back home. I felt my stomach knot at some intense emotional scenes (I don't want to spoil anyone) and even shed a few tears as secrets unfolded near the end of the novel.

The Elite offered quite a few twists and turns within the castle walls that I hadn't seen coming. I found the characters Cass writes to be refreshing and complicated - definitely three-dimensional - just like how I like them. I would recommend The Elite to fans of The Selection, to those that love romance with a some Dystopian aspects thrown into the mix.
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on August 6, 2017
I was suggested to read these books Im not sure why and continued reading because I wanted to know the ending, but the story line in these books could have been wrapped up in one many parts just seemed to drag, it was just way too much. Plus, the story itself is kind of gross I get its like a bachelor type story but marrying off girls to the king based on who he picks from a couple of months on a TV show and he has to choose one its just too much.
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on May 19, 2014
The beginning made me frustrated because it's like she's stringing Maxon along. One moment she doesn't like him being poetic the next it makes her heart race. I don't like how America strings along both men it just frustrates me to no end. Maxon finally sort of stands up for himself but still this whole book is just frustrating.

I just don't know why they put up with each other. So frustrating. I've ended up not really liking many of the main characters. Maxon and America both seem selfish. Hoping the third book gets better and they redeem themselves. Have I said enough that it was frustrating reading this. :)

All my frustration aside I did enjoy the novel and am excited to see what happens with the characters...even though they frustrate me.
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on January 11, 2017
Honestly, I was a little disappointed with "The Elite". Don't get me wrong, I still liked it. I just don't think it was as good as the first book. "The Selection" had me hooked. I connected with America almost instantly and was really looking forward to watching her character grow and mature. Instead, I felt as if I wanted to rip her from the pages and smack some sense into her.

As the heroine she was borderline annoying. One page she would be making out with Prince Maxon - entirely convinced that she was falling for him - and the next page she would be crying over an argument she initiated. The next chapter she would talk about how much she missed Aspen, make out with him, and talk about how she wanted nothing to do with Maxon. This literally went on for the entire book. I'm not even sure what the plot is.

I was hoping to see more of the rebellion and to get a feel for why they continued to attack the castle. It was briefly mentioned but I felt like it was brushed aside. It seems like such a huge plot line in the series and yet it is being used as more of a filler. After all, the elite girls can only bicker an walk around the castle so long before some action has to get tossed in.

I'll go on to read the third book if only to see how it ends.
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on August 25, 2017
This book was about as good as its prequel, The Selection. The Selection is constantly changing, and I like the impact that the rebels and, Gregory Illea's diaries have on the selection and all its participants.

Kiera Cass always keeps you on your toes as America constantly goes crazy and Maxon's patience consistantly proves to be never-ending. This warm yet mysterious Romance-Thriller continues to amaze me. America's struggles and imperfections are the exclamation point to this great novel.

Roberto Wick,
13 Years Old
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on March 9, 2014
Yikes. This is a mess. Not only is the dialogue exhausting, the plot done to death, and the setting lacking creativity, the characters are so annoying. Kudos to the author for trying to do something new, but dressing up the same tired plot devices with a setting that is far from believable or interesting is not inventive. America is basically bella from twilight, but a redhead. Maxon is abusive, manipulative, and whines far too much. I suppose we are supposed to feel sorry for aspen, but really he's just naive for sticking with America, when clearly she's only interested in stringing him along. The constant declarations of love are in insincere and far too frequent, as well, nothing happens. Nothing. The "plot" starts nowhere and ends nowhere. Definitely not a worthwhile read. I highly recommend not wasting time and money on this book, as It would have been slightly more entertaining if it had been full of blank pages.
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on December 13, 2014
I have read the whole series before writing a review on all three books.

Book One: The Selection
The first book was really good, drew me in, made me curious about "The Selection" and the dystopian society they lived in.

Book Two: The Elite
This one was okay, just kept reminding me of The Hunger Games without the action and female heroism. Same concept of a love triangle while one looks at the couple publicly together. I was still eager to finish the series at this time.

Book Three: The One
Absolute garbage. Without leaving a spoiler, this is NOT a dystopian society book at all. When any of the female characters in this book are attacked, none of them fight. They all hide or "get locked away" when the fighting occurs so they perfectly do not have to fight even though they "want" to. Also, it's pretty obvious who he will select. And it's kind of sickening that he would treat her that way right at the end to only switch to her because some event happens. Then the book ends... save yourself some time and headache, do not read this series...
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on September 20, 2015
“It turns out I'm absolutely terrible at staying away from you. It's a very serious problem.”

The Good

The Elite dives deeper into the family members of America and Maxon. America's dad I quite enjoyed in this one. Maxon's dad, not so much. Maxon's mom, however, is a gem. We also get more information into Maxon himself and the other girls that are a part of the selection.

In addition to the deeper look in the characters, we got a better view of the rebels, a little more information in how the world around America works, and the consequences that befalls stepping out of line.

America feels like she couldn't make a good princess, but in her actions she shows how much she truly cares about the people, the system, and justice. She also does care about everyone around her in the palace, and treats her maids with so much respect that it's admirable.

The Bad

Bah! This love triangle (square?) is so frustrating. America is swinging back and forth between Maxon and Aspen faster than a kitten toying with a string. I was so dizzy reading why one guy was better than the other, then, wait, NO that one's better. On top of that, due to America's fickle nature, Maxon has to give the other girls more of a chance so he's becoming quite the little charmer to the other girls in the competition. So annoying.

The Romance

Well, I guess I really summed that up in the Bad section so I'll leave it there. Suffice to say that Aspen doesn't really have any redeeming qualities for me since he broke up with America in the beginning of the first book. I'm completely behind Maxon. I also don't blame him for moving on since she can't make a decision and stick with it. Though, by the end it seems that America has at least made a choice so I look very forward to better developments in this department.


Overall, the characters are fantastic. I just love Maxon. Some of the side characters truly shine as well. The writing is well paced and smooth. I read The Elite very quickly. The action is more prevalent in this one, and much more information is provided about the world. With the way it ended, I have high hopes that the romance aspect will pick up in a better direction. Recommended.

Originally given 3.5 stars
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