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on January 23, 2018
Early this morning I downloaded a 339 page Kindle version of "The Essenes: Children of the Light". It's one of those metaphysical text. I just recently finished another called "Beyond Limitations", one of the books by the same authors as wrote this book on the Essenes.

It took me most of the day but I read the entire 339 page book. Better than an Agatha Christie murder mystery. Most of the reviews on this book are positive and I would certainly agree. To be sure, once you start reading it, it's almost impossible to put down. No question about that.

It provides a very interesting perspective on the Essenes, a religious group reported to have heavily influenced the teachings of Christ during his time on earth. It seriously challenges traditional Protestant and Catholic doctrine—mostly turning it on its ears. Based on material 'channeled' by several different individuals it presents an extremely compelling presentation on the life, death and meaning of Christ' life, as well as a wealth of information on the Essenes and related historical events at the time. Is the narrative true? Maybe. I supposes it's about as believable as the idea that we are reincarnated through many lives and many experiences. Of reincarnation, I'm becoming more and more convinced that it's a valid process. I'll leave the details of the book to the reader—no spoiler alerts here—but I will say that even if much of it is somebody's idea of creative writing, and I'm inclined to think that it isn't, this book brings home the point of what I personally have long thought was the purpose of Christ ministry—and it wasn't to start a new religion.

Download the book but make sure you have a free day to read it. You probably won't be able to put it down either.
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on February 1, 2017
I cannot speak highly enough for my book! I loved it and I loved that these people didn't know one another yet thru regression it was found that the person doing the regressions was seeming to attract people who lived near one another in the Essene Community.. I loved it and cried and felt so joyful.. I flip thru pages occasionally just to get a good feeling sometimes. Magnificent!
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on November 10, 2012
I like information like this which has come from the deeper layers of a person's mind like under hypnosis. The contents revealed to me a lot of new facts and scenarios, not only about Jesus's life and personality, but also about those contemporary associates and followers of the way. That such a group as the Kaloo existed, having come from the sinking lands of the west, Atlantis was profound. Who would have thought that Atlanteans were so instrumental in the beginnings of the new way expounded by Jesus. It was good to know that Jesus expressed and consented for each of us to develop from within, like it is taught in the Yogi Philosophy. The Christianity that is expressed and practised today is only a shadow of what Jesus really wanted to teach and spread. Together with "Jesus and The Essenes" and "They Walked With Jesus" by Dolores Cannon, I have tremendosly upgraded my knowledge and understanding of Jesus's mission, what he intended for us, who he was, who we are and where we should be going.
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on January 13, 2016
This book was amazing! Wait! Let me say that again! This book was amazing! It was what I have been feeling this whole time. This is what I believed! From the time I was a child, my mother and father told me, "you don't have to go to church to believe in God." They were right! You don't! It's in your heart! Jesus was a beautiful man who was enlightened to say the least. Instead of worshipping him, worship his teachings instead! This is what we should be doing! His image is just that, a mere man who was sent to bring up human development and teach love and forgiveness! But we already know this! This is our foundation! This book has finally given me something to believe in! This book gives me something to share with my own child, love, kindness, patience, forgiveness. Well done and worth the read! On to the next book Mary Magdalene!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 5, 2011
I really enjoy books written from past life regressions because I believe there's a certain purity to this kind of work that you can't get through channeling, or even our written histories. As we all know, history is written from the viewpoint of the victors with all their prejudices and opinions, which gives us a version of history that's not even accurate as far as the writers would have you think.

Books written from past-life regressions give us view of history from someone who was actually there, though this view is necessarily narrow because it's just one person's opinion, but what's important is that the person is again living through history, and can be asked questions about that period of their life.

This book in particular, The Essenes, Children of the Light, follows the life of four people who lived during the time that Jesus walked the Earth and they tell their stories, in fact two of the men were friends at that time, and one was the Joseph of Arimathea mentioned in the Bible. According to the man regressed in this book, as Joseph, he explains that he is the older brother of Mary the mother of Jesus, and that their mother is Druid Royalty. So it would appear that Jesus was half-Jewish and half-Celtic. This would explain all the pictures of Mary and Jesus with reddish hair and green or blue eyes.

But it's the little details that really bring home the validity of this book for me such as Joseph saying that he dealt in tin which he sold to the Romans, something that gave him a great deal of influence with the Romans even though Joseph himself was Jewish. Also, Joseph states that he didn't deal in silver or gold because he'd fear being robbed. That's the sort of statement you'd probably never read about in a history book.

Or that Joseph fled to Britain after Jesus' execution out of fear for his life. If Joseph did have relatives in Britain, it would make sense that he'd go there on one of his ships for safety. It was also explained that the story of Mary being set to drift on a boat without oars by the Romans was a rumor started by the Essenes for Mary's safety.

Mary Magdalene was mentioned as a disciple of Jesus' but being a woman, the other disciples didn't approve of her status. This goes along with the social ideas of the time, and shows why her role was downplayed by later historians.
What disappointed me was that the author never asked more details about Mary Magdalene. Was she the wife of Jesus? It was mentioned that she was of the Isis cult or religion which would have bothered the other disciples a great deal. The Essenes were open to the 4 major religions of their time, while the other 2 Jewish sects were not. This would have made them either talk ill of Mary or leave her out altogether. Another detail that makes this book ring with more truth than other accounts I've read.

One last detail of this book was the fact that a group from out of the West came to teach the Essenes and basically start their group along with the Druids. This traveling group was called the Kaloo. Because of their knowledge and use of crystals, they sound very much like they came from Atlantis. This was something I hadn't read before and I wish I could find more on.

I'll be looking for more books by Stuart Wilson and Joanna Prentis. This book was a very compelling read.
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on July 3, 2014
The only problem is what are the odds of finding so many people in the same country who had a life with Jesus? Also there were some factual errors. An example the name Jesus was penned by the Greeks centuries after Jeshua (Issa) lived. The people living in Palestine at the time that Jeshua loved spoke Aramaic not Hebrew. Sometimes I got the feeling that many of the subjects subconscious pre-religious views seeped into their hypnotic regressions. The one thing that is true is that Jeshua's influence is still palpable after so many centuries.
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on March 31, 2016
One of my favorite books. Super-eye opening and expanding. Sheds some light on alot of our core stories. Don't hesitate to buy this one.
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on June 7, 2014
This book is amazing! It reveals many unknown facts about the daily lives of The Essenes, a group of deeply devoted people's who actually knew of Christs' coming and spent several hundred years preparing for Him. Here is a first hand accounting of what it was like in the presence of Jesus, what His TRUE message was, and how this group supported Him. I think everyone should read it for a new perspective of this important and often misinterpreted time in history. I recommend the other books in this series as well--they are beautiful and heart opening! Enjoy!
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on May 6, 2013
This book rings true when you read it. I really don't think this is anywhere near a "manual" on the Essene brotherhood by any means but it does take you down the rabbit hole of truth. Christ isn't the savior in the orthodox sense, he's the great teacher who came here to show mankind how to ascend and transcend the physical and evolve. this book explains everything i always had a hint about in regards to christ but couldn't understand. it makes perfect sense and really helps put the puzzle together. A great spiritual awakening can happen because of this book and its really only an intro. MUST READ!!
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on March 19, 2018
Very interesting read.
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