Customer Reviews: The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide
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on October 22, 2008
My school aged daughter was recently diagnosed with gluten sensitivities and as most people know, the learning curve to gluten free living is steep. Having a resource that so clearly breaks things down for weekly grocery shopping has been such a time saver. I highly reccomend Triumphs Gluten Free Grocery Guide 2nd edition as a must resource. The book is small enough to fit in my purse and is well organized. The cost of gluten free living is high, but it was such a relief to see many commericial products such as many of Newman's salad dressings that are gluten free. They also include a number of regional grocery brand products such as "Stop and Shop" which also helps in terms of choice and price.

Overall, this resource has really opened up the number of commercial choices that my daughter can eat especially in the snack department which for kids is huge.

The staff at Triumph is extremely approachable as well. I had a question on Nutella hazelnut spread which was not listed in the book. The staff researched the issue and happily for my daughter, Nutella is gluten-free. Anyway, I know many of you may be on the fence about spending over $20 for a paperback but honestly, it is money well spent not having to hurt your eyes reading labels or spending over 2 hours each trip in a grocery store. I applaud Triumph for publishing this resource.
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on March 15, 2010
I first began a gluten free diet in 2007, and when I would see ads for this book, I would always think "I'm ok; I have the hang of reading labels to look for gluten-derived ingredients, and I'm in the habit of calling companies when I don't know for sure."

The people who put this book together, however, have gone to a lot of work to find out more information than one can normally get from a simple label or even a phone call to a manufacturer. They have symbols that indicate whether a company goes above and beyond, with practices in place to avoid cross-contamination, which companies have dedicated lines or facilities, which companies perform testing to ensure there is no cross-contamination, and which companies have a chance of cross-contamination (whether this is because the company's legal department doesn't want to stick their neck out and say it's absolutely safe or there truly are risks; either way, it's important to know).

I'm particularly hyper-sensitive to gluten, and I was able to remove several products from my kitchen that were suspect, despite labels indicating (and companies themselves claiming) they were gluten free, and my instances of "mystery glutenings" have dropped dramatically! This is over a period of about four to five months.

I recommend this book to anyone who lives gluten free, and I am hoping that future editions will include even more store brands!
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on July 21, 2009
I wish I had read reviews before buying this as it is almost useless where I live. In San Antonio, we have no Safeways, Albertsons, Publix, Trader Joe's, or Kroegers. We have the grocery giant HEB, and none of their goods are reviewed. I knew I was in trouble when I saw that Blue Bell ice cream wasn't mentioned. This book would be infinitely more useful if it had regional versions. At the very least, the description should include the information as to which region it covers. The only way I can get most of the items reviewed is on the internet, which is impractical. As another reviewer mentioned this is incomplete.
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on December 7, 2008
i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book. i wish i found something like this 3 years ago. i shop for a big family, only some of us are gluten free. i used to have 2 pantries, one gluten free and one regular. now teh gluten free pantry is a lot smaller (and my food bill lower, by alot) because i found lots of regular brands (chips, hot dogs, etcetera) are gluten free, too. i never would have had the time to call companies and find this out myself. this book is a lifesaver. my only complaint is that i wish this book qualified for the amazon free shipping.
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on July 7, 2009
I bought the other guide (Cecelia's Marketplace) before buying this one, and I prefer this one. This guide has a lot more products and it's also divided into more user friendly sections. This guide has saved me money over buying exclusive health food brands of similar items, and I can do a lot more of my shopping at the local grocery store. I would recommend it for anyone who avoids gluten. The guide was also shipped very quickly.
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on November 26, 2008
Triumph Dining's Grocery Guide is absolutely the best gluten free shopping guide available. The easy reference table of contacts on the inside front cover makes the book incredibly user friendly. I get overwhelmed when I look at all of the different products on the shelves at the grocery store. The book is easy to bring along with me and makes food shopping enjoyable again. I couldn't imagine going food shopping without it! It is a lifesaver.
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on March 15, 2009
My son was recently diagnosed with an intolerance to gluten. My brother also has this. I knew that there were "normal foods" that were gluten-free, but was overwhelmed when going to the grocery store and standing in the isles on my phone, calling the companies to see if their products are GF or not! This book is a lifesaver! We were in and out of the grocery store today within 45 minutes and were able to get everything on our list; not to mention my total was MUCH less b/c I could buy some of the store brand items!! (we shop at Hy-Vee) This is a must have for gluten free shopping.
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on November 12, 2008
The Triumph grocery guide has been great. It's tremendously useful to have a handy reference guide for the grocery store that make it easy to know what is safe and what isn't.. It's organized clearly by "category" and then by brand and I have found it both very portable and easy to flip through when I'm planning a shopping list or standing in the grocery store contemplating a purchase. I even find myself browsing through it rather than using it just as a reference book. I was diagnosed as Celiac only 6 months ago and there has been a tremendous education project to learn how I need to adjust my diet. This book has been great to help me get up the learning curve and has made me realize how many things I can still eat. Also, I haven't had any problems with the accuracy of any of the information - all the food described as gluten-free has been.

Finally, there are a couple of summary tables that are quite useful. I like the easy reference ingredient list (to help me remember things like "semolina" is no good but "flax" is ok). Also, the summary of the new food labeling laws is great!
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on October 27, 2008
I recently had to start cooking gluten-free. I had spent years compiling all these recipes I liked, and suddenly I felt like I had to start over from scratch. Luckily I found this guide and right away I was able to tell whether or not the ingredients I used were safe, and what I could use as substitutes. The guide itself is brightly colored and encouraging looking. And also it's really easy to use. I don't even bring it along with me, I just use it to make shopping lists when I'm planning recipes.
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on February 21, 2012
Book seems good but most of the stores it refers you to are on the West Coast. We live in PA. My wife has heart disease, diabete and crohns disease. All those diets conflict. Glutin free seemed a good medium. She went shopping and a HALF loaf of breat was almost $7.00. Everything else she bought has the same ratio on differences in cost. We can eat glutin free or pay utilities. Does the author have a fix for that on the East Coast?
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