Customer Reviews: The 4 Essentials of Entrepreneurial Thinking: What Successful People Didn't Learn in School
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on January 19, 2012
Reading this book was like a conversation with a trusted mentor. Cliff Michaels is as practical as he is entertaining. From Cliff's college days, real estate adventures, Diary of a Dotcom, and amazing stories on famous people, it's hard to put the book down once you start. I recommend The 4 Essentials to peers, professors, and professionals alike. The 4 Essentials should be required reading. ~ Nathan Doctor, President, USC Entrepreneur Club.
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VINE VOICEon January 24, 2012
I like books like these. The author has proven experience over many years in a variety of areas. Cliff Michaels was not and is not a "sheeple." Most people are.

I've never been an entrepreneur, nor a "business man" per se, although I did run my own business for 6 years in a foreign country.

This book is a book that can help anyone but I particularly think it's useful for people in 2 situations:

1. young people who know they want to pursue their true goals and dreams and/or work for themselves by starting his/her own business and,

2. working and middle-class people who may have a good idea(s) and may want to actively pursue it/them.

As we now know, the "M.B.A." has come under scrutiny in recent years both statistically on how much it helps its graduates and what skills it imparts on those that spend the time, effort, and money on a Master's in Business Administration. 50% of CEOs who have an MBA say it did not help them; 50% of CEOs who do not have an MBA say they did not need it to carry out their jobs effectively.

The Master's in Business Administration *may* be useful if one attends the top 15% MBA business schools and wants to work for a corporation. If you're in the lower 85% of MBA schools - forget it, as it's a waste of time. The traditional Master's in Business Administration teaches the academically diligent and uncreative who to fit into the ever diminishing corporate culture of America today: conform, do what you're told, and "think outside the box" but only in limited corporate confines. And have fun trying to get a job if you're over 50 with the "coveted" MBA. The Master's in Business Administration is a dinosaur program designed to make sheep out of academically "book smart people" - and IT makes them worse. Studies prove this.

Classroom and real world simply do not mix.

Cliff Michaels comes up with the Master in Basic Abilities.

Michael's book is helpful because the sheep-like mentality of recent decades is not only antiquated but harmful to those who wish to succeed in this new era. We have already entered a new economic paradigm.

Every successful person I've met was not an office-dweller in a corporation that filled a box in an organizational chart. The business mind comes with street smarts, social skills, a positive attitude, ability to accept constructive criticism, ability to foresee future trends, and the ability to constantly adapt and change.

I highly recommend the "4 Essentials."
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on January 17, 2012
I highly recommend The 4 Essentials for students, professionals, + entrepreneurs. I reviewed this book with students, friends + professionals just before the Amazon release. It's amazing! The 4 Essentials not only merges incredible life and business lessons of the author, Cliff Michaels, but we get to know what worked for so many successful individuals past and present. I learned things about Ali, Lucy, Oprah, Gates, Jobs, Buffett, Mozart, Woods, Einstein, and countless others in a whole new way. Seems like everyone is in this book!

The unique way Cliff synthesizes success principles makes the book a game-changer for education and business worlds alike. The book shows a highly-connected system that tethers common threads to success and happiness, but it's so much more than a boring how-to business book or fluffy self-help journal. The best part for me was how Cliff literally dispels the myth of born-entrepreneur, speaking in conversation mode with hardcore steps, but entertaining us through great storytelling. Best of all, the blueprint works for anyone in art, sports, or business. It's not just for entrepreneurs. The whole concept is to think like an entrepreneur in all walks of life or business. In fact, the game-changer part is Cliff's challenge to teach entrepreneurial thinking within our education and corporate training structures. I really loved that approach to rocking the boat a little.

Few books have such impact. The 4 Essentials will definitely stand the test of time. Check it out!
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on January 28, 2012
I'm a member of the USC Entrepreneur Club and launched my first business 5 years ago. Cliff has spoken at USC many times and everyone who attends can't get enough. Like Cliff, this book is fun, down-to-earth, and filled with world-class, street-wise lessons that students and professionals desparately need but rarely get in the finest schools or training programs. This isn't a fluffy, self-help book or boring business text. It's raw, with authentic experiences and feels like a conversation with a trusted mentor. Once in a while a book really captures your imagination. This may be the book of the year. Certainly my favorite so far.

P.S. I also dig Cliff's Giving-Back Mission. With each book sold, a free book goes to a student in need or young entrepreneur and a portion of proceeds to charities. For me, this puts Cliff and The 4 Essentials in a special class of social entrepreneurs who care enough to make a difference. Thanks Cliff!
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on January 23, 2012
This is an easy read that is full of practical lessons.
Cliff's authenticity about his own story makes this real for me! This is not the work of an ivory tower intellectual but that of a real entrepreneur. I recommend this book to anyone thinking about starting a business, anyone who has a new business or even anyone who is a veteran. I have no doubt that anyone will find valuable lessons in The 4 Essentials of Entrepreneurial Thinking.
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on June 15, 2012
A friend recommended this book to me and I couldn't be happier in my purchase!

This is not a book that you'll read once and forget about. Cliff provides a bevy of helpful tools and tricks of the trade that I will keep on hand throughout my entrepreneurial career. Down to earth and practical information defines what this book means to me.

You must buy this book! You will not regret it!
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on September 22, 2015
Easily accessible and with wisdom that transcends every part of life, Cliff Michaels' book will help you discover the entrepreneur living inside of you. This is definitely the most inspirational book I've read all year. While I'm pursuing my MBA in school, Cliff helped me on my part to my other M.B.A., the Master of Basic Abilities.
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on January 30, 2012
The 4 Essentials is one of the best books I've read in years. Where many busiiness writers preach, Cliff Michaels' style feels like a fun and intelligent conversation with a trusted friend in jeans and a t-shirt. This personal approach by the author ropes us in to a whole new definition of success and makes us look hard at a more highly connected human approach to business. Cliff proves beyond a shadow of a doubt why entrepreneurial thinking is as much for the barista in a coffee shop as it is for the high-tech CEO. Thanks for this extraordinary work!
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on January 23, 2012
I've read dozens of books on how to build your business and set your goals. The 4 Essentials of Entrepreneurial Thinking does a fantastic job pulling it all together. I know from my experience leading a values based life pays dividends in every situation. I like the way the author ties his own experience throughout the book to each of the four essentials. For all of those who have not gone through the traditional channels to start their career or build their company this book demonstrates you can attain great success if you follow his basic tenets. I feel this book is a must read and have already passed it onto my group of friends and business contacts.
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on June 21, 2012
I not much of a reviewer, but I have to say I really enjoyed this book. It takes a more personal look into the paths and tools one needs to get where they're going as an entrepreneur. It also held my interest with the humor and interactivity. Worth the read for sure.
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