Customer Reviews: The Eternity Code: Artemis Fowl, Book 3
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There's a sinister plot afoot to expose the fairy world, but who could be behind it? Surely not the most dangerous pixie criminal of all time? Opal Koboi has been in a coma for almost a year, and is in a secure mental institution under constant guard, yet as the title reveals, Opal has quite an arsenal up her virtual sleeve, and a hit list for revenge.

Systematically and coldly carrying out her calculated plan, Opal leads her arch enemies at the LEPrecon police into a trap, and only instincts and pure dumb luck can save Captain Holly Short this time.

Artemis has had his brain wiped after his last fairy encounter, and has returned to a life of crime, but with niggling undercurrents of niceness that even he can't explain. Suddenly, just as he succeeds in stealing a valuable painting, his world gets ripped from under him, as the fairy world collides unceremoniously with his own.

Lots of action in this one, weapons, trolls, gadgets, magic and Mulch, and Artemis needs all his cunning and the retrieval of his memories if he wants to survive. It's his most physically demanding role yet, but he has to be at his strongest to match minds with Opal.

You should really read books one to three before attempting this one, but you won't regret it for a second.

Amanda Richards, May 3, 2005
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Another thoroughly enjoyable adventure of our teenage millionaire criminal mastermind, but this time the stakes are much higher, so high that for once, one Butler just isn't enough.

Artemis has used his ill-gotten fairy gadgets to create an electronic device the same size as, and a gazillion times more complex than Rubik's Cube. There's just one drawback - and of course it's a BIGGIE - it provides an access route to the Lower Elements, endangering the fairy way of life.

Having accidentally handed the cube on a platter to Jon Spiro, a ruthless American businessman, Artemis is faced with the challenge of his life, but he's helpless without the good folk of Haven City - plus reinforcements.

This time, Artemis needs two strong women behind him to make him look good - the fairy of his dreams, Captain Holly Short (a Sandra Bullock/Kim Possible mix) and Juliet Butler (a Lucy Liu/Uma Thurman type). Teamed with the dwarf digging sensation, and Haven City's resident centaur genius, Artemis still has to use every last ounce of his cunning and intellect to formulate a retrieval plan, while surprises lurk around every corner.

Can Jon Spiro break the Eternity Code before Artemis can retrieve the cube?

Can Artemis survive this last encounter?

Can the LEP mind wipe make Artemis forget his friends and adventures?

Can Artemis give up his life of crime and become a part of a normal family unit?

The first three answers will be revealed to you as you read this book.

The last? Yeah right!!

There's never a dull moment in this book, and it's Colfer at his funniest.

Amanda Richards, October 12, 2004
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on May 30, 2006
I still think the first book is the best, but this is a close second and a much better book then the last installment. I felt the same thrills and laughed at the same humor as the other books. It brought to life more of the original spirit of the first book and the idea behind the series then the last two books. It is another fantastic read from Colfer, but all this being said, it just seems to be getting repetitive. There are no new characters of interest, and the characters aren't developing all that much for a series with four books. I am still unsure about getting the next one. Nevertheless, I suggest you read the first four!
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This series is a good introduction to sci fi thrillers for the younger reader. And anything that gets them to read and not drain their brain in front of the TV or video game is a plus.

This book reads easy but not too simple so it will keep their interest. Probably better suited for a boy than girl, as it continues with a steady diet of flatulence humor, as did its predecessor.

This story surrounds Opal Koboi. It involves clones, high tech gadgets, and takes the young reader on a journey of Fowl after his mind has been erased of memories of faries and the such.

If your child liked the first books, he will enjoy this one as well.
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on August 15, 2005
Once again Eoin Colfer gives us a story in constant motion. I especially like the way the author gives you what is going on from several perspectives at the same time in a way that is not confusing. I look forward to the breaks from one perspective to get what is going on in another. This is some very entertaining reading! Reading the first three is not an absolute must, but do yourself a favor and read them in order. You will be glad you did. I bought this title and another highly anticipated title about the same time and decided to read this book first.
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VINE VOICEon March 10, 2006
I ordered this book in response to a boy in one of my 9th grade English classes. I only owned the first three which he read in a week, and then he began nagging me to add the newest book to my collection. I'm a sucker for anything that will get kids to read, so I ordered it. He read it in one night and said that it was great. Since then his "word-of-mouth" advertising about the book has resulted in at least six more kids reading the whole series. Based on the number of girls that have requested to borrow it, it appeals to both boys and girls.
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on July 14, 2005
i've read each of the first 3 Artemis Fowl books at least 4 times, and i loved the 4th one as well. read somewhere that Eoin Colfer's working on the 5th, and that a movie's being planned. i can't wait!

oh by the way, sure it's recommended for kids but i'm 19, in college, and i don't think i'm the only adult who enjoys a good "children's" book such as this one.
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on May 6, 2014
Having read the previous Artemis Fowl books, This book makes a great addition. In book one, Artemis Fowl, I hated Artemis, but eventually grew to admire him for his cunning, and intelligence. Later on I realized something. I was rooting for Artemis to win! For the first time, I actually wanted the "bad guy" to succeed. Then I later grew to realize that, maybe Artemis wasn't such a bad guy after all. In book two I liked Artemis more and more. Holly also appealed to me, as a spunky fairy who tends to disobey orders for the greater good, I found her to be a quality character. I watched Artemis and Holly slowly bond, and began rooting for them to become friends, I also found it very touching to see how much Artemis cared for his father. Also with the addition of the odd/hilarious dwarf named Mulch, the book had me laughing aloud at parts! In book 3, It became clear that Holly and Artemis were becoming friends. I enjoyed the book thoroughly, but I became very sad towards the end when Artemis had the mind wipe. I could see he was becoming a much better person. I was upset to see Artemis turn back into a criminal, snarky, arrogant teen. In this book I was touched to see him come back, I was very pleased by this book, and happy to see Opal Koboi's plans foiled. I mourned the death of Commander Root, I was touched by his final words. --TheReviewer
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on August 3, 2005
I loved this book as much as the 3 books before it. I found it hard to put down once i started to read it. I think the followers of Artemis Fowl will not be disappointed!
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on August 3, 2013
Once again, Eoin Colfer has gifted humanity with another installment of the Artemis Fowl series. The condition of this book was impeccable, and anybody would agree. Never fear, this book will be delivered in careful hands.
Book Review
I thoroughly enjoyed The Eternity Code just as much as its predecessors. I can't say I like it more, but I also can't say that I liked Artemis Fowl or The Arctic Incident more either. It is action packs just like the others, and Colfer just keeps on making Artemis an interesting character to explore.
(No Spoilers)
Once again, young Artemis is up to something, which isn't surprising considering he is a criminal mastermind. His plan however doesn't go as planned. When Butler gets seriously injured, he needs the help of the fairies, which he happens to have a love hate relationship with. Butler's condition is only one problem though. Artemis's failed plan has put the fairy world in jeopardy. They could finally be discovered by the humans above ground. It once again comes down to Artemis and the fairies working together to stop this disaster.
Over all, I give this book a 10/10 because i love this series, and this book is spectacular. I will once again state that it would be in your best interest if you read Artemis Fowl and The Arctic Incident before The Eternity Code. Artemis Fowl is a series where reading it in order would be the most beneficial to the reader.
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