Customer Reviews: The Exceptional Presenter: A Proven Formula to Open Up and Own the Room
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on August 8, 2007
This book reads like a presentation....and that is not meant as a criticism. A solidly constructed presentation.

The Exceptional Presenter is aimed primarily at people who do not routinely get up in front of audiences. It contains a wealth of hints for beginning speakers, and strongly reinforces the common sense notion that the more you practice, the better you get.

The book is liberally sprinkled with half-page anecdotes and stories about public speaking disasters. These are excellent examples of what NOT to do in front of a crowd. (The one that hit home for me was the company that tasked someone in a meeting to count how many times the consultant giving a presentation said "uh" each minute...been there, done that).

At 188 pages, it's an easy read. I read it cover to cover on a three hour plane flight.

If you've given, say, over 12 speeches in your career this book is probably not for you. As another reviewer mentioned, you'd probably be better off with Jerry Weissman's "Presenting to Win: The Art of Telling Your Story". If you're just 'learning the ropes' of public speaking, though, the Exceptional Presenter is a pretty good place to start.
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VINE VOICEon May 23, 2007
This little hardback is incredibly easy to read. Extremely well organized, it's written in clear, jargon-free language. Each of its many lessons covers just a few pages, and is composed of short, straight-to-the-point paragraphs. Sized to fit easily in the side pocket of a laptop case, it's an ideal way to kill time at an airport gate, on a flight, or even during those dead half-hours that often pop up between convention sessions.

Better still, this book really delivers on its promise. Practice its advice and you will become an effective public speaker. Author Tim Koegel ("KAY gull") covers a wide range of verbal and nonverbal topics, from how to avoid using "verbal graffiti" (such as the dreadful "to be honest with you") to how to have good posture.

The book is organized around what, at first glance, seems like a corny conceit. Koegel claims that an exceptional presenter is one who can "OPEN UP and own the room." Why does he put "OPEN UP" in all caps? Because that's the author's self-invented acronym that refers to six characteristics Koegel feels all great presenters share -- they're Organized, Passionate, Engaging and Natural speakers who Understand their audiences and routinely Practice their presentation skills. The book then devotes a full chapter to each of these traits. Each chapter is filled with useful tips. The one on being passionate has two dozen!

A section on what to do with your hands is especially helpful. Illustrated with 27 simple line drawings, the advice gets quite specific. For example, when the author discusses which hand gestures are best to emphasize comparisons, he writes that you should mimic the information as it would appear on a slide: "Dollar amounts, percentages and revenue are typically depicted using vertical bar charts. Therefore, perform these gestures vertically. Use horizontal gestures to demonstrate timelines, phases or stages of a project and chronological sequences."

You'll also learn how to illustrate dates and numbers, where to put your hands when you're just standing there, what to do with them if you're sitting at a table, even how to hold visual aids.

Additional chapters help you prepare your own introductions, conduct question-and-answer sessions and, my favorite, control your nervous energy. The back of the book has a series of worksheets to use to help you practice your skills, prepare and grade your performances and even judge television "presenters" such as debating politicians and the guests who are interviewed on "60 Minutes."

As an author and small business owner, I've had to make face-to-face proposals, host trade show booths, meet with reporters, do book-signings and speak in front of many groups. And I know what it's like to be nervous: just before my first trade show I had such an anxiety attack I had to lay down behind my display's backdrop! If you're like that, this book is the perfect antidote to calm those fears. Its advice is so easy to follow, and so easy to practice, it can help you not only get through these situations, but actually excel at doing them..
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on March 20, 2009
A solid book about giving presentations. You will need other books in order to get a full overview of how to present effectively.

I thought the book lacked real world examples. It was mainly the theory behind presenting effectively but it does not show you examples.

For example, Presentation Zen helps with the design elements of your presentation and telling a simple story.

I would also recommend an Ebook called New Rules of Public Speaking ([...]) because it has modern examples of speeches, pitches that work. It has links to dozens of Youtube clips and you can watch Steve Jobs or Tim Ferris while reading a description of what they do well.

To master powerpoint you need Beyond Bullet Points. That is an information packed book worth $20.
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on September 4, 2007
I am an executive coach and HR consultant who has trained thousands of professionals over the past 25 years. My focus is on helping individuals become 'Strategic Partners' in whatever arena they serve. I have worked with international public accounting partners and partner candidates, bank executives, insurance vice presidents of sales, attorneys, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and MBA students from some of America's top business schools. We explore '12 Success Core Competencies' that, if exercised appropriately, ultimately lead individuals to the top of their respective professions. Of the '12 Success Core Competencies,' none is more critical than effective 'Oral Presentation Manner & Style.'

Because of the impact oral presentation effectiveness has on the credibility of an individual I have read almost all printed material on the subject. NONE address oral presentation effectiveness as well as Tim Koegel's The Exceptional Presenter.

His concept, and the way he presents it, is so concise and substantive I have invited him to personally address groups of executives I coach. If you like his will love his presentation style and message. He entertains and enlightens audiences simultaneously.

Tim Koegel is the master of this subject. Read his The Exceptional Presenter...and keep it close by as a 'ready reference.' No skill will ever serve you better.
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on May 26, 2012
The author's credentials are impressive. But his advice is familiar and light on details, although he tries to make up for it with interesting stories.

His credentials? He's an advertising pitchman who has met Steve Jobs in a boardroom and has horror, and success, stories to tell about pitches with a number of major brands. His street cred is impressive.

But his advice is lightweight. Much of this you've heard before. The stuff that's new - his inside secrets - he presents casually and without much detail. For instance, how do you structure a presentation as a story? He uses a careless example that barely looks like a story, then is quickly onto his next point. Very disappointing.

The overall impression I have is that this book is not intended to share any of his secrets, but merely to be a 188 page brochure for his consulting services. Are there a few useful nuggets? Yes, there are. Are his stories entertaining? Absolutely. But he keeps his best secrets to himself.
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on May 24, 2008
Although I was lucky enough to be introduced to this book after seeing his presentation, this one is a gem. I have tons of books on public speaking. Typically, they list a bunch of typical rules such as...

- Get there early
- How to use eye contact
- Use visual aids effectively
- Be enthusiastic
- Use humor
- Dress for success

...and so on. And so what? So what, indeed. But not this time.

Why buy yet another book on public speaking? Because this one isn't like the rest. It really does give you suggestions that can be read in a night or two and be used instantly. Instead of being told, "It's not what you say but how you say it," you will actually receive some actual tricks on the "how to say it." Among a sea of public speaking books, his specific ideas on the popular suggestions takes away the next conceptual step and injects a dose of solid suggestions. It is very unique and considers your time by not forcing you to waste time imagining intent.
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on September 4, 2007
This book is mandatory reading for every professional in our company. My business is incredibly competitive - lots at stake. Everyone, from our seniormost rainmaker to our newest Associate has benefited. I have read this book twice, and contemplate Koegel's suggestions before every presentation I make. This book makes one a better presenter both by instructing what is effective, but also by pointing out things that can negatively impact a presention or communication of a message. I can't imagine a better book of presentation "do's and don'ts"!!
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on December 28, 2014
This book was a very easy read with some good information in it.
The book was short and had rather common sense information on presenting.

If you're an experienced presenter, don't waste your time.
If you're brand new to presentations, this might be something to check out.
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on April 2, 2009
I just purchased The Exceptional Presenter. While I'm not even finished with the book, I came into an important client presentation today with a new intent--to deliver an exceptional presentation! I have felt like these presentations in the past weren't great at all and decided to take exact advice from the little bit of the book that I have read so far and put it into practice TODAY.

I wrote out my introduction statement of intent and went into a room and PRACTICED my intro to the presentation over and over. This was a conference call presentation so I was alone in aroom, with a senior director and one of our VP's on the line listening.

It went GREAT! The clients were engaged and asking questions and at the end, one of the presidents, I was presenting to gave a great plug about how much he appreciated our service!

I was so encouraged when, in addition to this, as I was wrapping up the presentation our VP and the director were sending me emails asking if I recorded the presentation because of how great it was!

Thanks you VERY much for this GREAT book!
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on February 12, 2016
This is and excellent book that has helped me tremendously improve my presentations, be it to a small group or large audience. Very well put together, and is specific to the presentation process, so no matter your industry, it will be relevant to you.
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