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on April 13, 2013
The Eye was a fantastic horror movie. I am a hardcore horror movie fan and have seen not too many foreign horror movies. Angelica Lee plays a blind girl who gets a cornea transplant to see it again but realizes soon she got more than she bargained for. She sees haunting visions and ghosts. I won't say too much more. The hospital scenes are creepy and atmospheric. Lee is a strong heroine who is likable. I was on the edge of my seat the whole movie. The third and final act of movie was awesome. I found this movie to be scary and interesting. It felt original. I really liked the ending. It's a great ghost story. It's a got a great blend of psychological scares and some gore added in. There are great suspense in scenes which make the movie exciting and keep a good pace.
I know some people are not fans of subtitles but for this movie it's worth enduring it. The acting is good in this movie but I think the best aspect was the directing. There was a claustrophobic feel to it that you made you scared more than other horror films. I got this film for a good price on amazon and it was worth it. Of all the horror movies I've been watching this is one of my favorite. This is a great foreign film for fans who are just being introduced to the foreign horror. It's a spooky tale that will stick with you well after the credits. This movie sparked an interest in foreign horror movie films that I am going to be seeing Shutter, Ringu and One Missed Call. Some foreign films I can recommend are Let the Right One In, A Tale of Two Sisters and Imprint. Cheers!
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For a blind person, it would seem like a dream come true to have their sight restored. But what if it came with a price? That is the idea behind the Pang Brothers' "The Eye" ("Jian gui"), one of the most minimalistic -- and chilling -- horror movies in years.

Wong Kar Mun (Angelica Lee) has been blind since she was two, but a cornea transplant restores her sight. At first she can only see blurry figures. But then, Mun sees shadowy phantoms leading away the spirits of the dead. Even worse, she sees the ghosts of suicides lingering on, doomed to repeat their deaths until they are put to rest.

Horrified by this, she goes to her psychotherapist Dr. Wah (Lawrence Chou) for help. Stretching professional ethics, the lovestruck doctor manages to get the records of the donor, and they go to see her family in a rural village. And guided by dreams and visions, Mun learns of the tragic life of a girl, Ling, who could foresee death...

If you like serial killers, buckets of blood and screaming blondes in your horror movies, don't watch "The Eye." As a horror movie, it will be too subtle, too quiet, and too full of intelligent questions about life and death.

There are only a couple of real "horror" moments in here, where things look grotesque. Most of the time, it's psychological in nature; at one point, we hear that suicides are doomed to repeat their deaths -- it's horrifying enough to contemplate someone killing themselves, but doing it over and over? Even worse, we see this in action.

And the Pang Bros. handle this wonderfully. Many of the ghosts appear and vanish quickly, giving a shock to the audience; at other times, they explore the changes that sight brings to Mun's life. But at the same time, the Bros. add a softer side to this movie, such as Ling's reconciliation with her mother. It's a credit to the Bros. that this is touching, not syrupy.

A lot of the impact of the film can be credited to Lee and Chou. Lee especially, for showing a range of emotions, including joy, grief, hysteria and peaceful acceptance. Boyishly handsome Chou balances out Mun in a very believable, by merely being a pillar of strength and believing her seemingly crazy stories. The only flaw is that he seems to fall for her too quickly.

The DVD also comes with a very insightful featurette, which sheds a lot of light on the film's background and production. The actors talk about their characters, the directors talk about creating gas explosions and ghosts. And we hear from the people whose stories inspired the ghosts in this film, such as the guy standing in the highway.

With good acting and a really chilling script, "The Eye" is one of the rarest kinds of horror -- the kind that horrifies the mind, rather than the stomach. Mesmerizing and really spooky.
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on April 23, 2015
I like this movie. Its slow at the beginning but creepy esp. at the end (graphic effect seems SO REAL & excellent) it could happened in real life. However, I asks myself if this movie was film in china or Thailand ( I just read wiki, it was film in thai). I noticed their scribble language in some billboard. I also noticed the Chinese language/symbol. Its almost the same plot as Jessica alba movie except the place, culture, and the actors. I'm craving to watch foreign movie this whole week.
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on December 10, 2004
I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this movie. The beautiful young actress who plays the lead created such a likable character that I felt immersed in her character's plight and confusion. The atmosphere of the film was perfect -- not forceful but subtle. And the creep factor was definitely there! However, I found the movie also surprisingly touching. You feel that the character comes full circle but ends up with her eyes "opened" in an unexpected way. Very similar in theme to The Sixth Sense but, I felt, more satisfying somehow. I have to admit to some doubt when The Eye first started. I was a little thrown by the camera work, the shifting focus. I wasn't sure what to expect at that point. However, with one sweep of the hand, the opening credits began and I was immediately intrigued. A great film to watch while you're alone at night, to get a full appreciation for the creep-factor and the suspense. A scene I could watch over and over again (and have) is the elevator scene. Deliciously done! I may have second thoughts about being in an elevator again. lol

If you're looking for cheap startle scares, gruesome f/x, and other such horror aspects (we) Americans seem accustomed to, you may wish to look elsewhere. However, if you are the type who can appreciate a fine, subtle touch of atmosphere, suspense, character and situations then you may find The Eye very much to your liking. As a heads-up, the movie has English subtitles but does not have any English dubbed soundtrack. A plus in my book! Nothing could ruin a suspenseful movie faster than bad dubbing and, for me, there's no such thing as "good" dubbing. ;-)
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on March 1, 2007
Starting this review off by saying I love Asian ghost films at this point would be beating a dead horse(who would then come back to haunt me by crawling towards me in jump-cut fashion with long, scraggly black hair-but i digress) but there's a reason; they are usually very good. Even mediocre Asian ghost fare is better than almost all the recent attempts at spook movies America has had to offer lately, and it's because they arent afraid to scare the hell out of you. Their movies typically incorporate stylistic and subtle means, realizing that many times whats in the peripheral or just beyond line of sight can be terrifying, plus many times they aren't afraid to even get bizarre to illicit fear. Enter: The Eye.

The Eye contains everything that i think is right with Eastern Horror and at the same time illuminates the flaws in the sort of thing we typically are treated to 'round here:spirits of all kinds, a protagonist we can care for, atmosphere and subtlety along with some big scare moments,etc.

The basic plot is this: Mun(played exquisitly by possibly the most beautiful asian woman Ive ever seen, Sin-je Lee) has been blind since the age of two. She undergoes organ transplant corneal replacement surgery and is able to see again and almost instantly realizes that she might be seeing things other people aren't supposed to. She and her pysychothereapist Dr. Lo(nephew of Dr.Lo???) discover that the peeper donor was "gifted" a la The Sixth Sense and that as long as Mun has those eyes, those eyes will see dead people.

Pretty simple and almost deriviative plot right? Right. But it aint the size, it's what you do with it. The Eye is a suspenseful,well acted, well directed creep-out that grabs you right from the start. The Pang brothers(the directing team) know how to take a scenario we've seen before and give it enough of a fresh spin to at least still be scary, and believe me it is. The ghosts themselves range from normal looking to deformed to wispy and bizarre and that was a great touch. It never allows you to get used to seeing them because you have no idea how they are going to present themselves, also the added bonus of Mun having almost no frame of reference as to how people actually look and move, there are times when she is in the presence of a ghost and simply has no idea when anyone else would have already beaten it outta there so fast they would have left a cloud shaped like themselves in their wake. The Character of mun herself is extremely sympathetic and my hat's off to Mrs Lee for making what must have been an almost impossible situation seem very real. I did have to grow on her , she is amazingly beautiful and I was taken aback at first, but she aint juts a pretty face. When she first gains her sight though, it was underplayed to the point where I could barely tell she cared, as the movie carried forward, she became more open and as the horrors begin to unfold, she begins to unravel and as opposed to simply playing it scared, Mrs Lee finds alot of different levels and places to go and juts the process itself must have been exhausting. She pulls it off with grace and allows us to not only fear the ghosts, but care about her well-being.

The movie isn't perfect though(hence four instead of five stars). The scares wear off in the second half and except for Mrs Lee, there's noone to really root for. Obviously this is her story and any other supporting characters are just that, but it would have been nice for them to have had more depth and at least make decisions that seem logical. Mun needing their help is one thing, but young Dr. Lo falls in love with her improbably quickly and accepts the fact that she sees ghosts and can predict peoples deaths even moreso, and the elder Dr Lo is played as a hardline skeptic, but in the interest of simply moving the story along begins to believe her too and puts his entire career at a huge risk to help her discover where the haunted pupils came from.

These overall are small gripes and it didnt hurt my enjoyment of the movie much. It held my attention and better than that, scared the crap out of me so there's no way I can't recommend the flic. Watch it in the dark, marvel at mrs Lee's beauty, pee your pants.
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on November 3, 2005
There'll probably be nothing new to you in "The Eye" if you've seen "Ringu", "Tale of Two Sisters", "The Sixth Sense" and all other movies of this kind. The story itself also is not original - we've read and seen plenty of those where different transplants start to behave strange and don't obey their "owner". So if you want some revelation you won't find it here. But somehow this film attracts you. First it's how "The Eye" is done. And it's done almost perfect considering the cinematography. It's beautiful and stylish like many recent Asian horror flicks (just recall the above-mentioned "Tale of Two Sisters"). You will really be enjoying aesthetically what you see. And the second thing - "The Eye" contains some truly chilling scenes - I mean REALLY chilling. You won't regret watching it in headphones late at night :)

"The Eye" is not a masterpiece of horror, it's not in any way innovative, but if you like shivers down your spine from time to time it's a good choice. And if you are a big connoisseur of Asian cinema and horror in particular, I'd say it's a must for you.
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on August 6, 2006
Directors, Danny and Oxide Pang, have given the audience an excellent horror film. "The Eye," is a film that is rich in both the atmosphere and creepy nuances of horror, which I find to be the best of what a horror film should be like: The suggestion of horror, not blood and gore. How refreshing it is to see a horror film that is not filled to the brim with gore, but instead gives the viewer a very good drama to go along with the horror. Moreover, the acting in the film is a plus, and further enhances this great horror film from Asia. The films narrative revolves around a young woman named Mun (Angelica Lee) who has been blind since she was 2 years old. [She gives an outstanding performance in this film.]

However, things are about to change for this young women. After undergoing a cornea transplant to help restore her eyesight, she begins to see things that are not there. The Doctors believe that this is a result of the surgery, and with time, these images will go away as her brain will accept the images sent to her from her new corneas. They believe that this is common, and that she will eventually adapt to her new found sight. Yet, events become more ominous for Mun, as she continually sees people in what appears to be an agonizing moment of their lives. She is frightened, and with the help of her doctor, she will go on a journey to find out why she is experiencing these visions.

Dr. Wah (Lawrence Chou) accompanies his young patient Mun, to find out who was the donor of the corneas. But as there is Doctor and Patient confidentiality concerning body donations, both come to a dead end--until they discover who this donor was. The Pang brothers take the viewer on a creepy excursion into the unknown. This is a great dramatic horror film where the suggestion of horror is enhanced by the great acting of the films two main protagonists Mun, and Dr. Wah. Moreover, it is also a very sad horror film. I particularly liked many of the location shots, especially when they both discover who the donor was. This is an excellent horror film. The Pang brothers have done a wonderful job with storytelling, suspense, mystery, and horror rolled up into one. Further, the cinematography is great. But more importantly, the film has a great story to go along with the horror. And where the story in the film takes the viewer is very creepy indeed. The film as I wrote before is sad: Something gained and something lost. This film is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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on February 19, 2017
Its a really good original movie! However I liked the ending of the remake better and of course Jessica did a good job in the american remake
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on February 24, 2004
This is an amazing movie. Its atmosphere is very well done. So as not to ruin any of it I wont expain the story. Everything seemed so original (at least the way they were done). Please dont let the subtitles turn you away. This movie has so many different things in it: from jump out scares, to deep inside tension that causes you to mumble things like (get out, dont look behind you). I cant wait for another movie like this. Also it is a drama and has quite a few tearjerking moments that blend in very well with the scares. The only things I didnt like were how a couple scenes did not explain themselves well and some are kind of artsy, but I got over them in a second and by the 2nd time I saw the movie they seemed to blend in better and make the movie an overall more enjoyable experience. With scares, tears, great imagery and acting, and some hidden creepy things in the background this movie is a no brainer for fans of the genre.
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on November 10, 2014
The best of the 3-movie series in my opinion. This was creepy as you tried to cheer on the hero but then saw more and more side-effects. Makes you wonder how many strangers in the street you pass by and they're really just ghosts.
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