Customer Reviews: The Fabulous Ewing Boys
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on April 21, 2009
And so it ends, although there were of course two reunion sequels, one better than the other. This year was the last one for Dallas, and the cast departures for budget cuts translating to decreased ratings obviously reached it's breaking point. This season saw many players gone or with a reduced episode count, and the result was of course those viewers who were fans leaving. Despite this, I feel that anytime a soap is ending, it by definition won't be as fun as when it was going on. In retrospect, I think the only way to go was to have a sort of tragic finale where the remaining characters sort of faced their destiny. JR deals with losing everything, Bobby loses his new wife but gains Southfork, and Cliff Barnes finally gets control of Ewing Oil. The year is really about the tragedy of the two brothers as they slowly come to grips with losing much of all they ever thought was important in life-one being able to deal with it and the other not, in retrospect very well done. The series finale features JR and a devil played by Joel Grey visiting an alternate reality where JR was never born and many familiar faces from the past returned. Ultimately it is kind of a fun ride, but I must agree that it was rather unsatisfying as an ending. Fortunately we got the first reunion in 96, JR Returns, and that was a much better conclusion for fans of the show, and that will thankfully be released soon as well. So, for what it is, the last season of Dallas is really appropriate and as good as it could have been really. With Barbara Bel Geddes, Charlene Tilton, and Lesley Anne Down leaving and Barbara Stock added to the main title, also starring Jared Martin as Dusty Farlow, Gayle Hunnicut as Vanessa Beaumont, Clifton James as Duke Carlisle, and John Harkins as Control, with special appearances by Susan Lucci, Barbara Eden, Mary Crosby, Linda Gray, Joel Grey, Steve Kanaly, Jack Scalia, Ted Shackelford, and Joan Van Ark.
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on March 22, 2011
This was the last season of Dallas, and I wasn't disappointed. The last show was very strange. I didn't like it. I thought everyone would come back for the last show, and they did, but it was a blast from the past. I guess that's okay. I wanted it to end a certain way, but you can't have everything. I am sadden that there's no more seasons for Dallas. It was a dangerous, and back-stabbing show, and JR should have been shot more than once because he was ruthless as they come. The man had no scruples at all.

I could have put a different ending on it, but the show was mysterious and had a lot of anticipation. I enjoyed it. I really will miss Dallas. It was one of my favorite shows up there with KNOTS LANDING, MELROSE PLACE AND DYNASTY. Television as of 2011 sucks.
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on October 24, 2010
This may be the final season but it's not the end of the show and we don't complete our collection if the three tv dallas movies are not available.
ONLY when "jr returns, war of the ewings and the early years" will be released on dvd we will complete our collection SO BRING THEM ON SOON...
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on May 24, 2011
I really wanted to love it and like it but it was just plain hard since it was so boring. I don't know why it has stayed so expensive because it is so not worth it. The show just couldn't be the same without Sue Ellen, Lucy, Ms. Ellie, and Clayton. Cliff was way too mild. I know Sheree Wilson was pregnant but I think it would have been better for her to go away another way and not the stupid way they killed her. Season 14 was like they had short timmer's disease, they knew this was it so the writers didn't give a darn. I wish Dallas went off with a bang but it didn't, but being a die hard Dallas fan I had to see it. I would have been more than happy if my local library would have had this season but they didn't. Usually I don't pay much attention to when people write about bad color and clarity because I usually think that some people are too picky and want beyond perfection, but I will have to say that the color and clarity was off at some points. I wouldn't have thought this was the 14th season by the way it looked because it looked really old compared to the previous seasons.

If you have not bought this season and you have Netflix I would suggets you getting it there or the library. If you can see it without buying it you will have done yourself a financial favor. I wouldn't suggest not wasting your time and seeing it, I would just say if you don't have to purchase it then please don't unless you have extra money to throw around.
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on June 28, 2014
Boy were we wrong but the new Dallas has nothing on the original. There will never be anything else like it with the superb writing, spectacular acting, the great music and best directing.
Although, this season is missing many key players such as Sue Ellen, Pamela, Ray, Jenna and Donna (they had been missing for several seasons by this time) it is still a very fun season.
As long as "good ole JR" is around it is always fun.
JR is still in the "nut house" at the beginning of this season and we get to see him at his most vulnerable state.
JR and Cliff still have their great animosity towards one another. The 2nd to the last show they have an absolutely hilarious scene together.
Although, some didn't like the last show of Dallas, I thought it was brilliant and I have rewatched that episode several times.
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on April 22, 2014
Different from the original series from the 80's but at least seeing Larry Hagman as JR Ewing get his just dues in this final season was fun,and he got his but kicked by a beautiful woman from his past (and from another show he worked with in the 60's and 70's-I dream of Jeannie).Seeing Barbara Eden guest in 5 episodes opposite Larry Hagman as the only woman who could rock his world and destroy him in 5 minutes flat was funny.Their love scene in Designing Woman was priceless.Way to go you two! :)
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on September 10, 2014
The XIVth and final season of DALLAS opens with suspense done in the style of legendary director Sir Alfred Hitchcock, and ends with an ode to a classic motion picture...a Machavellian twist worthy of DALLAS. Two delectable teasers for what happens in between: A Jeannie plots to destroy J.R. and someone who's been an ally of J.R. finds out what a snake he is. To quote from my favourite motion picture, 'Don't believe me? Ask the dishes.' The final minutes of one episode literally had my heart pounding and almost screaming at the end. That's how good it was.

It's a shame that Barbara Bel Geddes left the show in Season XIII and retired from acting. The series was not really the same without her in the final season. Same with Howard Keel, who appears in less than a dozen episodes. The departing cast members really left a gaping hole in the show, which the writers did their best to fill up. Shame also that Michelle Stevens was a child-hating b---. I don't like it when a beautiful woman hates children; especially kind children, like Christopher. That is why I give this final season IV stars.

A soundtrack for the show should be made, as there are III memorable love themes in the show: one for Pam & Bobby heard mostly through the miniseries (first five episodes) and the real first season (what is known as the second season), another love theme for Pam & Bobby heard throughout Season X and a love theme for April & Bobby heard in the final episodes of Season XII, throughout Season XIII and sporadically in Season XIV. Beautiful music.

Special mention in the acting department goes to Kimberly Foster, Cathy Podewell, Barbara Stock, Sheree J. Wilson, Deborah Rennard, Susan Lucci, the woman who played Jory, Patrick Duffy and the woman who played McKay's harlot.

The Storm Ends...Or Does It?

The series was followed by two reunion movies; DALLAS: J.R. Returns (written by Executive Producer Leonard Katzman) & DALLAS: War Of The Ewings (written by Executive Producer Arthur Bernard Lewis). Both made-for-television films are included with the prequel DALLAS: The Early Years (written by series creator David Jacobs), which aired during the dream season of the show, and the reunion special DALLAS: Return To Southfork in DALLAS: The Movie Collection.
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on March 22, 2011
The later years of dallas was not as good, but still I liked it. One huge loss no Victoria Principal in the series finale. Watching the last series left me wanting more, but old JR Returns.
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on July 10, 2014
It was great. It's a wonderful life for JR was a masterpiece. To see how life without JR would be good for most but bad for some but all around the best thing for everybody. Then again things didn't turn out too bad for most of the people with him alive. his life was the only one that didn't end well.
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on July 12, 2013
Born and raised in Dallas, this show conjures up TONS of childhood memories for me! One of those was watching it every Friday night with my family and having to go to bed before Dynasty. I own the entire series and LOVE the big hair, ridiculous earrings, shoulder pads, J.R.'s safari shirts (what were those about?!?!?), you name it!! FOREVER A CLASSIC!!!!! (My FAVORITE show ever is LOST!)
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