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on November 22, 2016
this is so crazy but believe me when i say it, i have been using this tub ever since my LO was a newborn (she is now almost 10M). the main reason why we purchased this tub was 1) it had a lot of great reviews and 2) because our house ONLY has a working stand up shower.
and i can honestly see why this is best moms pick and have so many great reviews bc i love and depend on this so much during bath time!!
i will seperate this by months of baby!

i love the sling in the bath. it's easily removable and easy to clean. after every bath i would just wring out the leftover water and hang to dry. no mold from the foam at all! there's also like a tiny bucket/container inside the bathtub which gives me easy access to her soap or wet cloth.

I hate to admit but i was still using the sling at this time. i had a constant struggle where my daughter would slip sideways on the tub without the sling (only bc she wasn't able to sit up on her own yet). even though she was obviously way too big for it, just for safety, i still used the sling. her legs would be dangling out of the bathtub and her arms would flare out everywhere but it was still good! baby never rolled out of it and never came across a issue of sling breaking/tearing. or the baby being uncomfortable.

so around this time, we finally took out the sling. also around this time, my daughter started to splash, tried to roll over and kept trying to eat the water. but a few toys in there helps a lot to keep her in control. there's also a more slouched position and a more upright (at the other side of the tab). at first i didn't notice it and just thought the different dents in the tub was so that it could fit on top of a sink. but nope!!! the design of this tub was so well thought of that they included a more upright position for your baby to bathe in when she's older. so awesome bc my daughter started to not like the more slouched position around 7-8months (only bc she's a very active baby and wanted to be more mobile during bath time).

my LO is a very and i mean a VERY active baby. i have caught her numerous times to climb out of the bathtub!! it happens to often that i constantly grabbing her and repositioning her back inside the tub. also, she is a long baby so her legs get cramped a lot in the bath. even though i would love to keep using his bath, i sadly have to let it go around this time...

overall, this bathtub is amazing and it's truly a bathtub to keep throughout the first year of your LO (unless your LO is as active as mine haha).
i'm sure if my baby wasn't so free spirited or active, i would use this all the way till she was 1. but for now, i have to look into a bigger tub. i can't believe how much i got out of this tub in he last 10M...(and with only spending less than $20!!!!)

i will definitely recommend this tub to all my newly pregnant friends and will probably purchase again for the next baby!!
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VINE VOICEon June 21, 2016
A great tub! It's kind of large but I was able to find a simple way to rig this set up in my bathroom so I could easily hang it on the tiles. I used a command waterproof 20pd hook and a nylon rope keychain. Drill a small hole in the side of the tub and put the key ring through it. As you can see in the photo now it's out-of-the-way! Excited to get this a real spin in a few short weeks when our little one arrives.
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I originally purchased this tub because of the thousands of positive reviews and for the low cost. This is one of those purchases that I highly regret. When it comes to a baby bath, spend a few more dollars and get a better tub. Save yourself the headaches. After a couple months of trying to see the positive of this tub, I finally purchased Fisher Price's 4-in-1 Baby Bathtub. My daughter is currently 14 months old and we are still using the Fisher Price tub. It's fantastic!

•The BIGGEST issue I have with this tub is that the center of the bath has a raised hump that supports the baby once you stop using the sling. Problem with this is, when you are using the sling with a newborn, that dang hump digs into their lower back and causes a red indented mark. Every. Single. Time. This was one of the main reasons bathing my baby was so miserable the first couple of months. If you raise the sling as high as it will go so baby is no longer against this hump...well then your baby's body will barely be in the water.
•The sling is terrible! It provides absolutely zero support. My daughter was constantly sliding down. I had to keep one hand on her just to hold her up.
•No way to store this tub. It's huge and bulky and doesn't have a way to hang it to dry. I ended up just resting against the bathroom wall. Fisher Price's tub has a hanging hook!
•The padded sling takes forever to dry.
•Once baby is older there is no room for them to move around. The molded seats make it impossible for a curious baby to roam around and play with their toys. This means your baby will grow out of this tub very quickly.

•The top half of the sling is nice and padded. This is perfect for those delicate newborn heads. Newer versions of this tub no longer have this padded sling.
•Sling is adjustable. You can control how much of your baby's body is in the water.
•This has a very convenient shelf at the foot of the tub to store your bath essentials. I loved this feature.
•This tub is very easy to drain.

Overall, this tub was a waste of money. I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to have a quality tub. Especially as a first time parent. It will make your life that much easier. Spend a few extra dollars and go with the Fisher Price 4-in-1 tub. I stand behind that tub 100%.
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The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub was one of the cheapest, best and most used purchases I made as a new mommy.

The tub is lightweight and rather small so it will fit in any nook or cranny when not in use so you don’t have to clutter your bathroom or bath tub.

It comes with a sling attachment for when your baby is super small. I purchased a separate large sponge to insert on top of the sling as my baby was born very premature. So that has worked very well for us. Our babe is now 5 months old and 11 lbs and he is about ready to be on the sling without the sponge right now. We've been using the tub 3-4 times per week since he was born and everything is perfect, like new.

Our baby seems to enjoy this tub, he gets comfortable and just waits patiently until we are done bathing him. Definitely see why this is the best selling baby tub, it’s simple yet designed with the baby and parents in mind. Highly recommend it.
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on May 3, 2017
Just what I needed for my new born baby to relax in while taking a bath.
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on May 8, 2017
I've been using this with my newborn son for the past month and a half, but now that he is two months old I went to adjust the height of the sling as mentioned in the instructions... and there are no buckles on the straps at all. Both sides of the sling have fixed-length straps so it is not adjustable. This is frustrating because my son's torso is mostly out of the water and he gets cold, but he's not big enough to sit in the tub without the sling.
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on December 11, 2017
This review is long overdue.

I bought this while ago for my friends sister who was expecting a baby boy.

Apparently someone else had purchased for her a "fancy" tab with a shower head. So, my thoughtful friend told me that she will bring it back to me. Okkkey what am I supposed to do with it right? and it was well past return window so I told her to keep it or give away.

Ha! 3 months later when baby was born and they got to use their "fancy" tab it just didn't work the way they thought lol. You can't expect it to pour water like the shower. So long story short. She got to use the one I bought for her and thanked me again and was greatful that I did not take the tub back :D
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on August 5, 2017
This is a great bathtub for use during baby's first several months. The inside is all perfectly rounded curves with nothing sharp to hurt babies delicate skin. Solid single piece construction. Has a built in side pocket (see behind baby's back in seated picture) that's supposed to be for clean water but it's small so we use it to hold out baby wash & wash cloth, etc.

Used this with the hammock for baby's first bath during his first week of life and for the first 2-3 months, then removed the hammock and used the stage 2 position which parts like the hammock but directly on the bathtub. From 5-6 months on been using the seated position and so far so good. Baby is 7 months old now & has started showing signs of wanting to get out and into the big tub but still easily distracted, sits still for the most part and i like how safe & contained he is in this tub.

Side note: We had this same exact bathtub over 10 yrs ago with our first baby and everything about it was equally loved & appreciated. The only change we noticed was in the color of the hammock. I researched a lot of tubs cause I wanted a different one this time around but ended up going with the tried and true and do not regret it. For the price, ability to grow with baby & durability, can't be beat.

Minus 1 star because there are no fancy bells or whistles like some other me find on the market though it's simplicity of it's strength. Also, I think the little rubber stopper at the bottom is supposed to change color to indicate if the water is too hot and it has never worked for us.
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on March 7, 2018
So far I haven't used this tub yet because my son isn't due until mid april. However, Upon unboxing, it looks like a very nice tub! I was slightly disappointed that the sling wasn't the cute whale design, and instead is this grey/white random pattern. One thing that would have been nice would be the adjustable straps shown on the whale sling, but I think this sling will do just fine. I do really like that the tub has the different sides for different stages, and the little non-slip pads and hump in the middle are great additions. Another thing I liked about this tub was that there is a little shelf for toys or soaps. Very nice and I believe it will definitely come in handy. The drain plug works great, I didn't test its accuracy for water temperature detection though. The tub drains slowly and the drain is in an odd spot. Perfect for draining into the sink, however it wouldn't work if sitting on the flat bottom of the regular bathtub. So far the tub seems great and spacious, but small enough I can tuck it away in my bathroom between the shower and vanity. One more thing.. the "legs" that sit over the middle of the sink are nice. But from the inside they seem like a good tight space to trap moisture and bacteria. One great improvement to this tub would be to fill those nooks with the plastic, that way the tub still has legs but no deep, hard-to-dry nooks on the inside. Overall I'd say this is a great tub, so far. We'll see how my son likes it once he's here. I love that BabyCenter moms rate it as one of the best, and was a huge factor in my decision on purchasing this tub.
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I used to own the blue Fisher Price dolphin tub. It started collecting mold after a year so needed to get a new one. I was pretty bummed it was discontinued as it was perfect in my opinion. I settled on this tub per my sister-in-laws recommendation. It's alright. There's two things I really don't like about it. The first is that the "newborn" side of the tub is not really just for newborns. Until your child can sit upright, you have to use the newborn side where they are lying down on their back. This is fine, except the hump in the middle of the tub is not deep enough for a growing baby and my girl (4 months) is constantly sliding down into the water. Second reason I don't like this tub is because on the newborn side, when I am rinsing my child's head, water ALWAYS ends off coming over the sides onto my kitchen tabletop. It's really frustrating. I'm looking forward to when I can sit her upright. Only knocked off one star though because at the end of the day, all babies need is a tub like this and unless you want to shell out more money for a totally unnecessary fancy shmancy tub like the one I returned when I realized $50 for a tub is just ridiculous, this will do. Btw, I never used the infant clip on mesh thing so cannot comment on the use of it.
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