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on March 4, 2015
This series has a lot of potential. It tries to be like Hannibal Lecter/ Criminal Minds. I can understand why there are a lot of 1-star reviews because, I was leaning that way too. The 3 main protagonists seem always lacking manpower and often ambushed by the more organized cult/criminals and it does seem implausible. Perhaps in season 2 they can correct a lack of manpower and the lack of tactical competence shown by the SWAT members, as they too are often ambushed and quickly executed.

I think this Hannibal-&- Edgar Allan Poe like criminal as more realistic, since Joe Carroll shows a lot of monomaniacal impulses and weaknesses of a typical sociopath. He is not perfect like Hannibal Lecter nor as brilliant, but he is often several steps ahead of the FBI...I thought it might have had potential but it doesn't...Season 2 was a failure. Too much stabbing, shooting, screaming and mindless characters...to sum it up...it goes from Edgar Allan Poe to religious cults...or Jesus Christ cults....how original.
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VINE VOICEon February 16, 2016
The book follows Kevin Bacon's fallen FBI agent as he tries to deal with the machinations of a mass murderer.

The twist in this series is that mass murderer is in prison for most of the series.

Instead of committing crimes himself, the villain works through a mass following that is willing to go to any lengths to venerate their cult leader.

It is an interesting premise, and the stories are well written.

It is a little bloody, and the level of cult following seems a little "over the top," but if you don't mind gore then this might be a good series for you.
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on April 18, 2013
This show has some gruesome imagery, and may lack depth in some of its characterizations, but it is a weirdly engrossing thriller, and it succeeds for those with the stomach for such things. The writers try hard to provide some of the motivation for the unspeakable crimes committed by the Followers, but most of the emotional impact comes from the interplay between Kevin Bacon's damaged FBI ex-agent Ryan Hardy, Natalie Zea's Claire Carroll, the show's only well-balanced character, and James Purefoy's Joe, who is characterized as a serial killer, but who is so much more. I enjoy that the FBI team tracking Joe is composed of such baggage-laden individuals, each with a propensity to act impulsively in their pursuit, giving the plot an edge of unpredictability. One ploy that's getting a bit tired, though, are repeated approaches by supposedly sympathetic Followers, who then turn to lethally attack the FBI team when they have let their guard down. But it's Joe's character and actions that provide the show's greatest strength and its greatest weakness. His apparent charisma as a teacher is mirrored by his diabolic power and mind-control as recruiter of murderous followers. His use of pre-existing fringe networks as talent pools and their organization as an instrument of his unfolding master plan is ingeniously shown, as well as all the tech-gimickry of secret websites, untraceable sat phones,etc. The weakness, for me at least, is the simple question, "who's paying for all this?" Joe is a college professor, failed novelist, and a cult leader. His organization appears to have the military armament, tech resources, and funding of a sponsored terror network, just like on 24 (which would have had oil money, blood diamonds, or a drug smuggling cartel behind it).
His Followers are many, but no one has been shown to be his financial "Angel". But if you can set your rational skepticism aside you can enjoy a weekly occurrence of white knuckles gripping your sofa arm or that of anyone you're with.
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on January 4, 2014
okay..so we've all obviously seen a member of law enforcement hunt a really bad guy before right?
can you get past that> great!

the show is a wonderful journey of macabre,with moments of brilliance and yet also has moments of people needing to do the dumb thing-so the plot can move conventionally. it happens..but when it happens around a strong cast and captivating story-it can be forgiven

the acting-nobody hams it up or phones it in. there are no cracks in the performances that say "we know its just a tv show,what ghoulish glee were having,whoo hoo:." its played straight,at times with romance and also with a devilish twinkle in the mad mens eyes.

the story-again,weve seen the good guy chase the bad guy before. what makes this show exciting is having two likeable leads and a plotline that offers some twists

the 'ghoulish glee'- if your a fan of Silence Of The Lambs,or Saw,this might be a nice light fare for you. It certainly doesnt have the excess gore of the latter series,but doesnt skimp on a chance to make with the bloodletting either.there may not be too many moments youll have to look away in disgust,but you might cringe with a slight smile-revering the dark fun of it all.

Many reviewers have blasted the show for being weak or predictable,and ill admit after a strong debut and 2nd show,there was a slow week or 2. After that,every episode drew you in,and left you cakcling as you rub your feet together in anticipation of whatever gruesome moment or surprise turn comes next.

it is predictable? yes,but i predict youll like it anyway.
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on March 2, 2014
A word of caution up front, this will contain some spolierish material from season one, although nothing major will be given away.

The Following is a show about a serial killer that focuses not only on the killer himself (played wonderfully by James Purefoy), but the cult of followers that assist him. He kills based on literary references, and has set up a religious cult based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe. The show starts with him breaking out of prison and sets in motion a plan to kill the agent that arrested him (played by Kevin Bacon), and be reunited with his ex wife (Natalie Zea) and young son.

The first half of the season consisted of many twists and turns mainly focused around who was a cult member and who was not. Some of that got kind of ridiculous because there were cult members insulated almost everywhere. The cult ended up being very large, although the story tended to focus mainly on just a few of the "main" members. Like any dramatized cop show they had the agents making very stupid decisions in order to put them in more danger when trying to catch the cult members. Some of those things did die down by the end of the season however.

The story is told both in present day and in a series of flashbacks to tell the back stories of the characters and reveal how Joe was originally caught. The show is very violent but not ultra gory. Yes there is blood, killing and some gory moments, but if you compare the level of gore to a show like Hannibal it is very tame. What I think the show does best is make all the characters flawed in some way. The good guys are not always good, and the bad guys are written in a way that they are not always just pure evil so you can find some compassion for some of them. It is also a show where no character is safe. All of the main characters are point in death defying situations, and not all make it alive.

If you get the blu rays, the season will come not only on blu ray, but for some reason on DVD. It does give you more options for when and where you can watch the show, but I would rather just have the blu rays and keep the set a little less expensive. Like is the case with most new shows, it looks and sounds great on blu ray. And given some of the wonderful visuals that the show gives on location shots you can really enjoy the picture quality. Like many of the dramas are doing the season was shorter, 16 episodes in all covering 4 discs.

As far as the bonus material goes, there are commentary and deleted scenes on selected episodes. There are also "in movie" experience mode on some where you get video pop ups where something about a scene will be explained. Along with that there is just over an hour of behind the scenes and making of features included. So if you are one who likes to go through that material it will be enough to make you happy. The only real drawback to the blu rays is that there is no true season play mode. The episodes will play back-to-back, however if you stop in the middle of an episode it will not start playing from where you left off when you turn the player back on. It reloads to the main menu (which thankfully is pretty quick if you have a newer player and have updated your firmware) but you have to go back to the episode you were on and either do chapter selections or forward through it to get back to where you left off.

Overall it is a well written (for the most part) well acted drama. As I said above some of the twists early in the season are a bit silly, but once those let up, and it becomes more of a chase/manhunt thriller it works well. If you generally like those kinds of shows and movies then this one is worth checking out.
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on April 24, 2017
I am in the process of watching this series and certainly have enjoyed it so far. I had no trouble with the seller or in receiving it. I got it on the promised date and it was in perfect condition.
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on April 14, 2017
Very good show first season. Beware the story gets a little out there come season 2 and especially season 3. Season 2 was good but I was glad when season 3 ended. Still worth it imo tho.
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on February 27, 2013
Im not going to write a long review. And i am not going to compare it to novels or as in one review that actually got four stars, talk about how much carnage there is, and how long it will take for some sick person to copy what they see on tv? This is what everyone is giving 4 stars for? The story is about a guy who is a genius. He has a cult. "The Following"......Kevin Bacon a once, I think FBI agent, left the force, and was called back to help catch this guy and bring him in. But just cause he is in jail, doesn't mean his cult is not fully planned and doing as instructed. The force with Bacon's help is trying to solve all these bad things that keep coming up all through great planning of this psychopath.....In short Im sure we all have seen something like this in a movie at some point. But as for tv? I think it's fresh, and Bacon and im sorry i don't remember his real name (the bad guy in jail), he is just amazing and perfect for this role. could not get any better than him. All the acting in this is First class all the way. Very entertaining. This show will last as long as Bacon stays on. It's a six year contract. So if you like action, police shows, a little bit of cult thrown at you, then i think you will love this show. It's actually a rush. It moves fast when it needs to, and slows up for really intense moments. You really get to enjoy each scene. Great writing i think. It is certainly worth at least watching the first two episodes to see if you like it. My only complaint, is i wish they allowed Bacon a little more room to act. Meaning to open up just a little. I understand he has a rough past, but allow him character to let one of the agents closer to him even a little. It will also allow Bacon to use more of his acting skills. Great show. I hope they don't take it off the air......5 stars all the way.
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on June 2, 2017
Loved this show during the first 3 season, then it kind of lost appeal. season 1 is great though.
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on March 16, 2013
I am enjoying this show quite a lot. There were some initial criticisms that the show was too gory and violent, but I think there are a lot of other shows that are much worse in that regard. I do enjoy the cat and mouse feel of the show and the unanswered question of
"Why is Joe Carroll doing all of this - from a jail cell most of the time?" Kevin Bacon is great as Ryan Hardy, the FBI agent who put Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) away years ago and reluctantly returns to hunt the mad who almost killed him years ago. And what a chilling performance from James Purefoy as the chilling serial killer leading his cult of killers. Lot of edge of your seat tension in this show.
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