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on February 16, 2017
When you think this series couldn't get better, it does. This is the third book in the Elemental Mysteries series and it's full of great prose. We continue to follow Gio and Beatrice on the hunt for her father and Lorenzo. This eventually leads them to the island of The Eight Immortals. We are also introduced to a new secondary character, Baojia, a water vampire of Beatrice's many greats Grandfather. He ends up travelling with them to Mount Penglai. Of course, Tenzin, one of Gio's best friends, is featured more in this book. She's a gem, a mighty force in a small package, and hilarious to boot.

This book is so well written, it is so hard to put down. I don't know how Elizabeth Hunter keeps coming up with these works of art. I cannot fault anything, since everything written is done in such a way, that you could just imagine yourself there in the pages. You almost feel like you are standing there and part of the story. I know when a book is that good, when I can't wait to get home from to pick the book up again. Or I find myself thinking about it when I'm at work. I will be picking up the last book in this series.
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on March 21, 2018
3 Stars... This addition to the “Elemental Mysteries” series felt somewhat disjointed for me and there seemed to be unnecessary sub plots occurring that were irrelevant to the overall storyline... Unknown information kept being shared unexpectedly and the timeline of the story continued to shift rapidly creating confusion and a sense of whiplash for me... I struggled to connect fully with the direction and purpose of the story; I recognize that the primary focus is Beatrice’s transformation and adjustment to her new self as well as the mysteries surrounding the manuscript, but it felt lost in the structure of the writing... I did, however, enjoy learning more of Tenzin’s past and all that she has experienced, looking forward to delving more into her character... I do look forward to the finale of this series with “The Fall of Water” to see how all the pieces finallly fit together:)
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on February 28, 2018
I am completely invested in this series and read this one in one day, but I did have a few qualms with the female protagonist. In the last book she cried, a lot, but she still maintained her strength. In this one, where you assume she'll be even stronger, the opposite is true. It's hard to fully respect a character who is so completely dependent on another character for their happiness. The same is true for the male protagonist...he retreated to the trope of older and wiser stubborn "equal" but not really. For once can a woman not puddle up whenever the man in her life blusters? Just a small thing, but I'll still read the conclusion.
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on December 1, 2014
At the end of each of the first three books in this marvelous series (The Elemental Mysteries), I say to myself, the next one CAN'T get any better or CAN'T be as good. Well, as usual, I am WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!! The Force of Wind, pardon the pun, BLEW me away. Not only does the story of Beatrice and Gio deepen and intensify, so does the complexity, emotion, intrigue and sheer creative genius of this adventure. The setting alone is majestic..the deep Wuji Mountains of China where electricity has just barely arrived and monks in saffron robes move silkenly and silently through their lives. The vampire stronghold is marvelously composed which only makes the introduction of the Eight Immortals (two from each element). HOW DOES SHE THINK OF THIS STUFF?? Once again, the ability to weave real people and places into this very worthy story is beyond my ability to comprehend. Maybe IF the places and people were a little more well known, but here we have places like the Wuji Mtns and, Patagonia (Cochamo) for heaven's sake (Patagonia has been on my bucket list for YEARS!!)and WHOEVER heard of Jamir ibn Hayyan (aka Geber)--Persian alchemist.

As Beatrice and Gio's love and connection deepen, so does the danger to them, their fight to find 'the book' that contains secret and startling information (alchemy).

As you know, I am a visceral reviewer and my viscera have NEVER had so much fun, been so entertained or been so appreciative of another human mind.
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on September 16, 2017
I have been impressed that each entry in this four part series has retained a high level of action and moved the overall story forward. In other series I have read, at least one entry has slowed down or has not maintained the same degree of purpose. This book was full of twists, turns and plenty of deception and betrayal. It also fleshed out several characters who have been background in previous entries. Looking forward to the fourth entry to see what surprises await.
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I am absolutely loving the Elemental Mysteries series! I have read 3 books in 2 days because I cannot put them down.
Earth, water, fire, and air a perfect balance of elements.
Follow Beatrice De Novo's continuing journey with her Giovanni. What will happen next?
Highly recommend this series be read in order, otherwise many situations & conversations will be confusing.
Recommended for those who are interested in vampires & mysteries. These are not the "typical " vampire stories! Time for me to get the 4th book before my battery runs out,!
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on March 21, 2015
I really enjoyed this series, each book of which is amazingly consistent and strong. The author writes well and does s suburb job of developing deep and complex characters, as least when it comes to the protagonists. She also create an amazing, complex and believable world. The plot advanced well with appropriate pacing. That said, there are a couple of things that bothered me. First, the villains were not nearly as well drawn and stayed very flat throughout the series until close to the end of the last book when we finally got to see all of Lorenzo's motivations. We should have been getting at least hints all along and perhaps some of the chapters might have been voiced from his perspective. I would have liked to understand his character better earlier and to see a rounded character overall. Second, these supposedly intelligent people demonstrate a sad lack of concern for their own security while locked in this epic struggle with evil. I kept finding myself wondering why and it pulled me out of the story time and time again. The plotting around these incidents seemed contrived. I have read the author's work beyond this seasons and enjoyed it. Will continue to read her work.
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on March 28, 2015
This third book in a series of four moves quickly to up the ante in the dynamics between "good" and "evil." Beatrice and Giovanni are reunited with Gio's old friend Tenzin as they travel to China to look for Beatrice's father and a "lost" book -- a book that some will stop at nothing to obtain. The vampire world is full of politics and people vying for power and riches. It is the same in China as in Europe as in the United States. Gio's and B's relationship deepens becoming more stable even as complexities and complications arise. Again, the writing is excellent and informative mixing history and literature and knowledge with suspense and romance. A world that is hard to leave and stays with me hours later. I look forward to "A Fall of Water" the fourth in this series.
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on November 1, 2013
As I always mention, I won't disclose a lot of details from the book because I feel it could ruin it for anyone else who may choose to read it. With that said:

Once again, Elizabeth starts right where she left off on the last book. Your attention is immediately grabbed and you stay engrossed up until the very end. (This time I have gone ahead and purchased the rest of the series along with the spin off series called: An Elemental World.) There are a few new characters added to the story, but not to the point that they "seem" too important. Well, not yet anyways. There are a few things that bother me about the stories. I know I said I don't disclose a lot of details from the books in my reviews, but these things are a little annoying:


You still have references on the Twilight series between Beatrice and Giovanni. It also seems like an intense History lesson and at times it gets kinda minding numbing. But some of it is indeed important to the story itself.


Other than that, this is still an incredible Vampiric journey. You continue on the journey to find the "books" and the "elixir" and wanting so desperately to see Lorenzo get his justice. But as you are being thrown through so much that is going on in this attention grabbing, anxiety peaking story, you literally sometimes forget that Lorenzo is "not" the only threat out there.

So it it quite obvious that I still recommend this book but only as long as you have read the 1st 3 books. And you need to definitely hold on because where Elizabeth takes us just seems to be a continued beginning of whats to come. AND I LOVE IT!!
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on May 5, 2016
Once again Elizabeth Hunter delivers, a grand slam! The story never failed to deliver, as she expertly weaves her story, twisting action, with romance and mystery, along with a couple of surprises thrown in for a good mix.
In these stories the characters, travel to many foreign destinations, while showing a side of the Vampire world that most often isn't shown. Ms Hunter, shows a compassionate side to what is usually seen as a cold calculating monster of the night.
This was a great read, that never drug, keeping the reader at the ready to turn the page..
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