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The Funhouse
Format: DVD|Change
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Horror classic. I've watched this film probably 20 times over the years. It's definitely one of the "must see" films for any serious horror buff, and it's just a plain ole fun horror flick. I always recommend this one to friends who are also fans of the genre. No CGI, just good old-fashioned storytelling and slightly cheesy 80s fun.
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on April 7, 2016
One of Tobe Hooper's lesser known films. What can I say but I absolutely love this movie! From the creepy atmosphere of the carnival this ones has it all. Cheesy acting, stupid teens and some sinister characters to boot. I really love the design of Gunther, one of the best deformed creature concepts I've ever seen. Even to this day it still holds up. Also another great cover drawn by Nathan Thomas Milliner. You won't be disappointed with this purchase.
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on September 27, 2017
This is still one of the scariest movies. Carnivals are creepy anyway. The main character who is horribly deformed and hides under a frankenstein mask is treated badly and abused so that was very sad and interesting. This horror movie had some pretty good character development. Just seeing how close it can come to you not surviving and nobody knowing the terror you felt hits a nerve.
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on June 24, 2010
Director Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Salem's Lot, Poltergeist) made a horror film that is centered around a funhouse at a carnival. The Funhouse (1981) is a unique horror film. This movie came out right smack in the middle of the horror movie craze of the late '70s and early '80s. In fact, 1981 might have been the biggest year for horror films. This is one reason why this movie seems to have been forgotten by a lot of people. It got lost in the pile of 1981 horror flicks. It's a horror classic, if you ask me.

I've heard a lot of people say that the first half hour to an hour is boring. I completely disagree. It's not boring at all. Time is needed for events to play out that lead up to four double dating teenagers planning their trip to the carnival. Once they arrive at the carnival, they don't immediately go into the funhouse. Instead, they do what most people do - they walk around, buy some cotton candy, go on a bunch of rides, etc. The last thing they do is go to the funhouse. In fact, they decide right then and there that they want to spend the night in the funhouse. This turns out to be a big mistake, for they witness a murder committed by a freak that has the body of a human and the head of, well, a freaky deformed monster. He is actually the sicko barker's son. This is when the horror starts. These kids realize the doors are locked and the nightmare is beginning.

This movie stars Elizabeth Berridge, Cooper Huckabee, Miles Chapin, Sylvia Miles, William Finley, and Kevin Conway.

This movie has the typical formula that so many slasher movies of that era and today's era have - a group of partying teenagers who end up paying for their bravery or stupid judgment. In this movie, the gore is kept to a minimum. The action in the fun funhouse is scary and never boring. I question a few things, such as why there would be a real sword in a fun house, a trap door, and no exit signs (all safety hazards). But I guess maybe this was the case because, afterall, the funhouse is run by a sicko barker and his freaky deformed monster son. This monster looked pretty good, but I think a psycho clown would have been better.

You'll notice right at the beginning of the movie there is a scene that rips off, or at least pays homage to, Psycho and Halloween. I certainly hope it was Tobe Hooper just paying homage to these two movies. Overall, this movie has that Tobe Hooper feel to it. Hooper tends to use really mentally deranged characters in some of his movies, and this is no exception.

The carnival atmosphere that was created for this movie is superb. There is everything you'd see at an '80s carnival - rides, freaks, a funhouse, tents, a striptease show, a fortune teller, everything. The after hours nighttime atmosphere is creepy. The mannequins and various props inside the funhouse are very creepy. I like the fat lady prop at the entrance to the fun house. Her laugh is super creepy.

If you want to see a largely forgotten horror classic, see this movie. This is one of the gems from the golden age of horror movies, the late '70s and early '80s. They don't make 'em like this anymore.
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on June 23, 2016
such a great movie from the 80's. One of Hoopers last good movies in my opinion. Great features and another solid bluray from scream factory
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VINE VOICEon December 7, 2004
Funhouse was directed by TObe Hooper , same guy who directed the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This is in noway as good as TCM but it is a good horror film. I admire Tobe's directing. The movie is about 4 kids who go to a carnival and sneak into a funhouse on a dare. They encounter a freak and his father or master and the freak trys to kill em all, they are locked in the funhouse. This reminded me a little bit of texas chainsaw massacre only in the sense that they had the freak who acted like leatherface , who cowared when the master or father came home ( back to the funhouse). The begining scenes of the freaks from the funhouse and dolls were creepy and so was the atmosphere but like i said this in noway compares to the masterpiece tcm. It is worth owning though if your a horror fan.
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on August 7, 2003
"Thet boy just ain't right" If you've seen this movie, then you'll know what I mean. Lately, I've been collecting late 70's, early 80's horror movies and I came across The Funhouse (1981). Directed by Tobe Hooper, best know for 1974's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I thought this movie would be fun and it was.
The movie is slow going for the first hour, and then things pick up from there. This provides a slow build up of the tension, which I enjoyed. Basically you have a small group of teenagers who decide to spend the night in a carnival funhouse, and most don't live to regret it. There are some thrilling/scary moments, but the movie is more low key than The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The gore is very limited, and a lot of it is off screen, but as a choice of direction, I thought it was better that way, for this movie. The settings are very effective, using natural lighting in most scenes, giving the movie a gritty feel. The actors, I feel, did an effective job in portraying their characters, giving them a little more depth than what we used to in these types of movies. The one minor issue I had was I thought the monster make up might have been a little over the top, in that I thought it would have been more effective had it been toned down a notch. The monster, by the way, is the son of a carnival worker, and is very disfigured to the point of being grotesque. I am not giving away anything here, as we learn this about midpoint in the movie, and it's not a shocking revelations or anything.
While this movie shared many elements of other horror movies, teenagers, creepy location, psycho killer, it rises above it's peers somewhat in the gritty realism. Again, I want to stress that this movie is slow going through the first hour, but was worth it to me for the last half hour.
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on November 3, 2012
I originally got this movie really cheap on DVD. I believe it was the Good Times Video Disc set. I really liked this movie alot when I watched it, and had a few scares. It proves a movie dosen't have to be really gory to scare you. Well years later, I purchased the 2004 edition of the DVD which was a way nicer copy to view. Now, I have upgraded to the Blu-ray version. Great classic horror movie for your collection. Highly recommend it.
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on November 29, 2016
I remember watching this film when I was younger and I couldn't really remember what it was about but I knew I LOVED it, lol. Watching it now. . . .it was good.
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on April 19, 2018
This movie is very creepy. I remembered watching it when I was a child and when I saw it for sale here, I had to buy it. This is one of those classic scary movies that was ahead of its time.
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