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on January 3, 2015
Having just received The Godfather Collection (The Coppola Restoration) dvd yesterday, I was anxious to see it for ? the 15th time? My neighbor, who is 43 years old, had never seen it (probably because it was made the year after he was born), and it is at least 20 times better than it was in the original form. The color is brighter and the sound - THX is super great!!! The only thing that I did notice was that one piece of the movie (from Tom's trip to California) was missing. Deleted? Wonderful addition to a movie buff's collection. Would highly recommend purchasing this item!!!
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on June 14, 2014
You can watch this a hundred times and still find something new in it. The subtle gestures, the events leading up to the amazing murderous collage, understanding that 'it's just business'........this is the GREATEST film in American cinema. If you let yourself get overwhelmed by the violence, you will miss the story of a family, business, history, loyalty, honor and love. Michael explaining his 'business' to Kaye spoke volumes....and if you don't believe him, you're being naive!!!
Watch this movie......better yet, call me, and let's watch this together!!!!!!!!
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on February 14, 2014
I will forever remember the first time I saw this movie in the theater. It changed me; it changed the way I watched film. I do not think that I ever saw anything like it. Well, I had not. I was mesmerized, transfixed on the screen to such an extent that I did not take advantage of the intermission, because I was afraid of not making it back on time. I took in all of The Godfather as if it was fresh water in the desert. I could not believe Marlon Brando's performance and fell in love with Al Pacino. To this day, I have the opening lines memorized and cannot count the number of times that I have seen it. All films, regardless of genre, are held to the quality standard that it set. If you are a true movie buff, you must have this movie, not just on Bluray or DVD, but streamed to view any where you are.
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on November 21, 2016
My favorite movie of all time. I watch it over and over.
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on February 17, 2014
While Vito is mafia in every sense of the word, his devotion to his family and closest allies is touching. He does only what he feels is necessary to balance the scales or to keep the peace, and he is the voice of reason in a world that seems to have none. In an underworld where everyone is a "bad guy", he is the bad guy that you root for. The man who has a respectability that should not exist in such a world. The evolution of Michael from the young respectable war hero into the man who would fill his father's shoes as an even more ruthless don is captivating.
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on June 13, 2013
Need help with life? Then this is the movie for you. Every social concern is addressed.- concerned about what to take with you? "Leave the gun - take the canoli", need to know how to make some spaghetti sauce? The recipe is simply given as the group waits to hear of the Don's condition.
Seriously though, this is a wonderful movie. The cast of characters has been perfectly matched for this movie. Marlon Brando does a brilliant job as the Don and Al Pacino is wonderful as Michael Corleone. The story of how Michael tries to stay out of the family business yet is slowly drawn in is so poignant and touching. The loyalty of family and friends, something that seems to be lost in today's world, is highlighted in this. Family is the most important and that is something that shines in this movie.

A classic movie that should be watched by generations to come.
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on February 26, 2013
The Godfather Trilogy, when viewed in its entirety, may well be the finest set of films ever made. It is unquestionably in the top five. The Godfather on its own is probably the second-best film ever made, second only to Casablanca primarily because of the incredible good fortune of Casablanca's release date and accompanying world events. Coppola has made a magnificent set of films that incorporate the majesty of Mario Puzo's remarkable book and Coppola's own family roots and upbringing. Despite their violent nature, their humanity causes the viewer to root for "the family." It is truly a masterwork that shows a filmmaker at his best, a work so important that it has become incorporated into our culture. "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse" is as much a part of American culture as any quote from any film. I could go on forever about this set of films but, if by some miracle you have not seen these films, order this extraordinary set of DVDs and watch them. There is truly nothing like them.
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on January 3, 2015
Excellent version of one of the best movies ever. Francis Coppola has a section where he explains the whole movie and all of the thins I never knew. How he decided on his sister to play the new bride, and how his Aunt sang at the wedding. How some of the decisions were made on this actually low budget movie that was shot in 60 days or so, and the feeling he was going to get fired many times. Pretty interesting and many of his relatives of course were in the movie as bit actors. The band was real, and he explains how much that actually means to the scene, the reality of it. Don Corleone's wife was actually a famous jazz singer I think or well known anyway. Very interesting for my favorite movie of all time.
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on August 24, 2014
This is one of the best movies ever made. They just don't make them like that anymore. All the old time actors; they are all such familiar faces but I realized that we see hardly any of them anymore. There's only one way to really enjoy this movie: one must cook some spaghetti sauce on the stove all day long (with sausage and hamburger), buy some fresh Italian bread and some cannoli's just in case you have room after all that spaghetti.

One thing about this movie is that you have to pay attention closely otherwise you'll get lost, unless you've seen it a dozen times like me. The music is perfect for this film and the acting is great. Put that together with a great story line and that's why this is one of the greatest movies ever.
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Sofia Coppola, who plays Michael Corleone's daughter in THE GODFATHER Part III, is in this original picture the infant son of Connie (Talia Shire) who's being baptised during the picture's final bloodbath. Sofia's grandmother (Italia) has a bit part and grandfather Carmine, composer of the movie's classic music, is the piano player seen in the gang war montage.

Francis Coppola's epic may be the finest Mafia-related film of all and is in the running for the best movie of the 1970s. As author Mario Puzo describes it, this is the story of a king and his three sons, but it's far more than that.

A sweeping saga set in Sicily, New York and Las Vegas, Vito Corleone's tragedy-filled childhood helped mold the man we meet several decades later. His oldest boy, hot-headed Sonny, takes over when Vito is victim of a mob hit. Sonny himself is betrayed by an in-law and gunned down on the parkway, and youngest son Michael reluctantly takes the reins of power. He proves an able Don, the right man to succeed Vito in the family "business." An outstanding all-star cast in this must-see crime drama.

Also available in an official restored version.

Parenthetical number preceding title is a 1 to 10 imdb viewer poll rating.

(9.2) The Godfather (1972) - Marlon Brando/Al Pacino/James Caan/Richard S. Castellano/Robert Duvall/Sterling Hayden/Richard Conte/Diane Keaton/Abe Vigoda/Talia Shire/John Cazale/Al Martino/Morgana King/Vito Scotti
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