Customer Reviews: The Gods of Eden
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on March 13, 2003
This book deals with a controversial topic, alternative human history, or rather the dark side of human history occulted from the average person's world view. This is arguably one of the most fascinating fields of study, rivalled only by parapsychology. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find reliable sources on this subject, as many of them are based on "channelled" information or baseless conjecture. In "The Gods of Eden", William Bramley backs up all of his arguments with reliable sources. Furthermore, his research is not tainted by personal attachment to any particular belief system. He does an excellent job of bringing many neglected and obscured topics to light, some of which will permanently change the way you view the world, its governments, and especially religion.
William Bramley is a historian in his own right. His work essentially follows a certain mystery cult throughout history, from ancient times to present day, identifying its branches through their common symbols. He further explains the power that this group holds and its enormous influence throughout history on society and religion. He also theorizes for a short while on the nature of God and human souls. I found this section of the book lacking, as it was based on mere opinion, but still interesting and relevant for the most part. I did, however, enjoy the information on the much neglected topic of paper money and national debt. I was also pleased to find chapters on pharmacological deception, the UFO-cult connection, and the Black Death.
"The Gods of Eden" is a very solid primer on alternative human history, which will open up many doors of further research for the inclined reader. It also has the potential of liberating the average intelligent and open minded individual from the relentless clutches of our deceptively common paradigm.
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on August 5, 1999
A lot of the negative comments made about this book are accurate. In it there are many quantum leaps made between historical facts uncovered and the conclusions he draws. Also, some of the facts themselves seem to have gleaned from less than reputable sources.
Additionally, I have my own objection. First Bramley establishes how the ancient Sumerians believed that the earth was populated by spaceman-like beings (therefore it must be true, right?). He continues to expound about various "brotherhood" organizations that have existed ever since, most of which are responsible for undermining the well being of non-brotherhood individuals and keeping us in the dark about our true origins. What he never establishes is WHY the brotherhood organizations continue to act as they do. How does their ongoing secret attack upon the rest of us continue to serve the spacemen masters who, as Bramley states, created us as a slave race? This is no nit-picky question. Remaining unanswered, it kind of nullifies the value of many of Bramley's hypothoses.
HOWEVER - I rate this book five stars! This book did more to unsettle my mental status quo than any book I've ever read. There is tremendous value in that. And much of what he says makes such good sense. Take the case of Jehovah. The old testament God, Jehovah, comes off as more as a bratty, violent superbeing than an all-loving, all-knowing creator of all things. Why? And why was Jehovah so hell bent on having people worship no other god than himself? He didn't say he was the only god - he just said people shouldn't worship other gods. Because Jehovah was only one of many. I completely believe Bramley on this.
Many of the points he brings up are provoking and insightful - such as his account of the development of monetary systems - even if you don't agree with the broader framework he places these issues in. This book shook me up for a few weeks. How many books can do that? I loved this book!
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on March 8, 2001
Bramley contends in his book, The Gods of Eden, that aliens, via their elite and ultra-secret Brotherhood organizations, are the source of all human conflict. If one really thinks about this, it sounds suspiciously like that old refrain children use when they have done something bad- "the devil made me do it!".
Nonetheless, this book includes everything from New Age interpretations of the Bible, the political intrigues of various monarchies and dynasties all over the world, to a wide variety of conspiracy theories on everything from the Black Death of the Middle Ages, the motives behind the First and Second World Wars, and the link between the CIA and the JFK assassination. Literally, no stone, or shall we say, no major event in world history, is left un-turned.
Still, those who are curious enough to read this book completely will know exactly where various plot elements from hit Sci-Fi shows such as the X-files and Dark Skies, as well as many books based on the 'Aliens Are Among Us' theme, came from. For example, fans of John Doherty's Area 51 novel series can see how his story line literally comes from Bramley's work word for word- especially Doherty's plot element regarding alien involvement in the Black Death which pops up in a couple of his novels. Furthermore, Bramley's work is closely akin to the scholarly works of Zecharia Sitchin, the sensationalist accounts of Erich von Daniken and Jim Marrs, and the New Age interpretations of Graham Hancock and Rand Flem-Ath.
However, the book does have its good points. First, it does a very good job of outlining the link between economics and war. Second, it presents the reader with a very thorough and detailed explanation of the world monetary system, how it works, and raises the interesting question of who really controls nations- the elected leaders or the money-men. Finally, not only do the contents of the book serve as good fodder for an alien novel or a conspiracy yarn, the book itself can be read and enjoyed as a grand historical conspiracy with colorful alien ( I am thinking of Count St. Germain) and human characters- both good and evil.
Yet, there is one very disturbing element to this book. By saying that all human suffering is caused by aliens, either directly, or via their various Brotherhood organizations such as the Freemasons, the Knights Templar, or the Islamic Assassins, it seems to me that Bramley is absolving the human race of all wrong-doing. True or not, aliens or extraterrestrials, be they 'Custodians', 'Alien earth owners', or 'Caretakers', may very well be instigating conflict within the human race, but it is humanity that pulls the trigger or drops the bombs, nonetheless. By way of analogy, if one of the zealous members of the Third Reich had told the judges at the Nuremberg trials that it was Hitler and the SS that ran everything, and that he or she was just an errand boy simply 'following orders', would that absolve him or her for their crimes against humanity? Machievellian involvement of extraterrestrials in human affairs aside, this reviewer firmly believes that ultimately, we humans are responsible to ourselves, and others, for our own actions.
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on September 13, 1999
This is a scholarly historical account of the many causes of world discord - the author deals with all the world's major religions, plus the influences on historical events of secret brotherhoods like the Templars and Freemasons. He credits many of the wars of the 18th century (including the American and French revolutions) with "armys for hire" (which is how a German came to sit on the English throne - England owed Germany so much money for leased armys the Germans ended up "owning" the country). He also deals with the invention of currency and the power of world banks that currency made possible. He disclaims any prior intent to include in the book "alien" influences on world history, but finds this conclusion inescapable after extensive research. He conlcudes that Ezekiel, Jesus, Mohamad, Budha, and many other great religious leaders were "hypnotized" by aliens (each had a life-altering "vision") and manipulated into forming new religions - this proliferation of religions aided the agenda of creating world discord which, of course, persists to this day. This book is a keeper and a must-read for history buffs, conspiracy theorists, alien-phenomina researchers, and those interested in secret brotherhoods, economics, and of course, religions.
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on June 16, 2001
I love this book because it opened my eyes to alot of things I was already aware of , but wasn't yet ready to face, I first saw the book the Gods of Eden at a book store in 1995 and turned it over and read the book jacket, I put the book back on the shelf, and picked it up again a year later and bought it, I was finally ready to read it, and it blew my mind, finally all the zig, zag peices of the puzzle was finally in order, I had all the peices all along but finally William Bramley gave me the tool to see the whole picture clearly, he also introduced me to Zecharia Stitchen's Earth Chronicle books, which I will forever be thankful for.
I've read this book so many times I can't even count anymore. and each time I read it, I find something new to marvel at, This book is truly a gift, in many years to come I believe that people will astonished at the accuracy of what he has written
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on December 8, 2000
Firstly, anyone who has read Sitchin with an open mind cannot really doubt that, even though alot of Sitchin's premises are doubtful, there is a group of beings who are far more advanced than us technologically and have manipulated human history. What Sitchin never seemed to touch on in his books was how cruel these beings actually were, especially Yahveh. This may be because of his religious roots in Judaism, but nonetheless if one actually reads the Bible it appears that these beings are very cruel and manipulative. This book was really an eye opener, and I recommend it to everyone, but it does contain alot of errors and faulty logic. This, although diminishing the appeal of the book in places, does not affect its overall premise: that the so-called 'Gods' of old are actually manipulative, cruel, alien beings who have, atleast at one time, tried to control mankind. I am not so convinced that this is the overall problem with life, but it certainly adds to it. It sounds hokey, but looking at ancient archaelogy I don't think any reasoning person can deny that something was going on beyond what Human Beings back then were capable of back then. And, the 'Gods' they claimed were in charge were anything but loving & merciful. Where Bramley goes off the deep end is when he tries to bring in Metaphysics to this whole scheme. This simply doesn't work out, although I do respect that he points to spiritual liberation as a way out of this mess. If you are really interested in this book I suggest you study Sitchin as well as human history. Then the peices will all fall into place. If you pick up this book without studying some of the works of fellow researchers in this area then it probably wont make much sense.
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on May 30, 2000
If aliens are NOT responsible for creating the chaos we call civilization, they should be. Surely, we wouldn't have done all this to ourselves. Bramley contends that aliens wanted to keep us enslaved and developed a Brotherhood which spawned secret societies who created political, religious, racial and nationalistic conflict to keep us too busy fighting each other to realize our plight. Bramley paints with a verrrrry wide brush, blaming all religions, most governments, the banking industry, and such organizations as the Knights Templar and Freemasons for advancing the plans of the Brotherhood. He also links medical crises like the Black Plague to increased UFO activity, claiming the aliens were using chemical warfare against select populations. Maybe......but I have some reservations. He is certainly correct that human history is marked by the concentration of power and money in the hands of a few - many of whom were, surprise, surprise, members of secret societies like the Masons. And there is ample evidence that while war slogans appeal to the heart, the real reason to start killing the "enemy" has a lot more to do with economics. So, Bramley has written a thought provoking book about why we fight each other, why we spend so much time hating people we don't know, and why the men in power want to keep their real activities secret from society. And, from that standpoint, this is a fascinating, highly readable and well documented book. But are aliens really behind it? I think that is something of a stretch. Not because I don't believe in alien visitation - I am a huge fan of Zecharia Sitchen - but because Bramley hasn't convinced me that aliens HAD to be a part of all this. Even if they were, why? There surely were easier ways to keep us in line. Besides, the original idea of enslaving us was so we could work for them. Unless alien is now spelled IRS, I don't recall working for them. But, I still give Bramley 5 stars for the bulk of his book which is excellent. .
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on August 21, 2007
Honestly, I'm not quite sure how to rate this book. On the one side, the author posits a theory at the outset but only barely carries it forward through the book and provides scant evidence to support it. On the other side, the author takes the reader through a facinating view of history and points out a lot of unseen links between seemingly disperate events. The writing is mostly engaging and the progression quite easy to follow, but at points there are jarring subject changes from one paragraph to the next. Most of the book is an attempt at an objective view toward historical events, but at the end the author makes a marked (though not necessarily unexpected) turn in to the metaphysical.

As much as I enjoyed reading the book overall, I do find myself questioning the value of the material because of some of what the author said. In at least one area I believe he stated as fact something which I believe (though I'm no expert) is incorrect. At another point he takes a decidedly limited view on a topic (one I am quite informed about) and presents only one side of the issue. Identifying these problems in the text forced me to question the validity of the rest of the material presented.

Good read as it generally was, I came away from the book unsatisfied.
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on September 28, 2008
William Bramley's tome, Gods of Eden, is an excellent examination of our world, its hidden history, and the causes of today's tragic circumstance.

Originally released in 1989, Gods of Eden is a critical look back at our history. It starts in in ancient times and gradually moves forward, giving us information and analysis that we never would have expected. Bramley examines ancient texts, reviewing the UFO phenomenon as it presented itself in pre-history. He interprets writings in a much more literal fashion then most historians and fails to excuse their words as metaphor, nonsense or hysterical babble. For example, he quotes the bible in several parts, and demonstrates that the appearance of 'God' in several passages is marked by thundering, smoke, or strange aerial phenomenon:

...there were thunders and lightenings, and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the sound of the trumphet was exceedingly loud; and all the people that were in the camp trembled.

And Moses brought the people out of the camp to meet with God; and they stood at the lower part of the mountain.

And Mount Sinai was altogether covered with smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in fire: and the smoke from the fire billowed upwards like the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mountain quaked greatly. - Genesis 19:16-19

If an ancient Hebrew were to observe the rumbling, smoke and flame of a modern rocketship, the description would not have been much different than this Biblical narrative of Jehovah. A later visit by Jehovah contained the same phenomena:

And all the people saw the thunderings, and the lightenings, and the noise of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking: and when the people saw it, they moved away and stood far off. Genesis 20:18

Lest it be assumed that these descriptions might be of a volcano, further sightings reveal that Jehovah was a moving object:

And the Lord travelled before them [the Hebrew tribes] by day in a pillar of cloud, to lead them the way; by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:

He took not away the pillar of the cloud by day, or the pillar of fire by night, from in front of the people. Exodus 13:21-22

Thus Bramley argues it was a custodial race (extra-terrestrials, higher life forms, or perhaps humans with advanced technology left over from prior great civilizations) that formed the basis of the ancient Hebrew religion. He gives bits from the Sumerians as well as ancient Mayans and Aztecs which demonstrate similar phenomenon took place and again, the instigators labeled themselves gods.

We're shown how they perverted Christs teachings merely a few centuries after his death, and how they were perverted to give us such dark tidings as the Crusades and the Inquisition. Islam was also manufactured by these same Custodians, and thus the three major religions of our world likely not come from God, but from a ruling class that maintains its power by keep us ignorant, servile and ensnared in constant war.

He also gives us vivid descriptions how these custodial rulers fostered and controlled different secret societies, and in a very Machiavellian fashion, pitted them against one another in various wars and conflicts in order to keep humanity embroiled in violence.

We're also shown how eschatology, or the concept of an apocalypse was given to us by the same custodial sources. The modern financial system, the concept of paper money, also came out of the very same houses that were profiting from war. Without paper money, debt and the modern banking system it was very difficult to keep a war running, and thus the custodians manufactured an artificial system of economics that allowed unlimited spending as long as it was violence and destruction being sown, not peace nor prosperity.

Moving forward through time he demonstrates again, and again their connection to revolution and any new philosophy that gains a foothold in our global culture: Protestantism, Calvinism, Marxism and Fascism. Even the American and French revolutions, as well as the Bolshevik revolution in Russia were are produced specifically to create sides that would be pitted against each other in violent conflict!

We're also given an examination of what true human spirituality can look like in its unfettered form, and how humans (when not manipulated or controlled) inherently seek amicable and peaceful relations with their fellow man.

Overall the book is incredible, it contains facts and research I haven't seen anywhere else except for a few other incredible books. Namely, Secret History of the World (Jadczyk-Knight), The High Strangeness (Jadczyk-Knight), and UFOs & The National Security State (Dolan).

Were given a clear look at our history, with facts and information you don't get in high school or college, and a hypothesis that is mind-blowing as well as critical if we are to understand the current plight of humanity. If you're looking for answers to how and why our society is the way it is you definitely want to check out this book.
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on October 1, 1999
This book is Bramley's life work.
He states that he has no intention of writing another. And as far as I know he has not.
It was a personal thesis which Bramley pursued out of sheer unsettling curiosity, a quality which the author inspires in the reader. And why not? Anyone who studies history knows it is full of inexplicables. Main line historians merely dismiss and skip over uncomfortable information and include the what is standardly acceptable. Bramley includes the uncomfortable and unsettling.
Whether the reader agrees or disagrees with his conclusion it must be recognized that Bramley's book is as well documented as it is astounding.
It is a given fact that secret societies do play a role in political affairs. Anyone with knowledge of the Mafia, Tammany Hall, P2 or the American Revolution knows this. Bramley expands the concept and has these secret societies at the sercice of an alien or extra-terrestrial group. Because the author is intelligent, he does not state he has all the answers behind the motivation of this group. He offers possible explanations.
If you are an intelligent person with doubts about history, politics and world affairs, do read this book.
If you are a standard line scholar with preconceived notions of political reality, look elsewhere. This book is too uncomfortable for you.
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