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on August 3, 2014
Awesome, Awesome....Awesome! What can I say, this is an A-W-E-S-O-M-E Movie! Not only is the movie incredible but so is all the extras. They go into great lengths to explain how it is made and extraordinary detail on the costumes, animals, the actors, the behind the scenes people... If that isn't enough, then it is worth watching again. Highly, highly recommended. Lots of action and funny too.

They do things in here that Hollywood does not and puts American film making to shame. We are this pro-Second Amendment country and the South Koreans get it right. They know their firearms, and when they are fired, they don't all sound the same; different calibers and types of firearms go "BOOM" differently and you hear that in this film. For those of us you have had firearms training, understand the proper ways to handle guns. American films/shows almost always, good or bad characters, hold their firearms wrong and rarely reload. This film, you see a character holding a gun wrong and paying the consequences, and not only reloading, but also doing so on horseback. You cannot give this movie enough stars, the authenticity is fantastic.
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on August 20, 2014
I wasn't sure about this when I ordered it, but I'm glad that I did. It's awesome! I was raised on westerns as a kid, watching them on Saturday afternoons with my dad. If he were still alive, he would have loved this one. No special effects. It's all the actors doing the work, not stunt people. They even had to take horse riding lessons in advance. It was filmed in China and the weather was brutal. Kudos to the actors and entire film crew for a job well done.

The Good: Played by Jung Woo-Sung. He did an excellent job as the bounty hunter. I was totally impressed with his horse riding skills while shooting a rifle that he cocked while spinning it. At a full gallop, while standing in the stirrups. He has the classic cowboy look and it looked great on him.

The Bad: Played by Lee Byung-hun. He made a fantastic bad guy that was slightly psychotic and totally driven to be the best bad guy ever. He likes playing with knives and is a quick draw dead shot with a gun. Dresses in a pin stripe blue suit and is a bit fussy about his hair. Antagonist to The Weird.

The Weird: Played by Sung Kang-ho. He was definitely weird, but there's layers of stuff going on behind all of that that weirdness. He drives the vintage side car motorcycle, dresses like a cross between a nomad and a steam punk. Antagonist to The Bad.

Throw in random other bad guys, the Chinese Army, vintage side car motorcycles, gangs, drugs, train robberies, double dealing, horses, guns, huge chase scenes with panoramic views along with a bunch of other stuff and it totals up to AWESOME. It was a well acted, well directed and well produced movie. I've already watched it twice and will be watching it again real soon after I get a recliner to park in front of my big screen TV. I totally loved this movie and highly recommend it.
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on April 6, 2014
Difficult to say what I felt about the ending of this film. Everything up and coming towards it was rather fun, visceral, and honestly thrilling at times. I wanted to root for one of the characters in particular, but then a late-game revelation made me think twice about who I was cheering on. This is the kind of film that takes its time setting up action sequence after action sequence, fantastically shot and entertainingly made, but the ending seriously made me scratch my head. It simply happens; afterwards there's little explanation given. Also.....


It's difficult for me to believe that the character of Tae-Goo has settled into his new surroundings without anyone knowing his former past as the "finger chopper." Everyone knows that he was in a duel with Chang-Yi, but Tae-Goo doesn't remember this at all during the film. Which means he's either ignoring it, or everyone knows he's the Finger Chopper, or they don't, or -- confusion. And then the ending gives no explanations. It just ends.

(end spoilers)

Overall, this is fun, and worth the price. Watch it, enjoy the action set pieces, but don't expect a satisfying ending, unfortunately.
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on April 11, 2012

I have to say that this may be one of my favorite movies in recent memory. I have had this film since its release and first heard about it from Young William of Woopak the Great. I have been meaning to write this review since the film's release but I could never do the movie justice. Now if you have yet to see this movie I highly recommend it. Some people may not like it as much as me but I have not heard anybody hate on this.

Two outlaws, a bounty hunter, the Japanese army, Chinese bandits, and just about everyone in Manchuria are after one thing, a treasure map. Yoon Tae-Goo aka The Weird is first to get his hands on the map unintentionally aboard a train, stealing it from the Japanese army. Hot on his heals aboard the train is Park Chang-Yi aka The Bad a hit man hired to retrieve the map. Looking for both men is Park Do-Won aka The Good a bounty hunter looking t cash in. As The Weird makes his way across the desert with the map all parties involved follow suit and the war begins for the map. The quest to whatever treasure may at the end of the map is one wild and violent ride, but a fun one.

Director Kim Jee-Woon who you may remember from his films like "A Tale of Two Sisters", "I Saw the Devil" and of course "A Bittersweet Life" really delivers here. Visually this is one of the best films I have ever watched. The camera keeps moving and the visuals are stunning, from sets to props to just everything on screen. It is no wonder that the film has won numerous awards including for the acting. Song Kang-Ho is excellent as the weird and adds so much to this film, he and the character are very charismatic. Lee Byung-hun is absolutely brilliant as The Bad in my opinion and just comes off as the perfect villain. Then of course there is Jung Woo-sung who plays The Good with an almost outlaw like coolness to him. That of course makes him feel a bit more like the people he chases and that adds a little edge to him.

These three guys mesh so well together and make for a perfect on screen team of actors. Add in the over the top action and comedy and you have a really good time. This really is one of the most fun films I own and I can honestly say I have watched it multiple times. In fact I can say that both versions or should I say cuts of the film are really good, although they end rather differently. Also the entire cast here was great as was all involved because the finished product is very well done.

You know it feels like I am over praising this film but I really do enjoy this flick. Everyone that I have shown this to have loved the flick. In fact people that I convinced to watch this on Netflix ending up liking it so much they went out to buy it. The DVD/Blu-Ray comes with all kinds of great special features so I really do recommend buying this. So with all that said I say check this flick out right now, you may not love it like I do but I am sure you will like it.
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on November 17, 2014
This is one of my favorite movies of all time! It is such a fun movie to watch and there are things in the opening train sequence you won't realize until you see it a second time. The story plays out well and the action sequences are as funny as they are a thrill to watch. If you like intelligent, detailed fictional movies that also take into account a historical setting, and/or old tense Westerns, and/or chaotic action movies with multiple factions, this is the movie for you!!!
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on September 16, 2011
I got the Blu-Ray of this movie quickly and at a great Amazon price. I had previously only heard of this movie form previews of it on other Blu-rays. I did a little research before buying it and saw many raves from reviewers. I was not dissapointed!

Almost immediately, the setting and tone of this movie make you feel like you are watching a Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western. I would call it a KimChi Western, as it seems ot have created a whole new genre!

I started watching the film past midnight, and I intended to watch just the start and catch up with the rest the next day. I was sucked in, and wacthed over half of the film before I reluctantly succumbed to the calling of Morpheus and social obligations. When I watched it again the next day I started from the beginning.

It is set in WWII in the deserts of Manchuria. The three main characters are all portrayed well, but I must say that the Weird and the Bad stole the show from the Good IMHO. I found direction to be superb, some of the action seemed to be a little silly, but only a little.

It is a nice hunk of a movie clocking in at a little over 2 hours. I would have watched hours more!

THERE IS NO ENGLISH DUBBING OF THIS FILM ON THIS BLU-RAY! That is fine by me, as I believe films should be always viewed in their original language, but others might see this as a possible flaw.

Still, I give it 5 stars.
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on March 17, 2011
The Good, the Bad, and the Weird doesn't quite live up to its namesake, but it comes very close. It captures the feeling of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly without ever stepping on its toes, so don't go into it expecting a true remake. That isn't what this movie is, and that is a good thing. Some films never need to be remade. I am 29, and I can say without any hesitation that The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly was one of the greatest films of all time. It truly stood the test of time, and these folks clearly agreed.

This is not a martial arts movie, and while many characters obviously know martial arts, that is not how they tend to settle their grievances. This is a western, and they settle disputes with their guns. The characters (and this is not limited to the three main characters) are all very entertaining. They all have their reasons, and while you won't always agree with them, you understand where they are coming from. The fact that this is a Korean movie only shows in its cast, so you don't need to know anything about their culture to `get' it. The film makers were not trying to cash in on a playful name, they clearly love the genre and it shows.

This was a very fun movie, and despite its length, it didn't drag on or overstay its welcome. I was actually shocked when it ended, because it didn't seem like over 2 hours had gone by. What it comes down to is this: If you don't mind subtitles and are thinking of buying The Good, the Bad and the Weird, then you probably should.
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on September 19, 2014
This film is truly a feast for the eyes. If you grew up on or love westerns, this is right up your lane. It has a familiar story, treasure, good/bad guy, bad/bad guy, good/weird/kinda bad guy. Of course thier all looking for the "treasure map". Madness ensues along with numurous amazing shootouts. Shot well, great acting, beautiful scenes aplenty. A must see film.
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on November 25, 2013
This film is a real delight. It has the three top Korean movie actors playing the title roles, and each is wonderful! The best thing about the film is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. It is a fine send-up of the Western genre, with special parody of the spaghetti western, and the direction is expert and interesting. The whole thing takes place in the Manchurian desert before World War II, and it manages to include a number of people all of whom are after a treasure map which is supposed to lead to a trove buried by the Qing Dynasty. The film makes a lot of fun of the Japanese and includes a fabulous chase scene involving the Imperial Army. It's one of the few films that I saw over again right after I saw it for the first time.
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on December 2, 2009
A smart, funny, well-executed Korean "western" taking place in Manchuria durning the Japanese expansionist wars of the 1930's.

Although the title and basic plot advertise the film's thematic connection to Leone's "The Good the Bad and the Ugly", there are tons of references to other Leone films: notably "Fistful of Dollars" and "Once Upon a Time in the West". These references are subtle and don't parody the original Leone scenes so much as cleverly augment a refreshingly original execution of a common plot device.

Beyond the western trappings, it's a quintessentially Asian film with quirks, editing and cinematography more characteristic of east-Asian cinema than mainstream Hollywood productions.

That said, a common complaint is the film's uneven pacing and overdose of action scenes. While every gunfight is superbly executed in its own right, the movie's remarkable energy becomes almost draining by the final climax.
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