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on June 4, 2016
Enterprise engineer Trip Tucker embarks on a career of espionage in an effort to forestall the Romulan threat while Captain Jonathan Archer and crew attempt to rescue a group of Andorian telepaths who are pivotal to Romulan war plans. Meanwhile, the Coalition of Planets gets off to a shaky start.

I was a fan of “Enterprise.” Even when the stories were underwhelming, I was won over by the cast and the setting of a pre-Federation universe. I was saddened by its cancellation, especially in light of the fact that it had finally begun to reach its full potential in its final season. Although I’m late to the party, I’m happy to see the story continued in novelized form. This book has its moments, but it never really took off. Authors Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels seem to think that the emotional moments in the story are strengthened by writing paragraphs of internal perspective instead of relating a few telling details with graceful economy of language. They also miss an opportunity toward the novel's climax by not making more of the attack on Coridan Prime. Nevertheless, events are moving in a compelling direction and the stage has been set for some potentially great storytelling.
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on January 27, 2016
Finally an ending I can accept for Star Trek - Enterprise, as the one given to the series was so bad it was insulting to the both the fans and the series. This author truly understands the characters, the show and what the fans were looking for. Archer does not seem like a hard character who barely cares what has happened to his best friend and Trip's "death" is given an excellent reason and an continuing story that I can happily live with. I sure wish someone official from the show would someday come out explain just what got into the writers heads other than writer's block and stupidity - and as for the producer's who had to have put the final stamp of approval on the story, well stupid is the kindest thing I have to say about them. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed the series but was disillusioned by its ending, or just loved the character of Trip.
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on October 11, 2013
Even though I've been a Star Trek fan since around the time TNG debuted this is actually my first ST novel. There's several reasons for why that is, but when I learned of a novel that undid the events of the awful Enterprise series finale, These Are The Voyages, I promptly sought it out. Why Berman and Braga decided to end the show before the Romulan War with a finale so bad it makes the worst Voyager episodes look brilliant is beyond me, but I digress. The events of this tale begin after the Terra Prime duology and are a prelude to the upcoming Earth-Romulan War. I was never really a big fan of Section 31 outside of DS9 but they play a significant role here, and unlike many of their appearances it just seems to come together decently in this case, albeit a bit too easily for my taste a few times considering how new Earth still is in galactic affairs.

My criticisms for the book are relatively minor, but do add up. Possible SPOILERS to follow!
First there's the ultra-detailed descriptions. Normally I enjoy details aplenty but here it's a bit overwhelming and it slows the story down on occasion. Some of the dialog and monolog also bogged down the pacing in parts; particularly the hefty use of depressing and incensed emotions throughout the story. Don't get me wrong, the emotions displayed were usually appropriate, but similar to the arduously detailed descriptions they were just used too often IMO. Then there's the number of contrived plot points and predictable 'twists'; aside from the strangely mundane plot by the Romulans ironically. Between the unecessary details, the emotions flying everywhere, and the notable amount of filler this book felt about 100 pages too long, at least to me it did. Another unfortunate experience I had with this novel was that it made Shran appear quite despicable in parts. For some reason it seemed like he was written as a brooding teenager, instead of the experienced combat veteran he is. Also, and this may just be my interpretation, but I never got the sense that Shran became romantically attached to Jhamel in the two episodes she appeared in. That felt more like a father-daughter relationship to me, so that aspect of the story made me cringe a bit.

Despite the pacing issues and questionable plot points mentioned above, which are simply my perceptions anyway, the story is quite entertaining and I would recommend it to any fan of ST Enterprise. Also, if you happen to be a general ST fan and are only vaguely familiar with Enterprise then you won't feel lost since it appears to be written with casual fans in mind, by providing ample descriptions of relevant episodes. Overall I'd rate this book at around 3 stars, but since it provides a different take on the events of These Are The Voyages I decided to round up. Although I'm aware of the long-held 'rule' in Trek that what happens on screen is the only official continuity, and there are some notable retcons in this story, don't let that notion get in the way if you like what you read better than what you watch; in fact for the most part I encourage just that with The Good That Men Do.
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on January 30, 2014
I will not spoil much but what I will say is that despite not bearing the title, this is a prequel of the Romulan War Trilogy, followed by Kobayashi Maru, Beneath the Raptors Wings, and Braving the Storm, followed by the Rise of the Federation novels in the same continuity (new book out in march cant wait. ) . This book starts with DS9s younger heroes, Nog and in their 50s/60s discovering evidence of an elaborate coverup that goes against everything they were taught in school about the birth of the federation. This book transforms the series lack luster "Riker uses an Enterprise holodeck simulation" ending into something more substantial and does the characters justice. They researched the show carefully, fans of the show will like it immensely. You can almost hear the actors voices in your head when you read their parts. One other note: The enterprise series that starts with this book is stand alone in that you dont have to read multiple Trek series to understand it. The biggest flaw of the new book series is that they constantly have big cross over events to the point that even when you read the stand alone novels they are referencing events from other series/crossovers. This is planted firmly before all that nonsense and is easy to read.
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on December 2, 2016
I was extremely interested in a creative retconning of the Enterprise finale. It might well be found in the pages of "The Good That Men Do," but I can't find it underneath layers and layers of overwrought writing. I made it to page 156 (of 450), because I wanted to give the book a chance. It's too much. As Nog might say (in the style of this book), "You hoomahns and your Earth novels. You use too many fancy Earth words I where few are needed!" Shame that. But as I paid for this book, I'm enjoying the synopsis on Memory Alpha.
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on October 23, 2015
The Star Trek: Enterprise series was not my favorite. They did a good job of making everything more primitive than TOS, TNG, DS9, and VOY (It takes place centuries earlier). But the "Temporal Cold War" idea just didn't fit in with a series that should have dealt with the Klingons and Romulans instead. The fourth season started to focus on them, but by that time, everyone stopped watching.

This book corrects that defect in spades, by going into the "Romulan War" explained in TOS. Looking forward to the next book in this sub-series.
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on July 30, 2011
I recently viewed the entire 4-season run of Star Trek: Enterprise and (surprisingly) liked it so much that I purchased this book as a way to continue enjoying the Enterprise universe and story lines.

As others have commented, this book helped to correct what many believed to be a very bad final episode of the show that ended the Trip/T'Pol romance, killed off Trip and reduced the Enterprise's final voyage to a holodeck recreation.

The authors did an excellent job of conveying the poignancy of the star-crossed relationship between Trip and T'Pol, as well as Trip's and Archer's conflicted feelings about keeping their dreadful secret from T'Pol and from Trip's family. I thought that the final scenes from the "Terra Prime" TV episode about the death of baby Elizabeth were remarkably painful, but I was surprised to note that there were portions of this book that were equally affecting. The action scenes and political shenanigans were also pretty well handled, and it will be interesting to see how the Romulan war theme is handled in newer books.

My only complaint was the use of Jake Sisko and Nog from the far future as a framing and expository device. Although I understood that the authors felt the need to explain why and how their story differed from the last episode of the TV show, it seemed clunky and derivative. (But hey, at least Nog and Jake weren't running a holodeck recreation of what "really" happened!)

Overall, thanks to Mangels and Martin. I will buy their next book in this series and see where the further adventures of the Enterprise take me.
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on October 17, 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In fact, I couldn't put it down. Really! Andy is a great writer, in my opinion. He put all the elements of good story telling in this novel. So glad someone realized the lost potential of continuing the Enterprise timeline with Trip in it.
The character development was spot on. Trip, in fact all the great characters on Enterprise came through (thank you Andy...and Conner Trinneer and the super actors of Enterprise!)
The storyline was perfect. The way it was presented, through Nog & Jake Cisco is clever. Very exciting.
I wish there was a way to automatically receive ebooks by certain authors & subject matter. ANDY Mangels & Michael Martin would be on my list!
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on May 17, 2009
If you were a fan of Star trek Enterprise you remember that while the show had a really slow slow slow slow start it eventually picked up and was getting to be entertaining Sci Fi if not a pure star trek show in its last season. Then,they cancelled the series with they crappiest series finale I have ever seen. THIS FINALE MADE ABSOLUTELY NO F#@%!NG SENSE!!

It was ten years in the future everyone was still on board nobody moved up in rank or aged it was also a holodeck recreation between Will Riker and Deanna Troy and suffice to say the premise sucked. They killed off a great character(TRIPP) by a group of criminals whose ship could only do warp 2 and had take over enterprise doing warp 4.5 with no security on the deck they broke into and then archer goes to give his speech series over. YEESH!!!

Well to the fans out there the book finale does the series the justice it truly earned in the last season and picks up right in the middle of the series finale and every question you had about the series is finally and accurately answered and about a thousand surprises. From sex to espionage to amoral dilemmas and just plan betrayal. I thoroughly enjoyed this book it was one hell of a wild ride from the surprises to the answers that finally satisfy. Let me be clear I F@#$!NG LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!To anyone who is a fan of the series this is a must read.
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on April 14, 2017
star trek fan
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