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on August 18, 2013
I really like the Nightside series. Simon Green is able to mix together some very scary fantasy stories with tongue-in-cheek humor. This book was very good since we finally got insight into Walker and the Oblivion brothers. It was also good to see the Lord of Thorns back. I knew Lilith would not be able to totally defeat him.

Every time I read one of these Nightside novels, I am anxious to start the next one. It is sad to note I only have two left to read. I will miss John Taylor, Suzie Shooter, Walker, Dead Boy, Razor Eddie, Lilith, the Collector, the Oblivion brothers and all the great characters on the Street of the Gods.

This book was great and I, personally, like this Simon Green formula that he uses in the Nightside. Wish it would keep going.
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VINE VOICEon September 5, 2016
This installment brings back some characters and locations that we have not seen in a while. It also ties up some loose (and not-so-loose) ends and sets the stage for a larger mystery (or mysteries) that I expect to see more fully developed in the next installments: Excalibur, the Lord of Thorns, and the situation with Walker and the new Authorities.

It started out pretty fast, then the action seemed to stop... only to pick up and take off in a seemingly different direction. I and enjoyed reading this one so much that I finished it much more quickly than I expected.

I particularly liked the stories of the past from both John and Larry as I felt they helped give depth to those characters.
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on September 20, 2015
Honestly I got about half way through this book and quit. Green seemed more interested in making up the most ridiculous, oddball characters than he did having any kind of plot. I mean all his books have weird beings both dead and alive but this one was over the top. So if you really enjoy just about an entire book of this, this is the one for you.
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This new book in the John Taylor series is really good, considering it is mostly exposition, building information about the characters in preparation for the next book, no doubt. It is true that there are some major shifts in personnel, so to speak, but that just makes it more interesting.

In a sense, this book is several stories tied together. First, we have John hired to take an elf (much hated in this book's universe) across town. This reminded me of the old movie "Warriors": As they cross town, they are met by numerous weapons wielding groups who want to stop them. Then, there is Larry (who is dead), who wants John to help him find his missing brother (and there is an interesting story within a story that is told by Larry). Finally, there is the ongoing debate throughout the book with Walker, who seems to want John to take his place as the peace keeper, law.

Even tho this book can stand alone, none of what I just wrote will make any sense unless you've read other books in the series, which I assume you will do before you read this book. Please do so, because it will make this book that much more fun, and fun it is. The author knows his characters by now and continues to write an enjoyable urban fantasy series. I look forward to reading many more of them.

I should add that this author has a perfect sense of Noir, and who can resist that?
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on June 15, 2016
Did NOT see the ending coming. DID NOT! Now I'm thinking - what's going to happen? I'm devouring this series as fast as I can, and it just keeps getting better and better! It's full of twists, turns and the unexpected, as well as the host of colourful characters populating a city that is dubious at the best of times!
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on June 3, 2010
You might say with some justification that I have a bit of a blind spot where Walker is concerned how his character is treated in order to move the plot is the hardest thing for me to accept about this book. The Nightside is a fairly long series where we the reader have been told with a fair degree of constancy that Walker will do everything he has to do for the greater good of the Nightside. So I always got the feeling that while at times the actions of Walker were difficult to understand they served the greater good. In this installment Green reverses that policy entirely and hopes his audience will not notice. Consequently this time around we are faced with a confrontation between John and Walker that at feels contrived and forced. This really should surprise no fan of any Simon R. Green series that should have been put to bed years ago I was just hoping from something better.
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on January 24, 2010
Green has an unique style for dragging in pieces of flotsam and jetsam from his, ours, and other universes and making them right at home in the Nightside. This is no exception. My daughter and I read The G,B&U this afternoon while others were watching football. It's not a fast read if you're really into the series like we are because we were continually trying to remember events which occurred in previous novels, i.e., how did Merlin finally die, etc. Keep the Lilith books, Hell to Pay, and Judgement Day close at hand for reference. The book's vintage Taylor, a man of more than mortal gifts trying to hang on to his moral compass. And, even if you didn't know beforehand that this is the penultimate book, you would quickly surmise that from the story. I give it 4 stars because more time is spent describing a ride with an elf and a walk through a pyramid than the death of Walker.
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I love a quick, easy, fun, dark, wry, amusing read - and Simon R. Green's Tales from the Nightside series never fails to deliver. John Taylor is the perfect anti-hero - tough enough to get the job done but with a sense of honor and decency that sneaks up on him more times than not. There are more books than I can keep track of in the series at this point, and I keep thinking that inevitably John Taylor and his world will begin to feel redundant or repetitive. Somehow though Green manages to keep the stories fresh and interesting time and again, and The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny is no exception - no small feat for a prolific author who manages to keep multiple series going simultaneously with new books out every year...
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on October 30, 2010
Okay - This guy is a master story teller,plain and simple. I am addicted to Simon R Green's Nightside series, and have read them all back to back now. This was the last book I bought. I was not disappointed - and in fact - was hooked right from the opening lines. John Taylor has trifled with all sorts of monsters in this series, and there's never a dull moment. After creatures from other dimensions, angels from above and below, zombies, etc... this book has him dealing with an elf. And it's fun, fast-paced mayhem.

Thanks Green, for the wonderful reads!
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on August 3, 2015
Same as his other books. His writing style is not as easy to read or as likeable as someone like Jim Butcher, but I am engaged with the characters and the world he describes and this keeps me reading this series.
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