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on April 18, 2016
You Will Not Find A More Perfect Movie. Period.

There is no defeating The Goonies. It is a masterpiece. Action and comedy, rolled into a tiny ball of joy. Ready to be consumed at any time. You cannot go wrong. EVERYONE should own a copy of The Goonies. EVERYONE. This movie never says die. It's their time. That's all over when you take a ride up Troy's bucket.

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on March 8, 2016
Grandparental Warning Required! If you are a Grandparent you must have this painfully silly kid adventure film in your library for babysitting purposes. How this film attained cult status from around the world is beyond this grandad, but Spielberg always manages to get the goose to lay the golden egg. Last year purportedly 15,000 people came to Astoria, Oregon where the movie was filmed 30 years ago. I live across the Columbia River from Astoria and a friend of mine grew up in the house next door when the movie was filmed. Remember the Rube Goldberg machined the boys put together? My friend has the egg used in the movie to start the contraption! It's actually a machined ball-bearing ground down to an egg and painted white. Bottom line, it's a memory shared first with my babies and now my grandbabies.
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on February 29, 2016
So after explaining to my "Hobbit" obsessed teen daughter for the umpteenth time that I knew who Sean Astin was, I would point out the Goonie vhs tape in the bookshelf to which she would roll her eyes and mutter something about the "dark ages". So when I saw it on DVD, yes, I snatched it up. It didn't hurt that the price was so nice either. So the night came, the "Mom Get's to Pick" night and yes, Mom popped in The Goonies. When it was over, the chorus from my teen and her best friend was "Oh, Mikey, he was so really do know him." It didn't hurt that Martha Plimpton, famous as Virginia from Raising Hope in this house, and Josh Brolin, just famous, are in it as well. A funny little unexpected treat was seeing my 17 year old recognize Mary Alice Trainer, the mom, as the protagonist from our favorite Christmas horror episode of one of the serial shows, maybe Tales from the Darkside...she goes up against a demented Santa played by Larry Drake from "The Dentist" and "LA Law".
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on March 13, 2015
Don't get me wrong, I love the version that you get on DVD or even on Prime HOWEVER, it is not the original cut of the movie and that is what I have been searching for. For those that saw it on reel and not on VHS or DVD, the scene that is missing is the octopus scene. The line when they are being interviewed on the beach talks about the attack of the octopus which for some reason or another was removed before going to the VHS and DVD as well as Prime version. I saw it every summer for five summers at Camp Seafarer. I am disappointed that the scene I liked so much has since been removed. Bring back the original cut and I would buy it today!
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on November 15, 2017
" The Goonies " Has grown far past a movie of cult classic status & into the realms of a Pop culture classic & a must have movie for serious movie collectors building a movie library!!! For starters you have a 80's Icon Cyndi Lauper providing the Goonies a theme song ( The Goonies 'R' Good Enough) which if memory serves me right was a Top 50's Billboard Hit Song as well as a M.T.V. classic video! Then you have a group of child actors that acted well enough to endear their characters to audiences for decades to come!!! While this family friendly action, adventure, comedy movie is set in the 1980's it is in no way a dated movie feeling as fresh & fun as when I watched it for the first time while on leave from the service. This movie will never become " Dated" as long as cultural hang ups exist like High School " Clichés" & Greed & attitudes from the rich that loving, struggling " Middle Class" or " working Class " family's are disposable & to be looked down upon !!! And since the gap between the super wealthy & the now almost non existing " Middle Class" is so huge I don't see " The Goonies" becoming a " dated Movie any time soon !!! " The Goonies" was & remains a feel good movie that the whole family can enjoy. " The Goonies" also proves you don't need Billions of dollars spent on explosions & C.G.I. images to make a successful film. It's also fun to see how many of the child actors have grown to be successful adult actors...even if it makes me feel a bit old. Josh Brolin son of James Brolin has grown to become an A-list Hollywood star & Sean Astin seems to be in a Hollywood Block Buster every decade or so...but has been in a list of movies any actor would be proud of!!! When a movie has become so saturated into " Pop Culture" that it is referenced in T.V. shows, Sit Com's & other Movies it has left " Cult Classic" far behind & has moved into the status of " Classic Movies" !!! " The Goonies" has done just that entertaining movie fans for 3 decades & watching my children adding " The Goonies" to their movie library's I am sure my Grandchildren will be adding it to theirs as they start family's of their own!!! The D.V.D. I ordered said it had no extra or bonus features but the widescreen version I received has lots of extra's... even great " Out Take" scene's that help clear up the whole " Scary Octopus." statement that had confused many over the years, l.o.l . I am very pleased with my purchase & the D.V.D. version I got to replace my old V.H.S. !!! Thank you for offering this classic at such a great affordable price!!!!!
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on November 28, 2017
I loved this movie when I was a kid. It wasn't readily available to me, though it came up on cable all the time (my family didn't have cable ever). So as a grown man with a family, I wanted to let my kids experience the movie too. They loved it like I did as a kid, but I have outgrown the movie unfortunately. It was definitely better as a childhood memory.

I didn't dock a star for that. I docked a star from the profanity that laces this film! It's not the most entertaining movie for an adult, so you'd figure it would be kid-safe... Man, they dropped so many swear words...
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on July 10, 2017
If you grew up in the 80s and didn't see The Goonies, I suspect there are holes in your childhood. Instantly accessable to parent and child alike, Spielberg manages to take a silly story about a treasure hunt and turn it into an exciting, scary, romantic comedy about a group of outcasts coming together for a common cause.

The Prime version does omit some scenes as seen in the original theatrical release, but what remains is a compelling story to share with your whole family. There are some scary bits that younger children may need explained to them, but they're handled in a kid friendly manner that shouldn't keep any young ones up all night.

In short, the Prime version of Goonies is certainly "Good Enough" for your video collection. Buy it.
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on October 4, 2013
The Goonies Bowling for Movies Score: 300 of 300!! Wahoo - a perfect score :] Good stuff for sure - at the time of this review only a small handful of movies can boast they got a perfect Bowling for Movies Score - The Big Lebowski, Popeye, and A Clockwork Orange. A prestigious honor (if I do say so myself) and an incredibly small list considering the hundreds of movies I've seen.

But wait - what is this whole Bowling For Movies score anyway (you may very well be asking yourself)? Well, let me tell you ladies and jellyspoons, I watch movies - LOTS and LOTS of movies. In a typical week I can watch a dozen or more movies. I own hundreds of movies - some are 3D, some Blu Rays, many DVDs, heck - I even own a few streaming on Amazon. It occurred to me that my great love of movies (and collecting) has resulted in a unique problem - I had no way of knowing which were my favorites and then a brain-flower was born which blossomed into Bowling for Movies - just an average dude's way of ranking movies using a scoring system which literally has NOTHING to do with bowling! A score of 108 would be a "just ok, not particularly good / bad" movie, where a score of 192 would tell you it was a very good movie. Now, break 200 and you've got something really special. Throw too many "gutterballs" will land you under 100 and well - you get the idea. I know what you're likely thinking - what a great use of quasi/pseudo-science! And I'd agree :]

Ok, Movie Dude - if its so great what's it about??
Set in and about the Oregonian coastal town of Astoria, a group of pre-teen rejects (The Goonies) set out on the adventure of a lifetime to find the fabled treasure of the dread pirate One-Eyed Willie in order to save their homes which are slated for repossession and destruction to make way for a golf course. Lead by the iron-willed asthmatic Mickey Walsh (a young Sean Astin) and armed with a treasure map the band of misfit friends brave subterranean labyrinths, dangerous booby traps, and hardcore, despicable criminals in their bid for all that shiny swag.

Wonderfully shot, creatively crafted - The Goonies is a true gem of an 80's movie. To top the entire movie experience off the flick features a top notch soundtrack with some of the decade's most memorable artists such as Cyndi Lauper, REO Speedwagon, and The Bangles. This movie was more than Goon-enough for me when I was 14 and now that I'm 42 it's even better as I share the Goonies experience with my little Goonies (Little Miss Movie Dude).

What went right:
< > Um, like everything - great story, great cinematography, great jokes, great adventure... what can I tell you - it's just a wonderful time.

What went wrong:
< > Um, like nothing - great movie for kids, teens, or simply the young at heart.

Hey, if you have a question about this review, feel free to leave a comment and I will try to answer promptly. I will be leaving more movie reviews with bowling scores so check out my other reviews. Bowling for Movies is in no way affiliated with Amazon nor do I have a website or other business interest - I'm just a dude who watches movies (and dabbles in quasi/pseudo-science) :] Want me to review a movie and score it in an Amazon review - I'd be happy to - if I have it, you'll get it.
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on January 21, 2018
I am a child of the 80’s and this is by far my all-time favorite film. I can’t explain it, but no other movie gives me the the kind of feelings that this film does. No matter how old you are, watching The Goonies brings you back to that childhood moment when anything was possible. To me this is more than a movie and almost an escape from reality of adult responsibility... and I cherish that for the close to hours this gives me. I also have my kids loving the movie so it will continue for another generation.

I believe that this film should be required viewing for everyone and could easily solve most of the major issues plaguing our society. We are all Goonies, we just need to let that side out more.
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This blu-ray of a classic is worth the upgrade. The picture is stunning on my plasma and I see details that weren't there the first time around and the sound is great! If you haven't seen this (and I don't know how that could have happened) share it with the kids or grandkids cause it's great fun with a wonderfull cast that Donner really knew how to draw out! Anne Ramsey hit the jackpot late in life with this and Throw Mama From The Train...and then passed this and Mama are the only two roles you can really share her with your family from. With Spielberg producing, Chris Columbus writing and Richard Donner directing it really is quintessential
family entertainment and features some child actors you may have heard of: Josh Brolin, Sean Astin and Corey Feldman among others. It's coming out the same week as the fourth Pirates movie so get them both and make a double feature out of it. You'll be hard put to get the kids to say which one they like most.
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