Customer Reviews: The Guild Leader's Handbook: Strategies and Guidance from a Battle-Scarred MMO Veteran
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Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When people talk of creating a Guild in and MMO they often talk about the types. So people talk about hardcore versus casual. Other people talk about PvP or PvE. This guide is for anyone that thinks that the two major categories of guilds are 1.) Those that get things done and 2.) Those that don't. If you follow this guide you'll be well on your way to creating a guild that not only gets things done, but has a lot of fun doing it!

This book treats guild creation and maintenance very seriously. In a lot of ways, it mimics several books that I've read on starting your own business. Well, in many ways, you are. You'll have a Guild Leader (CEO), Guild Officers (V.P.s), Veterans (Middle Management), and then your general membership (employees). In order to get anything done (creating a product) you'll have to keep the guild productive and drama at a minimum.

This book starts out simply. It asks one question: What kind of guild do you want to make? It defines many different types of guilds. It then moves on to the best ways to get people into your guild (and also lays out several ways NOT to get people into your guild).From there the topics range from guild events, alliances with other guilds, how to deal with drama in your guild, and even taking the guild out of the game and into the real world for face-to-face encounters.

There are only two things that I think detract from the book:

1.) It takes itself too seriously.
2.) It's all text.

A little humor included in the reading or a cartoon here and there giving a humorous glimpse into the subject matter would have been welcome.

These too shortcomings aside, I think this is a great read. It should be considered required reading for anyone considering starting a guild (and for many of the Guild Leaders already out there!) Thank you Mr. Andrews for a great read and wonderful incite into the world of Guild Management.
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on October 23, 2012
I purchased this book to find guidance and insight into the workings of putting a guild together. I belong to a guild now and it is interesting that we have survived as long as we have without rules, guidance and a change of purpose. The guidance and tips in this book are valuable. It is all reading with no pictures but, it is a fast read with larger print and the topics are relevant and interesting. The book is not geared to any one game but to all MMO's, which is very good.
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on June 16, 2010
As a former ranking clan leader and someone who managed several competivie First Person Shooter teams, I have to say I VERY MUCH wish I read this book years ago. So many of the issues relating to guild leadership/raiding also apply just as clearly to a competitive team based gaming environment. Whether you manage a guild, run a clan, or manage any competitive team in the virtual world, this book can help you find success with a minimum of headaches.
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on June 13, 2010
Guild-leading is not easy. I have seen the worst leaders, and I have seen the best. Scott understands what works and what does not and he knows from experience. This book gives people a heads up on what to look for if they want to lead a guild, or are currently leading a guild. It also helps people who want to be a part of a guild see their place in the big picture, and how they can work to fill areas that need filling. I recommend this book not only to guild leaders, but people who want to help lead a guild or even just know what it takes to be a part of a guild and keep one going strong. Great book!
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VINE VOICEon December 26, 2011
I'm new to the whole Guild leadership business. I was in one in World of Warcraft Battle Chest but it mostly consisted of "Show up for X raid". I just recently purchased Star Wars: The Old Republic and was roped into a guild there, unaware that being one of the first few members automatically made me an officer. So, panicking desperately, I purchased this for my Kindle before my first Officer Meeting.

This book explains everything nicely and really is written almost like a small business guide like The Small Business Start-Up Kit: A Step-by-Step Legal Guide. It's very thorough, it goes step-by-step and the author obviously knows what he's talking about. He gives a lot of thorough background on problems facing guilds, how to differentiate and create a guild identity, recruiting, events, what rules to setup regarding loot, raiding, meetings, and the dreaded gkick. It's tremendously insightful stuff. The author writes extremely well and is very well organized and succinct.

The only downside is the book could use a sense of humor. Some of this MMO stuff is so ridiculous that I couldn't help but laughing. For instance, the author talked about his intolerance for lies from people missed raids. Some people have lives. I mean, it's just a game, the author treats it as reverentially as a firstborn son.

Highly recommended.
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on May 7, 2010
First of all, full disclosure requires that I mention that I helped copy edit this book for the publisher. This means that I have a very thorough knowledge of the contents of the book.

This book is not for *everyone* who plays massively multi-player online (MMO) games, but is instead designed specifically for those who are--or are curious about becoming--leaders and officers of guilds, those organized groups that are the lifeblood of MMOs. The book covers a very wide gamut within this topic, but the main take-away is that this book is helpful for ANYONE interested in guild leadership. Those who are wondering what is involved in starting and leading a guild will find a lot of information about how to create a new guild from scratch, while those who are already officers or leaders will find a lot of helpful information for topics like how to deal with churn, personality conflicts, or drama.

The author includes numerous examples--many by way of personal experience--that make it easy for the reader to see how policies or situations may apply in a real in-game situation. Best of all, the author takes great care to ensure that this book is about the role of guild leadership in all MMOs; this is not a book about how to be a guild leader in any one specific game (that is, you won't feel left out that you are a guild leader in a smaller MMO instead of a behemoth like World of Warcraft).

The book is organized in a way that readers can easily go directly to a section and gather practical information, and in that way. Readers should get just as much out of this by picking a specific section to read, as if they sat down and read the book cover to cover.

I see this book as both a cookbook for guild leadership (that is, identifying and finding a particular topic that applies to your situation and looking up solutions), as well as a disaster prevention/management book for how to ensure that your guild runs smoothly.

All in all, this is a highly detailed and unique book that should be very helpful for both current guild leaders and officers, as well as those interested in what is involved in running a guild. If you're feeling generous, consider getting this for your guild leader.
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on February 6, 2014
This could be a book on how to keep top-level talent together. It could easily pertain to IT superstars, performers, professional athletic teams, -any group where the team-members could leave on a whim to join another group. I've found it invaluable for managing up and managing laterally, in cases where I have no authority, just influence. In these cases I need to convince people to work together for betterment of the group. The book is also well-written, a fun read, and it's certainly a must-read for anyone running an MMO guild.
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on November 9, 2011
I just began leading a guild for the first time and have been looking through both the internet and books for advice. Picked up a couple of books and the other was pretty terrible (impressively terrible, actually). I picked this book up because I have read some of his posts on WoW insider (just started reading through them - I am totally addicted).

The book is just as good - in fact, better - than the blog posts. He has molded all of his experiences into a fantastic book that guild leaders in all sorts of situations can learn from. Well structured, well written, good analogies and images. I laughed pretty hard when I read about "comfort-spec priests" and the other player personality classes, but on the other hand, the information is real and accurate. We've all dealt with so-called black knights and bravado bards, even if we never thought to give them class names.

Every chapter is well-structured provides a lot of great tips for all the areas a guild leader needs to cover. Thanks for a great read!
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VINE VOICEon August 22, 2010
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm a fairly frequent World of Warcraft player. I've been playing the last couple years and enjoying myself immensely! I've got a level 80 character, a couple characters in their seventies, plenty of loot and I've had lots of fun.

But I know that I'm not exactly the best player out there, and there's always more that I can learn. That's where a book like this comes in handy.

Mostly the book is about how to run a guild. You'll see tips on how to handle problem players, how to start and maintain a guild, how to recruit people, how to organize raids, etc. You'll find a lot of useful information in here, especially in the sections on how to deal with various different types of player personalities.

This is a book that I could see being most useful to guild leaders, but it also has some general information that just about anyone could use, so even if you don't run a guild, you might wanna pick it up and give it a look. Hey, anything that helps your game, right?
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on July 6, 2015
I was recently thrust into a Guild Leadership position as the others officers I was part of a guild with began to splinter and fracture due to some easily avoidable mistakes by our former Guild Master. Threatened with the possibility of loosing so many of my close friends to other guilds. We decided to start our own, and to my surprise, I was asked to lead it.

I've managed guilds before when they were nothing more than glorified chat channels, and the field has changed greatly since the days of EQ and FFXI.

This book concisely lays out many situations which a guild leader will come up against and should prepare for. It also does an excellent job of outlining tools that can be used, and how to deal with the unavoidable drama that will eventually rear its head.

Good read and this may become required reading for my own officers as well.
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