Customer Reviews: The Happiest Baby On The Block
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on July 19, 2011
I bought this DVD with the book to help me figure out how to help calm my colicky 6 week old baby. I definitely recommend getting the book. You could probably skip the DVD and just head to the Happiest Baby website to see the 5 S's modeled. The DVD is good for learning how to swaddle correctly, knowing how loud to shush and how to jiggle properly, but again, I think you could find this for free on youtube. Also, check your local library for a copy because once you see it, you probably won't have to watch it twice.
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on June 3, 2012
We bought this DVD on our pediatrician's recommendation and I'm very glad we did. I'll admit I was a little skeptical of Dr. Karp's methods at first - my boyfriend and I snickered a bit watching him SHHHH so loudly in the babies' ears, but today we tried it with our 2-week-old and by god it works!

Our baby has been super fussy in the evenings, screaming inconsolably every minute she isn't eating, and it used to take endless rocking and bouncing to get her to calm down. Tonight, however, it only took a few minutes of trial and error using these methods before we got her to settle. It wasn't quite as immediate or dramatic as what you see in the video, but it was definitely much more efficient than our previous routine.

What's even more incredible, though, is that once we finally got her to sleep she stayed asleep for almost 5 hours. She's never slept more than 3 hours at a time so this was pretty shocking.

I haven't read the book but I will say that I think being able to see the methods in action is really helpful, so I would recommend people try the DVD first.

**UPDATE** Unfortunately we've discovered that the Happiest Baby methods aren't foolproof, and since I wrote the initial review there have been many times when no amount of swaddling or shushing or swinging would help our baby settle down. In fact, sometimes those techniques just seem to make her more upset. It's possible that we're not doing it right, but suffice it to say this DVD hasn't totally been the miracle cure-all we were hoping for. Even so, it has given us some useful tools and when it does work it usually makes our baby sleep longer, so I'm still glad we got it.
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on July 7, 2005
The DVD gives you detailed demonstrations on five methods of comforting an infant so that s/he stops crying, sleeps better, and so that YOU get more sleep. There's some basic information about the theory behind these methods, and some very helpful advice on what doesn't work, and things that work but can lead to bad habits.

And that's really all there is to it. If that doesn't seem like a lot, when then you obviously haven't had to deal with an infant that cries at all hours turning your entire house into sleepless zombies. I have. It isn't pretty.

Incidentally, the DVD is MUCH MUCH better than the book. In fact, don't bother with the book at all. Watching the video gives you in a few seconds what it takes 5 pages to get from the book.

The DVD also includes an extended Q&A session with the doctor and some womb noises (which did nothing for our kids, but might work for yours).

For the last two years, this has been the gift we give at showers because while you might not need it, if you do the DVD is worth its weight in gold.
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on October 3, 2014
Seemed like a very quick video, something you could just find online (you tube) since he only has the 5 methods. However, it was nice to watch with the hubby.. Sometimes short and to the point keeps men from zoning out. No offense to all the awesome hands on dads out there!! Mine just isn't one of them ;)
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on August 21, 2002
After 5 straight weeks of sleepless nights, my husband and I were walking zombies. Our infant would wake every hour to 2 hours throughout the night and just scream. During the day she would also scream uncontrollably - even though the doctor found nothing wrong with her physically. I had convinced myself that she just wasn't a happy baby like our 6 year old was and life with Isabel would be tough!
Then I searched Amazon one night under "Colic" and found this book and video. Even though we have absolutely no time to read, we did watch the video (while she wailed). My husband tried the swaddling and shhing techniques that night and she quieted down after about 10 minutes. Now 1 week later she calms after 5 min or so AND she is sleeping 4 hours at a time. We feel great and she finally looks peaceful - and not agitated.
Both the book and video are geared toward the first 3 months of life.... and the notion that most babies 1st 3 months of life are really the 4th trimester in their developement. Our first child slept soundly from day one..... but we were blown away with this second one. Thank you Dr. Karp! We finally feel like humans again and the stress level in our home has dropped tremendously.
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on December 7, 2015
This movie was exactly what we needed as new parents. We believe in attachment parenting and crying it out was not an option or our family. We had heard about The Wonder Weeks and use the app to track our babies developments and know when she is in a "leap" and it had been spot on. We never really swaddled at the beginning which was a mistake on our part but we were just not confident in our skill to do so. We hid a hard place where all our baby would do is cry, cry, cry and we were going crazy. We knew it would be hard but not THIS hard. So in a mom forum that I found while scouring the internet trying to find help recommended this movie. My husband didn't want to pay for it but I knew it was worth the $7 we were desperate right?

When we finally got our little one down for a small nap we decided to watch it. We were a little surprised at some of the moves but decided the next time she was awake we would incorporate the 5 s's. We watched the swaddling demo multiple times and finally got it down and did the shushing and she went from hysterical to calm. We downloaded a white noise app to help her sleep and now 6 months later she will not sleep without it, not sure if thats a good or a bad thing but its what works for our family.

We were so impressed with how great this worked we wanted to show everyone. All of our parents looked at us like we were crazy especially when it came to loudly shushing and we got comments that we would make her deaf, hurt her ear drums etc but then we would show them the reasoning behind it and they understood.

This is a must get for any new parent or any parent that is at their wits end with crying. We buy it for all new parents and tell them to watch it around when the baby gets out of the sleepy newborn stage. It really works if you take the time to implement it and follow the insturctions. We had to try a few times for it to consistently work.
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on May 7, 2014
Heard from multiple people to just watch the video rather than read the whole book and I thought the video was very informative.
We ordered this when we were at our wits end with our colicky baby. I felt so overwhelmed. The best part about this, other than the sound advice, is that you feel empowered when the video ends and like you know what you're doing. Some of the S's worked for us and some didn't, but they were definitely a huge help for us and our baby. I highly recommend this if you have a seemingly inconsolable baby. It really helped us a lot.
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on August 31, 2015
Despite the hilarious 1990s outfits and outdated-ness of this movie, these methods really do work. My pregnant self cringed during the "shushing" section, only to discover that was a sure fire way to calm down my son once he arrived. I was given this by a friend who swore by it, and I'd totally recommend expectant parents watch this before their skills are put to the test!
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on June 17, 2013
That about sums it up. It was useful, but not up to par with other instructional videos and documentaries. This felt more like a self-promotion video.
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on December 10, 2014
The doctor in this program even admits that sometimes this procedure does not work; however, he has a very high success rate. My child was not colic-y, but he did have some crazy nights and these procedures help. Be patient with it and stick with it or you'll be easily frustrated. Wish I had been able to find a book for cheaper, and looking back I think the YouTube videos told you most everything in here. Worth the buy for our family though.
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