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on December 10, 2017
The Harbinger is clearly a prophetic warning for the people of America that there is a coming judgment for turning against the moral foundations that our country was built upon. Humanity cannot be in defiance against God's laws and expect to be protected, prosperous, and blessed. Humanity has chosen to worship idols of power, money, fame, sex, leisure, and sacrificing the innocent (unborn) rather than God. For that and the rejection of God's universal laws and His perfect Love, the judgment will come. There IS hope, however; and, the Harbinger shows the searching one(s) the Way. Don't miss it. The choice is a Life-changer.
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on April 6, 2017
Interesting but sometimes slow paced.
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on January 1, 2013
I agree with another reviewer that there are some definite flaws in the comparisons made between God's covenants and warnings to the Israelites and God's apparent warnings to America. However this is a fascinating read. The parallels are no less intriguing than the parallels between the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations. However, if there is any reality in the premise that God is warning the United States to return to its Christian roots, this book makes an interesting case for believing that we are being warned.

Whether the book has any basis on fact or is an intriguing set of parallels is up the the reader to determine. It is a fascinating book to read, has a lot of thought-provoking material and should leave the reader wondering if there is any basis for belief that the United States, as we know it, is indeed headed for possible destruction.

The author alleges that 9/11, recent hurricane activity, and our economic problems are all warnings, if we do not stop our secularistic vent, of a bigger hit to come. Since the New Madrid Fault is in its 200 year cycle and the San Andreas fault is in it's 100 year cycle, it would be surprising to me if another big hit did not come in our lifetimes which will finally bankrupt the United States and create devastation unknown in this country since its founding in 1776.
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on January 7, 2013
Reading the book as the deadline approached for the "end of the world" was a bit theatrical, but there are a lot of apocraphyl books on the market. What makes this one different? It lays out the story of an ancient prophecy and how it relates to current events. It doesn't preach. It invites you to consider how life has changed since prayer and God have been displaced by hedonistic living and relegating faith to the closet. Heaven forbid that the country founded "under God" fight to have those words stricken from public consciousness, forbid prayer in public schools, and banish nativity scenes from city buildings. The problem seems to be that when one holds a mirror up that reflects the society in which we live in and we don't like what we see, we break the mirror. This book provides a mirror and if you are honest when you read, you will admit that it is an accurate reflection of society today. If we don't like what we see it is imperative to seek answers and alternatives to the hedonistic, godless times in which we live. This isn't fiction. It is reality based and it should and does provoke a response in those who turn the pages and consider the words. There is a reckoning on the horizon and whether it be financial, spiritual, or catastrophic it will arrive in its time. The question becomes are we prepared?
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on November 17, 2014
If you want to know where our country is going and if you ever doubted that God has everything under His control---then read this book. All the bad news that you read and hear will not discourage you because after you read The Harbinger you will know that nothing can harm you if you are right with God. Even though this book was written as a fictional work, it is based on true events all of which are documented in the notes at the end of the book. It was SO fantastic that I felt I had search on the computer and find out for MYSELF that this was true and EVERYTHING in this book is ABSOLUTELY TRUE! The prophecy in this book continues to manifest just as the book predicts that it will. This book changed my entire life and comforted me in the love of Jesus.
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on November 18, 2016
A clear message we as believers in God must help spread to America and the rest of the world. We have been blessed immensely and have turned our backs on God and are quickly removing Him from our nation. NOW is the time to turn from our sinful ways and back to him and put Him back in our schools, homes, churches, government, public places, etc.
Wonderful read. Would highly recommend that everyone reads. Spell binding. Could not put it down!
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on August 19, 2015
Every Christian should read this book. Someone told my husband about The Harbinger last year at Bible Study. When we asked members of our Connection Group at church all but one couple had read it. I am reading it for a second time and the similarities between ancient Israel and the U.S. today are undeniable. Jonathan Cahn is a man to listen to. He tells us not to be afraid but rather to be prepared if we don't turn back to God. He lays out how Sept 11, 2001 was the beginning of God's judgment. His second book "The Mystery of the Shemitah picks up where The Harbinger ends and explains the seven year financial cycles.
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on March 9, 2017
This starts out a little slow, but stay with it because it's a page Turner. Definitely a thought provoking book. It makes sense, perfect sense. We need to take our spiritual blinders off.
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on November 20, 2017
An old goodie; followed by the Paradigm. Sign of the times reading that can be frightening and yet very interesting.
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on October 17, 2015
It was a very interesting political/theological fictional novel. A mystery unfolds through an undisclosed biblical prophet and a writer. Together they proclaim the future of America if it does't recognize the prophetic signs and the correlation with past and present events comparing Israel and the United States as stated in the book of Isaiah. Both nations at their inception are blessed by God, both fall away, both are called to redemption. One fails to head Isaiah's warnings and is destroyed, the other is warned and who can say if America will head the warnings or follow the same distructive path.
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