Customer Reviews: The Healer's Handbook: A Journey into Hyperspace
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on March 27, 2000
This book not only introduces the purest form of physical and spiritual healing, but teaches you how to do so with very simple mental exercises. The Healer's Handbook is about healing techniques that employ the highest form communication: color, tone and archetype. Color, tone and archetype are the Language of Hyperspace. When used correctly, they open up the door to the very essence of consciousness itself - pure energy, pure thought, or God-mind. Stewart covers breathing techniques, visualization, prayer and meditation. Some very specific diseases and the mind-patterns behind them are also discussed. This book also includes archetype sentence reading and a very in-depth look at dreams, how to interpret them, dream symbols and a dream dictionary. Finally, a very unique section of the book includes templates that contain archetype sentences. The archetype sentences on these templates have very specific meaning and can be focused on during the awakening state, or put under your pillow at night. The Healer's Handbook is a "must read" for anybody who wants to explore non-physical methods for healing yourself and others. Simply put, this book is indispensible as both a learning tool and a reference book.
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on July 22, 2009
The information in this book, especially the hundreds of hyperspace symbols, is stunning. These symbols are said to be the universal language, an interspecies form of communication that affects frequencies. I stumbled across the Swerdlows when I was looking into the Montauk Project allegations by various writers. Out of curiosity I got the Hyperspace Helper book, which I found interesting but not compelling. Then, after I watched Sterwart Swerdlow, I ordered this book, which is amazing.

I would recommend that both books be bought together: Hyperspace Helper provides the foundation protection and balancing techniques and tools which are not duplicated in this book, which is rich in further information.

My point is that it wasn't until I watched day 1 of Swerdlow's Hyperspace 101 workshop - the first half apparently can be watched on youtube and the whole of day 1 is, I am told, downloadable via torrent - that I began to grasp how valuable his information really is. (By the way, Swerdlow says his DVDs have been put out on the internet without his knowledge or consent but it is because a friend who accessed them in this way showed them to me that I have now ordered over a thousand dollars worth of DVDs and study guides from his website, Expansions.)

After watching day 1 twice (rare for me, as I am quick to assimilate information, but it was a generous sharing), I started using the dolphin archetype (hyperspace archetypes are combinations of the universal symbols) which he said was an energetic sleeping pill. I have been plagued with insomnia and fragmented sleep for well over a decade but have had only two interrupted nights (and got back to sleep within two hours each time) in the three weeks I have been using this archetype as explained by Swerdlow in the workshop (but not in his books, so far as I can see). (Oddly, another friend I shared the Dolphin technique with found it kept him awake! but in the last 15 years I have never before enjoyed three whole weeks of sound sleep nor been able to fall asleep within 5 minutes of going to bed or of waking during the night.)

I have a huge personal library on alternative health, subtle energies, positive psychology and cognitive/behavioral plus the last twenty years of research on what makes the brain focused and calm; over the last 15 years I've tried many many exercises, procedures, and techniques such as EFT; EMDR; NLP; HeartMath; meditation, Options Institute; kinesiology (5 years with several schools), acupuncture, Chinese Traditional Medicine, holistic & natural health treatments and careful nutrition; many years of various forms of therapy including group, Jungian, Primal, Gerda Boyesen, Biodynamic, hypnotherapy, rebirthing and different types of bodywork; most of the researched suggestions in dozens of books on happiness including numerous affirmation, release, forgiveness and gratitude processes; as well just about every energy protection technique like protective bubbles, aura clearing, chakra balancing, showers of white light, reflecting mirrors, angels, smudging, singing bowls, spirit release, prayer, healing, etc, etc (I call it being determined and thorough, someone else might consider me obsessed). Nada.

Nothing worked well or for long. You can understand how amazed and relieved I am at the results I am now getting, which include further benefits not listed here, such as complete relief from a type of psychic attack (possibly via ELF) that went on for over 3 decades but that no one I previously consulted could stop (or even identify).

I've ordered many Swerdlow DVDs as I don't believe that I can get the best out of these two books otherwise. There's something immediate about a "live demonstration" that enables me to feel much more confident. Personally, the books are much more meaningful and useful after watching Swerdlow's workshops and seminars - and this powerful information more than justifies the effort and expense involved. The DVDs flesh out the books and explain in much more detail just how and when to use the powerful hyperspace language.

P.S. Now also highly recommending the "Healing Code" by Lloyd and "The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process" by David Berceli - uniquely, both get enormous numbers of 5 star reviews! Both can help anyone holding unreleased trauma and therefore work well with any other materials relating to traumatic experience.
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on October 18, 2005
I have used the techniques in this unique book for several years to heal myself and others. This book has taught me to use color therapy and various archetypes to heal and also something very important about illnesses - that they are created by mind-patterns which must be changed or the illness will come right back!There is also a section on neat visualizations, like the one called THE GOLDEN ALTAR that I use often in order to forgive people. It is amazing how it works 100% of the time. One of the most fun parts is the chapter on Tuning Into People's Frequencies. I love the methods given for even I can do them! This book is not your regular read-it and put-it-away book, but a true healing handbook that you will refer to daily like I do and want to practice the various techniques and methods in it! I love this book so much that I actually started a group teaching others these techniques!
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on February 14, 2006
With the teachings and services of Stewart Swerdlow and Janet Swerdlow of Expansions Inc. you are able to know the eternal inner truth about yourself and humanity.

The subjects in their teachings range from the meanings of DNA, the history of humanity and earth, to the individual inner path of observing yourself and your circumstances which are all projections and outcomes created by your own mind-patterns and by the way you think and feel all day.

You can regain selfconfidence, selfworth and better health with the help of Hyperspace colour-archetype-tone methods and Hyperspace deprogramming exercises; the Swerdlows teach them all. Hyperspace is your control and operational room of the mind to create your own things.

The explanation of the working of your Oversoul, your multi-existence and the real meanings of the esoteric eternal knowledge of your soul, mind, Oversoul, Christ Consciousness and God-Mind; all of them are available to you, if you put the effort in studying and practizing the teachings of the Swerdlows.

Last but not least, I would recommend the written masterpieces of Stewart Swerdlow to be read, to everybody:

"The Healer's Handbook: a journey into Hyperspace", and "Blue Blood, True Blood".
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on February 7, 2010
If you have tried every healing modality on the planet and everything seemed to sort of work, but something was still missing... then this is the book for you. With this book, you can literally balance your brain, protect yourself from ANY negative outside influence (including ELF's), and tap into the other 90% of your brain. You will feel hope, peace and confidence like you have not felt in a long time. This is the missing piece/peace. Kudos to Stewart Swerdlow!
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on October 26, 2002
SS claims to have been involved in the intriguing Montauk business, and the amazing technology involved has been turned to a positive end in this book. One really needs to carry out the exercises here personally to experience their full worth, but much of the material resonated deep within me as I read it, as I had already experienced much of it before, although had never analysed it or spoken about it with anyone else. If SS is mad or a conman I am at a loss to know how he could have still written this. Do read his new book "Blue Blood" also.
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on June 17, 2012
This book is like a bible to a Healer, I pick it up every day at least once for reference..
Its a great tool for those who seek to delve into the intuitive, creative and symbolic.
Excellent read for all those who love numerology, colour and archetype - The language of Hyperspace..
it even has a section on the meanings of your dreams..!
We are due a reality overhaul and this book helps you perceive your daily life with new support and empowerment from all that is
around us all the time, codes and tools which few see or know how to make use of...Brilliant!
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on June 3, 2015
Like his other book this is exactly what I was looking for. Only problem is me; I have not yet quite advanced to the point that I need to be to use this book in the correct manner. Yet, I am working on it and will soon catch up. Until then it awaits...
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on February 3, 2006
Keep it up and you will see. Its nice to control your own life.
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VINE VOICEon September 12, 2010
After learning about his relationship to Preston Nichols in Nichols book on Montauk, I decided to order three book by this guy. Two out of the three, including this one, I wouldn't recommend to anyone. The third, "Montauk, The Alien connection" is only interesting for its bizarre rambling nature. I believe that there is something wrong with Stewart Swerdlow's mind that may well have been caused by the government, but after reading his books, I also believe that he is unable to use it in a productive manner to provide any kind of "teachings".

Most of what is in this book is elementary New Age philosophy taken from numerology, astrology, color theory, and yoga breathing techniques. He combines symbols, which look like anything from variations on a TV antennae to simple arrows and circles, with the above and calls them healing rituals. Not only do these exercises come across as simplistic but some of his references show a complete lack of education about what he professes to heal. For instance he says that Bi-polar disorder is also known as Schizophrenia and goes on to mix obscure disorders with common ones like Autism in a section that appears to be defining disorders but quickly dissolves into a another digressive collection of short paragraphs.

If this is "Hyperspace" it is a disorganized trash heap of stale information best left alone. I found absolutely nothing useful in this mess and can't even give him full credit for a useful premise as much of the information appears to be loosely plagiarized from other sources. My 12 year old niece could have assembled a more organized and comprehensive book that this. You should also note that HALF of the book is called "APPENDIX" and is nothing more than a collection of his not so sacred, special or interesting symbols. Whatever happened (or didn't happen) to Stewart he appears unable to process it in a way that would make it useful to others.
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