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on August 24, 2013
Even though I rated this book 3 stars I would buy it again and again. Let me start with the cons...

1. There are are more stories, more information (of which some I take issue with) than recipes. I believe the author has answered has answered these complaints by stating there are 47 juicing recipes in this book. That's not a small number of juices to sneeze at, but when you break it down by, "fruits & veggies I don't juice or can't find or that aren't in season"or I can't juice wheatgrass in my machine...the number seems to shrink. The juice recipes are from p. 135-172. 1-2 per page. The text of the book is 281 pages. If you are looking Purely for juicing recipes & not information this book is not for you. Remove half a star. There pulp recipes & suggestions though.

2. Benefits are not discussed...when I handed my BF a glass of juice he asked...what's this one do? Many other books breakdown the benefits of the recipes. I know collards are rich in magnesium, cucumber is hydrating, etc. in comparing to other books I own, it doesn't give that vital info. I need magnesium & adrenal boosters for example. I am familiar Veggies that give me that benefit, a beginner may not! I'd have to remove half a star for this one.

3. The masticating vs centrigal juicing machine argument...sigh. I do believe masticating juicers are best, but I own a centrigal juicer. And I store my juice, typically for less than 12 hrs. I juice during the workday. I am disappointed that Ms. Brock provided no scientific study/research to back her statement "you need to have a masticating juicer to store your juice". I have seen her conditions quoted verbatim on several websites. There was only one scientific study I could find (from food matters) that compared the two types of juicers, temp, effect on veggies,etc. I did not find one study conducted on the nutritional content of masticating vs centrigal juices after they have been stored 8-12 hours. I would hate think a centrifigal owner would toss aside juicing during the work day or a juice fast altogether based on her advice. Remove 1 star for failing to provide references. Is this a fact or an opinion?


1. Great little book nonetheless. She re-inspired me to continue juicing which her statement "juice should taste good"! Whoa, no other book I own adresses taste. I have been a hold you nose, drink it down juicer for a few weeks. I ha e had her "green explosion" and it's delicious! I will edit this review with my fave juices from her book from time to time. I believe there will be many.

2. She adresses planning ahead, shopping, cleaning & storing for your veggies. She discusses veggie shelf-life. I have been googling that info, so I am thankful to have it in a book. Her advice is good and solid and will declutter my fridge a bit and make taking my veggie inventory easier. She adresses what to & not to juice. Some may think it silly, but a friend asked if she could juice a banana. I laughed, but it sparked a debate at work!

3. Inspiration. She provides it in bulk. 20 juicing benefits, her personal story, short stories of others she has helped.

In full disclosure I own 3 juicing books. I have been juicing since March '13. I believe this will be the tastiest juices of the 3, in terms of reviews she has received the 2nd highest review. (The juice lady provides no index!!! & other complaints). In terms of useful scientific information about juicing & juices she has provided the least.

All told I would buy it again, just for the tasting juices, her suggestions for alternatives & additions & the inspiration/motivation. I will eventually own about 5 juicing books and am picky about the ones I buy. This makes a good library addition, but I still haven't found that quintessential, all-encompassing 5-star juicing book.
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on October 7, 2013
This was a very good, informative, beginners guide for juicing. Let me start by saying that I did NOT purchase this book with the intent on going on a juice diet. I just wanted a book to explain the pros and cons of different types of juicers, as well as the benefits of juicing certain fruits, and vegetables. This was all new to me, and I needed a book to reference. That being said, I actually read this book from start to end. The authors writing style kept me interested, and I found her recipes to be quite easy to make. None of the ingredients were difficult to find. Most of the juices tasted great too. I strongly recommend this book as a starter book for juicing. It has helped me tremendously, as I am no longer afraid of my juicer, lol
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on February 23, 2014
This book should come with a Warning Label -- don't juice without it! I began my juicing journey about 7 months ago by reading online information, watching infomercials, and listening to friends; all of which left me very confused and somewhat misinformed. This book cleared all the fog! I'm so happy that I clicked the BUY button and ordered this as my first juicing book, otherwise I might have given up early in my journey. The photographs in this book are picture perfect. My weekly goal is for my kitchen island counter top to look similar to these photos...inspiration waiting for me to arrive home from my day. She puts it all out on a silver platter for you; a quick and easy read, with no fuss, so that you can get on with your juicing. And I LOVE that the book is accompanied with a touch of her personal journey. Who doesn't love an inspiring story? There are plenty of recipes in book; I have not needed any other source but she does include a section on how to create your own delicious juices. I have several friends who have started juicing recently and I have given several people juicers as gifts. I always treat those people with a copy of this book. I could say a lot more but the bottom line ... juice at your own risk without this book. Especially a necessity for any newbie to juicing.
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on January 11, 2014
As someone who lost 80 pounds through juicing, runs a popular blog and podcasts at JuicingRadio I have read my fair share of juicing books.

The Healthy Juicers Bible by Farnoosh Brock gets a 5 star rating from me for the following reasons.

1) Great Presentation
2) Attractive Photos
3) A good selection of recipes - though do not buy this if you want 1000s of juice recipes - there are plenty of cheap kindle books for that.
4) Juicing Success Stories
5) Preparation tips
6) Good explanations on the types of juicers out there. I know this can be a minefield for the uninitiated.
7) Written in plain English
8) Not hippy dippy/alternative - the writer does not promise that juicing beet greens will cure cancer for instance.
9) Great tips on how to detox.
10) Most importantly for us there are strategies on how to succeed. Some great motivational tips and the author does accurately point out that juicing is a lifestyle not a fad.

Ms Brock has not written this book to push her own supplements or products, the book contains good honest juicing information that I wish I had when I started juicing.
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on March 8, 2013
I've read Farnoosh's other books on juicing and thought they were good, but this one is truly a work of art.

First, the art work is really well done. Beautiful images throughout the book make me want to juice the pages! There was so much care put into the photography, that by itself, it makes the book a joy to read.

As far as the content, I thought the book would simply be a dense collection of recipes, but I was pleasantly surprised. Farnoosh tells her story candidly and without lecturing. The distinctly non-pedantic tone of the book is nice, considering some other books preaching a healthy lifestyle. In addition to nutritional information and practical tips for juicing, she brings herself to the table in a very authentic way. And there is a chapter with recipes.

The most important section of the book is about juice fasting. It's easy to get this wrong. Rather than just telling me what to do, Farnoosh actually explains why she fasts the way she does, what pitfalls to avoid and mistakes she's made along the way.

I can't wait to start my first 5 day fast!
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on August 24, 2013
My journey begun with watching the popular documentaries on juicing such as Hungry for Change and Fat, sick and Nearly Dead. I found the corresponding books to be somewhat advanced, assuming that a new juicer would know where to begin so I began my search for a more detailed review of how to begin. The Healthy Juicer's Bible does the trick! Farnoosh Brock goes step by step on how to pick the right items to juice, how to prepare and store the item, and she walks you step by step through the entire process. The book is small and easy to read quickly, making it very easy to reference. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is starting from scratch and needs guidance.
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on August 11, 2015
This book has a tremendous amount of information in it that is presented in a manner that makes it easily digestible. It is organized into many different aspects of juicing that people who are just picking it up may not be aware of. Farnoosh does an excellent job of covering all the bases, from choosing your juicer, ingredients, recipes, storage, and of course the unbelievable health benefits along with some guidelines to take your juicing habit to the next level with juice fasting. If you are interested in juicing, this book has it all.
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on August 20, 2013
Sure, there are quite a few juicing books out there. But if you are a complete 'newbie' to juicing, you need to buy the bible of juicing. This lady is THE expert on getting started and staying with it. She explains everything from how to select your juicer, to how to select your fruits and veggies, what to do with the leftover 'pulp', how to clean and store your fruits and veggies, and any other little detail you need to know. And she is So Positive in her attitude and lifestyle. Just reading her book gets you pumped over juicing! A Must-Have Book!
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on January 7, 2014
I started juicing several years ago but had a bad experience with some awful-tasting beet juice. Farnoosh's book and her enthusiasm for juicing inspired me to try it again. This time, I bought this book and a good juicer and am a complete convert. I absolutely love juicing and will always include it as part of my diet.

I love the way Farnoosh shares her own personal experiences and provides tips for things that may not seem obvious, like how to get your vegetables clean ahead of time (that was my problem with the beet juice).

The photos, format, and entire book are beautifully done. It's a great resource for anyone who is interested in juicing and is a book that I reference often. Highly recommend!
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on March 18, 2013
I’m reading this book right now and it's fantastic. I don't want to put it down, but I couldn't wait to write an initial review to let readers know how much I'm enjoying it. I’ve been juicing for a while now and juice daily. I can tell you that this is an excellent book whether your just beginning or a juicing artist. It has so much information, everything from picking the juicer that's right for you, to selecting the right produce to juice. There's even a list of "Unjuice-ables" and a long list of the fruits and vegetables that you can juice, and will taste great. If you've ever thought about juicing I highly recommend this book. More to come...
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