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on June 5, 2014
Most of the other reviews say it all... so I won't bore you.

Largo Winch (Tomer Sisley) is the adopted heir of a multi-billionaire who dies and leaves him his fortune. But the treasure is not just laying around for him to soak in... Largo has to fight to take and keep what is his from pretty much anyone with a pulse in his life.

I enjoyed this movie even with the sub titles. It is shot with multiple languages woven into the discourse including English. That added to the meatiness like a good stew. Don't be looking for James Bond (Daniel Craig) style action or even physiques but the 'fisticuffs' in the various knife fights and kickem ups are good and scrappy.

Tomer Sisley does a good job showing a range of emotions in this movie. He is not a polished actor but he has some raw talent and a genuine face... i.e. his emotions are very believable. I did find him a bit 'Kramer-like' in some of the running scenes but he has that type of face and hair so it was inevitable.

Steve Waddington shows up in a bad guy role and it the first time I have seen him since he was hung up in a fire in the Last of the Mohicans. He has been in a few other flicks since then but they haven't been on my watch list. All in all... you won't be disappointed in the rental. Definitely not a PG-13 as there is a steamy 40 second love scene with some after glow, 'heavy petting' as well as some death, gore and blood with gun shots to the head and body and a drowning/murder scene.

Against other movies similar to this I would have gone 3 stars but there were some good plot twists, cinematography, beautiful scenery and action so I bumped it up as it worked hard to differentiate itself. Enjoy!
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on March 10, 2012
I am a movie crazed person......I am a girl that loves any and all ACTION movies....any from transporter, mechanic, bourne, rocky, ali, loved drive, i like them all loved taken, michael???whatever with never ends with me. I LOVED this movie! LOVED it! now I see there is another one but not in anything I can remotely understand, not even english subtitles? come on!!!!! I will say....the subtitles need to be figured out a better way when they are putting subtitles up during a sunny scene and the guy is wearing a white shirt...really? making me work for it!!!! also, the billionaire it seems taught Laro to takeove by giving him an education but he failed at making sure his heir apparent would be one bad ass killer savvy enough to no better than to trust anyone......again, the kid didn't want to be the heir so......hey I liked the movie...liked the expendables (u gotta keep watching thos old guys just because) loved all three dragon tattos movies.....the swedish versions...the first one with daniel craig in english not nearly as good as the swedish ones! not nearly! guys got a hot guy.....put him in the U.S. market! this link is for largo winch the first one - my review is for largo heir apparent.The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch
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on August 14, 2016
Great story, very entertaining if you like suspense and action, I do, sad to say but somehow it has become 'par for the course' to have sex scenes with most every flick, I never get that, we all know it takes place, we all know people use the rest room, we all know there is biology in everything human, so big deal, just close the door and stop showing me all the biology of either sex and the act itself, it is the stupidiest thing produces have now degraded to.
Besides that scene it is a great movie.
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on January 15, 2016
The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch Music Box 2012 [no rating] DVD

I tried to like this movie, filled with handsome men, beautiful women, exotic locations, corporate intrigue, chase sequences, double-crosses, shamen (shamans?), tattoos, luxury yachts, crashing surf, remote monasteries, bared flesh, money, power and schemes. I really did. It just felt like it lacked any heart. If you take this adventure, I challenge you to solve this small riddle: if “Largo” has just one little weakness [like Achilles and his heel], what is that weakness?
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on November 4, 2014
This is hard to follow in places because of the sub titles. I was thankful that the whole movie wasn't sub titled, but there was a lot of traveling for Largo and so many places has sub titles. The movie centers around two male leads. The father, who is killed at the beginning of the movie and the adopted son who is heir to a multi-billion dollar estate. Largo is the underdog and under estimated by the corporate executives. But his father taught him well in his early years so he was prepared for what he must do after his father is murdered. I recommend this movie even with all the sub titles.
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on February 12, 2011
This one slipped under the radar as a solid action/suspense movie, yet there appears to be no distribution here in the States. A worthy DVD though and my customers have been asking for it daily.

The story follows an unwilling yet physically and mentally adept heir to a multi-billion dollar corporate empire as he trots the globe, first for himself then later throughout the film to find who murdered his father and is conspiring to take over the Group. The camera work is great as they went all over the world to film and used some beautiful aerial angles with each switch. The story is told out of sequence over five different times in our main character's life, but I enjoyed how they played out, especially with the final two plot twists. There are a couple scenes where you have to suspend some reality (James Bond-ish kind of events) but they kept it real otherwise.

The picture quality is good, but it NEEDS a Blu treatment as this could be an amazing transfer. The sound is solid, with both English and French mixed tracks, and a reversible cover that is either French or English text. The five interview supplements all last less than a few minutes but are French only with no subtitles. For those that might be concerned, almost half of the movie is in English at varying times, but the scenery, stunts and pacing can keep the attention span if the remaining subtitles bother you that much.
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on March 11, 2017
Won't play in my region comes up when in bluray player! So it's useless
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on March 16, 2014
Had zero expectations for this movie....
But once it got going which was early on by the way, my wife and I were completely entertained.

Watch it you won't be sorry.

Moon Dog
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on December 26, 2016
Nothing like an original story to capture the attention in this truly geopolitical thriller with many great twists and that moves with non-stop action. Greedy corporate plotters with cadres of double-crossing backstabbers all vying to steal a $20 billion fortune from a deserving heir, the evil Russian hostile takeover billionaire thug in a shiny jet with a gorgeous, sly and clever girl (Melanie Thierry, a true beauty). and the vicious corporate henchmen sent out to terminate the threat with extreme prejudice. The cinematography is outstanding - this was filmed in some magnificent parets of the world. So, who will remain as the last man )or woman) standing?
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on May 14, 2014
All hail Tome Sisely for an electrifying performance as Largo Winch. A magnificent soundtrack accompanies this excellent film, shot in many exotic locales. It has such grand scope, that it is reminiscent of James Bonds' thrillers.
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