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I have had an interest in astronomy and cosmology for many years, having read Albert Einstein's books on the theory of relativity, and Stephen Hawking's books on Black Holes. I found this this 371 page book a (The Hidden Reality: Parallel universes and the deep laws of the cosmos by Brian Greene) very interesting read; however, my knowledge of advanced math and physics is limited and I had a little difficulty absorbing some of the material. The idea of parallel universes has been explored in numerous science fiction books and movies. I most especially remember the original "Star Trek" series when the Enterprise was quickly changed into another parallel universe, where all the characters were the same but with different personalities. That was fiction, but this book deals with the possibility that there may indeed to parallel universes with copies of ourselves.

This huge text is organized into eleven detailed chapters. Chapter one provides an introduction into "The bounds of reality concerning parallel worlds. The second chapter deals with "Endless doppelgangers and the quilted multiverse. Enternity and infinity is explained in chapter three. The string theory and unifying nature's laws are explored in chapter four. Chapter five deals with "Hovering universes in nearby dimensions. "New thinking about an old constant is explained in chapter six. Chapter seven deals with "Science and the multiverse. I found chapter eight a difficult read as it covers "The many worlds of Quantum measurement. I enjoyed reading about "Black holes and holograms in chapter nine. Chapter ten covered "Universes, computers, and mathematical reality. The final chapter explored "The limits of inquiry."

Even though my field of expertise is completely different, I did enjoy reading most of this book. I personally admit that some of the material was too advanced for my limited math and physics education; nevertheless, I think this book would be of interest to anyone who desires to explore the scientific evidence for possible parallel universes.

Rating: 4 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Author: Never Trust a Politician: A critical review of politics and politicians).
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on April 16, 2014
He can make the most complex Quantum Physics idea so simple and real that you can not understand why you had difficulty understanding it before this. From String theory to multiple universes, you always have that *aha* moment. Simply amazing!
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on April 9, 2014
The writer laid out his subject matter so that any layman could understand the concepts of cosmology. it seems to me that these theories all need the Master architect's hand to 'begin' the events that he has laid out. good read
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on March 26, 2014
As with his other presentations, Greene engages the inquisitive child deep inside us. He takes no sides. Allows the reader to (to use his word) "embrace" natures mysteries on our own. I would have loved to have studied under him, from first grade onward. Start from his first. Read his latest.
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on March 19, 2014
This book is very interesting, it's clear and I recommend it for all people interested in science, even if they aren't scientifics.
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on March 12, 2014
Dr Greene has written a book that deals with the multiverse and in particular, and the reason I bought the book,
is he deals with the possibilities of us being in a SImulation. (Look out, Twilight Zone!) Chapter 10 deals with the concept of what is reality -- since all is filtered thru our brains/senses -- what are we not seeing, or how are we seeing whatever is there? A case in point is the movie Thirteenth Floor, as well as Matrix, wherein the main characters are not dealing with 3D physical reality -- they have more of a SImulation, and this idea intrigues Dr Greene.

The application of the idea also intrigued the author of Virtual Earth Graduate and he (Hegland) goes into quite some detail in 2 chapters relating how Earth really could be a SImulation, albeit a very sophisticated one. And there are many physicists who are now saying the same thing about Earth and offer credible reasons for thinking thus... including Nick Bostrom.

While the idea sounds silly on the surface, one of Dr Greene's key points (there are several) is that physical constants of the Universe should not be changing -- the speed of light, the decay rate of radioactive material, C-14 dating, etc... and they are -- which would happen if we were in a SImulation whose 'envelope was being pushed' by the mathematical rounding errors that are beginning to (eventually) overwork the system, and Dr Green reminds us "Logic alone cannot ensure that we are not in a computer SImulation." (p 289). To really get a sense of this issue, one needs to see the movie Thirteenth Floor.

And if we are simulated, is the next level 'up' which drives our SImulation itself simulated? And then do we live in a SImulated Multiverse? And what happens when one of the simulations crashes? Dr Greene's book is fascinating in this regard. He also looks at the Double-slit Problem, Parallel Universes, Black Holes, Branes and Strings.

Dr Greene's other main point was that over time, with mathematics that is not carried to decimal points with infinite precision, there are going to be recursions of the same formulas and their outputs which will suffer rounding and approximations to the point where internal consistency is lost, sections of the SImulation would become incoherent, and the Simulation will crash -- is that what happened to the Maya back in AD 800 when they just all disappeared?
(See Virtual Earth Graduate for a better, longer review of this issue.)

Other physicists suggest that the Earth may be in a quantum computer running "qubits" and they theorize that just the Earth (not the universe) would be scalable to run within the memory confines of the largest computer that we can build nowadays... and all it would have to do is create just those scenes into which the ensouled human moves, suggesting as did JIm Elvidge in The Universe Solved that many humans would be Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) as in any VR Game. If this idea fascinates you, check out those books mentioned. Parts of the concept are not froo-froo and this gives cause to reflect...

In short, if quantum physics annoys you, or you just can't feature some of the strange postulates, then try Dr Paul LaViolette's Genesis of the Cosmos book -- he says that Subquantum Kinetics (using the ether) has better answers than does quantum physics with its Dark Matter...
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on February 25, 2014
I rate this 5 stars even though I have a small problem. The subject is powerful and Brian Greene is an authority.

I was especially pleased the way footnotes and figures were handled in the Kindle media. I was able to navigate back and forth with ease. This is especially important with concepts that are so unintuitive and astonishing.

My small qualm was that throughout the book I never felt any sort of closure. This is certainly understandable given the leading edge technology and concepts being covered in the book. Yet still, I kept waiting for some sort of a satisfying feeling that I had reached a new level of deep understanding.

I suppose it is the nature of the beast.

I wish I had had a copy of this book in 1963 when I was a senior in college completing my last year towards my B.S. Degree in Physics. Of course hindsight never arrives in time! But the book shed so much understanding that I lacked in 1963. I found myself right back in my Modern Physics class with "aha"s coming left and right. Schrodinger's equation back then was an almost insurmountable windmill for me. The book brought the concepts behind it into full light and made it almost an old friend. The book however had no references at all to Schrodinger's cat. I guess that is too old school these days LOL.

If you are looking for a better understanding of black holes, parallel universes, what reality really is or "might" be, this book is a very good read. The math and science can be difficult, but Greene does a good job in providing options of detail versus the big picture.
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on February 8, 2014
I appreciate that this book is written for someone who has less than a 150 IQ. It has been an enjoyable and educational read. I use this book as reference for some of my own projects.
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on February 6, 2014
I did order it however, and to my delight the order tracking said it had been delivered. UPS
I actually had another item delivered the same day, same carrier, a rug from L.L. Bean.
This rug seems okay so far, it is designed to hold a gallon of water and we use it at the kitchen entrance, where in winter, it will certainly be put through the paces. It's brown and on the surface appears to be just what we needed. We are only hoping that the cats don't claw it to death. Now L.L. Bean is a great store and all but let me tell you, this rug costs 89.00. That's quite a bit of money for something 30" by 60" that just lays in front of the door. Our cats when put end to end and side to side are nearly those same dimensions and they were free. Of course we cannot return them if we are not satisfied, and they certainly wouldn't take part in anyone wiping their snowy boots all over them. I guess the L.L. Bean features are, the items come to your door, they have a no questions guarantee and their product lines are generally of good quality. But why in my tracking the order from Amazon did they indicate my book was delivered.
Well, I unboxed the rug first. Went outside to see if maybe the box was dropped in the 6" of snow we got yesterday, Started my snowblower and found that there was some ice where the impellor blade is located which caused the engine to abruptly stall. Pushing that aside, I tried to start the tractor, dead battery, so off to the other garage to get the booster pack and after employing thst, the tractor started right up. Those Kohler engines are truly remarkable. I let the tractor warm up a minute and went about plowing the snow, all the while looking for my book. Then my plow bracket broke, in the very place I had repaired it before. What I need to do is weld it but lacking the critical element in that repair I keep bolting and reconfiguring just long enough to get through the task at hand, put the thing away and promptly forget about it until of course, such time I need it again. At which time, obviously, it needs repaired still. Vicious circle.
Much as the circle that swirls around my book.
I went in the house, stomped off my boots on the new rug, smiled as my curious cats sniffed at the snow, (they are indoor cats) and went back to tracking my book. Oh, yeah, I searched for a 12volt electric winch setup for the plow blade. I think that might be the best solution to repairing the manual lift bracket that really never was made quite robust enough.
As it was reported delivered, I navigated to the area of the site where you would report an instance such as this. I wrote to them informing that I indeed did not have the book. Promptly they relied stating they were abundantly sorry that I had received the wrong item. Again I wrote to tell them that the only thing I received all day was a rug from L.L. Bean. They replied that they would refund my money and were still very sorry for the mix up. They said at this point they understood that I had not received my book and that they made a mistake initially in saying I received the wrong item. They would credit my account the monies.
I asked them to not refund any money as I really want this book. I heard an interview with the author on NPR, read two of his other works and think this book will probably be as good or perhaps better. They replied that the refund has already been applied to my account and that I should return the item they sent me in error at my earliest convenience.
I, giving up on the task of convincing them that they, in fact have not sent me anything am looking for suggestions as to what might be a good object to return to them. And no, the cat and the rug are not options.
I looked this morning at my account and they indeed did refund my money. Along with an email apologizing for any inconvenience.
I wrote back wondering when I might expect my book and asked them what I should do if by chance I do receive it. I'm anxiously awaiting that reply.
Please gift me your indulgence in my poorly edited and crafted review.
I can't wait to read this book.
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on January 28, 2014
Brian Greene talks about the math of the universe. If the universe is infinite the the possibilities are infinite also. Brian Greene suggests some of those possibilities and they are startling. Most of his ideas are not original with him but have been thought about for more than a hundred years by various scientist. Although they may seem like science fiction we may be on the verge of proving them correct. This is a very interesting read.
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