Customer Reviews: The Hip Hop Dance Experience - Nintendo Wii
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on November 16, 2012
I am a 22 year old who loves active games on my Wii. I have never owned the other Just Dance Games because I figured there wouldn't be enough songs that I would enjoy. When I found out this was coming out, I immediately got my boyfriend to pre-order it.

It came yesterday, and I started playing last night. It's fun. We didn't want to stop playing.

The graphics are great, and the song choices are excellent. It's a good mixture between old school and new school. Love it!!!

The only thing I didn't like too well, is that they don't really tell you how to do the next move. You kinda have to figure it out from the little man in the corner. You can get past that though, because when you do it once, you can catch on easily or put it in school mode to learn the moves.

I recommend this game to any hip hop lovers. You don't have to be a great dancer. This game has levels for everyone.

It was so much fun! I imagine it is great for small gatherings.
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This game has awesome music, graphics and it has different levels so anyone can pick up and play. Like the Just Dance games, there are easy and difficult levels of songs in the Wii Hip Hop Dance Experience. The easy ones are actually easier than some of the easy Just Dance selections, but then Hip Hop has a steady and repetitive beat which makes it perfect for a dance/rhythm video game. I'm surprised that it took them this long to come out with this. They did a very good job on this one with routines developed by celebrity choreographers like Laurieann Gibson, Nicki Minaj and Dave Scott. The song selections are excellent and cover about 30 years of hip hop so there's something there that most everyone can recognize.

I have a couple of the early Just Dance games, of which I'm a big fan, but I like the graphics on this game better. I thought the dancers, the scenes and the special effects where all outstanding, especially for a Wii game. I like that you can see the instructor from the front and a dancer from the back which makes it a lot easier to follow, especially the first few times you do a song. There's also a little choreography card thing to the left of dancers that shows you upcoming moves. This feature was especially useful once I did the songs a few times and learned the routines. Like many of the dance/rhythm games, you can mostly move your hands and arms and get points without too much effort, after all it's the Wiimote that you're holding that records your moves. But once you learn and follow along with the footwork you're getting a good workout and can actually look like you know what you're doing even if you're new to Hip Hop. You get instant feedback in the form of Busted, Nice!, Cool! or Hype!!. Hype gets the most points. Your points are totaled up and it keeps track of your highest scores at the end.

Because of the repetitive nature of the Hip Hop beat, I think the easy versions are easier than some of the Just Dance games that I've played. But the upper levels are just as challenging. But the one thing that's puzzling is that halfway through the routines there's a "break dance" session that lasts about half a minute where, unless you keep moving on your own, you just sit and watch. Or try to follow the dancer who is doing some very advanced, on the floor, spinning on elbows and collarbones stuff. If your main focus for this game is exercise, it seems like just when you get your heart pumping a little, there's this break. What's up with that?

There are four different modes of play: Dance Party, where you just jump in, pick your song and follow the dancers, Dance Battle, where you compete against another player to gain or make them lose points, Dance Marathon where you dance til you drop and Power Skooling, the training section where you can learn the different dance moves. The Power Skooling lets you do each move over and over til you get it right. It's helpful if you're new to this because you can isolate some of the moves til they stick. You can play with up to 4 players. You can use either the regular Wiimote or the Wii MotionPlus. The Wii MotionPlus seemed to pick up more subtle moves. Another nice feature is a calibrator that's easy to use. It's in the settings and it adjusts for the slight delays between your TV and the game if there are any.

This would be a good game for parties because it's easy to pick up with enough levels that anyone can play. It also is a game that will keep you entertained for a long time, learning the different moves and routines. And because you can compete with yourself for ever higher scores, you can get a good workout while having fun.

Update 11/24/12: After playing this game for a while I noticed that there was no place to change the outfits of my avatar as advertised on this page: "Customize your avatar with hundreds of looks and accessories to express your personal fashion sense." At first I figured that I just had to rack up enough points to unlock the feature. But no matter how many points, nothing was unlocked. So I contacted Ubisoft via their website support. This is the reply I got 3 days later:

"Thank you for contacting Ubisoft Support. Unfortunately, there is no option to customize your avatar in the Wii version. That is a feature only on the Xbox 360 version."

I understand that Wii doesn't have graphics that are a sophisticated as some of the other platforms, but something like changing the clothing and accessories in a Wii game, especially when it's advertised that way, should have been included as it is with the other versions. It just ain't right. I'm deducting a star from my original review.
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VINE VOICEon November 21, 2012
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I thought this would be like Just Dance and wondered why it wasn't a Just Dance Hip Hop product. That's because it's really a distinct product. It's sort of a blend between Just Dance and Zumba, only hip hop style. This one feels more like exercise than dance. It is very repetitive. The choreography is not blocked like Just Dance where when a music phrase repeats, a dance phrase repeats (most of the time). It just feels random. There are 4 game modes. Dance Party rates your best and worst moves and gives you an overall accuracy score. Fortunately, there is a "Power Skooling" mode for practicing moves if you feel self conscious, competitive, or just can't get something. The third mode is the dance battle which is for two or more people. You really are battling in the sense that you are not just trying to do well. You are trying to reduce your opponent's score. The last mode is the dance marathon where you basically dance until you drop. The songs aren't particularly aerobic, so that could be a long time.

The song choices were decent. The graphics were okay. I didn't feel attracted or repelled by either of those, but the "Fun quotient" is just not there the way it is for similar products.
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on November 23, 2013
I love this game! I would have given it five stars, but I wanted the Rob Base number as advertised. Unfortunately, "It Takes Two" is not on the Wii version. Neither is Wiz Kalifa's "Work Hard, Play Hard."
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on October 30, 2013
I wanted this game so badly after watching other people play it on their Xbox. But I have a Wii at home so I got that version. I was sooo excited for this game to come...I was watching YouTube videos of people playing it while I waited for mine to arrive.

The Wii version is so disappointing. I was literally devastated. First off, I have the Wii fit board & all that stuff. I also have the Wii motion camera made by UBI Soft - the same company that makes this game! So imagine my surprise when I realized, unlike the Xbox version, the game did not use a motion camera...that's right folks, YOU HAVE TO HOLD THE WiiMOTE! Oh & guess what else...the Wii version doesn't score anything you do with your feet (how could it?) so you only get evaluated on what you do with the one hand that's holding the WiiMote. It's so lame. How can a DANCE game not track the movements of your feet & legs?

Oh there's more! No custom avatar! Nope - you gotta take whatever random one they give you.

None of that stuff is mentioned in the product description. The description & info listed by amazon for this product pertain to the Xbox version only. The Wii version is a ripoff. So pointless. They should call it the hip hop waving experience.
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on November 28, 2014
I'm by no means a professional dancer but can keep up with dance games decently well. This game in my opinion is too hard for any novice dancers especially if you're not used to dancing hip-hop style moves. There are definitely songs that are easier (marked by 1 out of 5 flames below the song title) but not as easy as the "easy" marked songs in Just Dance. It's not necessarily a con since this is a hip hop dance game.

My biggest problem with this game is that it is much harder to tell if you are doing the move right. I actually kept having to remember if "Cool" was better than "Nice" or not. Also, the dancing avatars are harder to follow. The moves just aren't as clear. I had moments of "OHHHH, is THAT what he's doing w/ his hands?" b/c there are flashing lights every where in the screen. This game was only made a couple of years ago but I seriously thought it was made 10 years ago. I agree w/ another reviewer that sometimes the moves don't seem to fit correctly w/ the beat. For example, during Chris Brown's "Run It" chorus part, I found myself wanting to do the move a bit quicker to fit the beat better. Or maybe just the move seemed too slow or a bit awkward.

A pro is the variety of songs. You'll get newer artists like Drake and Nicki but also older folks like New Edition and TLC.

This isn't a bad game to have in your collection b/c it is different. I'm ok w/ it b/c I paid half price but I would have been upset if I had paid full price.
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on February 28, 2015
This game is probably the best dance game in my opinion, truly legit dance moves compared to dance central or Just dance. I wonder why they haven't released part 2? I am sure I'm not the only one waiting for a new release.

PROS: true dance moves, great music selection, dance lessons, easy to learn moves.

CONS: Unable to download new songs, NO custom profile, NO custom avatar, NO new content.
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on December 28, 2012
Good song choices. Nice variety of moves. This game would really be enjoyed by anyone that loves to dance but especially if you love hip hop dancing. Good workout too! plus, I love that I got the actual artists recordings and that the songs aren't rerecorded by someone I've never heard of before; that makes it more fun to play. It's similar to the "just dance" games but it has it's own uniqueness. For example, the moves are quicker and players have to focus on the cues that appear in the left bottom corner a little briefly but it's important to follow to know what step is next. Not sure if that can be changed during set-up. The choreography is very hip hop and so much fun for anybody that loves it!
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on January 22, 2015
If you have a dancer like I do who is totally into hip hop then this is the game for your home. Although the best day ever was when I beat her and she told me I couldn't beat her because "I was too old." ha! Enjoy the game its fun for every one!
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on August 26, 2014
I absolutely love this game! It is a definite workout from showing you a whole routine you follow with your Wii remote control attached to your wrist you must follow along with,to breaking the moves down individually in another part of the game menu. You can dance battle against someone or just do your own thing. The only thing I did not care for is how you cannot click individually on the one you want to select by hitting the next button. If you barely move your wii remote over the next arrow it starts speeding through your selections of song/dance routines you have to choose from. Also,I wish it slowed down the break down of the dance you are learning on the individual screen instead of just going right into it and hoping you catch on to the move. Beyond those 2 issues,this game is awesome! You will definitely sweat and learn some great moves doing so! I may have to use some of these dance moves the next time I go dancing again!
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