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on March 23, 2013
I nervously took a chance on this first published work by this author. Half way through this book, i was still so enthralled and enraptured with this book, that i couldn't put it down. Lovely, romantic, and polished writing continued through the entire work. I constantly search for P&P variations, and am so glad i came across this novel. You will love this variation.
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on March 21, 2013
Captivating variation of the beloved Pride and Prejudice. A romantic and thoughtful change up where friendship begets friendship and then so much more. Unknown to her brother, a recovering Georgiana invites Elizabeth to London to spend a few weeks while Darcy is away, but when his travels end early, he returns to a surprise Houseguest who has bewitched him body and soul. Elizabeth is taken in hand by the extended family and experiences the successes and torments of a London season, while Darcy twists and turns. All the usual characters, and a few good additions make this a fascinating tale of Regency romance and familial love. An excellent read.
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on November 29, 2017
I read this in 2014 but failed to leave a written review. Loved the book and the interactions between Darcy and Elizabeth. However, two of my favorite characters are Lady and Lord Matlock .

The story revolves around the fact that Georgiana becomes friends with Elizabeth and invites her to be her companion in town while Darcy is off helping a family relative and trying to forget Elizabeth. Imagine his thoughts when he comes home early from his trip and finds Elizabeth staying in his London home with his beloved sister. Elizabeth has brought the timid Georgiana to life in just a couple short weeks. How can he ask his sister's guest to leave.

Now what does Darcy do when Lady Matlock decides to help Elizabeth find a husband during the London season. Then there is Sir Malcomb and others who take a real fancy to the lively Elizabeth. We have a trip to Hunsford but it does not follow canon. I like the addition of the trip non the less. Lady Catherine is at her "best".

Great story filled with drama, arguments, the Colonel, Georgie, the whole Bennet clan and the Gardiners. Great fun. Enjoy
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on October 20, 2017
Loved the fact that there was little mention of Wickham, we already know what he did so let's get rid of him quickly! The growth of Georgiana is wonderful here. She invited Elizabeth to visit without Darcy's approval and things progress from there. If Darcy thought he was in danger before he left Hertfordshire, he was way over his head now, with Elizabeth right in his home. The angst comes from Darcy's foot in mouth syndrome when Elizabeth hears what he really thinks about her family...that he was talking to his competition for her heart made it even more reprehensible.

Elizabeth's friendship with Darcy's family is funny. Of course she gets along with the Colonel, but also his parents. Lady Matlock even wants to find her a suitable husband. Much of the narrative is spent away from Longbourn so we don't get bogged down with Mrs Bennet's effusion too much either. Very interesting and fast paced read.
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on June 17, 2017
This is a hard novel to review because it's difficult to do it justice in a few words.
The warmth, depth and thoughtfulness is hard to describe, it must be experienced.
It took a long time to read since I often paused to ponder. It had a lot of food for thought. Austenesk in it's execution.

Georgiana visits Netherfield and befriends Elizabeth. They correspond and when Darcy comes home after visiting his aunt, Elizabeth is visiting his sister in London. They are thereby thrown a lot into each others company and feelings starts develop. There are misunderstandings, competition (Lady Matlock as matchmaker ) and uncertainties. It does not follow canon. It's a very unique, slow paced, but none the less captivating story.

Heartily recommend this book!
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on December 10, 2017
Elizabeth befriends Georgiana Darcy and is invited to visit Darcy House in London. Needless to say Fitzwilliam Darcy is surprised by her visit and of course becomes more and more attached to her. Inevitably misunderstandings occur and Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam must find their way back together. The story is well told and has several new characters and the old characters behave as expected. I enjoyed this tale and think all Pride & Prejudice lovers will appreciate this variation. The author makes some effort to give background information for people who have never read the original story. I’m not sure this was successful, but this is still a very good story.
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on May 6, 2014
I have read many P&P variations and continuations, I rank this story near the top of my list. The characterization of Darcy and Elizabeth are faithful to the original. Their relationship is touching, you watch them grow together without disparaging each other. Elizabeth is less judgmental and Darcy is more gentlemanly. This doesn't means that they didn't have their spats. The other major character is Georganna, without her Elizabeth and Darcy might not have come together. I addition to our favorite cast of characters there are new ones Lord and Lady Matlock and Sir Malcolm, who makes life more interesting for Elizabeth.

On the whole this is a lovely story, well written with well developed characters. I am looking for more writings from Ms Adams.
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on January 11, 2015
I found myself laughing aloud at quite a few passages where this author seemed to have totally caught the spirit of Elizabeth. Colonel Fitzwilliam is treated delightfully in this rendition and Carolyn Bingley is the usual jealous twit. Thank goodness Lydia is relegated to an afterthought and you don't have to "hear in your mind's eye" the screeching and grating voice of Mrs Bennett very often. I think you'll enjoy this one!
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on June 27, 2014
I gave it a 4 star rating because of the writing and the difference in the plot from other P & P variations. For Ms. Adams first attempt at writing, I thought it was interesting and kept to the story at hand.
There was love, but not sexual in nature, it was sweet and brought out the genuine interest that Lizzy had in Georgiana as a friend.
It took a different turn of events when Darcy told Lady Catherine off in defense of her treatment to Lizzy.
I also liked that fact that social barriers were crossed without a problem from the Matlock side of the family towards Lizzy, Jane and their family.
As always, I love the Colonel in all novels and especially this one because he recognized the Darcy was in love with Lizzy and helped along the way with the romance.
I especially liked the ending when Ms. Adams explained the children of these families and how they were intertwined and the looks of the resemblance of them.
It is an easy read, worth the while and if you are looking for historical things, then read a history book or watch the history channel. This is a love story that has complications along the way but ends well! I look forward to reading her next novel when it appears.
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on September 25, 2017
One of the best written Pride and Prejudice variations ever. Great story, great dialogue, great emotions.

All my P&P variations are ebooks but if I could have only 10 of them as hardbound finely made books for my limited size bookcase, this would one of them.
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