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on May 13, 2017
"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" is a superb movie, which represents the second installment of the film adaptation of the brilliant trilogy written by author Suzanne Collins. The script of the movie follows the story line of the second novel in the series very closely, and it provides excellent plot and character development. In her leading role, Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely spectacular with her portrayal of the intrepid teen warrior Katniss Everdeen. The entire cast is sensational, and it includes an impressive assemblage of supremely talented actors. In addition to the great script and cast, the set and costumes are also fabulous, and they definitely contribute to the surreal atmosphere of this chilling dystopian tale. "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" is a very suspenseful and entertaining movie, and I enjoyed it just as much as the original "Hunger Games" film from 2012. "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" is outstanding, and it definitely merits a five-star rating, along with a very enthusiastic recommendation.
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on March 22, 2014
Oh, this movie was great! No complaints whatsoever.

To be honest, whether it be the first installment, this one, or the next, I will always have doubts regarding how true-to-the-book and how well the directors will be able to bring this original book series to life, but I was blown away by Catching Fire! The Capital, the districts, the reaping were somewhat how I imagined it, and a WHOLE lot better. I would even say that it surpasses the first film by far. The games were more thrilling and had me on the edge of my seat!

The movie starts off with an eerie background music, and a scene of Katniss spending time in her district before the victory tour--that usually takes place after the games, and you really get to see how badly the victors are scarred from its experience. Jennifer Lawrence was amazing ... Not much to say about Josh Hutcherson and his character, Peeta Mellark, but how as equally fantastic they are. The actors, in fact, were all enticing, they really brought life to the characters they portrayed.

The training scene was surreal! I litterally had to stop the movie and rewatch it again and again. Like I said, way better than the first film.

The plot. Before Catching Fire was out in theaters, there were rumors that it will be split into two parts, I was not happy with that, which is why I am glad the directors and screenwriters decided to make it all in one film. With such a complex story, you would think how impossible it is to cram the events and details all together in a two hour or so project, but it worked! There are people who complain about "this detail was not in there!" or "why did they not add this or that scene?!" Well as I see it, the film has most of the important details and you have to keep in mind that not every single detail will be able to fit into the time frame, directors have to make the story make sense, as well as satisfying the different types of viewers, get over it.

Can I watch Catching Fire without watching The Hunger Games and still understand the story? Sure, why not? In this film, there are flashbacks of the previous installment, so even if you did not read the books or watch The Hunger Games, you will still be able to enjoy it. My family did! Though, by watching the the first film, you will be able to better relate with the characters, which makes the events much more emotional and thrilling.

Not much more to say. Simply, I Loved it and it was one of the best movies I have watched, in the YA genre, for a while. Cannot wait, for third installment, Mocking Jay! The ending of Catching Fire really has fans amped up!
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on April 22, 2015
I believe the reason this book/movie series interests people and is so popular because we see the dystopian society which has aspects of our society today. Its not that far a leap from the sports, martial arts arena fights, reality survival shows and popular video games evolving into something similar to the Roman times "bread and circuses & gladiators" to entertain the masses - In these movies, all that has evolved into the 'Hunger Games" Eventually, even killing the participants is seen as OK/justified. Note: I recognize that the premise is that the districts tried to rebel against Washington oppression...oops, I mean against the "Capitol's" oppression and this is the punishment so they will not forget who won the last time: and don't do it again! But oppression always, eventually, leads to rebellion so it is self defeating. A lesson we should all learn and make sure our government does not go too far either left or right. Or, especially, allow religious fanatics of ANY religion to gain power over our lives because it always leads to oppression of some minority too. The elaborate costumes/dress of the Capitol citizens also show how people will do anything to be like their neighbors and conform until it becomes the new norm. As proof, witness the culture change of opinion in our society about tattoos, piercings, unusual hair dye colors, etc that people show today that would have caused them social ostracism and shunning before. Rebellion can become the norm. [ FYI - No criticism about that here, enjoy standing out and not fully conforming myself with a little body art and dress, even at 59 years old!! ] The differences in dress and behavior also divides the people into 'us' and 'them' and when that happens history has repeatedly shown that then some dehumanization makes the people on top think they can do anything to the lower classes because "they are not really people anyway are they". People can see that under the right circumstances our society could head that way (improbable but possible enough to fascinate). These movies should be seen to make us open our eyes to the possibilities and warnings so we will not go down that road!!!
Read all three of the books several years ago and was very happy with first movie. This second movie was mostly just as good and followed ( again, mostly) the book BUT I had trouble viewing the night scenes - they were too dark to see on my HD screen/download. As an actress, Jennifer Lawrence has a difficult role to play but most people will not realize that she is actually doing an excellent job. Shows great promise as she matures and if she gets the right scripts. One to watch for.
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on April 4, 2014
What I like about the HUNGER GAMES movies, is the fact that they stick pretty close to the book. How many books have you read only to be disappointed when you see it on screen and its 1) nothing, or barely like the book, 2) it is so poorly acted, or directed or subpar effects make it nowhere near as good as your imagination? Well, fortunately, CATCHING FIRE is not like the former or the later.

In this run, Jennifer Lawrence's character is ...Well...on fire! It was just as I imagined. The quarter quell finds Katnis and Pita in a huge dome resembling a tropical forest surrounding an island lagoon. At the center of the lagoon is an island. There is where the weapons are stashed for the brutal contest to come. The capital city has lavishley created a set like no other. All of the former winners of the games are pitched against one another upon this extravagant stage.

Lightning storms! Fogs of acid! Maniacal killer baboons! Tsunami gushing floods! All, Circle the inside of the dome causing mayham and death... seeming random at first. But the clever group that Katnis has drawn together to better their odds for survival, find that the random catastrophes are not so random. And together they begin to form a plan to use the events to their advantage. They desperately need help to fight the stronger and more vicious other group that hunts them relentlessly. For they know Katnis is by far the most popular and leathel among the contenders. She must die if one of them is to leave the dome alive!
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on March 29, 2014
CATCHING FIRE is a marked improvement over THE HUNGER GAMES, in everything from the script and story, to the visuals and cinematography. The story continues to follow Katniss (and Peeta) as they do a victory tour of Panem. However, things are not as happy as you think might be. Revolution is brewing, and the people in charge want to nip it in the bud. This is solved by having a special Hunger Games for the 75th year. Instead of fresh tributes, they will be reaped from the existing pool of victors. What follows is a fascinating and engaging look at a dystopian society, the battle for survival, etc. This definitely held my interest better than the limpid previous installment. One thing that's immediately noticeable is the change in visual style, and the way they shot the movie. Instead of a lot of handheld and shaky camera, the shots are better composed, wider and more fluid. This is especially helpful in maintaining a sense of place in the arena. I also liked how they gave more time for character development, even for President Snow. They even manage to give most of the new characters their due onscreen as well. Standouts were Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch Heavensbee and Sam Claflin as Finnick O'Dair(?). The only I really don't care for in these movies is the love triangle between Katniss, Gale and Peeta. Twilight already did it, and every movie since has had some variation on it. Overall, this movie is much better than the first one though, and the final two installments will be directed by the same person (Francis Lawrence). They do a better job with the technical aspects, handling of the story and thematic elements and a much better job of building the world of Panem. Even if you didn't like the first one, you should give this a try.
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on July 13, 2016
I never thought I would be on Amazon writing a review for a Hunger Games movie. My fiance just got me to watch the Hunger Games series from front to back and I must say, I am pretty impressed. I thought all the hype surrounding these movies was a joke until I watched the first one. Woody Harraldson is in it and that's enough to get me to watch anything. He is one of my favorite actors hands down. There are a bunch of new actors I don't recognize but they all played their parts well in my opinion. Great movie!!!!!!!!
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on July 30, 2015
I was against of this movies,because kid's killing kids,but I'm very curious of everything,special books and movies,and they charged my mind,I like them a lot,Jennifer Lawrence,is a remarkable actress and she had the support of very good crew,this kind of movies,people always going to remember,all are full of action adrenaline,Jennifer have a long career,everything she will do,be a good successful.Thelma.
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on June 6, 2014
The first half of the movie was more interesting to me, because it delved much deeper into the politics of the dystopian kingdom of Panem, where a totalitarian central government lords it over the capitol and 12 districts...the mysterious 13th District having been reportedly destroyed. We learn from President Snow (a menacing Donald Sutherland) that there may be a ground swell of rebellion in some of the districts..and that Katniss Everdeen is a source and inspiration for rebellion. So Katniss has to walk on thin ice, so to speak, while carrying on her bogus relationship with Peeta Mallark, and hiding her true feelings for Gale Hawthorne. Yet it appears that no matter how careful she is, her life and those who are nearest to her are still in jeopardy. This is an exceptionally well made follow-up to "The Hunger Games", and is adapted from the second book in the trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Jennifer Lawrence reprises her Katniss Everdeen characterization; and as with all her performances I've seen, she totally immerses herself in the character. Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth also reprise their characters of Peeta and Gale and do well. Woody Harrelson is back again, perfectly cast as Haymitch; as is Elizabeth Banks as the silly but loyal Effie Trinket. As for new characters, look for Phillip Seymour Hoffman, in a superb performance as the Master of the Games, Plutarch Heavensbee; and Jena Malone as the cunning, Johanna Mason, one of the tributes allied with Katniss and Peeta during the Quarter Quell games, which pits former Hunger Games victors against each other. The movie ends rather abruptly and you'll be left hungering for more...never fear, two more films are planned to portray the events in the third book, "Mockingjay"
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on May 30, 2015
Let's get right to it. I really enjoyed the entire Hunger Games trilogy of books, and I was definitely disappointed with the first Hunger Games movie. There were 2 big reasons I disliked it. First it felt like they spent a lot of time on insignificant details and, as a result, lost a lot of the emotional depth the film needed. Secondly, the shaky handheld camera was distracting and downright nauseating. Thankfully, a new writing team and new director means that Catching Fire had none of these problems. In fact it was a great sequel that actually improved on the predecessor and has me excited about what will come next.

They finally allow Jennifer Lawrence to experience more real emotion in this film. She genuinely made me tear up a couple times because she wears her emotions on her sleeve this time around. Josh Hutcherson is very likeable as Peeta, and you can see why Katniss actually starts falling for him a little in this film. Liam Hemsworth as Gale, however is superfluous. I know in a post-Twilight world it makes sense for the studio to play up the 2 suitors vying for the female protagonist, but nearly every scene with Gale could be easily cut without losing the story. I think I'd call the forced love triangle my only big thumbs-down in this film. The cast of other victors are really good. I particularly enjoyed Sam Claflin who gave a very passionate performance. Philip Seymour Hoffman was also a good casting choice and he does a good job with Donald Sutherland of showing just how vicious the Capitol government can be.

By and large it was what this film did not do that impressed me more than what it did. They were willing to cut unimportant moments from the book. An entire scene was summed up in just a few looks. We didn't need to meet every single victor, just the ones Katniss would actually interact with. It kept the film interesting and engaging without slowing things down unecessarily. There were a number of nods to things in the book, little things in the background which were kind of cool, almost like hidden Easter eggs. I think the only thing I missed seeing was Haymitch's back-story getting fleshed out a bit more. However that's a minor complaint in what I thought was a majorly good film. Catching Fire seriously gets the franchise back on track and should satisfy anyone who enjoyed the books or the first film. It is one of those rare cases where the sequel actual outshines the original, and I loved it.
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on November 26, 2015
I purchased the first "Hunger Games" in the store, so this is my first review & covers the 3 I have seen. I have a strange "Future Sports" collection starting with the original "Death Race 2000" & includes "Rollerball", "Running man", & "The Blood of Heroes". Now I 've added "The Hunger Games" & I have noticed that in all of the original versions of these future sports with the exception of "The Blood of Heroes" they all have a common theme, the victors all strive to tear down the controlling government that propagates these brutal sports! None of them do it on the grand scale of the hunger games & for good reason none of the other games really push the separation of social class & cruel reaping of the game players from what is considered the "Serfs" of the new world order. This 2cnd installment is action packed & sets up the finally in grand fashion. This story was originally a trilogy of books but the movie franchise is going to be four movies long not for greed but for pacing. Out of all the killer future sports movies this one stands at the top of the heap in scope, scale & endearing character development.
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