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on November 14, 2015
This is the best of STARGATE series of them all. Intelligent, witty, deep and creative. The casting was perfection and acting outstanding. Only two seasons left us fans disappointed. There were many years to explore the characters and galactic adventures.

I have tried watching all other Stargate series but was left with corny dialog, weak storylines, superficial characters, mediocre acting and just plain bored but SGU is a whole new level of brilliant writing, acting with deep characters and storylines that kept me up to 5 in the morning needing to watch the next episode on Netflix because it was such a compelling show I couldn't wait to find out what happened next.
This show is not light or fluffy. It takes a psychological look at most of the characters on the ship and creates an emotional attachment to their personal stories that is emotional moving. The character played by Ming Na is most irritating as she is for me in most of her roles on TV but if you can stomach her a little the show is just fantastic.

The final season is pretty much tied up but still left us hanging as to what happens to all the characters and in this they also left a huge opening for the show to be picked up at anytime in the future no matter how much the actors age it could still be logically explained.

I just can't get enough of SGU. I love smart Sci Fi and this is one of them.

I can best compare Stargate SGU to all the other previous Stargate shows to James Bond films. Up until the Daniel Craig era, there were somewhat silly characters, storylines, gadgets and goofey one liners and then when Daniel Craig version of 007 hit theaters, it was a whole new level of intelligent characters, writing and storylines. SGU is the modern day Stargate that rises above and beyond all other Stargates.
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on June 7, 2017
Interesting and exciting series. The complexity of the stories and characters kept me interested. Robert CarlyIe is always interesting to watch.I 'm so sorry that there was not a season 3 or a movie. All the actors have moved on to other jobs but it would be so interesting to see the crew come out in another galaxy and to learn what happened. The ability to have a planet to dial the ninth chevron to the Destiny may have been solved, I wonder if Eli got a pod up and running or did he just port his personality into the Destiny through the chair. Wish the Stargate production apparatus would bring back the series or a few movies even though I'm sure the production overhead is high ( but if SyFy can do the Expanse or Dark Matter why not this series), Maybe when Robert Carlyle has a break from Once Upon a Time. My favorite episodes are the first couple because of the surprise and the introduction of the characters. Sorry that after the Season 2 episode Epilogue the producers dropped the storyline and characters of the ancestors to the second Destiny crew. I wonder what happened to them.
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on March 30, 2016
This was a good series, I liked it more than either SG1 or Atlantis due to the solid acting by recognizable stars and the newer faces. I really appreciated the more realistic human element of the show. Reminded me of what Deep Space Nine was to the Star Trek universe. Its too bad that they didn't get the ratings needed to continue, but luckily they ended with a cliffhanger that would allow for a reboot. Here's hoping!
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on January 12, 2017
Worth the time and money. Great to catch up and even see bits that I had forgotten about or never seen. The ending was kind of up in the air due to the non existent Season 3 [the rumor mill had lots of interesting things that could happen]. With Eli smiling at the very end it leaves MANY possibilities, some very cool, some kind of Machiavellian, some, well use your imagination. In the final tally there were many interesting episodes and many soap opera episodes. It might have been the soap opera's that finally nailed the coffin. Personally I would have loved to see Season 3 come to fruition, just to see what does happen to Destiny and the crew a few years to hundreds of years later. The plot twists are endless, making them work is always the problem. A few years leaves the present SGA in the picture, hundreds of years does not, but hundreds of years allows scenarios to be able to change lots of things, kind of a Deus ex machina escape clause to a conundrum. Waiting for a movie or two to show us where SGU would have gone..
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on July 26, 2016
JUST AWESOME...loved the first season and loved this sad and frustrating that third one did not happen. Me and my wife actually got quite sad during the very last episode....especially knowing that the full arc of the show will never be resolved...we have grown quite close to the characters so this says a lot about the was about people and how they react / interact with situations and others...again if you liked will like this...why is it that every time a good, deep thought provoking show comes to light it gets pulled from air too soon ???....uhhhhh....well, there is a petition running around to bring it least for one more season but that is just a dream...but one can dream, right? ;-)
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on April 11, 2015
I did not appreciate this series for the first 6 episodes of season one. But by season two it became AWESOME!!! I was impatient with the characters because they were strangers to each other. Duh, they were supposed to be strangers. As they became three dimensional I became engaged and could not wait until the next opportunity to watch the next episode, The writers were very compassionate to their fans because they allowed us to witness them having a happy life on an earth like planet. It was an incredible emotionally satisfying experience to feel like I knew the characters, to witness them accepting each, other including the almost unlovable "grumpy uncle". I am very sad it did not continue for another season, but I love the idea of Eli watching the universe unfold and being thankful for his life, though life will inevitably end as well as this series. Now I will go back and view the first 6 episodes with a very different spirit of appreciation.
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on December 7, 2015
I was never a fan of the earlier Stargate series; in fact, I found the first one virtually unwatchable. So I approached SGU with considerable skepticism. But I have found that some solid writing, good direction, and downright excellent acting really deliver on the promise of the intriguing and rich premise. The show tackles some very real and complicated issues head-on, as well as having fun with edgy science. They also handle the question of what contact with alien intelligence might really be like with unusual thoughtfulness. But perhaps my favorite aspect of the series is that it is completely unafraid to allow its characters to grow, change, and adapt to the simultaneously claustrophobic and expansive situation in which they find themselves. As well as being much more engaging for the viewer, this also allows the actors room to stretch themselves and engage more deeply with their characters, and the results are entertainingly evident. It's a sad comment on the state of the current audience for science fiction television that this series only lasted two years, while the putrid original went on for what seems like decades.
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on May 30, 2015
I regretted that the series ended so quickly. It was seeming like it had finally found its rhythm. I had my own ideas as to how it could develop. The last episode hinted that perhaps the show would be back in three years, the time it would take for Destiny to reach the other galaxy.
It is clear that the "ascended" beings who designed Destiny are not 100% out of the picture, so I would have loved to see more conscious interaction between them and the crew of Destiny, even to the point where it becomes clear that the "ascended" ones actually NEED the Destiny crew to help them fulfill their own goal, and that, perhaps, they had evolved into energy beings too soon and were no longer able to do things in the physical universe which were needed for finding the source of the "structure" of the universe.
Sometimes it seemed that one or another character was being a bit too blockheaded, given the time already spent on the ship. Also, after years on the ship, it was mystifying that there was really anything left to explore. It didn't seem all that "human" that people weren't exploring new areas of the ship every day.
Further, setting up the opposite poles: 1) Rush for whom the mission is to go ever further, and 2) Everett for whom the mission is always to get home, became too strained. There needed to be a meeting of the minds, both to relax the viewer, and to further the episodes.

Still, I found this very stimulating to the imagination, which is why science fiction interests me.
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on October 19, 2016
Best show ever period I can watch this over and over forever and still love it. I wish they would pick up where they left off or do a movie anything this show is like crack I just need more!
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on September 7, 2016
This show deserves to be renewed and continued for more seasons. It is sad to see gems like this get cancelled one after another; instead, look at what is going on at TV schedules today, boring reality tv, small budget half-bottled so called action series, almost every news can be tilted as breaking news. Where are those shows like SG-U, BattleStar Glactica, Roots, War and Remembrance, etc? does any news network have 24/7 news team cover first-hand worthy news worldwide live? If everyone is trying to follow the flow, where is difference and innovation, all we see are just the same old things again and again.
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