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The Invisible String
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I was actually disappointed in this book after a few years of people recommending it. I had hoped to add it to my collection of grief books for children and have it blow me away because I kept hearing such great things about it. Some things are great about it, but if I had flipped through it in a store, I don't think I would have bought it.

It's incredibly important to me that children's feelings are acknowledged, allowed, and assured that their feelings are normal, healthy to express, and that we value their rights to feel them. It's also important to me that children know they have an adult in their life that they can go to for help, to feel safe, that can handle their big emotions, and just to be there for them if they need them.

The first pages of this book immediately belittle, ignore, and tell the kids it's not OK to feel scared during a thunderstorm (it's just a thunderstorm, it's nothing to be scared of - um, I'm mid 30's and thunder still scares me!) and that they shouldn't go to their mom when they're scared, instead relying on this invisible string connection.

I would have loved to see the mom acknowledge their feelings as acceptable and introduced the invisible string as a way to help them when they truly can't get to her as a reminder that they're connected always, even when they can't be together. Instead, it came across as not wanting them to come to her for something as silly as fear of thunder. It was just disappointing and made me feel sad for the kids. If you want that invisible connection when you aren't there, you gotta work on the actual connection first!

In case anyone is curious, there is a mention of an uncle that died and is in heaven, so keep that in mind. I was surprised by that only because people consistently told me the book isn't about grief/connection to the dead. I actually took so long to buy it because it wasn't a book for grief around a death and those are the types of books I need. But I did I buy this book to help a 7 year old with the murder of her previous kindergarten teacher. I loved the idea of this to help her deal with this horrific death and help her sweet little heart heal a little, but I would hate for her to get the idea that fears or other feelings shouldn't be expressed or that she shouldn't seek out help from trusted adults so I haven't let her borrow it yet. Darn those pesky few beginning pages!!!! If those weren't in it, I would like this book a lot more.

The sentiment is absolutely beautiful, but the delivery was unfortunately not so great.
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on July 24, 2015
After the loss of a family pet, this book was recommended by a friend as a way to help start the conversation with our children about the loss. This is not a grief-oriented book, but rather a story about love and connections with those we love, near and far.

It is a very touching and loving story and helped our young kids with accepting and understanding how loved ones are connected. There is only a brief allusion to death (one page), which was perfect for our situation.

Other than a brief reference to "heaven" on one page, there are no religious undertones or mentions.

This is a heartwarming tale, appropriate for all ages and is a wonderful way to remember how our lives are intertwined.
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on January 15, 2017
Love this story. It's applicable to children with fears, but it's so much more. My granddaughter's mommy died, and this story helped her feel that even though we can't see mommy right now, they are still attached to each other with an invisible string that reaches all the way up to heaven. In fact, the book says that everyone has an invisible string attached to everyone they love, and gives examples of parents, friends, relatives, dead or alive, so that they never have to feel alone. Beautiful story. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could.
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on February 12, 2017
The Invisible String is a picture book which addresses feelings of loneliness and, very subtly, feelings of loss. I teach first grade and I have small children at home. I read this book at the beginning of every school year to remind children it is OK to miss their family. I also send it to friends and family when they experience loss. Whether losing a pet, losing a grandparent, or experiencing divorce, we can all use a gentle reminder that we are always connected to those we love (and those whom they love!) wherever we are.
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on February 26, 2018
This book was introduced to me by a therapist while attempting to help me deal with the experience of allowing my dog to rest, following a bad illness. This dog was my life and it hurt like nothing ever before, still hurts 3 years later, she was all I have/had.
The therapist mentioned it was a children’s book but wanted me to read immediately during our 1st session.
There were many pauses while reading as the words made SO much sense and there were tears.
I can’t stress enough the need for all to read this if/when dealing with separation of any kind. To this day I talk about this book, bought it moments ago for a friends daughter as they just lost their grandmother, hoping it can ease her sense of missing such an icon in her life.
While buying for her I thought why not get the ebook for myself to have ALWAYS, did that also.
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on March 1, 2017
We have a blended family and a dad who travels for work so we love this book. Great for kids to think about connections.
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on June 18, 2015
I bought this for my 5 year old son (and sent another copy to my 7 year old niece) and read the story when we knew that his grandfather was indeed going to die within the next week or two. I liked it because it wasn't a scary read. It talks about children who are scared of a storm, who's mom is in the next room, so there is separation within the home. It could work for a deployed parent, a passed away pet, or even as the book says "even uncle Brian in heaven". My niece and her family isn't religious so this was great for them. We are religious but it worked for us too! Then when he did pass away a few days later and we had to tell our son the news (which was OMG so hard), we reminded him of this book and that we are always connected with an invisible string even though grandpa is up in heaven. It's a non threatening way to begin the 'death' talk. Recommend!
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on February 23, 2016
I bought this for my daughter (4years old almost 5) when I found out I would be leaving for an extended period of time. I am military and have explained my job to her so she has an idea of why I need to leave. This book was perfect! Not only for extended trips away but she also talked about her heart string being tied to all her friends and family and sending me love from school. She asks me to read this one almost every night before bed. So far our favorite book for dealing with deployments. We even bought a 2nd copy and gave it to the little girl next door when her family moved to a new duty station (since the kids had gotten close).
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on March 28, 2017
I got this book for my kids to prepare for when our dog died last week. But it is also very helpful for most situations where children experience separation anxiety. My husband is on submarines for the Navy and we go long periods without any communication from him. There is even a page that illustrates the boy in a submarine. Great book!
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on September 6, 2017
I am so thankful Patrice took the time to write and share this book with the world. I work as a child life specialist in a busy Level 1 Trauma Center, and often share this story with children who are facing a separation from their family members for one horrible reason or another. I've shared it with children and their families prior to or following a death so they can remember a way to feel connected. I've shared it with siblings when their brother/sister is admitted to the hospital and they're sad to be apart. I've shared it with a big sibling when their "baby" is admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I've shared it with my own small children (9, 5, and 2 years old) when they're going to be apart from me for 10+ hours when I go to work. Thank you for helping so many to feel connected to those they love!
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