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on January 16, 2015
One of my very favorite films of 2014.

What I worried would be a feature length commercial is instead a very funny, and somewhat subversive film, overflowing with ideas, puns, perfect music, and wacky 'cameos' by everyone from Shaquile O'Neil, to a wonderfully warped and dark Batman (given terrific voice by Will Arnet).

'Lego' doesn't look quite like any film I've seen before. It has a rough, almost bizarrely low- tech look to it's Lego people -- stop motion that looks like stop motion --oddly (but very effectively) combined with mind-blowingly huge and complicated shots of the Lego universe in action. Somehow in the unlikely mix of slickness and lo-fi something wonderful is created; animation that is wildly impressive, but also clearly human, creative and DIY at the same time.

The film is basically a spoof of every Hollywood vision-quest movie you've ever seen. You know the films. A young character (almost always male) is called on to save the world/neighborhood/kingdom. He's over-matched, and under prepared, but with a kindly older mentor of great power to guide him, you know he will find a way to prevail.

Except here the "special" character at the center really ISN'T very special. He's a young working guy like a million others, who's not very bright or especially brave, and who just wants to live his happy, blank, endlessly repetitive safe life. And the mentor? None other than the voice of Morgan Freeman, expertly spoofing his own image as the ultimate voice of wisdom. He plays a wizard who is far less consistently brilliant and all knowing than he claims or wants to be. He's very, very funny, which is not the first thing one thinks of with Morgan Freeman. The same could be said of Liam Neeson, who also does a great voice job as the good cop/bad cop, who's personality changes depending on what side of his head is facing front. Will Ferrell is also excellent as the villain of the piece, being just silly enough to be funny, but just real enough to give the story some real tension.

Not everything works, and there were a few spots near the end where the energy flagged. But overall this is an exciting and creative (and wonderfully fun) piece of film-making, that manages to attack the near fascist mentality of a society obsessed with consuming, and determined not to question it's own lives (it's not for nothing that the villain's name is 'President Business')-- while still being very funny, and almost never feeling like its preaching.

And without giving anything away, in the last 20 minutes it changes the rules again, and asks a few profound questions about the nature of existence, without seeming like it had suddenly jumped the track as a film for kids as well as adults.

In the end, I walked around with the hysterical, awful (in a great way), and when you think about it kinda dark anthem "Everything is Awesome" banging around in my head for days.
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on September 12, 2014
Holy moly.
I haven't read other reviews of this movie, but I'm guessing I can't add a lot that hasn't already been said. I was late to the party on watching this, thinking it'd merely be okay. My kids had begged for me to take them to it when it was in theaters, but without the ability for me to preview it before they saw it (they're all very young), I decided not to.
Oh a whim one Saturday we rented it from Amazon.

I laughed SO HARD so many times throughout this movie. I can't remember the last time a movie -- animated or other -- has made me laugh so much. Having lived through the 80's with an older brother that had lots of Benny-style Legos, perhaps my enjoyment was in large part due to nostalgic effects. However, the movie didn't focus on these, it simply let the nostalgia seep into the rest of the setting. Does any other toy span so wide an interest over so many decades?? This movie was just in perfect balance.
The humor came in a varied package, but I think I probably enjoyed it way more than my young children who STILL, weeks later, go around the house singing "Everything is Awesome!" all the time.

I've only watched it once, but it's going on my list for purchase and I intend to watch it again, sans kiddos, very soon.
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Watched this movie with my oldest daughter (college age) and two of my other daughters (under 8) and we loved it...until the end. I'm not giving anything away, and I love message and points...characters learning to be more than who we think they are is great but this was sort of a slog at the end. I think, for me, it seems worse because the first 3/4 were so great. Fun story, good characters, funny lines, good stuff for everyone (including adults). Then it's, let's sit the children down and explain things at the very end. Overall a great movie, I recommend it and the actors did a fantastic job. My girls all loved it and so did their friends who were over and the age difference is 14 years so that's a huge accomplishment from a movie.
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on February 4, 2015
From the trailer I saw on TV and YT before seeing this didn't do this movie justice. I was expecting it to be all dumbed down for the kids but it wasn't, it was bright and colorful for the young-ins but had intelligence in the dialog for the adults watching along with the kids. The inclusion of a few extras as there always was when playing with Legos was really nice to see. The limits of the pieces gave a feel to the action that you might have gotten where they creations in your own imagination. It only got better from the perspective of a long ago Lego player as the movie went on, and the reveal towards the end did nothing but make a good movie a great one. I almost cheered.

If you are on the fence from only seeing the trailer and played with these toys when you were a kid, give it a shot, you might be happily surprised as I was.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 10, 2016
My daughters love this movie. They are 5 and 3. It's cute, with a great message of team work. A lot of movies are about individuality and being yourself, which is great. But, this one is all about team work. The visuals are amazing. There are good jokes and humor, for kids and adults. I was surprisingly entertained. And, the seller sent me the wrong dvd. As soon as I contacted them, they replaced it and were great to work with!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 2, 2014
The FIVE-STAR rating is from my kids. They love this movie. My silly husband wanted only to rent it, but I was like Whaa?!?

And I'm glad we purchased it. As our children and the neighborhood children have sat on our floor and watched it 4-times in the first two days. They've subsequently watched it over at other homes and come back to watch it at our house over the weeks that followed.

There is some humor for adults in this movie and it's suitable for adults to watch once, but expect your children to get your moneys worth. The familiar characters, goofy humor and music is very addicting. And I hope you have the joy of hearing a backyard of different aged children sudden break into song, singing the earworm worthy, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME.

Glad we bought it. Kid-pleasing stuff here.
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on July 11, 2015
This movie is visually amazing and quite hysterical for those with a silly sense of humor. It was robbed at the Academy Awards and deserves the highest praise for proving to us that not only could Lego make a movie that doesn't stink, but for proving that they could make something truly awesome. And the film really should be seen in 3D, so if you have the setup at home - this is the set to get since it comes with a "bonus" Blu-ray 3D version of the film. The Emmet packaging is nice, but it's awkwardly big and can't be framed or displayed very well, so it's a huge box for housing just a single film.
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on May 24, 2014
As a child I did not have the luxury of having the awesome Legos that are available now. They had just released the Star Wars line when I had gotten to the age that I saw them as toys and toys where for little kids. However, I still love Legos as soon as they started coming out with the video games I got right back into more.

The detail of each of the pieces is so incredible that it almost looks as if it was a seem-less stop go animation and that everything is real. The story was comical enough that it does not appear to drag. I think this movie is perfect for something that parents could either enjoy on there own or watch themselves.
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on December 11, 2015
Not just do children love it but so do adults. If you ever get the chance to choose a film to go out to watch choose the Lego movie. The reason I've given it ten stars is because it's funny, inspiring and awesome! when I went to see it almost every one was laughing. There are no dull bits or boring bits in it at all. i think it's epic how they put in Lego city, Lego star wars and loads more! This film I'd recommend it to absolutely anyone. I was laughing the whole way through the movie! it's the most creative film I've ever seen.
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on December 17, 2016
When I first heard about "The LEGO Movie," I thought it couldn't be any good. For one thing, I thought we already had Lego movies. There are tons of stop-motion Lego movies on YouTube. How could a "Lego Movie" be any different or better than what I'd already seen? The key to this movie is that it's about Legos itself as a concept, not just making movies with Legos.

The movie dramatizes the age-old war between two types of Lego builders - those who follow the directions and those who ignore the directions, those who are rigid in building exactly what Legos are supposed to be and those who build whatever they can imagine.

In "The Lego Movie," we meet Emmett (Chris Pratt), an average construction worker. He always follows the instructions in everything from eating breakfast to making friends. He lives in a city rigidly organized by Lord Business (Will Farrell), who's promoting an upcoming holiday called Taco Tuesday.

But when Emmett falls into a hole in the Earth, he becomes bonded to a mysterious object called the Piece of Resistance. He discovers Lord Business plans to use a weapon called the Kragle, which will freeze the world in place, forcing everyone to stay the way he wants them to, forever. Emmett is rescued by a sultry woman who works with the Master Builders, an eclectic group who can reshape the world to build anything. Led by Vetruvius (Morgan Freeman), a blind and scatterbrained wizard, Emmett discovers the world is literally constructed in different realms and genres. Emmett must become the Special, rediscover his power, and save the world.

The story is a cliché, intentionally so. "Lego" parodies all the tropes of the Heroes Journey, including the prophecy, the aging mentor, and the special individual who saves the world. Along the way, Emmett meets other Master Builders like an egotistical Batman and an 80s astronaut obsessed with rocket ships.

Even though all the Legos are computer-generated, the movie mimics the feel of a stop-motion animated movie. Flames are shown as Lego fire pieces. Water is a cascade of blue studs. It's all part of the charm and fun. There's a twist in the end where the true nature of their world is revealed, and it's surprisingly emotional.

Overall, "Lego Movie" is a great movie with a lot of laughs, fun and heart.
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