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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 17, 2014
We saw this movie because my 8-year-old said, "Daddy, can we go see The Lego Movie?!" so away we went.

So to the question of entertainment value, as I said in the subject line, the adults and kids both seemed highly entertained. We were in a full theatre and one gentleman in particular seemed to be outrageously entertained with his incontinent guffawing. The kids were, of course, entertained enough and the movie had humor working on all levels from the youngest kids to the adults, though nothing REALLY adult, if you get my drift.

As to production quality of the movie, I was extremely impressed with the level of visual detail. I had assumed that since the Lego world is, of necessity, rather low resolution, that the movie might be clunky but they didn't shy away from high-definition situations. Seeing Legos animated into an undulating ocean, explosions, fire or billowing smoke and dust was particularly surprising. In a similar vein, if you go see this movie be sure you keep an eye on the stuff going on in the background. I noted several scenes in which what was going on behind the focal point of the camera was at least as entertaining as what was going on in front.

Lastly, on the topic of actually learning something, this movie was surprisingly deep. On the surface there was a profound lesson on the value of individuality vs working as a team. Often in children's movies the themes crow constantly about being your own person and doing your own thing but this one has a strong streak teaching the value of working together and accomplishing more than any set of individuals working separately could. Later in the film, parents get a strong admonition about letting kids be kids and practice their individual creativity rather than trying to get kids to fit into strict parental expectations. All in all lot to learn here.

In summary, Izzy said, "Best movie Ever!" but then she always says that. On my part I wouldn't say best movie ever but it had a lot to say, was technically well executed and featured lots of famous voices that parents will recognize. I'm not sure what more you could want than that.

PS: It is always my endeavor to provide helpful reviews. If you find my review helpful then great! If you do not, then please leave me a comment indicating what you want to know and I'll be sure to do better next time.
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on September 29, 2016
I took a nine year old boy with me to the theater when the movie first came out and we both loved it. After I bought this DVD I watched it with my niece and nephew, ages 19 and 20, and they loved it, too. The writing is clever enough that only adults will understand some of the jokes and pop references, yet it is still entertaining to children.

Spoiler alert:
Most action movies are about good vs. evil and in the end the good guys violently vanquish their foes. Where else can you find an entertaining movie where at the end the "good guy" reaches out to make peace with the "bad guy," who accepts and reforms? The Lego Movie has great life lessons for all ages.
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on August 19, 2014
Truly a masterful blend of engaging characters, popular and prior culture hits, comic book heros,wondrous strange new characters (at least to me) and an engaging story line. The arc of the main character from nebish to hero, finding, losing, gaining, sort of, then losing and finally getting the girl is wonderful as it is eternal - combining a quest, with a coming of age saga. The bad guy is bad enough, but not scary, even to young children. The end feels right and even the baddie is humanized, really!

I saw it with a very shy 4 year old girl and a 6 year old boy, while I am 63. We each enjoyed it on our own level, taking from the movie what appealed to each of us.
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on March 19, 2016
Well I did love it, until my four year old grandson won't stop watching it . . . While he loves anything LEGO, I really like the themes that run throughout this film. Emmet starts off just being like everyone else, no one special until someone tells him he is. This is a journey of self discovery and learning that being different from the status quo as well as what others expect you to be, allows the individual to become someone special and potentially do great things. While it has the "evil characters," they are portrayed in a way that is not frighting or dark. Finally, the ending lends itself to an important message that parents may or may not see themselves in.

Great movie for all ages including adults! Remember, "everyone is special."
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on July 19, 2015
I Purchased this movie for my son, he loves playing with legos. so when I seen this movie in the store I knew that I had to get it for him. I was very impressed with this movie it was very cute movie with all the lego characters. His Favorite part was when they sing Everything is Awesome. I highly suggest this movie for any child that enjoys playing with legos. Great buy for the price.
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This movie was really well though-out, comes across great for kids and adults, it's full of humor and is also full of interesting twists to the story as you become aware of what are the actual driving forces behind what is happening. Originally, I believed the movie plot was a metaphor about the fact that children seem to have become more dependent on instructions to be able to play with LEGO, but there is actually a second metaphor by the end of the movie that is also Awesome - as is everything.

Also, expect to see some known faces, such as Superman, Wonderwoman, Shaquille O'Neal, Dumbledore, Gandalf, Batman and Bruce Wayne!

The movie also introduces a cast of original lovable characters (one of my favorites being Unikitty).

So, all in all, it is a movie I definitely recommend to anybody. If you ever get the chance to watch it, take it.
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on September 26, 2017
We rented this movie on Amazon Prime, we had it for 24 hours before we were no longer able to view it. Its a great kid/family movie with a great sound track! Great for kids and adults.
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on October 5, 2017
Enjoyed the tongue in cheek humor.
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on December 17, 2016
When I first heard about "The LEGO Movie," I thought it couldn't be any good. For one thing, I thought we already had Lego movies. There are tons of stop-motion Lego movies on YouTube. How could a "Lego Movie" be any different or better than what I'd already seen? The key to this movie is that it's about Legos itself as a concept, not just making movies with Legos.

The movie dramatizes the age-old war between two types of Lego builders - those who follow the directions and those who ignore the directions, those who are rigid in building exactly what Legos are supposed to be and those who build whatever they can imagine.

In "The Lego Movie," we meet Emmett (Chris Pratt), an average construction worker. He always follows the instructions in everything from eating breakfast to making friends. He lives in a city rigidly organized by Lord Business (Will Farrell), who's promoting an upcoming holiday called Taco Tuesday.

But when Emmett falls into a hole in the Earth, he becomes bonded to a mysterious object called the Piece of Resistance. He discovers Lord Business plans to use a weapon called the Kragle, which will freeze the world in place, forcing everyone to stay the way he wants them to, forever. Emmett is rescued by a sultry woman who works with the Master Builders, an eclectic group who can reshape the world to build anything. Led by Vetruvius (Morgan Freeman), a blind and scatterbrained wizard, Emmett discovers the world is literally constructed in different realms and genres. Emmett must become the Special, rediscover his power, and save the world.

The story is a cliché, intentionally so. "Lego" parodies all the tropes of the Heroes Journey, including the prophecy, the aging mentor, and the special individual who saves the world. Along the way, Emmett meets other Master Builders like an egotistical Batman and an 80s astronaut obsessed with rocket ships.

Even though all the Legos are computer-generated, the movie mimics the feel of a stop-motion animated movie. Flames are shown as Lego fire pieces. Water is a cascade of blue studs. It's all part of the charm and fun. There's a twist in the end where the true nature of their world is revealed, and it's surprisingly emotional.

Overall, "Lego Movie" is a great movie with a lot of laughs, fun and heart.
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Enthusiast: Petson January 5, 2016
My kid is addicted. It's a fantastic movie for kids, and even has a nice little "family message" ending. Just make sure anyone over the age of 25 is wearing earplugs, or you'll end up like me - awake at 1 a.m. because that freaking song is stuck in your head...and no, everything is not AWESOME!!!!!
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