Customer Reviews: The Lego Movie
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We saw this movie because my 8-year-old said, "Daddy, can we go see The Lego Movie?!" so away we went.

So to the question of entertainment value, as I said in the subject line, the adults and kids both seemed highly entertained. We were in a full theatre and one gentleman in particular seemed to be outrageously entertained with his incontinent guffawing. The kids were, of course, entertained enough and the movie had humor working on all levels from the youngest kids to the adults, though nothing REALLY adult, if you get my drift.

As to production quality of the movie, I was extremely impressed with the level of visual detail. I had assumed that since the Lego world is, of necessity, rather low resolution, that the movie might be clunky but they didn't shy away from high-definition situations. Seeing Legos animated into an undulating ocean, explosions, fire or billowing smoke and dust was particularly surprising. In a similar vein, if you go see this movie be sure you keep an eye on the stuff going on in the background. I noted several scenes in which what was going on behind the focal point of the camera was at least as entertaining as what was going on in front.

Lastly, on the topic of actually learning something, this movie was surprisingly deep. On the surface there was a profound lesson on the value of individuality vs working as a team. Often in children's movies the themes crow constantly about being your own person and doing your own thing but this one has a strong streak teaching the value of working together and accomplishing more than any set of individuals working separately could. Later in the film, parents get a strong admonition about letting kids be kids and practice their individual creativity rather than trying to get kids to fit into strict parental expectations. All in all lot to learn here.

In summary, Izzy said, "Best movie Ever!" but then she always says that. On my part I wouldn't say best movie ever but it had a lot to say, was technically well executed and featured lots of famous voices that parents will recognize. I'm not sure what more you could want than that.

PS: It is always my endeavor to provide helpful reviews. If you find my review helpful then great! If you do not, then please leave me a comment indicating what you want to know and I'll be sure to do better next time.
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on February 22, 2014
I was skeptical especially in the beginning. I am 43 years old and I loved this movie. It has some sort of endearing humor that really had me laughing. My 12 year old son and I quoted several scenes on the way home laughing hard. If you want to escape from stress and just smile, go see this movie. My favorite character....Lego Batman. Hilarious.
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on March 31, 2014
First of all, I'd like to speak about the movie itself (especially seeing that most reviews posted at the moment are complaints about the service, not reviews of the movie). LEGO Movie is potentially one of the most innovative animated movies released to date. While the digital LEGO interaction formula was explored before in video games (LEGO Star Wars and multiple sequels that followed), it's the first time we see the potential of digital Legos being used so much in a feature-length animated movie in both 2D and 3D. This movie takes every single thing done with Lego digitally before and takes it to a new level. Not only the environments and the characters are all Lego (obviously), but also, for the first time that I know of, all the environmental and special effects including water, lasers, explosions and what have you are made of Lego as well and modeled and animated in a very convincing and realistic manner. In addition to the high technical level of the movie I'd like to mention that the characters and the plot are also very smart and appealing, and the humor is easy to understand and fun for kids and adults alike. Definitely a movie that will entertain your family, and if you're shopping for the complete, definitive collector's edition of the movie, this edition is potentially the best since it offers you a lot of extras including the 3D edition, the 3D poster, the bonus Lego figurine, etc. Now, of course, if you're *not* looking for an all-inclusive collector's set and would like a simpler and cheaper option, there's a 2D+3D bluray version available from the UK Amazon (not sure why it's not available in the US) and a plain DVD edition is also available at a much lower price from the US Amazon.

Now, about the issue that I've had just like everybody else with my previous $29.99 pre-order being canceled. I can see that a lot of people have come here to express their complaints in the form of putting negative reviews for the movie or for the service. While I can absolutely relate to it (and I did feel a bit down the moment I learned about the canceled preorder), I can say that has been *very* understanding and helpful about this problem. I contacted Amazon customer service and they offered me a $10 discount for the new collector's edition which in the end amounted to the same $29.99 that I ordered my previous edition for. As such, not only did Amazon stay true to their pre-order price guarantee (albeit after I had to contact them, of course), but I'll also be a happy owner of this all-inclusive collector's edition at a price of the previous edition which included less items than this one! As such, do not panic and do not give in to the temptation to whine and complain in a review. Instead, carefully consider your desires (whether you want this collector's edition or not) and, if you do, politely explain your situation to and refer them to your previous canceled order. It is a pleasure for me to openly say that Amazon has been very helpful in all the years I've been their happy customer. Happy shopping and enjoy the movie, everyone!
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on June 17, 2014
Seeing that NO ONE will relieve the tension with a simple answer - the "Everything Is Awesome" edition does indeed include a 3D version of "The Lego Movie"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you're looking for the 3D version, do not hesitate buying the "Everything Is Awesome Edition"
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on March 3, 2014
As an Avid LEGO fan I have been playing with Lego's as long as I could remember! So when I heard about this movie coming to theaters I had my reservations. Boy was I wrong! This movie has probably been one the BEST movies I have seen in a long time! It offers a unique experience young and old fans can relate to! I loved seeing pieces and characters that I remember playing with, just brought back tons of memories of countless hours of LEGO building fun!! I will definitely be getting this movie when it comes out! Like everyone else has said, Everything is awesome in this movie! Just makes me want to dig out the ol' bucket of LEGOs and start building again! I recommend this movie for everyone as it was so fun, imaginative, vivid, and memorable!
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on February 26, 2014
I LOVE this movie! I found it to be clean, and fun for all ages. It's so funny! I saw it with my husband and brother-in-law in theater, and my brother-in-law is seventeen. He really liked it. My husband also enjoyed it. He said he would love to buy it when it comes out!
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on February 11, 2014
I have to admit, when I went into the theater to see this movie, I was expecting a lot of typical Lego humor and very little plot. I was right about the Lego humor, it was hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable. Every other moment, another pun or random visual or spoken joke was made. The humor, in my mind, was better than in any other lego movie that I have ever seen. The humor was enjoyable for kids and adults, playing heavily with the visual humor as well as on the humor in the unexpected.
The biggest surprise was the plot. Any lego short or movie has been weak on plot. Even the best Lego movies of the past were mainly funny with a shallow, kid's movie plot. This film, however, had a fairly deep plot, hitting more than one lesson for children and adults alike. Instead of pushing individuality through complete uniqueness, the story presented a strong argument for the importance for teamwork, even in the highly skilled. The lessons drove the plot home as the story carried a consistent story line. Though not like the story lines of Disney or Dreamworks, this story is great in a different way, making it an extremely unique children's film.
Lastly, as others have commented, the film's special effects and the attention to detail on the Lego building sequences was astonishing. The film presented a high quality of visual clarity, making the film much more enjoyable and much easier to get into.
Overall, this film impressed me. It was a truly enjoyable film. Like Disney's Frozen, this film was a pleasant surprise from the animated genre, and like Frozen, it is just as much for adults as it was for kids.

Visual Quality: 4.84
Plot: 4.61
Overall Rating: 4.72
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on July 5, 2014
Love the movie, but this one caught me off guard with the fine print regarding the digital copy. My son and daughter adore this movie, but come to find out that this one isn't compatible with iTunes. My own fault for not reading absolutely everything, but this is the first time I've ever experienced the Digital HD Ultraviolet fiasco. I know you can "stream" it to an iPad, but it really doesn't work in my situation given that I use the iPad when traveling with my kiddos and streaming isn't an option. I've learned my lesson for sure. This is the last time I ever buy an Ultraviolet copy of a movie if it doesn't also come with an iTunes compatible version as well.
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on August 29, 2014
I have always been a fan of kids' movies, especially those that (like the Muppets) have an 'adult humor' component. This one has so much adult humor, and so many layers, it's hard to believe that it was made for kids. I *love* this movie, my husband loves this movie, and my kids (10 and 13) love this movie. We also love the DVD because we get extra goodies! Highly recommended.
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on February 20, 2014
Everything about the LEGO Movie was awesome. The 3D effects, the all star cast, the special efforts, the soundtrack, and the humor. I went to see it with my 6 year old and while some of the humor went over his head, we all laughed. I actually cried. This movie is encouraging young people and old to grab life by the horns and be the talented, awesome heroes we are all capable of being.

Again, everything is awesome, I'm pre-ordering the DVD.

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