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The Last of Us - PlayStation 3
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:$23.22+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on June 26, 2013
I suck at video games. I love to play any and all, but I genuinely stink. My husband can't watch me play because it makes him seasick. That being said, this game is phenomenal. It is amazing even for a dreadful player like me. I put it on easy. I put it on auto aim. I still died 387 times throughout the game. I CONTINUED PLAYING! The story line in and of itself makes it almost a necessity to persevere until you figure it out and make it to the next chapter. The story was funny. It was scary. It was heartbreaking. By the end, I was so emotionally exhausted I literally cried. Guess what? I'm starting it again immediately, this time on Easy +. I will keep playing until I make it to Expert. THE STORY AND THE GAME PLAY ARE JUST THAT GOOD.

This is my first game review. I wanted to share my experience because there is no way I am the only crazy person who continues to play games even though they are awful at them, and I wanted to allay any fear of spending $60 on a game that they may not excel at right away. Buy it. The people who made this experience deserve every single penny. I will be at the midnight release of ANY Last of Us prequels or sequels.
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on June 18, 2013
No intention to do an in-depth review. I just want to say that I finished The Last Of Us last night, took me 21 hours, and I thought it was every bit as good as 'they' say. I've never been a huge Naughty Dog fan, frankly I thought the Uncharted games were mildly enjoyable and the gross fanboy hyperbole about them made me roll my eyes pretty hard. But from the first time I saw TLOU over a year ago, it had my attention. I never really pored over the previews, so it was all very fresh to me. Somehow it never really occurred to me that this was going to be survival horror. In recent years I've thought of Dead Space as the last bastion of something even remotely approaching classic survival horror (though it gives you way too much ammo and health items to truly qualify) but now I must hand the championship belt to TLOU. Resident Evil was George Romero style survival horror. Silent Hill was Stephen King/David Lynch style. Dead Space was Ridley Scott/John Carpenter style. And now The Last of Us is Cormac McCarthy/Michael Crichton style survivor horror. It never allows you to amass enough resources to think you can handle absolutely anything that comes your way, yet it's never overly frustrating. It maintains the perfect level of tension. The crafting system forces you to choose between making more first aid kits or molotov cocktails (which are pretty damn handy.) The stealth game play, crouching and sneaking and taking down foes unawares is every bit as fun and satisfying as I thought it would be when I saw the E3 demo last year. The story and characters shine. Troy Baker has surpassed Nolan North in the Is There Any Game This Guy Is *Not* In? category, but he does a terrific job as Joel. One of the few things that I didn't like in the early trailers was that the voice actress who plays Ellie just sounds too B-level, too cartoony (sure enough when I looked her up on IMDB I quickly confirmed she does a lot of cartoon kids shows) but in the finished product she does an excellent job. There are a good number of characters in this game, and I can't think of a weak link in the bunch. The hordes of NPC enemies all seem to be voiced by the same three or four actors, and that can be a tad distracting after a while. By the end of the game I'm pretty sure I'd murdered Fred Tatasciore at least 50 times.

The only criticism I can think of is that the load and save functions are kinda broken. When you turn on the PS3 and boot up the game to start a play session, you might want to have something to read or otherwise keep you occupied, because it takes forever. I'm not talking about the first time you play i.e. one-time system file install, I'm talking about any time. And if you dare to so much as open the save/load menu, you have to sit and wait while it spends an eternity auto-saving, just in case. That's my one and only complaint. At first I thought maybe it was just me, even though I have a PS3 Slim 500GB that's less than two months old and have had no loading issues with any other games... but I've since confirmed with friends that it's the same for them.

Personally I'm not interested in a sequel to this game, I think it's the perfect example of a game that should be allowed to simply stand by itself. But I'll keep a closer and less jaundiced eye on Naughty Dog from now on.

UPDATE: Jan. 26, 2015 - I played through TLOU a few times when it came out, and then about six months ago I played it again when TLOU Remastered was released for PS4. A few days ago I felt like playing it again, and I got all obsessive and started watching Neil Druckmann interviews and reading various people's in-depth analyses. Two things I want to say- I totally agree that the A.I. in the game is clearly inferior to what was shown in the early demos, but I didn't notice that until it was pointed out. I've seen some videos of the A.I. performing some pretty bizarre broken behaviors, but I never saw any of them in any of my play throughs. It seems equally clear to me that the A.I. flaws are generally only apparent if you go out of your way to cause them, as opposed to simply playing the game in the spirit in which it was intended. The second thing I want to say is that I changed my mind about a sequel. I still think another game starring Joel and Ellie would be pointless, but I can totally see a new game with an older Ellie in the dominant role, with a new character (or characters) in tow. Based on what I've heard him say on the matter, it sounds like Druckmann is skeptical that there would be any need for a sequel, and part of me is proud that he agrees with my original 2013 assessment! But the 2015 me hopes he finds some good fertile sequel soil.
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on June 26, 2013
I am an avid gamer. It's fairly rare that a game captivates me to the point that I can't put it down. I have a short gaming attention span and I'm typically playing through multiple games at once. It takes an excellent gaming experience to keep me hooked until the end. Few games have accomplished this (Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Gears of War series, and Red Dead Redemption to name a few). The Last of Us is absolutely added to this list.

The story alone is enough to keep your attention and wondering what will happen next. The voice acting is superb and well written. The graphics are absolutely beautiful. The controls are very well mapped. The sounds are perfectly done to establish atmosphere. I kept waiting to find something wrong with this game, but I really found nothing but great fun.

This game embodies the idea of survial horror. Limited supplies and ammo and lots of enemies. The game makes you think about how to approach every situation and gives you many options with which to do so. You can try your luck with a head on approach, guns blazing (which I do not recommend if you want to last long). You can try to sneak up on foes for stealth kills. You can simply attempt to avoid all enemies by staying low and sneaking around them. I found myself on the edge of my seat, heart racing, trying ever-so-carefully to tip-toe by a group of enemies that were blind, but had excellent sense of hearing. One false step and I'm toast. I loved it.

I played the game on normal difficulty and it was very balanced. Not crazy impossible and certainly not overly easy. Also, the game allows for saving anywhere at anytime, which is a definite plus in my book.

The game features character progression or "leveling up" by finding "vitamins" throughout the world. It also features weapon upgrades and customization, which emphasizes exploration due to the fact that "tools" are needed and must be found throughout the game. All of these are done very well.

Melee is smooth. When you're bashing a foe's head in with a steel pipe, it just feels very real. Choking a person out takes a few seconds as it would in real life - and you have that feeling of vulnerability while you're waiting for his or her last gasp of breath - will you be seen or heard by other enemies in the vacinity? It's just so well done.

I am very hard pressed to find anything wrong with this game. If I HAD to provide any sort of criticism, it MIGHT be that the shooting can be a little sloppy. You may find that when confronted with a few charging infected enemies, squeezing a few rounds off with any sort of accuracy would prove pretty difficult. Then again, I think that just adds to the realism of the game.

Spending $60.00 on this game should be done without hesitation. If you're a hardcore gamer or just a casual one, this title belongs in your game library. After producing the Uncharted series and now The Last of Us, Naughty Dog is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

- Everything

- Nothing

Overall: 5/5. Buy it.
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on January 6, 2015
I got this yesterday, but it had been my intention of preordering it at release. If you have played Uncharted, you will not be disappointed with this offering from Naughty Dog. There was no user manual included, so I had to go online to get that to figure out the controls. Played though the prologue, then got to John and got kinda stuck because of a QTE they put in there, which I dislike ( and the reason for 4 instead of 5 Stars ). I am an older player and find those things difficult, be it chasing somebody down, or a series of button pushes. For older players, I would recommend playing on "Easy" on the first playthrough.

As usual with Naughty Dog, the Graphics are fantastic. There is a good story and the scripting is good. It is predominately a linear game, in that there is little to no free roaming, at least to point that I am at, but was the same with Uncharted. It is a great game and really looks good.
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on August 10, 2016
What can I say about this game that hasn't already been said? Nothing! This game is it and more. It is incredibly well made, and the story-line is literally one of the best I've ever played. It feels like you're actually *in* the world they've created. Ellie is an amazing character, and acts just like you would expect a teenage girl to act in that position. Leave her for a bit, and she paces around like she's bored. Sometimes she'll hum to herself. And Joel - oh my Lord, JOEL - his characterization was PHENOMENAL. To watch him go from this rough man who had thought the world had given up on him, and he in turn had given up on the world ... who didn't like and didn't want anything to do with Ellie ... who on several occasions informed her he didn't care for her and she was just a "mission" for him ... To watch him go from THAT to fighting so hard at the end and calling her "baby girl' like he once did his own daughter was just amazing.

I freaking love this game and will recommend it to ANYONE.
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on January 13, 2015
I thought I already did a review of this game. I will make this short. Tomb Raider and this game are the two best games on ps3 or now ps4. I wouldn't say this game is for youngsters, but maybe older teens. The only other series of games that comes in second place are the Uncharted games. If you have a ps3 or ps4 and you don't have this, get it!! Beyond Two Souls is also an interesting game that breaks new ground. I'm not going to go into the game play too much, but if like the zombie genre, managing an inventory of scrounged items, crafting weapons, surviving during an apocalypse, being chased by other survivors, and experiencing a diverse landscape, this is the game. Makes Left for Dead seem like checkers.

UPDATE: 2016-02-04
My daughter got me into playing ps1 with Tomb Raider in 1998. To think that games have come this far in just a little over 16 years is scary. What will be the next great game in 15 years? I really don't know where to begin about how wonderful this experience is and still is. On ps3 it isn't even in 1080p and who cares. I wrote the preface to this update without barely finishing the first couple of chapters, because I could instantly see I was headed down the road of an incredible journey. Whoever cares about video game characters? You will feel for these people in the first scenes and it won't let up as you meet other characters that form a bond on screen and off.

I am not sure but I may have surpassed the playing time experience of Half Life 1 or 2 with the Last of Us. I started out playing on easy, then +, and so on, and am now mired humbly in Grounded Level. I felt a real sense of accomplishment after Survivor. Many times just being persistent will get you by here. By the time I got to Survivor though, I had to learn some of the finer points of the game, that even make the journey way easier. When you finish Survivor Mode, you are pretty well accomplished at Last of Us. Right now I am stuck in Bill's town and they have made it really difficult. I have come close a few times at progressing. When you first encounter this segment of the game it can be tough, but after Grounded Mode, the levels are cakewalks. I have even since gone back and played the game through on easy+ for a nice less stressful jaunt to look around and maybe discover something new without the eminent threat of death looming over my head. Characters come and go, but it is the bit players that make the Last of Us a champion among a crowded field of lesser games. Anyone that has watched the Walking Dead on TV, knows, that it is more about the plight of the people, and less about the zombie creatures(oops sorry AMC). I really liked getting better at the game play as opposed to just saying I finished it and moved on to some other game. There are so many finesse points to learn as you weave your way through the apocalypse that it is amazing how much better you get at completing each of the levels. Always try something different. On another play through you might even find a better tactic to waltz through your enemies or obstacles. This is a highly rewarding game that needs to be played multi-times. I have played several other games and they do not have the enjoyment payout of the Last of US.

I cannot wait until they come out with the sequel to this masterpiece. You know it is coming. Can it be even better? As a line from the Walking Dead claims, that would be worth the price of a pre-order!

Buy it now, and it's only on PS3-4.
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on January 6, 2015
Like the majority of people who have reviewed this, I was absolutely blown away by this game from the moment I started it up. The story was immediately engaging and there was no doubt that this was going to be a dark tale (of course a zombie apocalypse isn't going to be a sunny story). There are so many reviews I'm just going to point out what I really liked in case there are game developers out there who actually read these reviews and listen.

I loved:

-the graphics. Beautiful, gross, occasionally stunning. Rooms and homes were decorated in various ways which went a long way in making the game more realistic, and some of the city scenes were incredible. And the giraffes made the long journey worth the agony.

-the voices. If there is a better man's voice out there than Joel's, I have yet to find it. Ellie, Tess, Tommy and Sarah were also superbly done. I love the fact that I didn't keep hearing the same voices over and over for multiple people (even Skyrim blew it on that).

-the dialog. It was realistic and emotional.

-the criminals. Bad to the bone from years of fighting to survive, except these people have lost their humanity in the process. They are tough, deadly and without an ounce of pity.

-the music and sound effects. Beautifully done.

-the storyline! There were hard choices, iffy decisions, times when they were helpless to intervene on behalf of others because it would have just thrown their lives away, and the all consuming need to see this thing through. One of the best storylines of any game I've ever played.

-Ellie. One of the best portrayals of a teenager ever. Scared sh!*less most of the time but unwilling to show it. She was determined to find a way to get Joel to care for her as much as she had come to care for him. He was who she trusted.

-Joel. An honorable but flawed man who lost his way after Sarah but found his way back through his ordeal with Ellie. An amazing job of making his character believable, and seeing him struggle with his increasing affection for Ellie was completely understandable, believable and ultimately fulfilling. I also loved that he was an older man. He had nothing to prove and was just doing what needed to be done. I loved him. No really. Loved him.

I have always gravitated towards games like this. Adventures, quests, vanquishing evil and rooting for the underdog. Perhaps because I'm such a prolific reader, who knows. But stories like this are enjoyable on an entirely different level than non story games are (although I enjoy those too). Games with storylines that make you come to care for the characters are few and far between- Red Dead, Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas are some that come to mind at the moment, and I truly appreciate all of the people who work to make them happen. So thank you to all of the people who worked hard to bring this wonderful work of art to life.
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on November 14, 2014
I haven't had the time to beat this game but I'd like to think I'm about halfway to three quarters through and I'm definitely hooked. If I didn't have a full time job it'd be really hard to put this game down. Am hour of playing can go by real fast while playing so expect to have enough time to allocate for this.

The story and voice acting is done very well and almost feels like a movie which i guess most game company's are doing nowadays but this one for me anyways draws you in more and makes you able to relate and get immersed in it.

Control mechanics are new when selecting items and are done so in real time which puts more urgency but in a good way but are pretty easy to get used to after a few tries.

I'd definitely start off on the easiest difficulty to get used to the mechanics. Even the easiest is challenging at times.

Ammo is not military quality and you do have to be sparing at times but there's enough to go around and you can upgrade to acquire more bullets per clip as the game goes on.

It's not always action packed and there are lulls where you search for equipment and take in the scenery and puzzles at times to get around. So there are interactive elements in the environments which makes the game seem very realistic in a post apocalyptic premise where things aren't always just there to get across. From dilapidated buildings or cargo containers finding your way across requires some thought but you're never left in a real lurch like some puzzle based games.

I would say if you're a fan of either silent hill, older resident evil or uncharted you should like this game a lot.
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on October 24, 2015
ORIGINAL REVIEW (with 1 star) I don't play games that often and buy maybe a couple a year. The ones I do own are all great games, with great reviews; ones I may play over a again several times. I've been sitting on buying this game for quite a while; finally ordered it and played it today with much anticipation! HUH??? Everything about this game is pretty much garbage. Not scary or original (you can tell it's trying to be original though); it's boring, repetitive, sluggish controls and characters, bumping into each other, pretty glitchy in general. Almost impossible to shoot zombies or humans if they see you, finding your way around is not easy...and all you pretty much end up doing is walking around, find some stuff, walk around some more, jump up, down, crouch, find stuff, walk around more, strangle a zombie, sneak past one, walk around some more. There doesn't seem to be any point to it at all. It's often very dark too which makes it even more clunky. Graphics are okay, but this game is NOT AT ALL fun or remotely what I expected. I have no desire to play this game anymore at all. For the first time, I'm actually trying to return this dumb game and get my $14 back (used). It's that bad I want to go through the hassle.

UPDATED REVIEW: After putting this game down for a little while and writing my original review above, I picked it up for a 3rd time yesterday as a last attempt and FINALLY got into it! Everything came together finally and I was able to have fun with it, understand the story line, controls, crafting items, decision making, items, combat (or stealth, melee, etc.). I agree with everyone else...all in all, great, well made and thought out fun game! I think maybe it takes a little more playing to get into it, get used it, understand it, etc. The graphics, art and images are truly amazing, and playing it on 140" HD projector helps a lot I'm sure too. In response to the comment below...I totally agree with your thoughts; again, just took me a little longer than usual to really get into it apparently. Now my problem today is how will I play it and still get my online courses done!!! Lol. This is a keeper and I'm certain I'll play it through at least a few times in the future.
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on July 17, 2013
There are so many reviews here that I dare not expound too much upon the content, and I would hate to give anything exciting away. Simply put, stop reading the reviews, don't give yourself too much knowledge outside of the game - just buy it, play it, and love it.

How I can describe this game without giving too much away: It's like a mash up of some of the best titles over the years, and it combines their strengths perfectly, in a very engaging and well executed narrative. So, as I see it - the stealth and melee is reminiscent of Man Hunt - it's dark, gritty, and real, and involves the environment (no execution levels though, and that's appropriate for this game). It's like Heavy Rain - you feel like you're involved in a choose your own adventure type game. Parts of the story that could have or would have been a cutscene in other games are interactive events that you experience and participate in as a character.
Half Life 2 - the post apocalyptic world, with ruins of a once great civilization, occupied by a questionable and conspiracy laden military government mixed with an "alien" common enemy is very compelling. It moves into a dystopic future that's more engaging and real than a cliche zombie game. The environments are full of nature taking back cities and ruins, and you're left wondering what exactly is going on through most of the game - in a good way. It's a nice blend of mystery and explanation.
Ultimately of course it is its own game - the characterization, the future infected world, the attention to detail in environment - visual and audio is amazing. The specifics of the infection are really cool - a nice new take on the "zombie" genre, since it's not really zombies. Which is great, because I was apprehensive of another boring zombie killer remake.

This is a game about story, about character, and dialogue. It does it interactively, and while there are cut scenes (game engine not renders) they're short and add to the story without detracting from game play. A lot of the interactions and character aspects come from events actually happening in the world and based on your character and other's actions.
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