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The Last of Us - PlayStation 3
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:$20.44+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on June 26, 2013
I suck at video games. I love to play any and all, but I genuinely stink. My husband can't watch me play because it makes him seasick. That being said, this game is phenomenal. It is amazing even for a dreadful player like me. I put it on easy. I put it on auto aim. I still died 387 times throughout the game. I CONTINUED PLAYING! The story line in and of itself makes it almost a necessity to persevere until you figure it out and make it to the next chapter. The story was funny. It was scary. It was heartbreaking. By the end, I was so emotionally exhausted I literally cried. Guess what? I'm starting it again immediately, this time on Easy +. I will keep playing until I make it to Expert. THE STORY AND THE GAME PLAY ARE JUST THAT GOOD.

This is my first game review. I wanted to share my experience because there is no way I am the only crazy person who continues to play games even though they are awful at them, and I wanted to allay any fear of spending $60 on a game that they may not excel at right away. Buy it. The people who made this experience deserve every single penny. I will be at the midnight release of ANY Last of Us prequels or sequels.
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on January 2, 2017
Disc in excellent condition!!!!! Also, was able to download content ( single or bundle maps) easily to ps3 but have not purchased payable content ( weapons or bonus ). After inserting, loads quickly ( faster than GTA IV) then introductory screen appears followed by cut scene. A very lengthy cut scene till player is tagged to participate which I love. I was thoroughly enjoying myself! The graphics are awesome, for instance, when Ellie or Joel sleeps it seems the camera zooms in magnifying (enhancing) their defined facial expressions very realistic. Speaking of realistic, Joel ( my father name) throughout the game ages extremely well yet hardened by circumstances which shows in his face as well the other characters but more so with him possibly because reminds me of my father. Anyway, playing the main character, feels very stiff-like he does not have range of flexibility ( Nathan Drake or Lara Croft) in rolling, swimming, or continuous shoulder movement. It could just be, I'm not past first level, yes, I got stuck in the room with the Clicker and 4 swayers who seem to vibrate in waves. Yes, I call them swayers because of their movement's which sends me into an absolute uproarious laugh and the dialogue between characters are harmonious very fluid, no jerkiness. jt was very easy, for me to get immersed into the story due to graphic quality ( i wear glasses not with game) and plot. In conclusion, the artwork is exquisite, character development is great, landscape exceptional, graphics are blended very well no bleeding and storyline is superb.
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on June 18, 2013
No intention to do an in-depth review. I just want to say that I finished The Last Of Us last night, took me 21 hours, and I thought it was every bit as good as 'they' say. I've never been a huge Naughty Dog fan, frankly I thought the Uncharted games were mildly enjoyable and the gross fanboy hyperbole about them made me roll my eyes pretty hard. But from the first time I saw TLOU over a year ago, it had my attention. I never really pored over the previews, so it was all very fresh to me. Somehow it never really occurred to me that this was going to be survival horror. In recent years I've thought of Dead Space as the last bastion of something even remotely approaching classic survival horror (though it gives you way too much ammo and health items to truly qualify) but now I must hand the championship belt to TLOU. Resident Evil was George Romero style survival horror. Silent Hill was Stephen King/David Lynch style. Dead Space was Ridley Scott/John Carpenter style. And now The Last of Us is Cormac McCarthy/Michael Crichton style survivor horror. It never allows you to amass enough resources to think you can handle absolutely anything that comes your way, yet it's never overly frustrating. It maintains the perfect level of tension. The crafting system forces you to choose between making more first aid kits or molotov cocktails (which are pretty damn handy.) The stealth game play, crouching and sneaking and taking down foes unawares is every bit as fun and satisfying as I thought it would be when I saw the E3 demo last year. The story and characters shine. Troy Baker has surpassed Nolan North in the Is There Any Game This Guy Is *Not* In? category, but he does a terrific job as Joel. One of the few things that I didn't like in the early trailers was that the voice actress who plays Ellie just sounds too B-level, too cartoony (sure enough when I looked her up on IMDB I quickly confirmed she does a lot of cartoon kids shows) but in the finished product she does an excellent job. There are a good number of characters in this game, and I can't think of a weak link in the bunch. The hordes of NPC enemies all seem to be voiced by the same three or four actors, and that can be a tad distracting after a while. By the end of the game I'm pretty sure I'd murdered Fred Tatasciore at least 50 times.

The only criticism I can think of is that the load and save functions are kinda broken. When you turn on the PS3 and boot up the game to start a play session, you might want to have something to read or otherwise keep you occupied, because it takes forever. I'm not talking about the first time you play i.e. one-time system file install, I'm talking about any time. And if you dare to so much as open the save/load menu, you have to sit and wait while it spends an eternity auto-saving, just in case. That's my one and only complaint. At first I thought maybe it was just me, even though I have a PS3 Slim 500GB that's less than two months old and have had no loading issues with any other games... but I've since confirmed with friends that it's the same for them.

Personally I'm not interested in a sequel to this game, I think it's the perfect example of a game that should be allowed to simply stand by itself. But I'll keep a closer and less jaundiced eye on Naughty Dog from now on.

UPDATE: Jan. 26, 2015 - I played through TLOU a few times when it came out, and then about six months ago I played it again when TLOU Remastered was released for PS4. A few days ago I felt like playing it again, and I got all obsessive and started watching Neil Druckmann interviews and reading various people's in-depth analyses. Two things I want to say- I totally agree that the A.I. in the game is clearly inferior to what was shown in the early demos, but I didn't notice that until it was pointed out. I've seen some videos of the A.I. performing some pretty bizarre broken behaviors, but I never saw any of them in any of my play throughs. It seems equally clear to me that the A.I. flaws are generally only apparent if you go out of your way to cause them, as opposed to simply playing the game in the spirit in which it was intended. The second thing I want to say is that I changed my mind about a sequel. I still think another game starring Joel and Ellie would be pointless, but I can totally see a new game with an older Ellie in the dominant role, with a new character (or characters) in tow. Based on what I've heard him say on the matter, it sounds like Druckmann is skeptical that there would be any need for a sequel, and part of me is proud that he agrees with my original 2013 assessment! But the 2015 me hopes he finds some good fertile sequel soil.
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on November 14, 2014
I haven't had the time to beat this game but I'd like to think I'm about halfway to three quarters through and I'm definitely hooked. If I didn't have a full time job it'd be really hard to put this game down. Am hour of playing can go by real fast while playing so expect to have enough time to allocate for this.

The story and voice acting is done very well and almost feels like a movie which i guess most game company's are doing nowadays but this one for me anyways draws you in more and makes you able to relate and get immersed in it.

Control mechanics are new when selecting items and are done so in real time which puts more urgency but in a good way but are pretty easy to get used to after a few tries.

I'd definitely start off on the easiest difficulty to get used to the mechanics. Even the easiest is challenging at times.

Ammo is not military quality and you do have to be sparing at times but there's enough to go around and you can upgrade to acquire more bullets per clip as the game goes on.

It's not always action packed and there are lulls where you search for equipment and take in the scenery and puzzles at times to get around. So there are interactive elements in the environments which makes the game seem very realistic in a post apocalyptic premise where things aren't always just there to get across. From dilapidated buildings or cargo containers finding your way across requires some thought but you're never left in a real lurch like some puzzle based games.

I would say if you're a fan of either silent hill, older resident evil or uncharted you should like this game a lot.
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on August 8, 2017
capcom should take notes this game shows that u can have a survivor horror action based third person shooter this what shouldve been in resident evil games years ago great story amazing driven characters fantastic acting great stealth system accurate map awesome combat system they even threw in some uncharted elements in for online mutiplayer u can craft weapons upgrade weapons my only issue about this game is that they want u to buy dlc's just to get more weapons and executions or finishers for your character but also the kills are brutal but fun
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on January 3, 2017
I bought this because I have always been a fan of Naughty Dog games and some of the best games I have ever played are the Uncharted games. This game did not disappoint at all. A great story and a little bit scary, it's something you won't want to stop playing. Also, just like the Uncharted games, it has great replay value. Even after beating the game and knowing the game, I wanted to play it again, which I don't often do with games.
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on July 12, 2013
Probably one of the best video games I've played in a long time. Maybe ever. The first 10 minutes will grip you and enthrall you and will likely not let go until the end.

Naughty Dog never fails with its cinematics, voice acting, and a compelling storyline. This is probably the best PS3 game I've played, ever. Very few games ever get the coveted IGN 10/10 award. They call it the "Masterpiece" award. And it is aptly named. This game is a masterpiece. Just when Call of Duty franchises are in its Nth year making essentially carbon copies of last year's model, Naughty Dog reminds us that the video gaming industry is alive and still reinventing what interactive entertainment is. This is really more than a game, it's a cinematic experience that tells a story through interactive means. This is truly one that will be remembered for the ages.

If you are thinking about trying this game, don't hesitate. Do it. You'll know you made the right choice within the first 10 minutes.
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on June 20, 2013
Just finished the game today and I really enjoyed it I did find some glitches in the game but it was at a minimal. Overall the game is fannnnnnnntastic at certain points in the game you might get confused and not know what to do but soon the hint marker will come up and direct you. The single player is really amazing if I had the time I would of played the whole game in one sitting.

My only problem today was with the multiplayer I played 3 matches and It was a little too fast paced the enemy team kept walking through the map together and all firing at you at once which isn't fun. 4 on one your going to die pretty quick the maps itself were pretty cool I liked how they kept certain aspects of the single player in the online portion. But I am hoping in the future I will not encounter another online match where people are just running around together with there team. Hopefully online matches will be better in the coming days.
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on October 24, 2015
ORIGINAL REVIEW (with 1 star) I don't play games that often and buy maybe a couple a year. The ones I do own are all great games, with great reviews; ones I may play over a again several times. I've been sitting on buying this game for quite a while; finally ordered it and played it today with much anticipation! HUH??? Everything about this game is pretty much garbage. Not scary or original (you can tell it's trying to be original though); it's boring, repetitive, sluggish controls and characters, bumping into each other, pretty glitchy in general. Almost impossible to shoot zombies or humans if they see you, finding your way around is not easy...and all you pretty much end up doing is walking around, find some stuff, walk around some more, jump up, down, crouch, find stuff, walk around more, strangle a zombie, sneak past one, walk around some more. There doesn't seem to be any point to it at all. It's often very dark too which makes it even more clunky. Graphics are okay, but this game is NOT AT ALL fun or remotely what I expected. I have no desire to play this game anymore at all. For the first time, I'm actually trying to return this dumb game and get my $14 back (used). It's that bad I want to go through the hassle.

UPDATED REVIEW: After putting this game down for a little while and writing my original review above, I picked it up for a 3rd time yesterday as a last attempt and FINALLY got into it! Everything came together finally and I was able to have fun with it, understand the story line, controls, crafting items, decision making, items, combat (or stealth, melee, etc.). I agree with everyone else...all in all, great, well made and thought out fun game! I think maybe it takes a little more playing to get into it, get used it, understand it, etc. The graphics, art and images are truly amazing, and playing it on 140" HD projector helps a lot I'm sure too. In response to the comment below...I totally agree with your thoughts; again, just took me a little longer than usual to really get into it apparently. Now my problem today is how will I play it and still get my online courses done!!! Lol. This is a keeper and I'm certain I'll play it through at least a few times in the future.
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on September 21, 2015
I've played approximately 80 games on my PS3. This is arguably one of the best games ever created. This is the kind of game that stays with you for days, if not weeks. Very thought-provoking story with very interesting characters in a very well realized game world. Even non-gamers could enjoy just watching someone play this game. Other games in my top list would be Red Dead Redemption, GTA5, Skyrim, Dead Space series, Uncharted series, Mass Effect series.
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